I am in my early 20's, short but muscular. I am openly gay but still a virgin. I have sucked off a couple guys, but have never gone further.

I have always wanted to travel, but since I am a teacher, I only have a couple times a year that I have time. This summer, I decided it was time for a road trip. I wanted to just take off, so I packed my bags, grabbed my credit card, and took off. I drove all day before getting off the interstate and looking for a hotel. I found one that looked cheap and checked in.

I hadn't eaten, so I drove around town looking for a place to eat, but couldn't find any, so I got back on the interstate to see what was down the road. When I got back on the interstate, I saw what looked like a person down the road. I don't normally pick up hitchhikers, but I had time to spare, so I slowed down when I got close.

The guy looked clean, so I told him to hop in. He was young, 20, and cute. He was tall and muscular with a great smile. I asked him where he was headed but he said nowhere in particular. I asked him if he was hungry and he said yes so I invited him to eat supper with me. The town only had drive thru so I ran through a burger joint and got us both a burger. We pulled into a parking lot and ate our burgers while talking about who we were. I found out that Joe was a college graduate who had been kicked out of his house when he didn't want to follow into his family's business. He was a theater major and was headed for California to audition for a commercial. We had a long discussion about theater since I taught fine arts at a community college.

We finished eating and I asked Joe if he had anywhere to stay the night. He didn't so I invited him to spend the night in my hotel room. There was an extra bed, so I didn't see the harm. He accepted, so we headed back to the hotel room. We got back and began getting ready for bed. I went to the bathroom and when I came back, Joe was standing in the middle of the room with nothing on. I asked him what was going on, and he replied, 'I saw you looking, so I think we can make a trade. Some fun, for letting me stay here.'

Before I could reply, he walked over to me and pulled me into an embrace. His lips found mine and his tongue pushed through and sought out mine. As we kissed, he unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off of me. I unbuckled my pants and let them fall to the floor. I stepped out of them and pushed him to the bed. I slid my boxers off and lay down with him. I kissed my way from his lips to his perky nipples and down to his belly button. I stepped back and took a look at his manhood. His cock was thick and at least seven inches long. His hairy balls fell below. I took in his musky aroma and kissed his cock. I sucked his balls in to my mouth and let my drool coat them. He groaned, but his smile told me that he was enjoying it. I slurped his cock into my mouth and traced the veins with my tongue. I took him all the way in and began to go up and down on his hard rock. He pushed me off and said, 'I want to fuck you.' I replied, 'And I want you to fuck me.' I lay on my back as he picked my legs up on to his shoulders. He pushed into my hole with his tongue. I groaned with awe at the amazing feeling I felt. He pulled his tongue out and positioned his cock at the opening of my hole and pushed in. As his head slipped in, I took in a sharp breath. I cried out as he pushed all the way in to my virgin asshole. As I cried out, he began to pump his dick in to my hole. His speed increased and I felt my own balls tighten. He looked down and noticed and took my cock into his hand and helped me get to a climax. My cum squirted out of me onto my chest as I felt his own cock explode into my ass. He pulled out and let his cock drain onto my chest. He fell onto my chest and pulled me into an embrace. We kissed and lay in each other's arms. We lay together until we were both asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I was alone in bed. There was a note on the nightstand from Joe. It said, 'Thank you for last night. I enjoyed it.-Joe.' I smiled and began to get ready for the rest of my vacation.




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