Chapter 1

Jayden and Richard were sitting on Richard's bed chatting when Jayden stuttered a little.

"You stuttered a little, you OK?"

"Mm? Oh yes I'm fine, it's just..." He trailed off and gestured meekly to Richard's groin, where there was a 6 inch long lump.

"Does this startle you?" Richard said this with a smirk.

"Uh um a little..."

"Tell me Jayden, how do you like it?"

"How do I like what?" Jayden said this nervously.

"I bet you're pretty kinky huh?"

"What? I-no I-" as he said this Jayden’s eyes shifted and he blushed a little.

"Hah! I knew it!" As Richard said this he moved his arm and in one swift motion he had his fingers wrapped around Jayden's neck. Jayden fell backwards onto the bed, startled at Richard's speed. Richard adjusted his position so he could get better leverage over Jayden and his grip tightened, a feral look in his eye. Richard reached into the pocket of his cargo pants and pulled out a spool of paracord. He made a loop with it and bound Jayden's wrists with it. Jayden struggled against the chord but couldn't free himself. "You won't be able to escape," Richard said this with a wicked grin as he pulled off Jayden's shirt and scratched his chest. Richard flicked Jayden's nipple hard and then twisted and pulled on it. Jayden cried out in pain and Richard looked up and covered Jayden's mouth. Richard reached into another pocket and pulled out a ball gag, he fitted it to Jayden's face. Richard wrapped more paracord around Jayden's ankles and thighs, then tied those together, bending Jayden's knees, then he tied all that to Jayden's neck so that the more he struggled, the tighter the cord around his neck got.

"Now, down to business," Richard pulled a small razor knife out of his pocket and cut away Jayden's pants, knicking him a couple times. Richard tossed the knife aside and put his hand between Jayden's legs and began to squeeze his balls. Richard started applying pressure to Jayden's chest as he squeezed his balls harder and harder. Richard finally relented on his balls and start pressing his thumb against Jayden's asshole as he switched back to tweaking Jayden's nipple. As Jayden tried to kick at Richard to get him to relent but it only tightened the cord around his neck so he couldn't breath. Richard noticed this and smirked "bad boy Jayden," Richard bent over and started to bite  dick, pressing his teeth into the sensitive flesh at the edge of the head. Jayden's back arched in pain and this pushed his cock further into Richard's mouth, startled, Richard bit again, causing Jayden to release a muffled scream. Richard pulled his mouth off Jayden's dick and popped his thumb into Jayden's asshole. Jayden went limp and his dick twitched, precum dripping from the tip. Richard tightly wrapped more cord around Jayden's dick and his balls. Richard refocused his attention on Jayden’s ass, he twisted his thumb in his ass, causing Jayden to convulse and his dick to twitch more vehemently. “I see someone’s happy,” Richard said with a wicked grin and grabbed Jayden’s swelling dick. Jayden’s dick was swelling and becoming more and more sensitive, Richard’s firm grip caused jayden to struggle more, Richard's only response was to dig his nails into the underside of Jayden's sensitive cock. Richard whispered in Jayden’s ear “just relax and let this happen.” Richard removed his thumb from Jayden’s ass and proceeded to unzip and unbutton his cargo pants, letting them drop to the floor. His 6 inch long, 5 and a half inch girth cock stressing against his boxer briefs.

“mm mmf mfmm mmmmmm,” Jayden tried to talk around the gag, but was muffled too much for Richard to understand.

“Shhhhh.” Richard shushed Jayden as he pulled down his boxer briefs and released his cock. Richard repositioned himself and started to press the tip of his cock against Jayden’s asshole. He bent to bite Jayden’s nipple as he pressed harder against his asshole. Twisting Jayden’s nipple with his teeth, Richard popped his cock into Jayden’s ass. Jayden tried again to scream around the ball gag, but he couldn’t. Richard pushed deeper into Jayden’s ass, spreading Jayden’s knees to get a better angle, tightening the cord around his neck, Jayden coughed as the cord tightened but Richard ignored him and continued to push in. Richard only had two of his six inches in Jayden’s ass but to Jayden, it felt like so much more. In one swift thrust, Richard pushed the rest of his hard cock into Jayden’s ass. Jayden’s body twitched and Jayden’s cock swelled more, Richard noticed that Jayden’s cock was starting to turn purple. Richard grinned and began to slowly massage the head of Jayden’s cock. Jayden moaned through the gag and Richard grinned, pushing his nails into the edge of the head of his dick. Richard pulled his cock back, until just the head remained in Jayden’s ass and Jayden relaxed. Richard rammed his dick all the way into Jayden’s ass and grunted, squeezing Jayden’s cock harder. Jayden’s back arched and his cock swelled more. Richard untied the cord around Jayden’s cock. Jayden’s cock immediately shrunk a little and returned to a normal color. Jayden released a relaxed breath, Richard twisted his hips, stirring up Jayden’s insides. Jayden’s back arched in discomfort and Richard pulled back out, all the way, Jayden’s asshole staying open for a second. Richard re-tied the cord around Jayden’s cock, more loose this time. Richard grabbed his own cock and started to stroke it, straddling Jayden’s stomach. Richard grunted as his hips spasmed, he shot thick ropes of his cum onto Jayden’s chest, neck and chin. Jayden squirmed under Richard as Richard leaned back, tipping his head back, a little cum still dripping from his dick.

Richard stood after recovering from his post-orgasm daze. He left the room, leaving Jayden tied up, and covered in cum. Richard returned five minutes later with a towel. He grabbed two opposite corners of the towel and twirled the towel. He snapped the towel, hitting the underside of Jayden’s still twitching cock. Jayden tried to squirm away but only restricted his own breathing. “Not a good idea Jayden.” Richard snapped at Jayden’s balls, making contact. Jayden closed his eyes and arched his back in pain. “Are you done squirming?”

“mmm,” Jayden nodded frantically, just wanting the pain to stop.

Richard tossed the towel aside and started to untie Jayden’s hands. “You can clean yourself off,” Richard tossed the towel to Jayden. Jayden slowly, carefully grabbed the towel and wipe the cum off his face, neck and chest. “Good,” Richard pulled a wash cloth out of his pocket and picked up a bottle of rubbing alcohol. He dipped the cloth in the bottle of alcohol and dropped a couple drips on Jayden’s nipples, causing Jayden to squirm. Richard smirked, moving to Jayden’s dick. Richard wrapped the cloth around Jayden’s twitching member, Jayden tried to move his pelvis back to get away from the cold towel, but it only choked him. “Bad idea Jayden,” Richard chuckled as Jayden coughed and squirmed. Richard finished wrapping the cloth around Jayden’s cock, which was gently twitching. Richard wrapped another cordaround Jayden’s dick, just tight enough to keep the cloth on Jayden’s dick.

