Walking down the pedestrian mall, I was trying to decide what type of work I wanted to look for. Being a 23 year old college student studying abroad, my options were limited. Because I was on a student visa I was allowed a mere 20 hours of work per week. Knowing that my family would help when and how they could, I knew that I could make that work. I realized that, while deep in thought, I had walked the majority of the mall without looking at the shops and cafés around me. As I glanced up I saw a Starbucks on the corner. I decided to give it a try.

Upon walking in the door, I realized that while I was an ocean from home, Starbucks was Starbucks. I waited patiently until the line cleared and requested an application. I took some time, ordered a coffee and completed my application. As I walked up to the counter a man stepped from the back room and my breath caught. Being no slouch in the looks department, having been a swimmer in high school, I had a fairly good physique. This man was a walking wet dream. He was about 6’4", 220, muscular, nice full thighs, a drool inducing bulge, and when he turned to move back into the room an ass that would make anyone get hard.

I returned my application to the counter and handed it to a friendly young French girl. While looking quickly over the application she motioned for me to stay at the counter and went into the back room. Wet Dream on legs came back out with her. He moved around in front of the counter and put out his hand, "Michael, my name is Wes, I am the manager do you have a minute?" Of course I did, was my reply. He led me to the corner of the shop and down into the basement sitting area. I should mention my heart was pounding in my chest at this point, this man was gorgeous.

We sat down and he went over the application with me and asked me if I had brought a CV. (resume if you aren’t sure what that means) Having spoken with a British student prior to heading downtown, I had prepared and brought with my CV. Over the course of the next 30 minutes it was decided that I was going to fit right in. As we stood and shook hands I couldn’t help but notice the massive log-like bulge running down his leg. Upon looking up he had a knowing smirk. I was to start the following Saturday, to say I was excited was an understatement. Could not wait until I could spend time with this man.

Saturday morning I walked the mall into my first day on the job. I was to help with the opening process. Wes and I were to be the only two from 7am to 9am. As I approached the door I noticed a hot, shirtless man, in very brief shorts jogging toward me. I realized that the man approaching was Wes. Almost instantly my cock was rock hard. Wes walked up and gave me a friendly greeting while unlocking the door, he motioned for me to enter. As I walked through the door, I felt a sharp swat on the ass. Blushing fiercely I turned and looked at Wes who winked while rubbing his chest. He asked me to follow him into the office.

As I followed him I could not take my eyes off that beautiful ass. My cock was throbbing in my pants. We entered the office and he shut the door behind us. His hand then found its way gently to the small of my back. Wanting to impress on my first day, I wore a pair of well fitting black pants with a tucked in black polo, these pants complimented my bubble butt well. I soon felt Wes’ hand sliding lower onto my ass. He looked me in the eye and asked, "Michael, you realize we don’t have to be here until 9am right?" I looked at him confused. He grabbed my hand and slid it up the leg of his shorts wrapping it around his cock saying, "When I saw you checking me out during your interview, I knew that I had to get you alone." I was kind of shocked. I looked at him and asked, "So you hired me, so you could fuck me?" He chuckled, and simply nodded.

He pulled his running shorts off and stood before me in a obscenely bulging jockstrap. I dropped to knees and stared at his bulge. I felt his hand gently guiding my face into his sweaty crotch. Needing little encouragement I began sucking on his pouch. The scent of his pouch was intoxicating. Being the impatient, perpetually horny man that I am, I slipped his cock out of the side of his pouch. Gasping at the size, I was awestruck at the 9inches of beauty in front of me. I could see the glisten of pre-cum forming on the tip. Looking up into his eyes I slowly ran my tongue over the tip of his cock, tasting his essence.

With the wild hunger of a cockwhore I opened my mouth and slid his cock into my mouth. I slipped my hands under the straps of his jock and pulled him deeper into my mouth. I heard, "Fucking Hell Michael, suck my cock." from above. I slid up and down his cock several times taking about 6 inches of his cock into my mouth with each stroke. Hearing his moaning from above, I knew he appreciated my enthusiasm and experience. I slowed my efforts and gripped the base of his cock, circling the head with my tongue, teasing his slit. Removing my hand from his cock I worked back down to the base, inhaling as I descended. Soon I felt the familiar tickle of his pubic hair on my nose. I knew that I had to have this man’s cock buried in my ass.

Reaching down while I sucked his cock, I undid my belt and pants, pulling my zipper giving me access to my 7.5 inch cock. I could feel his hands sliding down my back. As his hands slipped into the back of my boxer briefs, I felt his fingers slide into the crack of my ass. Wanting to always be prepared for a good fucking, I had cleaned myself prior to heading into the city. His finger found their target and began to massage my tight hole. Despite myself I let out a moan that would make a whore proud. Pushing back against his invading fingers, I knew that I needed him to use my ass hard.

