During his term in office, President Eisenhower initiated the national interstate highway system that would be used in the event of war in order for troops and equipment to be moved quickly around the country. The states contributed in the construction including appropriately situated rest stops designed for the comfort of the traveling public who would make greater use of the highway system.

Some of the rest stops were conveniently located close to the on and off exits. Many of the rest stops had become popular pickup and quick meeting spots for gay sex. I'll be the first to admit that, on occasion, I had met several hot young men at some of the rest stops when I was traveling.

Other than lending some authenticity to the story, it doesn't matter; but, I'm twenty-eight years old, six foot two inches tall, and weigh one-hundred seventy pounds of solid muscle including the thick uncut seven plus inches of cock that swings between my legs in the company of two walnut sized testicles, and my name is Derrick Manning. My thick wavy hair is chocolate brown or auburn depending on the light, and the color of my eyes, emerald or turquoise green, fluctuates with my emotions. I have been told that I talk with my eyes but I've never really been sure of just what that means. I was not endowed with the body of Atlas or Hercules but a casual comparison with Michelangelo's statue of David would not be bragging on my part. A thin growth of dark hair descends from my inny navel, between twin ridges of hard abdominal muscles and then merges with the thick silky hair that spreads over my pelvis and surrounds the base of my cock.

After visiting my young brother and his family who live in Cincinnati, I was driving east to my home located outside of Ocean City, Maryland. Interstate 275 around Cincinnati connected with Interstate 75 heading south across the Ohio River to where I would pick up the double Kentucky State AA route across northern Kentucky. The double AA is a shorter route east that terminates at the Ohio River Flood Control Dam and Locks at Greenup, Kentucky. A bridge crosses at the dam and locks joining with route US/State route 52, east or west. It would lead me eastward to where it intersects with the bridge crossing from Ohio into Huntington, W. Virginia, and Interstate 64.

On the Ohio side of the river there was a rest stop that had been built on the banks of the river under the bridge that connected Ohio and Kentucky. You could use the facilities or rest in your car. A large sign showed the hours of operation, and if you wanted to, you could have a picnic under the pavilions or go fishing. Wide concrete steps with double handrails had been built into the side of the riverbank leading down to a platform where you could fish or take pictures of the locks, boats and barges being lifted or lowered depending on the direction they were traveling.

There were woods with thick underbrush on the western side of the fishing and sightseeing platform. In addition to an iron pipe railing that had been installed at the riverside edge of the concrete platform, a heavy chain link fence had been installed at the perimeters of the platform to prevent access into the wooded area. Not unlike the holes in public toilet stalls, a large hole had been cut into the chain fabric allowing the more adventurous and horny individuals into the woods and several pathways. If you saw cars parked in the parking area but no one having a picnic or fishing off of the platform, you could bet there might be some action on one of the paths in the woods.

From past experience, and when the weather was nice, I would usually stop for a 'rest.' It always amused me how guys would be hanging out in the picnic pavilions or around their cars trying to act innocent knowing damned well they weren't fooling anyone.

This time when I pulled into the rest stop, there were no cars or trucks parked anywhere that I could see, and I couldn't remember that ever happening on past visits. There were usually one or two vehicles parked in the spaces provided for easy access to the comfort station and picnic pavilions or on the riverside close to the steps leading down to the fishing, scenic overlook platform.

Parking in the riverside parking area, I waited a few minutes before walking to the comfort station that was only a few yards away. It was clean but not fancy, and this time it was vacant. The windows and door were open but that was not unusual since it was mid August and the building was not air-conditioned.

A safety railing made of the same material as the one around the lower fishing platform had been installed along the upper river bank, and extended several yards on either side of the concrete stairway that led downward. Standing at the top of the embankment, there was a clear view of the locks and, on sunny days an occasional rainbow created by the spray from the spillway water. The platform was vacant except for a shirtless young man leaning against the fence, a backpack between him, and the fence. He was smoking a cigarette and when he saw me looking in his direction, he cocked his head, looking up and casually moving his hand over his crotch.

The straps over his shoulders seemed to pull his shoulders back, thrusting out his well-developed chest. Even at the distance of maybe thirty or forty feet, he was obviously well built, an athlete's body. He appeared to be about six foot tall, and maybe one-hundred and sixty pounds or so. His hair was what I called sandy blond, and he needed a haircut. He was wearing white cutoff shorts with white athletic socks and shoes. He looked up and saw me looking at him and he smiled, white teeth flashing.

Moving down the railing until I was standing in a line with him, he moved away from the fence and leaned backwards with his butt cheeks against the platform railing. Crossing his ankles he looked up at me and pulled up on his crotch with both hands cupped over a pronounced bulge. My cock was starting to harden, and I rubbed it as our eyes locked. Grinning up at me, he licked his lips before ducking through the opening in the chain link fence into the woods.