“I’m going to take the gag off now,” Richard took off the ball gag and Jayden panted heavily, if raspily.

“The cloth... it’s so cold, it stings so much...”

“Don’t complain.” Richard pinched Jayden’s nipple, a sadistic grin on his face.

"Why are you doing all this to me?"

Richard laughed, "because it's fun and we both enjoy it."

"I don't."

"Your lips lie, your twitchy, throbbing cock doesn't." Richard grabbed Jayden's cloth wrapped cock and slowly moved the cloth along the shaft of Jayden's dick, eliciting a moan from Jayden.

"Oohh-" Jayden’s moan was cut off by Richard suddenly releasing then slapping Jayden's hard dick. Jayden inhaled sharply and his whole body shuddered.

"Hah, you liked that didn't you?"

"No-I," Richard slapped his cock again, making Jayden wince.

"Don't lie to me," Richard slapped Jayden's dick again.

"I'm telling you-- I don't like it, please stop," Richard slapped his dick again, they went back and  forth like this for 15 minutes until finally Jayden said "alright, you're right,I like it."

"So you want me to continue? Alright," Richard continued slapping Jayden's dick, and continued for another 5 minutes. "I think you've had enough now," he removed the cloth from Jayden's now reddened penis.

Richard flipped Jayden over and untied his legs from his neck and his ankles from his thighs. He flipped Jayden back into his back and then lifted him by his legs and moved him against a wall so Jayden's dick was pointed at his own mouth. Richard tied Jayden's wrists to his ankles and put a rod in between his knees to keep them apart.

"This part is fun too," Richard started to gently massage the head of Jayden's cock and lick along the underside of his shaft. Richard untied the cord from Jayden's cock and balls. Jayden moaned a little and his precum began to flow. Richard started to suck on one of Jayden's balls and stroke along the shaft of Jayden's cock. As Jayden's moaning became louder and more intense his hips started to shake and his face got red, Richard suddenly stopped. He tied a cord tightly around the base of Jayden's dick and dropped his pants and underwear. Richard positioned himself by Jayden's head and grabbed Jayden's jaw, keeping it open. Richard thrust his cock into Jayden's throat and began to thrust in and out. He began to lick the tip of Jayden's dick, sending shivers down his spine. Richard started thrusting faster and faster into Jayden's throat as he took more of Jayden's cock in his own mouth, twirling his tongue along the underside of Jayden's dick. Jayden started to convulse, just as Richard did and Richard pulled out. Jayden started to cough but Richard held his mouth open as he came into Jayden's mouth, untying the cord around Jayden's penis, letting him cum, also into Jayden's own mouth. By the time both boys were done cumming, Jayden's mouth had overflown, and cum was dribbling down his cheek. Richard forced his mouth shut and said, "swallow it," but Jayden didn't, he just laid there, occasionally shuddering as a little more cum seeped out of his still twitching cock. "Hey! Did I say you could enjoy your orgasm? I don't think I did, now swallow our cum." Jayden swallowed, almost in a daze, Richard scooped the bit that leaked out of Jayden's mouth back in and said "that wasn't so hard now was it?"

Richard stood and walked away, leaving Jayden there as he went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. When he came back, still naked, Jayden was still in the same position. Richard got dressed again and started to untie Jayden, letting him fall every which way. Richard picked him up a little to position him on the bed and then ticked him in. Richard picked up all of Jayden's clothes on the floor and folded them neatly, placing them by the head of the bed. Richard went over to his desk and booted up his computer to start playing some games.

Chapter 2

Jayden and Richard were once again chatting in Richard's room, the only two people in the house.

"So about last time," Jayden trailed off, blushing bit.

"Ah yes, I was wondering when you'd bring that up," a slight smirk crept into Richard's face as he sat back in his big office chair.

"I didn't tell anyone."

"Good, that means you want it to happen again right? We can keep it our little secret that you love pain and this," Richard put emphasis on the last word as he picked up a spool of paracord. He grinned and started to stand.

"It won't be so easy this time," Jayden sat up and pulled a dagger out of his pocket. Richard just laughed and in one swift motion grabbed both of Jayden's wrists. Richard looked at the dagger in Jayden's right hand and squeezed his right wrist. Jayden dropped the dagger and dropped his head, defeated. Jayden noticed a bulge in Richard's pants and groaned, thinking back to the last time he saw that bulge in Richard's pants.

"You were saying?" Richard smirked and held both of Jayden's wrists in one hand, grabbing the paracord. He wrapped the cord around Jayden's wrists, the bulge in his pants getting bigger and a slight bulge in Jayden's pants becoming noticeable. Richard pushed Jayden back onto the bed and started to get over him. Richard held down Jayden's legs as he started to move forward. When his face was above Jayden's crotch he moved his head down, unzipping Jayden's pants with his teeth. Richard pulled off Jayden's skinny jeans, which pulled off his boxers as well. Jayden's cock sprung free and flopped over to the side, not yet fully hard. Richard ran his fingertip along the underside of Jayden's dick, eliciting a twitch as his dick began to grow and harden."Haha, there we go," Richard picked up the dagger and admired it. The edges were dull and the end wasn't super sharp, but pain could easily be inflicted.

Richard pressed the flat side of the dagger against the underside of Jayden's dick, causing Jayden to squirm and inhale sharply. Richard turned the blade so it was pressing into Jayden's sensitive flesh. Jayden whimpered a little and Richard grinned, he removed the pressure from the blade. Richard smacked Jayden's dick with the flat of the dagger.

"Owww... Why do you hurt me?"

"Because you enjoy it, and I enjoy it. see what I mean?" When Richard said this he put the flat of the dagger against the tip of Jayden's dick and then brought it up a little, strings of precum stretching from his dick. "You obviously enjoy this."

“No I-No I don’t.”

“What have I told you about lying to me?”

“Not to do it?”

“Now, you enjoy this right?” Richard spread Jayden’s precum around with the dagger.


Richard pressed harder and the dagger slipped off the side of Jayden’s dick, running the edge along Jayden dick, “again with the lying?”

“I’m not lying!”

