I work downtown in one of those glass and steel towers--one of those buildings where the windows don't open and everyone files in at nine o'clock and files back out at five.

My cubicle is on the sixth floor in a huge room full of hundreds of steel desks, gray industrial carpeting and unflattering fluorescent lighting. On each of the desks sits a computer and a phone that never stops ringing.

I've worked there almost five years. I'll probably be there for years to come, unless I fall victim to corporate downsizing. I hate my job, but then I haven't liked any of the jobs I've had--and I've had plenty. After sixth months, any office is the same bullshit day after day as far as I'm concerned. The only reason I've stayed at this one is the pay is decent and so are the benefits.

One of my favorite benefits is the company fitness facility located on the first floor. I workout almost every day (well I try) with two of my girlfriends Rochelle and Mary. Our workouts help relieve some of the stress from work, but we mostly go to cruise the guys who workout during lunch.

We all have our favorites. Thankfully, me and the girls all have different taste in men. Rochelle's favorite is a musclehead Asian dude with a buzz cut who wears nothing but purple spandex. He doesn't do a thing for me. I give Rochelle a bad time for checking him out since she's getting married next month to this hot Latin number named Eddie.

Mary likes Robert, who's a manager in another department. Rochelle and I worked with him on a special project a few months earlier. He's a nice guy but that's about it. He's shorter than me and I'm only five foot seven. I'll admit, I've been able to check out Robert in the locker room. There's not much down there. I've made the point of telling Mary that Robert isn't very well endowed. For weeks after I caught a glimpse of his privates in the shower, I waved my pinkie finger at Mary every time she passed my desk, and asked her if she had talked to him yet.

My favorite is a guy named Tom. He's a sales rep who works in one of our other buildings. He's average height with dark hair and eyes. He's well built and has nice bulging biceps and a cute rear-end. I've talked to him a couple of times in the locker room. He seems friendly enough, but I haven't been able to figure out which team he's playing on so to speak. I'm fairly certain he's straight, but then he's easy on the eyes. The image of his cute butt bouncing up and down, while he's on the stairmaster, has fueled many of my wet dreams and masturbatory fantasies.

Early one Wednesday afternoon Mary approached my desk. 'Have you seen the new guy who works at the gym yet?' she asked. I had stopped working out after going on an extended vacation. I was having a difficult time getting motivated to work out. The managers had also changed Mary's lunch time and Rochelle had been out sick.

I shook my head no. 'I haven't gone all week.'

'Shame on you, Jeffrey. Are you going today?'

'Well, I brought my stuff.'

'You have to go. You should see this guy. He's tall, dark and handsome.'

'Oh, please, Mary. You and I don't exactly agree on men. I mean you think Robert's cute.' I was tempted to wiggle my pinkie finger at her, but then Mary gets pissed every time I do it. 'I suppose I should go. I've been a slug all week.'

'Let me know what you think after lunch.'

At lunch, I forced myself to go downstairs to go workout, hoping that Tom would be there. I hadn't seen him in over a month. He wasn't there and the place was packed. Usually, I do twenty to thirty minutes on the stairmaster, take a quick shower and dash upstairs and wolf down my lunch. That afternoon, all the stairmasters were in use. I hopped up on one of the treadmills, pressed a few buttons, and started to run.

While I ran, I scoped out the gym in the floor to ceiling mirrors, looking for Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome. I didn't see anybody fitting that description so I turned my concentration to my running. After twenty minutes, I was out of breath and sweating heavily. I walked over to a row of computers on the opposite side of the room to log my workout data into a tracking system. That's when I saw him. I hated to admit it, but Mary had been right. He was tall, he was dark, he was handsome. One thing Mary didn't mention, he was fucking hot Latin stud.

I logged my info into the system and then grabbed a hand towel so I could wipe my brow. Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome looked up from his Fitness Magazine and smiled. I couldn't think of anything better to do, so I smiled back.

'You have a good workout?'

'Uh-huh.' I gasped to catch my breath as I stared into his brown eyes.

'My name's Manuel. What's yours?'


'Nice to meet you, Jeffrey. Have you been working out long?'

'For a while. I try to get down during lunch to use the stairmaster or treadmill. I've been meaning to get down here after work to do some work with the weights, but I never seem to find the time.'

'Do you have a routine?'

'No, not really.'

'I can get you started. You interested?'

Shit, I was interested, more interested than I could admit then. 'Sure.'

