His name is Adam, he is twenty, and he is a fem queer, I mean eye-liner wearing, tight jeans mesh shirt, high heel boot wearing flaming queen. But Adam is also the sweetest guy I have ever known. Like old world style sweet. Adam is the type of guy that will give you his last dollar for something you need and then go get that item for you. He is a great friend but only a friend. Not a boy friend.

I am Rand, twenty two, and about to be a senior in college. I got here through a swimming scholarship and take my studies seriously. That is how I got to know Adam, I suck at math and he is really smart. He offered to help and without his help I wouldn't have made it through Algebra.

Adam has spent a lot of hours in my room going over test questions and sweating in the hall waiting to see if I passed an exam. We talk a lot about our lives and what we want out of education. We talk about personal things and stress and even sex. Adam once told me if I ever wanted to relax and get off, he would gladly help me but he would have to ask his boyfriend to join us because not to would be cheating. I assured him I was alright in that department, but I thanked him for the offer.

I was in the common room talking with Janie, she the athletics assistant and another good friend, we spend a lot of time together just talking and people thought we were dating but she is more like a sister to me than anything else. She knows me a lot better than most people do.

Tony comes through with his parade of football players and goes around the back side of the sofa away from the door laughing and pushed Adam across the table into the wall. Adam was shocked at first but then he just turned the horrible shade of red and turned his face away, Tony walked on by and yelled, 'Why don't you watch where you are going queer.'

I couldn't take it anymore, I have seen Tony treat Adam like this for a whole year and I had to put an end to it now. I stood, Six feet three inches, Not a small body and might I add a triple black belt and instructor in the martial arts, I was pissed off .

I jumped across the sofa between us and pinned Tony against the wall and asked him, 'Why do you have to be such a dick?' He just stared at me like he wanted to hit me but he knew better than to try something like that. He asked me why I was defending the fairy and put my hand on his shoulder and stepped to the side a little to look at Adam who was pale in the face now and shaking his head no at me, and I said,' You might not agree with his life style or you may not like it because he is gay but you have no right to hurt him in any way.' He stared at me and asked . 'What's it to you?' I said 'First and foremost Adam is my friend, 'so that everyone in the room could hear, 'and second I am GAY and I don't see you trying to throw me around,' Tony froze, then you know what that fucker did? He smiled a quick little grin and turned away towards Adam and walked right up to him and took is hand in his own and said words I will never forget. He said' Adam I sincerely apologize for all the pain I have caused you. It will never happen again, and I want you to know that if ever can forgive me I want to be your friend.' Ever one in the room was yelling and screaming and applauding and cheering and I had tears in my eyes when tony asked me if I would walk with him for a while. We strolled across the campus lawn and he began by telling me he was sorry that he was such a jerk and he was jealous of the relationship Adam has with Paul, The way they talk to each other, the way they walk hand in hand the way they eat in the cafeteria, Adam taking the tomatoes off Paul's burger and laying them on the bread plate. The things tony had never experienced with anyone. But he was jealous. I asked him to explain the jealousy, didn't he have a girlfriend? He said he had several but no one treated him special. I was a little taken aback. Tony told me about having thought I was gay a while back but he wasn't sure so he just let it go. We decided it was time for a beer. We went up to my room and he sat on the sofa, I in the chair asked him why he felt he had to be mean to Adam? He said,' I watched Adam closely for a long time him and Paul and their easy going relationship and the guys asked me once why I was staring at them. I didn't know what to say to them.' He asked me a question.'Do you and Adam have sex?' I answered truthfully,'no, he is in love with Paul.' I think I saw a little disappointment in his eyes then. I was straight forward then with my question.' Tony do you have feelings for Adam?' yes, I do. He said. He said it wasn't just Adam himself he doesn't even know Adam really it is the idea of guy that can be sexy, and loving and attentive. Tony just told me he was gay. I felt a tense feeling pulling at my stomach.

Tony asked me if I was seeing anyone. I told him no I haven't even dated in a long time. He got up and walked up to the chair and put out his hand to me like he did with Adam in the common room earlier and took my hand in is and pulled me to my feet. He looked deeply in my eyes and pulled me closer and brushed his lips against mine. He pulled me even closer and put his arm around my back and held me tighter and opened his mouth pulling my lips apart and began to lick my lips kissing me deeply, massaging my mouth with is gentle toung. I heard a little moan coming from deep inside him.

When I broke away and looked into his face I could see his desire and I could see his tears. I pulled him close to me and held him for a while and asked him if he was ok? He said he was alright and he thanked me for not pushing him away. I asked him why would I do a thing like that? You are beautiful, and sexy and the hottest guy on campus It had been a wet dream of mine for years to be close to you. He looked at me in disbelief. I grabbed hold of his firm ass and pulled him onto the chair with me and kissed him with the desire I felt for him and he began rubbing his solid cock against my knee. I turned around so that he was sitting in the chair and I took is bulge in my hand and stroked it making him groan a little then I reached around and pulled at the waistband of his shorts, bringing them over his bubble butt and down to his feet. He was hard as a brick and easily nine inches , I gasped a little at the size and then boldly took it to the nuts down my throat. Tony just said.'GOD.' I sucked him off and told him to get himself together lets go get something to eat. We went to dinner and we had salad, no cheese for me and no cucumber or onion for Tony, then we had a pasta dish I hadn't tried but found it was pretty damn good. I found it hard to concentrate on the meal because Tony was looking so deeply into my eyes I got lost in there.