“A shame,” Richard pressed the tip of the dagger to Jayden’s scrotum, Jayden’s eyes widened and his cock twitched.

“No stop! I love it, I want to be tied and raped by your hard cock!”

“Well which is it?” Richard released pressure with the dagger and licked his lips, a hungry look in his eye.




“No what?”

“I don’t want it!”

“Too bad.” A horrified expression came to Jayden’s face as Richard placed the dagger to the base of Jayden’s twitching cock. Richard grinned and started applying pressure as he brought his head to the tip of Jaydens dick and swirled his tongue around hole. Jayden’s whole body shuddered and Richard started to put his mouth over Jayden’s cock, but not letting it touch his mouth. Richard suddenly bit Jayden’s cock halfway down the shaft. Jayden’s back arched and he screamed in pain, Richard increased the pressure on the dagger and released Jayden’s cock, now harder than ever.

“Oh, I have an idea,” Jayden groaned as Richard pulled the dagger away from his cock and flipped it around. He started to press the pommel to Jayden’s asshole and Jayden’s eyes widened again as he tried to squirm away.

“Please no, don’t, no no no no, it’s too big please no.”
Richard laughed as he said, “I’m sure it’ll be fine with this,” he pulled a bottle of lube out from under the bed. He squirted some of the lube of the dagger, then dripped a little on Jayden’s asshole.

Jayden whimpered something about the lube being cold and squirmed a little more as Richard started to press again. Suddenly the pommel popped into Jaydens ass, another whimper escaped Jayden’s lips. Richard leaned down and licked around the head of Jayden’s dick, causing more twitching. The bulge in Richard’s pants was twitching, or perhaps even throbbing as he started to push the dagger further into Jayden’s ass. Jayden groaned a little and his dick started to throb and get a little bigger. Richard stopped, leaving the dagger hanging from Jayden’s ass and grabbing the paracord. Richard tied the paracord around the base of Jayden’s cock and around his balls.

“Not that again...”

“Are you complaining? Too bad, you don’t have a choice,” Richard pushed the dagger a little deeper until the guard kept it from going further. Jayden twitched as his hips bucked and his cock swelled again, twitching more. Richard grinned and pinched the tip of Jayden’s swelling cock, eliciting a moan from Jayden. Richard flicked the head of Jayden’s cock and he inhaled sharply, his dick becoming more sensitive. Richard twisted the dagger a little then let go. Richard took Jayden’s shirt off and tossed it to the floor. Richard got up and walked over to his desk, He opened a drawer, pulling out a plain white candle and a lighter. He lit the candle and slipped the lighter in his pocket. Jayden started to kick a little, as Richard approached, but couldn’t move very much because of the dagger in his ass. Richard set the candle down and began to tie Jayden’s ankles together, easily overcoming Jayden. He picked the candle back up and straddled Jaydens thighs. He moves the candle over Jayden’s left nipple, tipping it a little, a single drop of hot wax fell on Jayden’s nipple. Jayden writhed and screamed under Richard but to no avail. The wax cooled to a thin layer, and Richard added another drop. And another, and another. He added a total of 15 drops before he was done. He switched to the other nipple, doing the same thing.

“Jayden, do you want to know the special thing about this wax?”

Jayden winced, “What is it?”

“It contains a chemical that stimulates the nerves right underneath your skin.”

“So what does that-” Jayden was cut off by Richard ripping the wax off his left nipple, Jayden screamed and his dick throbbed even more as his nipple got hard. “Mmmm,” after the initial pain Jayden moaned a little, his nipple super sensitive as Richard ran his fingers across it. Richard leaned over and licked Jayden’s nipple and Jayden started shuddering. Richard moved his head to the nipple still covered in wax and start to slowly peel it off with his teeth. Jayden moaned and his back arched. When the wax was fully removed Richard bit Jayden’s nipple, causing him to scream. Richard grinned as he gently licked Jayden’s nipple, swirling his tongue around it, making it hard. Richard reached to Jayden’s cock and started to gently stroke it as he rolled Jayden’s nipple between his fingers and sucked on the other. Richard stopped and sat up, Jayden’s nipples were still hard and his cock was throbbing and had swollen to half again its normal size. Richard grinned as he twisted the dagger again and moved it side to side.

“No... stop your.... mixing up my insides... please... stop...” Richard just grinned more and started to gently stroke Jayden’s cock, just barely rubbing against the head. Richard picked the candle back up and dripped a little in the center of Jayden’s chest, then down a little further, and dripped it all the way down to right above his cock. Richard blew the candle out and gently blew across the surface of the molten wax. When the wax had just started to lose its liquidity, he started to drip it on Jayden’s cock, being careful not to let any get in the hole. He had enough wax to make a layer about 1/16 of an inch thick, covering his dick past the head. Jayden squirmed at the heat, but his dick kept throbbing and twitching. Richard removed the wax from Jayden’s chest and ran his fingers gently down his chest, Jayden’s body twitched a couple times. Richard flicked one of jayden’s nipples and started to massage Jayden’s balls. Richard untied the cord around Jayden’s balls and dick. Jayden sighed and Richard grinned, licking the underside of Jayden’s dick, gently pulling at his balls. Jayden moaned and Richard started to massage Jayden’s nipple.

“Uhhnnnn,” Jayden moaned and his hips bucked as he came, but the wax over the tip of his dick kept it all inside, the stimulating agent in the wax made the tip of Jayden’s dick hypersensitive and he could feel the cum building up. “take off the wax... please.... I feel like it’s going to explode!”

“I’m not going to remove it for a while,” Richard’s lips formed into a wicked grin as he grabbed the dagger and started to twist it a little and pull it back out of Jayden’s ass. Richard pulled the dagger all the way out of Jayden’s ass. Jayden sighed a little, but that was before he saw Richard setting down the dagger and unzipping his pants. Jayden groaned as he watched Richard’s cock twitch and throb. Richard started to line up his cock with Jayden’s ass, Jayden wriggle and tried to get away. Richard just chuckled and said “that won’t help at all you know.” He thrust his cock into Jayden’s ass in one long stroke, Jayden’s eyes closed and he winced, feeling Richard’s dick pressing against the walls of his asshole. Richard started to pull back out but he thrusted right back in, grunting as he did so.

“No... please stop... my insides... you're going to tear me up inside...”

“Haha, you’ll be fine,” Richard leaned over and bit one of Jayden’s nipples. He screamed and tried to pull away but that just made it hurt more. Richard continued slamming in and out of Jayden until he started to grunt a little. Jayden’s eyes widened as he realized Richard was about to cum. Richard thrust deep into Jayden’s ass and shot thick, hot ropes of his cum into Jayden.