Pulling my mouth off his throbbing, spit-soaked cock he pulled me into the standing position. Pushing me hard against a filing cabinet he attacked my mouth with his. I battled his tongue with my own, moaning loudly throughout. Pulling his mouth away from mine, but pressing his sweat slicked brow against mine and sliding his finger back into my ass, he asked, "You want me to fuck you hard, don’t you bubs?" I grabbed his still throbbing cock and nodded dumbly.

He spun me around and bent me over the desk. Pulling down my boxer briefs, I felt his warm tongue slide quickly across my tight hole. Soon the tongue action turned to all out eating and gnawing. My moans grew louder. Suddenly, my throbbing ring was being stretched as he slid two fingers into me and began loosening me for his beast cock. Riding back onto his finger, I was acting like a complete whore for this muscle stud. Almost inaudibly, I said, "Wes please fuck me." He stood up without removing his fingers and bent over my back, licking my neck and ear and asked, "What do you want baby?" I was shaking with desire, but almost screamed my response, "I need you to fuck me!"

Feeling empty as he removed his fingers from my ass, I felt the cool dribble of lube. Too deep in my ecstasy to care where he got it from, he worked the lube into my ass. Losing my patience I grab his cock and back onto it, completely underestimating the size in my lust filled need. Feeling the fat head pop into my tight ass I screamed out in the all too familiar pleasure pain. He leans forward again, whispering in my ear, "Easy bub, we don’t want to wreck that hole on the first fuck." Nibbling on my neck and ear, he can feel me relax under his ministrations. Slowly sliding his cock deeper into me. After several minutes I feel his hair pressing against my stretched hole.

Lifting himself off my back and grips my shoulders tightly and pulls me back thrusting deeper into my already stretched hole. Pulling back almost completely, I was suddenly filled with fear he would pull out, but I soon felt his length pushing back into me. This continued for what seemed like hours. His technique was amazing, turning me into a blubbering, incoherent, lust filled, cumwhore. As his pace quickened I knew he was drawing close to his orgasm. He yells, "where do you want it baby?" I looked over my shoulder and said, "Don’t you fucking dare pull that cock out of me!" Giving me a sly grin he says, "I’m gonna breed your fucking ass baby." I felt his cock swell inside me. He fell onto my back, and I could hear and feel his ragged breathing. Then my ass was filled with the unmistakable warm, wet full feeling of a man cumming inside you.

Slowly his cock softened and slipped from my ass. He fell back into the office chair his breathing still ragged from what feel like an explosive orgasm. I stood on my shaking legs and turned toward him, smiling like a fool. Wes grabbed my waist and pulled me toward the chair. Stepping out of one leg of my pants I straddled his thighs and kissed him deeply and passionately. No man had ever fucked me the way Wes just did. He pulled away for a second and said, "This has never happened so quickly before, but you have me hard again baby." Reaching back I grip his beast cock. Knowing that I want to have this man inside me again, I raise up, line up his cock, and slowly slide back down onto his cock.

Being in control this time I ride his cock with abandon. Hard, fast strokes up and down. Each stroke hitting me deep inside, bringing me pleasure I have rarely experienced. Our lips lock and our tongues are engaged in the battle royale. Gripping his tight, muscular, hairy chest I ride harder and faster than I thought possible. His moans getting louder, though muffled by our kissing. I feel the pressure building deep within. My orgasm is quickly approaching. I yell, "Fuck I’m gonna cum, Fuck me Wes, I’m gonna cum." Grabbing my hips he starts driving his cock up into my ass. I scream out unable to control myself, as my cock erupts. Shot after shot of creamy cum rains down on this gorgeous man’s hairy chest. The convulsions in my ass squeeze and milk his cock, sending him into another orgasm. I feel the pulsing release inside me.

Looking at the cum covered man who just brought me to heaven and back twice, I lean down and lick the cum off his chest - my cum. I slowly work up to his mouth and kiss him deeply sharing my load with him. Our kissing is hungry, passionate, and deep. His cock slowly slips from my ass, and I feel his two loads begin to dribble out. My inner thighs are wet with his cum, and I love the feeling.

Standing I once again am trying to regain my balance on wobbly knees. He presses against me and says, "My place?" I look at him with a very confused expression. He pulls the calendar off the door and shows it to me saying, "You actually don’t work today at all, and neither do I. Like I said when you got here, I hired you so I could fuck you." I chuckled at the revelation that I was hired for my ass, then looked at him, grabbed his cock and said, "how many more are you good for?" HIs reply, "As many as you can take baby."

After re-dressing and straightening up the office (and spraying some air fresher) we began our walk to his place. I never did end up working that weekend and when I walked into class on Monday got a few concerned looks for my slight limp. If only they knew it was from being fucked by the sexiest man in England.

Over the course of my year abroad, Wesley and I continued our "relationship" with the mutual understanding that I would move back to the States at the end of the year. I still am amazed that my ass returned to its previous tight state after 11 months of near constant fucking, but it did.



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