Just as I started for the steps leading down to the fishing platform, a state police cruiser rolled down the roadway from the bridge. Glancing quickly at the fence, I turned and walked slowly towards my car as the trooper passed by giving me a cursory once over. Feeling guilty and nervous as hell but trying not to show it, I opened the car door, and waved.

Nodding his head, he gave me a two-finger salute, and continued driving around the circular drive that lead back too the highway. Before returning to the steps, I waited for a few minutes in case he doubled back.

As I descended the steps to the empty platform, I glanced toward the opening in the fence. It was like looking into an empty black maw, and a feeling of apprehension settled in my gut as I walked to where the hole had been cut in the fence fabric. Looking up the path that led into the woods, it was darker than I liked, and I backed off a few feet, and leaned back against the rail.

He had been the only one that I had saw on the platform but that didn't mean he was alone in the wooded area. I was horny before and after seeing this gorgeous Adonis leaning on the rail displaying the bulge in his shorts but I wasn't taking any chances.

Lighting up a cigarette, I leaned against the rail smoking, and nonchalantly watching a tug and barge being maneuvered into the first set of locks that would allow passage up or down the river. Inhaling deeply, I turned to look at the fence opening; and, I saw him standing inside the opening rubbing the impressive bulge in his crotch. Nervously glancing up at the parking lot railing to be sure we were unobserved, I placed one foot on the bottom rail and massaged my aching cock. I felt my heart beat increasing from anticipation when he moved closer to the opening, and waved for me to join him where he was, out of view in the thick foliage. He had moved a few feet further down the path, and warranted or not, I had a bad feeling in my gut about following him. I could feel the pre-cum oozing from the aperture in the head of my cock, and I was sorely tempted until common sense intervened. Nodding my head negatively, I waited a few seconds for his response; and receiving none, I went back to my car, my cock aching for release.

I lit another cigarette at the top of the steps, and looked back over my shoulder, he was leaning with his back against the railing about half way between the steps and the fence. Covering his rigid cock with his hands, he nodded his head for me to come back down. I was about halfway down the steps when he moved back towards the fence and, I stopped my descent. He nodded his head vigorously but I shook my head negatively and said loud enough for him to hear me. 'I'm sorry but I'd rather not go in there. My car is up top if you'd like to come up there.'

He stopped with one hand on the fence fabric above the opening looking at me, but not responding. I went back up the steps taking them two at a time. Flipping my cigarette away, I sat inside the car with the door open gazing at the stairway opening in the handrail. 'He was a damn good-looking stud,' I mused to myself.

Inhaling deeply with disappointment, I was on the verge of closing the car door to leave when I saw his golden head at ground level. I sat watching until he reached the top of the steps.

For a few moments, he stood looking at my car, his blond hair glinting golden in the bright sun. Instead of wearing his knapsack as he had earlier, he had thrown it over his shoulder, holding it by the fingers of one hand. A light sheen of silky golden hair covered his beautifully sculpted breast muscles, and the mouth-watering twin nipples surrounded by salmon pink areolas. Silky hair thickened at the sternum gathering in a dark line cascading downward through thick ribbed abdominal muscles before disappearing in the waistband of his tight shorts. His magnificently proportioned body was tanned the hue of a golden fawn, and glistened in the sunlight. In a word, he was Aphrodite's, Adonis.

He stood at the top of the steps looking at me his eyes shining his golden chest rising and falling rhythmically. Closing the door as he moved towards me, I slouched in the seat, and gazed at the thick bulge gathered in his crotch. Thick thigh muscles rippled smoothly as he approached the car, and dropped his knapsack. His bulging crotch was almost eye level until, he placed his arms on the roof, and leaned down, looking in the window at me, soft hazel eyes twinkling with flecks of gold.

'You wouldn't have an extra cold drink in that cooler would you?' He asked in a lilting, seductive tone. 'I sure could use one after climbing up the steps with the knapsack over my shoulder.'

'Yeah, sure,' I said a little nervously as I opened the car door. 'There might be one or two soft drinks in with the beer.'

The cooler was in with my bags in the back of the Rodeo. When I opened the back window, he was standing right beside me and I detected his musky, pungent aroma. His sweat was mixed with what smelled like Irish Spring bath soap. The odor was intoxicating, almost like an aphrodisiac.

I handed him a Mountain Dew and opened one for myself. Leaving the window down, I dropped the back gate and sat on it. We popped the tops and after taking a long pull from the soft drink cans he looked into my eyes, and sat beside me on the truck gate, his thigh touching mine. It felt like a lightening bolt entered me where his leg touched mine and I sucked my lungs full in a long audible intake through my teeth his hazel eyes boring deep into mine, minute golden flecks flashing.

'Thanks for the drink,' he whispered as he rolled the cold can over his forehead. 'I'm Ryland Masterson.'