“What’s this? Hard and twitching already? With all that cum still inside?” Jayden blushed and looked away. Richard pulled his dick out of Jayden’s ass and wiped a little of his cum that was on it on Jayden’s leg. Richard picked the dagger back up and started to tap Jayden’s wax covered dick with it. He started to slip the dagger under the wax, Jayden’s hips twitched as the cool metal touched his hypersensitive dick.

“Careful now Jayden, you wouldn’t a cut somewhere so sensitive,” Richard pulled the dagger back out and got up. He headed over to his desk again and grabbed an empty glass. He rolled Jayden onto his side and held the glass in front of Jayden’s dick as he started to peel the wax off. Richard uncovered the hole quickly and as his cum shot out Richard caught it in the glass. Jayden bucked and moaned at the sensation of cumming while already being super sensitive, He came again, his balls tucking up. Richard grabbed his balls and started pulling down on them in rhythm with the spurts of cum coming out of Jayden into the glass. When Jayden was done cumming, Richard held the glass up and looked at it.

“you came quite a lot Jayden, what was that just now? Two orgasms? Impressive,” Richard rolled Jayden back onto his back.

“Open up,” Jayden’s eyes widened as he looked at how much cum was in the glass and he kept his lips shut tight. “Struggling will only make this worse you know, one last chance,” Jayden kept his mouth shut. “Too bad,” Richard slapped Jayden across the face, but Jayden didn’t open his mouth. Richard slapped Jayden again, but still no response. Richard trailed his fingers down Jayden’s chest and down to his cock and gripped the sensitive head of Jayden’s dick. Jayden inhaled sharply through his nose as Richard gripped harder and harder. Jayden still didn’t open his mouth so Richard started to twist his dick until Jayden gasped in pain.

“HA!” Richard seized his opportunity and held Jayden’s mouth open as he started to pour the cum into his mouth. Jayden writhed underneath Richard but it didn’t matter, he just continued to pour the cum into his mouth. “Now swallow it, all of it.” with no other options present, Jayden did as he was told, but then Richard poured more cum into his mouth, Jayden started to swallow it without having to be asked, just wanting it to be over. Richard finished pouring the cum in Jayden’s mouth and said “good job. I have another job for you.”

Richard straddled Jayden’s head and started to put his dick in Jayden’s mouth. “If you bite me, you will regret it for a long time.” Richard picked up the dagger and put it at the base of Jayden’s dick as he pushed his own cock into Jayden’s throat. “Mmmm, your throat is nice and tight,” he started to pull back out a little, but slammed back in, Jayden started to choke and Richard grinned, pulling almost all the way out but then thrusting back in. Richard start to feel Jayden’s teeth and he started to put pressure on the blade as he said “Careful.” Jayden held his jaw open a little more but closed his lips around the base of Richard’s cock and began to suck. “There we go, I may have to reward you a little for doing that by yourself... Mmmm,” Richard licked the head of Jayden’s dick and started rhythmically thrusting into Jayden’s throat as he swirled his tongue around the tip of Jayden’s dick. Richard started to moan a little and Jayden knew that Richard was about to cum. Richard made one last deep thrust into Jayden’s throat and came, shooting more of his cum into Jayden.

“That felt good. I think we may be done for today. What do you think Jayden?” Jayden finished swallowing Richard’s cum and nodded his head. Richard stood and started untying Jaydens wrists and ankles.

“I think we both need showers, do you agree Jayden?”

“I know I do... I feel like I might throw up too...”

“We’ll save time and shower together, don’t puke on me though.”

“Uhmmm... I’m not sure that’s...”

“It’ll be fine, come on.”


Chapter 3

Richard and Jayden left Richard’s room, still naked, and still alone in the house. They rounded the corner into the bathroom, Richard flipped on the light and shut the door. Jayden stepped into the shower while Richard flipped on another light and the vent. Richard stepped into the shower and pulled the curtain shut. He crouched down to turn on the water. While Richard waited for the water to warm up he turned his head to look back at Jayden. He noticed that Jayden’s dick was slowly getting hard. Richard grinned and moved his mouth closer to Jayden’s growing dick. The water reached a comfortable temperature and Richard pulled the plunger to switch the water to the shower head. Jayden jumped a little at the sudden rush of water coming out of the shower head and Richard stood up and turned, revealing that his dick was also hard. Richard reached past Jayden to grab a bottle of shampoo, their dicks touched as he reached. Richard squeezed a little of the shampoo into his hand. Richard handed Jayden the bottle and started to rub the shampoo into his long hair. Jayden absent-mindedly took the bottle as he stared at Richard’s twitching cock as it rubbed against his.

“Distracted are we?” Richard took the shampoo bottle back and put some shampoo in his hand. “Kneel down,” Richard leaned past him again, putting the bottle back. Jayden kneeled and Richard started to rub the shampoo in Jayden’s hair. The water flowing off Richard’s body drenched Jayden’s face and Richard’s dick twitched in Jayden’s face. “While I wash your hair why don’t you do something with this?” Richard gestured to his throbbing cock. Jayden looked up and gave a disgusted look.

“Like what?”

“You could suck it.”

“But... ehhhh.”

“Do it.”


Richard put his hand on the back of Jayden’s head and pushed his head towards his dick. “Do it, while I wash your hair.”

“Fine,” Jayden opened his mouth and started to slowly move his head towards Richard’s cock. Jayden parted his lips and held Richard’s cock at its base as he wrapped his lips around Richard’s throbbing member. Richard moaned a little as he massaged the shampoo into Jayden’s hair.

“That’s good, keep doing that,” Richard grabbed the removable shower head and started to wash the shampoo out of Jayden’s hair, and then his own. Richard moaned a little as Jayden started to move farther onto Richard's twitching cock.

"Mmmm, keep going deeper..." Richard started gently pushing on the back of Jayden's head. Jayden started to push back a little but Richard overpowered him and pushed into Jayden's throat. Jayden started to choke a little but Richard kept his cock in Jayden’s throat. Richard started thrusting in and out of Jayden’s throat, just enough to let Jayden breath and for the head of Richard’s dick to fully leave Jayden’s throat. Richard’s breathing started to get ragged and he started to thrust harder and harder. Jayden’s eyes widened, knowing what comes next. He started to struggle a little, but to no avail as Richard had a firm grip on his hair. Richard started to grunt as he started to shoot hot, thick ropes of cum into Jayden’s mouth. Richard’s shoulders sagged and he pulled his dick out of Jayden’s mouth.