'When, do you want to get started? My schedule is free all week. They haven't set me up with anything since I just started. I'm here till closing. The new guy gets the late shift as well.'

'If I'm going to do this, may as well get going while I'm feeling motivated. What about after work tonight? I get off at five.'

'Okay, then. I'll meet you at the front desk.'

I looked up at the clock. I hadn't realized how late it was. I had only ten minutes to take a shower and eat lunch. 'I better get going Manuel. I gotta grab some lunch. See you later.'

I showered as quickly as possible. Wait till I see Mary, I thought as the elevator climbed to the sixth floor. I grabbed my lunch out of the fridge in the break room and popped it into the microwave.

I dropped my piping hot stew on my desk, walked over to Mary's cubicle and poked my head over the partition.

'Did you see him?' she asked.

'His name is Manuel,' I said. I turned around without saying anything more and went back to my desk.

Moments later, Mary came running up to me. 'You talked to him?'

'Uh-huh. Girl, he is fine. And if you go near him, I'll scratch your eyes out.'

'Hey, I saw him first.'

'Well, you know the old saying. He who hesitates . . . '

Manuel was waiting for me at the front desk when I came downstairs after work. I quickly changed my clothes and joined him in the free weight area.

He had already put together a workout for me. While I was put through the paces, I found Manuel to be a pleasant, easygoing guy. He had a warm smile and intense brown eyes. It wasn't long before my vivid imagination got carried away. I wondered what it would feel like to have his muscular body pressed against mine in a hot embrace, to feel his soft lips pressed to mine and to feel his tongue slide down my throat.

I couldn't help myself while Manuel spotted me on the bench press. I kept staring up his shorts, hoping to catch a glimpse of the ample bulge that was packed in there. Unfortunately, Manuel's snowy white jockey shorts covered his basket completely. I did, however, catch a glimpse of tufts of his short hairs poking out of his briefs. What I wouldn't have given for him to drop his shorts and squat down on my face so I could rim out his luscious ass.

The barbell shifted in my hands and I lost my concentration, nearly dropping the weights. Luckily, Manuel was there to catch them. My mind was on Manuel, not on my weight lifting. My cock was growing in response to my day dreaming. Manuel couldn't help but notice.

We worked out for over an hour and a half. The gym emptied out. Finishing up a few minutes after closing time, my body was aching all over from the workout.

'I better lock up,' he said. 'I've got a bit of paper work to finish up'

'I'm going to hit the showers.'

Walking back to the locker room, alone, I felt disappointed. I had hoped that I would have a chance to check out Manuel in the all together. I undressed and headed for the shower.

My cock was still hard and wouldn't go down. All my fantasizing about Manuel had really gotten to me. I turned on the shower and hot water cascaded over my aching body, melting away the tensions of a long day. I soaped myself up. As steam filled the shower room, I began playing with my nipples and my cock got even harder.

I started to work my ass, teasing my aching hole with my middle finger, pushing it all the way in. My cock jerked and began dripping precum. I finger-fucked myself as the hot water cascaded down my tight, trim body. Grabbing my cock in my other hand, I felt my pulse coursing through the veins of my engorged shaft. Slowly pumping my prick, I felt it throbbing. I was aching bad.

I was so wrapped up in playing with myself, I didn't hear Manuel enter the shower until he cleared his throat. Embarrassed and flustered because I had gotten caught, I quickly lathered up my crotch, pretending that he didn't notice. Manuel didn't say anything. He stood in the entrance way, holding a towel and wearing nothing but a big grin.

His cock was getting bigger by the minute. He had at least a good stiff eight inches hanging between his legs. His body was hairless, except for a dark patch of hair surrounding his now hard dick. Manuel dropped the towel and joined me under the hot water.

Manuel grasped me around my waist with his strong, firm hands. Pulling me close, he kissed me hard. Manuel pushed me backwards, my back pressed up against the cold tile wall. He ravaged me with his tongue as the water splashed down on us.

We grappled in a mutual lust under the spray of the shower for a few minutes, Manuel's hot tongue probing the depths of my mouth.

'I'm getting water logged,' I said.

Manuel laughed and reached over, turning off the water.

I stood and watched as drops of water dripped down his chiseled chest. He was a magnificent specimen. Obviously, Manuel had spent many hours in the gym in addition to his job as a trainer. He looked like a living, breathing bronze sculpture. His copper-colored skin was glistening with moisture. His biceps were large and bulging, his mid-section taut and rippled with muscle, and he had strong, massive legs.