'Derrick Manning,' I said, breathing in deeply and wishing that I could rearrange my cock down my inner thigh. 'I'm on my way to Silver Springs, Maryland not far from Philadelphia. Which way are you headed?'

'East, back to college at Penn State. My parents live in St. Louis, and I figured hitch hiking, I could save the money,' He said, talking softly, and looking around. 'Some other dude was giving me a lift but, after I wouldn't put out for him, he dumped me here.'

'Whoa,' I sputtered, choking on my drink. 'You wouldn't do what?'

'You know,' he replied, grinning at my sudden discomfort. 'The dude wanted to suck my dick but, when I told him to fuck off, he pulled in here, and dumped me. If I had known he was going to do that, I might have let him even though he was scruffy looking and sort of fat.'

'He was scruffy and sort of fat,' I repeated after regaining my composure.

'Yeah, you know,' he replied giving me an inquisitive look. 'He didn't look as if he had shaved in a couple of days, and he wasn't anywhere near as good looking and well built as you are. Besides, I didn't know if he was a cop or not,' he said in a cautious tone. 'You aren't a cop are you?'

'If that was a compliment, thanks and, no, I'm not a cop but aren't you asking that a little late after what you just said?'

'What difference does what I said make?' He asked innocently. 'I didn't do anything wrong.'

'I guess you're right about that' I replied, deliberately lowering my eyes to his fully packed crotch as I asked, 'How long have you been here? This place is usually pretty full.'

'Not long, maybe half an hour or something like that,' he said, pulling one leg up on the tailgate as he turned to face me dropping his hand into his groin and sort of absentmindedly squeezing the hidden bulge. 'Thinking about what that dude wanted made me horny.'

'It sounds like we want the same thing, Ryland.' I said, looking into his eyes and placing my hand on his hard bare thigh.

His gaze didn't waver as he placed his hand on my inner thigh, inches from the crown of my aching shaft. Shivering, he licked his lips suggestively and glancing around, he whispered huskily, 'Meet me down in the woods, it's safe, or I wouldn't have been in them.'

Slipping off of the tailgate, he stood facing me, breathing heavily. His eyes gleamed, and he adjusted the huge bulge in his crotch giving me a better appreciation of what he had. 'Jesus,' I groaned softly, looking up into his lust filled eyes. I moved my hand tentatively and, he thrust his hips forward. I could feel the thick hardness throbbing under my fingers but the tightness of his cutoffs prevented my fingers from wrapping around its thick girth. Groaning, he pulled away and moved toward the steps. Hesitating when he reached them, he glanced back at me, and groped his thick meat before descending.

Dropping the empties in the cooler, I closed the tailgate, locking it and the truck. My breath was coming in short spasms and my heart was beating fiercely from desire, lust, and anticipation. To be on the safe side, I gave the rest stop more than a cursory look before following the gorgeous Adonis waiting in the woods below.

When I reached the opening in the fence, I looked down the short path and I could see him standing in the dark gloom, completely naked with his hips thrust forward stroking his huge cock. Alone or not, I wanted to suck that cock.

Ducking through the opening, I threw caution to the winds as I moved to where he stood slowly stroking his uncut cock. His eyes were glistening, and he was breathing heavily, his mouth partially open.

Pre-cum was flowing from the ethereal aperture in the crown of his cock, and when I dropped down on my knees, I heard the quick intake of his breath. Groaning softly as my lips engulfed his magnificent blood-engorged cock I felt his hands on the back of my head as he crouched over me and pushed his hips forward driving more of his cock into my mouth.

When the head of his cock touched the entrance to my throat, I gagged and he withdrew slightly. Holding my head tightly and hunching slowly, I heard him growling deep in his throat, as his throbbing cock was gliding smoothly in and out of my mouth. As if to give me impetus, he was crooning, 'suck it, Derrick, drain the life from my nuts.' The smooth piston movement tempo slowly increased as the thickness of his cock increased. I grabbed the cheeks of his ass and he wrapped his arms around my head holding me tightly as his cock jerked spewing thick streams of molten nut cream into my mouth and down my throat.

'Jesus, God,' he gasped, as he ran his fingers through my hair, the tempo of his passion decreasing as the cream of his nuts slowed to a dribble, and his wilting cock slipped from my lips.

Without warning, he reached over my back, and grabbing my shirt he pulled it over my head, and threw it on a nearby branch. Pulling me up by my armpits, he fumbled with the snaps on my shorts.

I was just as nervous and excited as he was so pushed his hands aside. Unzipping my fly, my aching cock sprang free as my shorts dropped around my ankles and, he said, 'Oh yeah, Man that's what I want, a man's cock.'

Quickly dropping to his knees he swallowed as much of my pre-cum drooling cock as he could and suckled with the ferocity of a newborn calf sucking on his mother's teat.

