It all started when I was eighteen. I knew I was gay but had never experienced sex with another man. However, I desperately wanted to suck a cock, get sucked, fuck and get fucked and what ever else was involved.

My first experience happened when I was stopped for speeding late one night on a small country road. The officer was in his mid twenties, had dark hair, was built and damn good looking. His uniform was tight and revealed a muscular, well developed chest and his pants showed a nice big bulge.

I had been to a beach party and was on my way home wearing just my Speedo trunks. When he stopped me, he had me get out and stand next to my car and asked for my drivers license and insurance.

I explained that they were in the car and he told me to get them. As I turned and bent over to reach in and get them, I felt his hand casually rub my ass cheeks. My cock immediately started to slowly get hard. When I turned and handed him the papers, I could see that his own cock was much more pronounced in his pans than it had been before.

He explained why he stopped me and said that the ticket would be quite expensive but he was sure that we could work something out. I quickly agreed that I was willing to accept any suggestions.

He turned and looked up and down the highway, which at that time of night was traveled only bu the locals in the area.

"Step around to the other side of the car, please."

I did and he followed. Once out of the road, he reached over and began rubbing my cock then asked me to lower my swim trunks. I knew what he wanted and it excited me to no end. I slipped them down and stepped out of them. He smiled and slowly dropped to his knees and began sucking me.

"Oh fuck!" I gasped.

After a moment he paused and asked, "You like that?"

"Oh yea. I've never had it done before but have wanted to."

"Damn, I got me a virgin," he said and returned to sucking me. As I drew close to my climax he stopped and stood up. As he did, he unzipped his pants and extracted his own hard cock, asking if I'd ever considered sucking another guy. I said I had.

"Well, here's your chance."

I knelt and began sucking him and found it erotic and exciting. I was really getting into it and wanting to taste his cum when he stopped me. Pulling me up he dropped his pants and had me fuck him. I was in heaven. I was finally experiencing male sex and it was with a hot young cop. As I fucked him he moaned saying how great it felt. Moments later, he had me stop and asked if I wanted to see what it was like to get fucked. I said yes and he explained that at first it would hurt like hell but would soon feel great. I agreed and he began entering me. He was right. It did hurt like hell but he went slow and soon I was enjoying it.

Before climaxing, he pulled out and with a rag he pulled from his pocket, he wiped both our cocks off then before returning to sucking my cock said, "I want to eat your sweet young cum."

He sucked me to a mind-blowing climax and after he had every drop of my load, he looked up at me and swallowed. As he stood he said "Fucking delicious."

He started to pull up his pants, saying, "I think we can forget about that ticket. We worked things out very nicely."

"Not yet. I've never tasted cum and I want yours if you'll let me have it."

"Hell yea, if you really want it."

"I do," I said and went to my knees. I immediately swallowed his cock and returned to sucking him. A few moments later he said he was close. I continued and soon had my mouth filled with his hot thick tasty cum. after collecting it all, I swallowed and stood.

"Well?" he asked.

"Man, that was hot and tasted damn good. Much better than I thought it would."

"You think you'd like to do it again?"

"Hell yea," I replied.

"Well, I'm out here paroling this road every weekend about this time. If your through here, mind if I stop you?"

"Not at all. Please do."

I was back the next night and we had another round this time cumming up each others ass.

I found out his name was Brad Phillips ad he knew mine was Troy Davis. I went out almost every Friday and Saturday night and had sex with Brad. I told him I was interested in law enforcement and he suggested I apply for a 'ride along' with him and I could see what it involved. I did several times and found the job facinating. We always took a break for sex.

I took several criminal justice courses and applied to the Highway Patrol. Brad acted as a sponsor and highly recommended me. At twenty two, I became a Highway Patrolman. Brad and I would meet up for dinner breaks and have sex and he introduced me to two other patrol officers that were gay. They all gave me pointers about getting guys I stopped into having sex.

I decided to give it a try. One night I pulled in behind a big semi rig and clocked his speed. He was fifteen miles over the limit. I flipped on my lights and siren.

He pulled to the shoulder and as I radioed my location and that I was making a traffic stop, the driver climbed down. Man was I disappointed.

I met him and asked for his license and information. He was almost seventy, fat, and ugly as hell with no teeth. I wrote the ticket and let him go on his way.

I called Brad on his cell phone and told him what I had done and what the guy was like. He burst out laughing, saying that at night sometimes those things happened and wished me luck on the next stop.

