"I'm straight. 24 years old and still looking for a job in this economy. I'm 5'9" 162 and my cock is a proud plump 7 inches and change. I've never though about men sexually, so the idea that some crackpot hypnotist could change that was so outrageous...I just had to try it...."(quoeted from the original part-1) I met him and i dont think he did anything, but he said i sould come back. He thinks that im actualy falling for his hocus pokus, but im not. 

Last night i had an ex freind named meagan over and with the help of alcohol we had a god night, but i chouldn't focus on the sex for some reason. Now i am wearing the panties she was wearing and they feel realy good.

I found my computer on the desk next to my bed. The feel of my new panties grinding agenst my crotch made me feel sexy and horny at the same time. I was half tempted to look at the blue and green g-string i was wering in the mirror and put on anouther show for myself, but i decided that i wanted to see more then just the ones i was wearing. 

Being a man in panties sould feel weird considering im straight, but these feel so natual. I turned on the computer and looked up one of my porn vids that i prefered the most. It had an ok looking dude and girl, but i was more transfixed on her underwear, a pear of black laced seethrough sring breifs. I couldn't stop thinking about how'd theyed look on me. The more i thought the closer to the edge i became, after sometime i got bored with the video. I started to get curious, 

i loked up womans sexy underwear online and found what i thought was a treasure trove of sexy undergarments. My body reacted with exitment and soon after I came harder then i ever had in my life. 

"When did i become so turned on by wemons underwear?" I asked myself. 

I continued throughout the rest of the week with normal thoughts aside from my new found interest in panties, i asked myself the same question throught the week wondering why i was so interested. "Was it the hypnotist?" I thought. I cant remember everything i said i wanted him to change, something about truning...and...a slut. Mabye i was horny at the time and asked to be able to turn on sluts. I liked wemons panties now. Aside from the urge to wear them.

i have an intirly new underwear selection to choose from now, all panties. I still have normal underwear to wear, but only bacause i dont want to waste money. 

I went to The next session with the hypnotist like he asked. 

"Have you noticed any changes recently in your normal behavoir?" He asked when i sat down at his kitchen bar.

I replyed with, "nothing in particular, aside from injoying the pressence of a women."

"Oh, is that so" he said with curiosity.  

"Yep," i said confidently.

"So what about her underwear?" He asked with a smerk on his face.

i didnt think about how to answer i reacted on instinct, "they were these really sexy blue and green g-string that were real hot, so much they turned me on at the sight of them." 

I felt confident in my answer, but for some reason i felt aquired saying that. 

He started handing me drinks and said, "oh, that's interesting, they must of been really sexy"...

The session ended just like the last time with me feeling groggy, i returned home and went to bed with a strange thought in my head, the hypnotist had a very good build even though he was wearing clothes they wear tight on him, like he had a lot of muscle.


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