The ecstatic heated feeling of his mouth on my cock rushed through me, and my hips reacted automatically, trying to drive my cock deep into his vacuuming mouth. His phonic moans spread chills of excitement over my loins, and my legs trembled. His hot mouth worked like a suction pump, and I felt my cock swelling and hardening as my nuts drew tighter. For a brief moment, I had the feeling that his mouth was trying to pull my nuts through my burgeoning cock, and then the ecstatic feeling of nut cream exploding from its blood-engorged crown in thick, spewing streams. 'Yeah, Ryland, swallow it all, Baby,' I moaned quietly as he squeezed the tight muscles of my thighs. My wilting cock reluctantly slipped from the warm cocoon of his mouth, and I felt the muscles in my body relaxing. Smoothing the hair on his head, I leaned over, and ran my hands down over his chest feeling the hard, hair covered chest muscles. 'Your good, Ryland, real good.'

Standing, he ran his hands around my waist and clasped them together in the small of my back. There was a thin rivulet of sweat mingled with his golden chest and abdominal hair, flowing down through the tightly ridged muscles. An afterglow of contentment shown in the deep blue of his eyes, and looking into mine, he said softly, 'I needed you bad, Derrick, but it would have been a lot better in a bed.'

Sliding my arms between his, I moved my hands up to his shoulder blades, and laid my head on his chest, whispering softly, 'That's the problem with cruising in a rest stop.'

His eyes shined brightly as hips rotated, slowly massaging our slightly flaccid cocks together. A gentle smile played at the corners of his soft succulent lips, and as my hips responded to his, we kissed long and passionately.

I ran my fingers up and down his spine, his hard muscles quivering under my touch. The need to posses him and be possessed by him surged through me. Leaning my head back, with our steel hard cocks pressed tightly together, I saw his matching lust in their depths, and I said softly, teasingly, 'If you want that bed, I'm staying the night at the Marriott in Huntington.'

'I was hoping you were going to be staying overnight somewhere, Derrick.'

He said his lips melded with mine in a long tongue consuming, passionate kiss, and I felt his cock pulsing with his heartbeat, matching mine.

Breaking away, I gasped. 'Christ, Ryland, lets not keep this up or someone might get raped right here. Lets get dressed and get out of here, Huntington is an hour away.'

Dressing at a fever pitch, we ran up the concrete steps.

His knapsack was still on the ground where he had dropped it. Snatching it up he went around to the passenger side, and threw it in the backseat as he slid in. His chest was heaving as he moved closer. Kissing my neck and squeezing my cock, his voice was thick with emotion as he softly growled, 'I'm glad you stopped, Derrick.'

My asshole tightened as he squeezed my cock, and as I backed out of the parking space all I could say was, 'So am, I, Ryland, so am I.'

With his hand squeezing my cock and his hot breath on my neck, I pulled out of the rest stop onto route 52 but I knew if he kept it up, I wouldn't make it to Huntington without blowing another load. 'Ryland,' I said huskily. 'Instead of playing with it, why don't you suck on it?'

Gripping my cock tightly, he straightened up as he said, 'You don't mind.'

'Fuck no, I don't,' I replied, glancing quickly at him. 'If you keep playing with it, I'm going to pop my nuts, so you might as well suck it.'

Moving away slightly, he twisted around and leaned over into the back seat where he had thrown his knapsack. I glanced in the rearview mirror, curious as to what he was doing, and he pulled out a large towel emblazoned with the YMCA logo.

'You don't need a towel if you're going to blow me, at least I don't think you will,' I said.

'It's not for you,' he said as he leaned back against the seat and stiffening his body, he pulled his shorts off, his huge cock slapping against his stomach. 'It's for me.'

'Damn, Ryland,' I said in an incredulous tone. 'Have you done car sex before?'

'A couple of times if the guy is really hot and, you're hot,' he answered excitedly as he unzipped my shorts and pushed them down around my ankles. My hard cock sprang free slapping against my stomach, and then lay languidly in the crease where my right hip and thigh met. Pre-cum drooling from its blood-engorged crown, pooled in the crease, and flowed into the thick hair covering my pelvis and around the base of my cock.

Pulling one leg up onto the seat, Ryland turned toward me, and spread the towel over his stomach, and I realized that he was going to jerk off while he was sucking my cock.

'Damn, Ryland,' I exclaimed, glancing over at him quickly. 'Jerking yourself off isn't fair.'

'Oh, don't worry,' he said, stroking his cock teasingly, and looking at me with an evil twinkle in his eyes. 'I'll let you make up for it later,'

His meaning for 'later' flashed in my head, and I gasped as his hot mouth slowly engulfed my drooling cock. 'Oh yeah, Baby, you can count on it.'


Lee Mariner

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