Hai guys, well I told about my first time with my best friend that passed away. Now it's time for another story.

I was in my last year of high school when I met someone. I was busy with my driving lessons when my lesbian friend told me about this one guy. I asked her a bit about him and then she said that he isn't sure if he is gay but it feels like he is. She gave him my number and then we started chatting on mxit. We chatted for hours on end every day. We then met face to face. We decided that we were gona go party at a river with my lesbian friend and her girlfriend. When we got there, it felt kinda awkward. We just stood there and then we started drinking. After a while my friend took our hands and put it against eachother and we just stood there, didn't know what to do or to say. After a while we got used to the idea and we started having a good time. We started kissing and then things just started happening. After that night we visited every day and we just chatted about everything. He said that he in unsure about himself and that he doesn't know what to do about it.

I said that I'm also unsure and that we must just see where this thing goes. After about a week we decided that we are going to try the dating thing and it felt kinda good. The first time he slept over, we made a bed in the living room once again and when my parents went to bed we moved the 2 beds closer. Then we just watched movie and he was lying in my arms. I loved the feeling!!! He then put his hand on my cock and I got aroused. I then put my hand on his cock and he was stiff as hell. I took his boxers and pulled them off and he did the same to me. I started playing with his cock and he loved it although he never did anything with guy before. He played with me and we were both moaning with pleasure. We started kissing intimately and I loved it. After a while the blankets were off and we were lying there completely naked. I asked him if he wanted me to suck his cock and he said yes. I went down, spread his legs and layed down between his legs. I took his 7inch cock in my hand and started jerking him again and then I started licking his ballsack. He was going wild and he was moaning loud. I then took his cock and put it in my mouth, he was let out a loud moan and said that I must suck him harder. I did what I was told and he was loving every minute of it.

After about 10 minutes he said that he was going to cum and then I pulled my mouth away. I jerked his nice thick cock and he started moaning louder and louder. He lifted up his ass and then he started shooting that white cream. I have never seen that much cum in my life, He came all over his chest, stomach and then the cum was dripping off my hand onto his cock and balls. Then he said that he wanted to suck my cock. This was going to be his first time sucking cock, he took my now 8inch cock, pushed into his mouth and started sucking. Because he was new at this, he didn't know about the teeth that gets in the way. I told hom to do what I did, and in a matter of minutes the teeth problem was gone. He was doing really good for his first blowjob. He sucked me harder and harder, I started moaning and gasping for air. After a couple of minutes I said that I was going to cum!!! I pulled away and started jerking my cock rappidly. I gave a loud moan and then I started cumming all over my stomach and his hand. He looked at me and smiled.

We got dressed and continued watching the movie in eachothers arms. We talked about the whole sex thing and he said that he is scared to try it, but maybe later on we could. After 2 months we decided that it feels weird to be in a relationship with a guy and then we broke up. We were still good friends. Then I moved away and we decided then that we're gona try it again, well that lasted a week coz the long distance thing didn't work for us. We tried again this year and it was great. The one night we were at a friends house drinking outside and when everyone went to bed, we stayed outside. We started kissing and the I got really aroused. He pulled off all my clothes and started playing with my cock again. I took off his clothes and did the same to him. While we were kissing he kept rubbing his cock against mine, I loved the feeling of his cock against mine. I started jerking him off while we were kissing and he was moaning with pleasure. He then started playing with my cock agian and the he went down on me. He put my cock in his mouth and it felt great, I moaned with pleasure, wanting him to take my cock all the way down his throat. I then pulled away and went down on him. I sucked his cock hard and after a couple of minutes he said that he was going to cum. I jerked him off and when he started cumming there was no end. He came and came and came. All over his beautifull stomach and all over my hand. When he was finished I started playing with him again, using his cum as lube I started jerking him again. He was in heaven, he then started sucking me off and when I came, I shot a load in his mouth and all over his hand. That was a great night!!!

Just wish we could do that agian!!!




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