Finally meal over, composure gained and wine kicking in I was ready to fuck! And so was tony.

I led him to the bed, kissed him gently knowingly and tenderly raised his arms. I pulled his shirt over his bulging chest and biceps and over his head and tossed it behind me on the chair. I kissed his neck his ears, his eyes his nose his moist lips. I kissed his chest licking softly at his nipples taking then between my lips and sucking softly. My , Tony does like that. I licked a little lower over his abs tight and hard and a little lover to his navel and the trail of soft hair leading the way. I loosened the buckle of his belt and unbuttoned his jeans and began to loosen the buttons down the fly. The strain of his hard cock was making it hard to get those buttons open. I slipped his jeans down over his bulge and his narrow hips and over his tight round ass and down to the floor placing his hands on my shoulders for support lifting his legs and taking his jeans off one leg at a time. He was sweating now. I reached up and took his bulge in my hand and gave it soft stroke and then I pulled his briefs down with the same slow deliberate motions as his jeans. He was rock hard now and beginning to sweat a little more. The smell of his sweat and his male essence was driving me wild. I raised my head up to just under his cock and felt it brushing my hair as my toung licked at his balls making them pull upward a little and I sucked on his nuts rolling each one around for a few delicious minutes. His cock was drooling in streams now as I moved up his shaft and licked the pre cum off his head and slid my lips across the head of his raging cock. He gasped and instinctively grabbed my head and started to push his cock in my mouth. I swallowed, and let him slowly enter my mouth and onto my throat. He pulled out and pulled me up on my feet. He pulled me close and kissed me hard, passion not being a word I had ever used was screaming in my head, his passion was hot and wild and loud. He pulled at my clothes like a maniac and jerked my shirt off and tore my pants off and ripped my boxers off and threw me down on the bed and covered me with his fevered body and we kissed hard and long toung strokes and lip biting and sucking he licked down the length of my body and took my overly excited cock in his mouth and went down as far as he could and I felt his hot mouth licking and sucking every inch of the ten and a half inch hard as stone cock and I have to admit I felt a little weak, like I was going to pass out. Tony came up for air and we kissed some more . He asked me if he could fuck me. Hell yeah, He lifted my legs up and lay on his stomach across the bed and he licked my nuts and slid down to my hole. He licked around and over and even tounged inside my tight hole. I was not used to that feeling at all but it felt like heaven, and I didn't ever want him to stop. He raised his head and reached over to his jeans and pulled out the smallest little plastic tube if lube I had ever seen and tore it open with his teeth. He squeezed it out on his fingers and rubbed it down his shaft and over the head of his cock then he poured a little more on his fingers and slathered it across my hole and slid his finger in my ass to lube my insides. I was already really wet and his finger went in easily. He asked me if I was going to be able to take it? He said it felt so tight in there he was doubting it. I told him not to worry about it we would make it happen.

He positioned himself at my waiting ass and leaned down and kissed me deeply as I felt the head of his cock working its way into my ass. I took a deep breath and pushed down on his cock. We both gasped and he froze, waiting for me to let him know it was ok to go on. It took a minute and I pulled him closer. He pushed and something inside of me went off like fireworks and it felt like my ass was sucking him into me. Holding him there. He began to rock me back and forth and pump harder and faster. I was feeling so hot and sweet and vibrating allover while he filled my tender ass hole time and time again. I knew I was going to cum soon and told him so. He said go for it my love and I grabbed his ass and pulled him tighter into me and I tightened my ass around his shaft and met his thrust with my thrust he was tensing up and ready to cum. I told him to fill me with it and make me yours. A few strokes and he was shooting his hot lava into me and I was shooting jets over his shoulder onto his neck and chin. He collapsed on top of me and held me tight. We kissed and held each other for a long time laying there not saying anything.

When we could breath again we began to talk. Tony told me he had never felt like that in his whole life and I told him It was the same for me. We fell asleep holding each other close. I thought I was dreaming when I woke up and found Tony lying leg across me his cock hard against my side and his lips pressed against my neck. Adam was standing beside the bed looking down at us smiling the biggest most joyous smile I had ever seen. He raised his hand to his lips and kissed his finger tips and brought them down and touched my forehead and turned and left. I had my friends' approval and Tony had his forgiveness.

Later that week we met up with Adam and Paul and went out to dinner. Tony ordered for us and Paul ordered to the two of them. When the salad came out I reached over and took the purple onion off Tonys salad and laid it on the bread plate and instinctively handed him the oil and vinagar dressing. Adam smiled and Tony looked like he was going to cry. I reached for his hand and he did the most amazing thing for a jock to do. He stood up, took my hand and pulled me to my feet and kissed me passionately in the open dining room in front of everyone.

I told Tony I loved him that night and he told me he has loved me since the day I stood up for our friend.



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