“Swallow it Jayden.” He just shook his head and lowered it, starting to open his mouth. Richard put his hand under Jayden’s chin and raised his head. “I said swallow it.” Richard kept Jayden’s head up, not letting him open his mouth. Jayden just glared at Richard. Richard reached down and started to pinch Jayden’s nipple. When Jayden still didn’t swallow he started to twist Jayden’s nipple. Jayden started to squirm a little and Richard grinned, twisting harder. Jayden started to breath heavily through his nose and Richard stopped twisting his nipple to pinch Jayden’s nose. Jayden’s eyes opened wide and he started to shake his head a little. “Just swallow it,” Jayden started to close his eyes a little, his face starting to turn blue, then he swallowed. “Very good Jayden, that wasn’t too hard now was it?” Richard let go of Jayden’s nose and let him lower his head again.

Jayden gasped “That’s the third time you’ve cum today isn’t it?”

“You’ve already cum three times as well.”

“No I didn’t!!”

“You most certainly did.”

“No, I-I.”

“You what?”

“I didn’t cum!”

“Sure you didn’t.”

“I didn’t!”

“I saw it.”

“But... You were raping me, how could I have cum?”

“Because,” Richard leaned in close, “You like the pain, and the domination.”

“No I don’t. Idiot.”

Richard grabbed Jayden’s neck and stood him up. Richard put his mouth near Jayden’s ear and said “What did you call me?”

Jayden put his hands on Richard’s arm, his eyes starting to close, “I... called... you... an id... iot...”

“That’s what I thought you said,” Richard picked up more, Jayden’s face starting to turn blue. Jayden started to pry at Richard’s fingers, his eyes rolling back and his mouth opening, letting his tongue loll out of his mouth. “The little masochist is just loving being choked, his tongue is even falling out of his mouth. Oh and look, his little dick is all twitchy.” Jayden just burbled a little and his hands dropped, his eyes closing. Richard smirked as Jayden’s dick started to grow more and throb. Richard let go of Jayden and he fell to the floor in a crumpled mess at Richard’s feet. Jayden rasped as he shuddered on the floor, water dripping off his still throbbing cock and running down his back.

“I...... am... n-not... a-a...... m-m-maso...chist.”

Richard laughed, “the hell you’re not, look at your dick, it’s throbbing and twitching after I just choked you until you were blue.”

“I’m not... turned on... at all...”

“Your cock seems to disagree.” Richard started to press his foot against Jayden’s neck. Jayden’s dick started to twitch a little more and swelled again. Richard kneeled down and grinned, roughly grabbing Jayden’s balls.

“Do what you want.”

“I’m just doing what YOU want,” Richard tugged on Jayden’s balls and started to choke him.

“I don’t want... this...”

“Sure you do, your dick is going out of control, it looks like you might cum again. You really are quite the filthy little masochist.”

“I’m... not...”

“What have I told you time and time again about lying to me?”

“I don’t... care what... yo-” Richard cut him off by increasing pressure on Jayden’s balls and throat. Jayden’s dick started to swell again, throbbing and twitching.

“It’s looking like you may cum from this torture any moment now.”

Jayden’s eyes started to roll back and his tongue lolled back out of his mouth, Richard grinned and started rhythmically tugging on Jayden’s balls.

“Just look at you Jayden, you’re about to cum from this. I mean really, the tongue is too much. Your look like you’re about to pass out from the pleasure,” Jayden’s eyes rolled back, just the whites showing, “And your eyes too. Can you even hear what I’m saying? Or is the ecstasy from the pain too much?”

Jayden just laid there, shuddering, unable to hear, let alone respond to Richard’s inquiry. Richard stopped tugging on Jayden’s balls and started to slowly massage the head of Jayden’s throbbing cock. He stopped and then grabbed a bottle of conditioner, he popped the lid open and poured a stripe of conditioner along the length of Jayden’s dick. Richard put the bottle back on the edge of the tub and started to massage to conditioner into Jayden’s dick, he shuddered every time Richard’s hand touched the head of his cock until suddenly, he started thrashing, spurting thick ropes of cum into Richard’s hand. Jayden’s eyes closed and his dick wilted after the last spurt of cum left his dick.

“You came from me pulling on your balls and choking you, what do you think about that?” Jayden didn’t respond, he just laid there, eyes open but rolled back, still convulsing occasionally. Richard stood, admiring his work. He pulled the shower head out of it’s holder and made sure to do a good job of washing off Jayden. He grabbed a washcloth and wetted it, he poured some soap on it. He started to wash off Jayden. When he was done, he rinsed him off and then washed himself. Right as he was rinsing himself off, the water turned cold and Richard turned it off. He grabbed a towel and dried them both off, noticing very pronounced bruises on Jayden’s neck and balls. Richard tossed Jayden onto the bed and got dressed. Richard took a last look at Jayden, laying there naked in Richard’s bed. Richard walked out of the room and started heading out the door.

Chapter 4

Jayden and Richard were at Jayden’s house for once, his mom and sister were out grocery shopping and his dad was out on his dirtbike.

“Wanna see my room?”

“Sure.” Jayden got up off the couch and started to walk down the hallway. Jayden opened a door and went into his room with Richard right behind. Richard looked around the room, noticing it was a little messy. Jayden jumped up onto the bed and bounced a little, watching Richard take in his surroundings.

“You look a little hyper Jayden.”

“I had some tea earlier, it had caffeine in it so...”

“Oh, is that all?”

“Mhm, what else would it be?”

“Why don’t you think about that a moment considering the last two times we’ve been alone together?” Richard raised an eyebrow and watched Jayden thinking. After a moment Richard saw a lump in Jayden’s pants start to form and Jayden’s eyes widen a little.

“There it is.”

“What?! No! Idiot!”

“I think I know exactly what you want,” Richard lunged forward, catching Jayden’s neck in his hand and pushing him back onto the bed.

"Not again..." Richard grinned as he applied more pressure and shifted so his knee was in between Jayden's thighs and pressing into his crotch a little. Jayden noticed a lump starting to form in Richards pants and he groaned a little. Richard started squeezing tighter, Jayden's eyes started glossing over and starting to roll back a little.

"The masochist seems to thoroughly enjoy being choked doesn't he?"

"In your... Dreams.”