Manuel grabbed me around the neck and pulled me close again, kissing me forcefully on my moist lips. His tongue slipped into my mouth. I reached up and pawed at his chest, playing with his nipples as Manuel probed my mouth with his tongue.

My stiff dick poked against Manuel's crotch. As he pulled me closer, I felt his thick cock jab my stomach. Manuel squeezed me tight in his massive arms. As I looked up into his dreamy brown eyes, Manuel stared back into mine. His eyes were like dark pools, drawing me in deeper and deeper. Manuel smiled and ran his hand through my dripping wet hair. He then placed the palm of his hand against my cheek and stroked my face gently. It was as if he were asking for permission to go further.

A broad grin flashed across the gym instructor's face. I couldn't help but smile back. Without any warning, Manuel dropped to his knees before me, taking my aching cock in his hot mouth.

My groans of pleasure echoed off the porcelain walls in the shower room as Manuel worked my cock with his talented mouth. He licked my cock head with the tip of his tongue and then plunged down, taking my rod down to my still damp cock hair. I gasped loudly as he sucked me.

I began to slowly thrust my cock in and out of Manuel's mouth. My weighty cum-filled balls slapped against his chin as I slid my cock in and out of his hot throat. As I increased the tempo of my thrusts, I felt Manuel's tongue licking the underside of my aching rod.

I fucked Manuel's face for a few more minutes. The pressure was building up in my balls. I was getting damn close to shooting my wad. I kept thrusting over and over, in and out of Manuel's hot mouth, pushing myself closer and closer to the brink.

'Oh, shit. Oh, fuck.'

I pulled my spit-slicked dick out of Manuel's mouth moments before spraying his smooth chest with my hot cum. My spunk ran like rivers down his smooth chest.

'Oh, fuck. Yeah. That was hot.'

The smell of my freshly spilled cum filled the shower room. Manuel and I embraced again. He turned the shower back on, and we washed off the sticky mess. While we quickly dried off, I wondered how much further it was going to go.

Manuel grasped my hand firmly and led me into the empty locker room.

'Come on. We're going to have a lot more fun.'

He threw his damp towel on one of the benches and motioned for me to lie down. Manuel opened up one of the lockers and pulled a rubber and a small bottle of lube out of his gym bag.

I watched eagerly as Manuel slipped the latex sheath down his throbbing shaft. He straddled over me, his thick cock bobbing up and down. I raised my legs slightly and Manuel moved closer.

He leaned forward and his fleshy cock head pressed against at my asshole. Inching forward, Manuel's huge cock slipped through my sphincter. I gasped as Manuel persisted, slowly forcing his cock into my fuck-chute.

My body was wracked with the most incredible sensations as he jammed his cock up my ass. Lying there on my back looking up the ceiling and at Manuel's smiling face, I though I was dreaming. When Manuel forced his cock forward again and I felt his hairy, sweaty balls slapping against my asscheeks I realized that this was better than any dream.

'Come on Manuel, fuck me. Fuck me hard.'

Manuel slowly pulled his cock back out of my chute, stopping when he reached his swollen cockhead. He pushed back in, this time a little faster than the first. Our sweat covered bodies slipped against each other. My cock continued dripping a heavy flow of precum, coating my stomach in a puddle of my juices.

Manuel quickened his tempo, ramming his dick deep inside me. I growled with his every movement. I lifted my hips as far up as I could bring them, trying to meet every one of Manuel's thrusts. He relentlessly pounded my ass faster and faster.

While his cock raced in and out of my ass, I watched Manuel's muscles relax and contract. Sweat ran down his forehead and chest. I was intoxicated by his aroma--the smell of hot, steamy mansex.

While Manuel pounded my ass, I grabbed my cock and started pumping. I furiously jerked my cock. A tingling sensation seemed to rise from my toes and it slowly spread down the length of my body. My balls tightened up and a torrent of white, hot cum shot out of my cock and splattered across my stomach and chest.

'Oh fuck, man. Oh, fuck.'

Moments later, Manuel's body tightened. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. As he plowed into my ass one more time, his body spasmed. I wrapped my legs around his back and Manuel collapsed on top of me, gasping for breath. His cock softened inside of me and he slowly pulled out, leaving me with an empty feeling.

'You give everybody that kind of workout?' I asked.

Manuel laughed. 'Tomorrow, we're going to up the weights.'


Jesse Gambini

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