i walked into my history class, and saw mr. Karper. he made me hurt like hell because of how bad my boner always got. he was like a greek god. his face looked chiseled with his sharp chin and detailed cheek bones. he was really fit and always looked like he had a great tan. he always wore something that showed off his body well. 

one day i needed some help on a homework assignment, and so i went to his room after school. i walked in and saw him jerking off low key under his desk. i blushed and looked away, and said sorry. he put his cock away and walked over to me. he put his hand on my shoulder and said that he had seen me adjusting my boner in his class everyday. he asked if that was caused by him. i said yeah. and he grabbed my crotch and pulled me over to his desk. he sat down and asked me if i wanted to suck his dick. i said yes and i kneeled down. i pulled his cock out of his fly and licked his head really slowly. this drew a moan from him. i slowly took him into my mouth, and then pulled off from him slowly, and then opened his piss slit a little with my tongue and was awarded with a little drop off his pre cum. i slurped noisily on this and then went back down much faster this time, and started bobbing up and down. 

i slowed down and rolled his head around on my tongue and then pulled off completely. i pulled his pants and under wear a little farther down and went down to his balls. i licked up the sack and then took one into my mouth and swirled it around my mouth for a couple of seconds. then i did the same thing to his other one, and managed to suck them both into my mouth after a couple of tries. i went back up to his dick and started to lick up the eight inch shaft. i sucked his head in and licked that a few more times. he laid his hand on my shoulder and i looked up at him. he told me to get up and i did. he pulled his pants up and walked me over to his other desk, and bent me over it. he pulled my pants down and licked at my hole. he licked the outside and went in small circles. he finally puched his tongue into my hole and then pulled out. 

he spit on his fingers and started to insert one at a time into my hole. he stretched me out just enough for me to take him. he stood up and pulled his pants down. he pushed his cock against my tight hole, and then pushed in a little bit. he popped in and started to go in faster and deeper. he hit my prostate and i started to leak pre cum. he was moving really fast and all of a sudden he asked me if i wanted it in my ass or mouth i said mouth and he stopped fucking me and turned me around i looked att his cock and tthen swallowed it tto his bush. i sttared really bobbing up and down fastt now. i wantted his seed, and i would gett it. he suddenly gott reallyy hard and grabbed my shoulders and startted tthrustting in and out while i went up and down. he startted tto cum so i pulled off of him almostt all of the way. i caught his cum on myy tongue and tthe first few jetts hitt myy throatt. i stared to swallow his cock and his cum all at once and managed to get a litttle more out of his cock. i sucked him until he wentt limp, and he pulled out of me. he grinned down at me and i thanked him. he said no problem and thanked me. he pulled up his pantts and i did he same. i asked him myy question and then left. the late bus was on its way.





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