Richard chuckled and reached to Jayden's cock, stroking it through Jayden's pants.

"This definitely shows me something." Richard grinned and started to unzip Jayden's pants as Jayden squirmed. "There's no use in trying to get away you know," Richard tighten his grip as he slipped off Jayden's pants. Richard grinned as Jayden shuddered, his twitching cock stressing against the fabric of his boxers.

   "Look who’s excited to see me,” Richard grinned and started to massage the head of Jayden's dick through his boxers. Jayden's eyes rolled back, only the whites were showing and Richard squeezed his throat a little tighter. Jayden shuddered and his hips twitched as his tongue lolled out of his mouth. Richard laughed and released Jayden’s throat.

Gasping for breath Jayden said “you... really are... a sadist... you know that?”

“Haha, you’re the one that loves the pain and the teasing and the choking, making you a masochist.”

“I do not enjoy it!”

“You clearly do, just thinking about it gets you hard and your cock was twitching as I was choking you.”

“No it wasn’t! You’re such an idiot.”

“How would you know? You couldn’t see it like I could, your eyes were rolled too far back into your skull.”

“I- damnit you’re idiotic!”

“Sure,” Richard started to pull Jayden’s boxers down and Jayden started to sit up but Richard pushed and held him down. “Just relax,” Richard tugged Jayden’s boxers down and admired Jayden’s twitching four inches of cock for a moment before opening his mouth and wrapping his lips around the edge of the head of Jayden’s dick. He swirled his tongue around the tip and Jayden closed his eyes as his back arched a little. Richard smirked around Jayden’s dick as he bit down on the head of Jayden’s dick. Jayden screamed and writhed but Richard kept him down and took his mouth off of Jayden’s cock. Richard grinned and pulled some fishing line out of his pocket.

“What are you going to do with that!?”

“You’ll see.” Richard unravelled some line and tied a small loop in the end. He made a slipknot and put it around Jayden’s twitching dick. Richard tightened the slipknot and the wrapped the line around a few more times. He spiralled the line up Jayden’s cock and then back down, pressing a grid into the sensitive flesh of Jayden’s dick.

“Ow ow ow ow ow... that hurts make it stop,” Jayden was wincing and squirming as Richard did his work. Richard wrapped more line tightly around Jayden’s balls and then tied it to the only loose section, securing the line.

Jayden tried to get up but Richard was too quick and slapped Jayden across the face, stunning him. “Stay down.” Richard pulled paracord out of his pocket and flipped Jayden onto his stomach, his dick laying flat against the bed and Richard could see the underside criss-crossed with the fishing line. Richard tied Jayden’s wrists behind his back and tied his ankles to his wrists.

“There we go, that should keep you fairly still.”

“You’re so mean,” Richard just laughed as he gently stroked the underside of Jayden’s cock. Richard spread Jayden’s legs out and started pressing his thumb against Jayden’s ass hole.

“No not there please!”

“Well where else am I going to put my cock?”

“No where, what’s wrong with where it is now?”

“It doesn’t feel good there, that’s what’s wrong,” Richard dropped his pants and his boxer-briefs as he spat on Jayden’s asshole. He lined his dick up with Jayden’s hole and in one quick motion pushed his way into Jayden’s ass. Jayden screamed in pain and Richard started to slowly move his cock in and out of Jayden’s ass.

“How is your ass still so tight after last time we hung out?”

“I dont... fucking know... get out of me already!”

“Haha, nope!” Richard started to speed up his thrusts, each going deeper and hitting harder than the last as his balls slapped against Jayden’s. Jayden shuddered and moaned a little with each thrust.

“No, stop... You’re going to tear me up inside, please... stop...”

“No, I will cum inside of your ass, I know you love this anyway.”

“No! I don’t!”

“Don’t lie to me Jayden!” Richard slapped Jayden’s ass, leaving a red mark.

“I wasn’t lying!”

“I know you were!” Richard slapped him again, on the other cheek leaving another red mark. “We’ve talked about this before,” Richard rammed his cock into Jayden’s ass, “Don’t lie to me anymore, okay?”


“Very good.” Richard continued fucking Jayden’s ass. Jayden whimpered a little with every thrust. He could feel Richard’s dick starting to get a little bigger and he started to squirm a little, knowing what came next as Richard started to breath raggedly.

“I’m going to cum in your ass soon Jayden, I hope you’re prepared.”

“Please don’t do that Richard... please?”

“I’m-cumming! Nnnnhhh” With one final thrust into Jayden, Richard closed his eyes and shot his thick ropes of hot cum into Jayden’s ass.

“It’s so hot...” Richard slowly pulled his cum-covered dick out of Jayden’s ass and grabbed a water bottle off the floor and put it up to Jayden’s ass to catch the cum dripping out. When most of the cum was in the bottle Richard grinned, capping the bottle and putting it aside. Richard rolled Jayden onto his back and moved to Jayden’s face. He pried Jayden’s mouth open and started to push his dick into Jayden’s mouth.

“If you bite me you will regret it.”

“Mmm mmmmmm mMm.”

“Haha, you shouldn’t talk when there’s something in your mouth.” Richard started to push his dick further into Jayden’s throat until his balls were resting on Jayden’s nose and he started to pull back out, slowly. He rammed his way back into Jayden’s tight throat, grunting as he did so. He started rhythmically pumping in and out of Jayden’s throat and he reached out, grabbing Jayden’s dick and starting to slowly move his hand along the shaft, causing it to twitch and throb.

“Somebody’s excited.” Jayden just coughed a little, tightening his throat around the head of Richard’s dick, eliciting a moan from him. Richard flicked the head of Jayden’s dick, causing Jayden’s hips to spasm and he coughed again. Richard fell forward and started to gently run his teeth along the edge of the head of Jayden’s dick. Richard’s dick started to swell and his breathing lost rhythm. Richard started to groan a little as he straightened up, his cock was twitching as he thrusted in and out of Jayden’s throat. Right before Richard came he pulled out and shot his thick cum on Jayden’s neck and chest.

Jayden gasped and coughed as Richard’s shoulders relaxed and the last bit of cum dribbled from his cock to Jayden’s chin. Richard moved so he could easily access Jayden’s throbbing dick as it stressed against the fishing line. Richard ran his finger along the underside of Jayden’s dick. Jayden’s eyes rolled back as his mouth opened a little and his head went back. Richard grinned and started to massage the head of Jayden’s cock. Jayden’s tongue lolled out of his mouth and he moaned as his hips bucked, his dick swelling against the line. Richard chuckled and he gripped Jayden’s dick firmly. Jayden’s dick was already a third again it’s original size and the fishing line was making lines in Jayden’s dick. Jayden’s eyes rolled back and he started to drool as Richard started to slide his hand up and down the shaft of Jayden’s cock. As Jayden’s whole body started to convulse Richard let go and walked over to Jayden’s dresser and started looking through drawers.

“Ha, I figured you’d have something like this,” Richard pulled a box out of the dresser and opened it, peering inside he found a bunch of things but two of them caught his eye, a vibrator and what appeared to be a vibrating leather strap.

“What could these be used for I wonder?” Richard walked over to Jayden and grabbed the bottle of cum. He dripped some along the vibrator and started to push the vibrator against Jayden’s ass hole. Jayden was still too dazed from his cumless orgasm to struggle as Richard rammed the vibrator into Jayden’s ass. Richard turned the vibrator up to its maximum setting and grinned as Jayden’s hips bucked a little. Richard undid the leather strap and held Jayden’s balls as far away from his dick as possible and tightened the leather strap around his scrotum. He turned the vibrator on and Jayden’s hips started constantly bucking.

“Somebody’s quite happy I see.” Richard looked around some more and found the dagger from last time that Jayden had visited Richard’s house. Richard went back over to Jayden and pulled Jayden’s shirt off of him as much as he could and then started to drag the tip of the dagger along Jayden’s chest. Jayden gasped and bucked while Richard just smirked and started applying pressure with the dagger at the base of Jayden’s dick. Jayden tried to stop his hips from bucking but only succeeded in reducing it, and every time they bucked the pressure from the dagger increased.

“If you buck too much more you might start to bleed a little.”

“Then... m-make it.. s-stop.”

“Hmmm... no, I think I’m good,” Richard removed the dagger. He turned it and slapped Jayden’s thigh with the flat of the dagger, Jayden screamed as a red mark in the shape of the dagger formed. Richard smirked and he slapped the other thigh, eliciting another scream from Jayden. Richard slapped Jayden’s dick with the flat of the dagger a few times, each time it throbbed and got a little more purple.

“You appear to be losing circulation Jayden, is it sensitive?” Richard flicked the head of Jayden’s dick and he winced as his hips bucked violently. “I guess so.” Richard started to gently run his hand along the shaft of Jayden’s dick. While he massaged the shaft of Jayden’s dick, Richard pressed the tip of the dagger against Jayden’s ball sack, right in between his balls.

“Be careful you idiot, that thing’s pointy!”

“I know exactly how pointy it is Jayden,” Richard started applying more pressure and started squeezing Jayden’s dick a little tighter. Jayden inhaled sharply and his hips twitched a little. Richard started to speed up, his hand just barely touching the head of Jayden’s dick, causing a spasm every time. Jayden’s dick was now half again its original size and Richard was amazed the fishing line hadn’t broken or cut Jayden yet. Jayden was bucking uncontrollably so Richard removed the dagger and started to lick and suck on Jayden’s balls. Richard started to massage the head of Jayden’s dick as he nibbled on his balls. Jayden’s hips bucked uncontrollably and His balls started to swell and turn a little purple. Richard pulled back and grinned.

“Did you just orgasm again?”

“No- I... idiot!”

“You did!”

“No-I,” He was cut off by Richard tugging on Jayden’s balls and licking along the underside of his cock. Richard’s swirled his tongue around on the underside of the head of Jayden’s dick. Jayden twitched again, his eyes rolling back.

“You are just loving this aren’t you Jayden?”

“No... I... Nnnhh.”

“Finding it difficult to speak?” Richard grinned and teasingly licked the tip of Jayden’s dick.

“No... I... I can speak... just fine...”

“Obviously not.” Richard straightened up. He started to remove the fishing line and leather strap around Jayden’s swollen genitals.


“Feel better?”


“Well I’m sorry to inform you that you probably won't like what follows either," Richard finished untying the fishing line and a small amount of cum dribbled from the tip of Jayden's dick.

"That's it? From two orgasms? Just that measly little drop?" Richard grinned and grabbed the vibrator in Jayden's ass and started to twist it.

"No stop, what are you doing?!"

"What does it feel like I'm doing?"

"Stop this now!"

“Hmmm... No, you're clearly liking it, I mean your dick is back to twitching again." Jayden's dick was back to a normal size a color but was indeed twitching. Richard twisted and turned the vibrator and Jayden's dick twitched with more and more vehemence each time. Jayden's breathing started to become staggered and Richard grinned.

"Look at you, almost cumming from a vibrator in your ass." Jayden just blushed and his eyes closed. When Jayden's dick started to throb and grow Richard quickly pulled the vibrator out of Jayden's ass. Jayden relaxed and his face drooped. Richard grinned at Jayden's exhausted state.

"I'm not done with you you know," Richard started to tie Jayden's wrists to the bed posts, then his ankles. Jayden looked up and before he had time to figure out what was happening Richard tied the last limb to the bed.

"What now?! I can only take so much you know!"

"I know that, I'm going to put you at your limit, then I might stop."

“I don’t think I can take much more...”

Richard pulled a coiled whip out of his pants pocket, grinning and turning to look at Jayden. Jayden groaned as Richard uncoiled the black leather whip and cracked it in the air next to Jayden. Jayden yelped and tried to squirm away unsuccessfully. Richard laughed and whipped Jayden across the chest. Jayden screamed as a red line appeared on his chest. Richard trailed the whip down Jayden’s torso and to his crotch, Jayden tensed up. Richard whipped Jayden’s stomach, Jayden’s scream muffling the crack of the whip. Richard whipped Jayden again, hitting his leg dangerously close to his twitching dick.

“Look what we have here Jayden, You look like you’re having a little too much fun.” Richard let the tassels on the end of the whip tease the tip of Jayden’s dick.

“Nnnn no. I’m not liking this a-a-at all,” his speech was broken by his hips’ twitching. Richard grinned and moved the whip, watching Jayden’s dick as a drop of precum oozed out of the tip.

“You clearly are Jayden, you’re dripping precum,” Richard bent over and licked the tip of Jayden’s dick. Jayden moaned but that quickly turned to a scream as Richard whipped his chest again. Richard moved to the other side of the bed and started to choke Jayden with one hand while he whipped Jayden’s chest with the other. Jayden’s eyes rolled back and his hips twitched, unable to scream. Jayden’s eyes closed and Richard whipped across Jaden’s hips, almost touching the base of Jayden’s cock. Jayden had stopped moving and Richard released his throat. He started untying Jayden quickly and flipped him over. Jayden opened his eyes a moment after Richard finished tying the last bit of rope.

“How did I get like this?” Jayden’s voice was raspy and his vision was blurred.

“You passed out and then I flipped you over.” Richard ended his sentence with a crack of the whip and a line of pain down Jayden’s back. Jayden’s scream was scratchy and his throat hurt. Richard whipped him again across his upper back, then again across his ass. Jayden’s chest and stomach seared in pain, but this pain was bright and new. Richard grinned and whipped him again across the middle of his back. Jayden tried to get away but he couldn’t do anything about the ropes. Jayden whimpered as Richard whipped him again and another line of pain seared across his ass. Richard flipped the whip around and started to press the base of it against Jayden’s asshole.

“Noo, please not there,” Jayden wriggled, trying to get away but Richard just slapped his ass and pressed a little harder.

“Why not? I know you love it,” Richard pressed harder and Jayden’s dick twitched and started to swell. Richard pressed a little harder and the handle of the whip popped into Jayden’s ass.

“Nnnnnhhh,” Jayden moaned into a pillow as his ass was penetrated by the whip. Richard left it in Jayden’s ass and straightened up, stroking his cock a little as he looked at Jayden, his back crisscrossed with red and a whip sticking out of his ass. Richard looked around the room and saw a candle and a lighter on Jayden’s dresser. He walked over and lit the candle, he carried it back over to the bed and tipped it over the middle of Jayden’s back. A drop of molten wax fell on Jayden’s back and cooled instantly, Jayden screamed and wriggled, trying to escape. Richard grabbed the whip and twisted it a little. Jayden’s eyes rolled back and a couple more drops of wax fell on his back. Richard set down the candle and lifted Jayden’s pelvis a little so he could position Jayden’s dick so that the bottom was facing up. Richard started gently stroking it and picked the candle back up. It had built up a decent amount of wax and he dripped it onto the base of Jayden’s spine. Jayden squirmed and whimpered as Richard twisted the whip some more. Richard let a drop of molten wax fall onto the underside of Jayden’s dick, he whimpered as another drop fell, this one on the edge of the head of his cock.

“I’m going to set this candle on your back, if you move too much it’ll tip over, so stay very still.” Richard set the candle on Jayden’s back and started to tease Jayden’s dick with the tassel on the whip.

“Stop, Richard please stop, or take the candle off... please...” Richard laughed a little, then Jayden’s hips bucked a little and the candle tipped over. Richard quickly grabbed it, but Jayden had felt the heat from it and wax had spilled onto his back, he screamed and Richard pushed his head into the pillow.

Richard pushed the whip a little deeper into Jayden’s ass and twisted it a little. Jayden’s hips twitched and Richard chuckled. Richard moved down to the end of the bed and started stroking Jayden’s cock as well as his own. Jayden started twitching, his eyes glazing over. Richard grinned and sped up on both of their cocks. Richard looked around a little, looking for the bottle he had used earlier and upon finding it, he got up and brought it back with him. He went back to jerking the both of them off. He was moving much quicker on himself than on Jayden. He was moving his hand such that he barely rubbed against the head of their dicks, Jayden bucked every time that Richard’s hand moved along the head of his cock. When Richard felt Jayden’s dick start to swell he held the bottle against the tip of Jayden’s dick and collected all of his cum. He capped the bottle, and went back to jerking both of them off. When he was about to cum he stood and came on the small of Jayden’s back. He also dumped the contents of the bottle on his back.

Jayden squirmed a little and made a little noise of disgust. Richard sat back down and started to jerk Jayden off again.

“Nnnh no I’m too sensitive now please...” Richard just chuckled and then stood, a look in his eye like he had just had an amazing idea. He pulled the whip out of Jayden’s ass and picked up the vibrator and he pushed it into Jayden’s ass in one smooth motion. Jayden moaned as Richard turned on the vibration. Richard grabbed the leather strap and put it around the head of Jayden’s dick and some of the shaft. Jayden’s hips bucked uncontrollably and Richard grinned. Richard looked at the alarm clock on Jayden’s dresser, it read 4:24.

“Damn. I have to go soon.”

“Nnnnhhhhhnnnhh,” Jayden couldn’t say anything, he just moaned.

“Hmm... Oh! Neat; those ropes are nylon, you know what that means?”


“It means that they will melt.” Richard looked around and grabbed some books, making a stack of them under one of the ropes restraining Jayden’s arms. Richard started looking around the room and found all his clothes and got dressed. He made sure the vibrators were on their highest setting and looked out the window. Not seeing his ride coming down the road he whipped Jayden’s ass a couple times. Jayden arched his back as he came another time, moaning loudly and squirting ropes of cum onto the bed.

“How much cum do you have Jayden? Jeez,” Richard grinned, but then he heard a honk and looked out the window, seeing his ride he said “Oh, time to go.” He placed the candle right under the rope and stood there a moment, the rope started to get a little shiny and he knew it would melt eventually.

“Bye, see you later.”


Richard made sure he had everything he came in with and got in the car. Jayden was still tied to the bed, the vibrators were still running. His whole body convulsed rhythmically and he could smell burning plastic. He pulled at the rope and it stretched a little. He started pulling on it harder and harder. He threw all his weight back, trying to break the now thin rope, but the candle tipped over and splashed his face with molten wax. He screamed and the extra stimulus from his cock rubbing against the sheet made his whole body convulse and he came again, his body trying to curl up, sucking as much out of him as it could. The flame went out as soon as it touched the sheet and Jayden just layed there.

After he had recovered from his post-orgasm haze Jayden realized the rope had stretched enough to where he could reach the other rope and untie it. He untied his wrists and was fighting his hips’ twitching as he peeled the wax off his face. He tried to get at the vibrators but the angles were all wrong and he knew he’d have to untie his ankles first. He wriggled around to reach his ankles and the vibrator in his ass felt like it was pushing against his organs. He was finally able to roll over and turn off the vibrators. He undid the leather strap and tossed it on the floor, then he slowly pulled the vibrator out of his ass, his hips still bucking occasionally. He laid there for a minute then swung his legs over the side of his bed and tried to stand but his knees buckled and he fell back onto his bed. Just then, as he looked at the cummy mess on his bed and the sex toys on the floor, he heard his father's dirtbike pull into the driveway.



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