Two nights later, I made another stop and the driver was in his twenties, married and good looking. He was also speeding and weaving from lane to lane.

He said he was sleepy and was planning on stopping as soon as he found a place. I said that there was a small picnic area abut a mile up the road and that I'd follow him there to make sure he made it in one piece.

At the picnic area I told him that there was still the problem of him speeding. He explained that being tired he just didn't realize it.

"Well, I'll need to see your log book also. If it shows that you're driving longer than you should, that's another ticket."

"It's up in my sleeper," he said.

"Let's get it," I said.

He climbed up in the cab and went back into the large sleeper. I followed for two reasons. One was to make sure he didn't give me his second secret legal log book and the second was that if we agreed on working it out, we'd be in private.

It surprised him that I followed. He was forced to give me his regular log book and he was two hours over his limit.

"Damn," he said, "these two tickets could mean my job. Is there any way to just get a warning ticket for the speeding?"

"Well, we might be able to work something out," I replied, as he watched me look him up and down in the light of the sleeper.

"Anything, officer. You just name it," he said before looking down at the bulge in my pants.

"Why don't you make a suggestion," i said with a slight smile.

He looked at me for a moment then slowly sat on the bunk and reached for my crotch. As he began rubbing it, I said, "I like your suggestion."

With that, I removed my gun belt and dropped my pants and underwear. He immediately swallowed my cock and began sucking me like a pro.

Looking down at him I asked, "This isn't your first time sucking cock, is it?"

Pausing, he said, "Not by a long shot. I've been having sex with guys since I was fifteen, but it is the first time sucking a cop."

"Well, since you're going to stay here and get some sleep why don't you go ahead and get comfortable?"

With that he quickly began stripping and was soon nude. He returned to sucking me and soon brought me to my climax. As I fired volley after volley of cream into his mouth, he eagerly swallowed.

He pulled off and I said, "I think we can forget about the tickets completely." He smiled as he lay back on the bunk. I quickly said, "Since you're going to be getting some sleep, maybe you'll sleep better after I get through."

I quickly sat beside him and leaned over and took his already hard cock in my mouth and began sucking him.

"Oh fuck! I wasn't expecting this," he gasped.

I sucked his beautiful long slim cock to a fantastic climax, hungrily swallowing his thick creamy load. When i pulled off and started getting myself presentable, I said,"I get off duty in a few hours. When I do, I might stop by and see how you're doing since you should be here a few hours.

"Please do."

"I have to ask one question," I said.

"What's that?"

"I noticed a wedding ring. Does your wife have any idea abut what you do on the road?"

"Hell no. What I do on the road is my business, not hers. Basically, I'm gay on the road and straight at home. A lot of the married drivers are the same way."

"Interesting," I said.

I left and after I got off duty I returned to find him still there. I knocked on the locked passenger door and after he looked out of the sleeper he unlocked the door. I climbed in and locked it behind me.

At headquarters, I had changed to civvies when I got off duty. It would make it easier to strip now. He was still nude and I quickly joined him.

Laying on the bunk next to him we kissed and cuddled for a moment, exploring each others bodies with our hands. After a while I said, "I want you to fuck me."

"Gladly, if you will fuck me afterward."

"It will be my pleasure," I replied.

On my back, I pulled up my legs and he quickly began eating my ass out. I was loving it. After a few minutes he was fucking me fast and hard the way I like it. After filling my ass with his cream, I ate his ass then fucked him, filling him with my load.

"Damn, I needed that," he said. "It's been ages since I last got fucked. That was awesome."

"How did you get started at fifteen if I may ask?"

"I was at a party that my best buds parents gave. A guy that my buds dad worked with began making passes at me when no one was around. I kind of liked it and was curious. We went out into the back yard and when no one was around he began rubbing my crotch. I was boned and loved it and felt his. He said he would be leaving in a few minutes and would like it if I would follow him. I did and we went to his place where we stripped and I sucked my first cock and ate my first cum. I found I liked it and kept at it. I'd see him regularly and we soon started fucking each other. I also liked pussy so in high school I'd fuck my date then go out and find a guy to have sex with."

"Damn," i said, then he asked when and how I started. I told him and he laughed. "I see he taught you well."

"Yes, he did. We sill have sex and compare notes."

"Nice," he replied then said, "I'm through here fairly often. I hope we run into each other again."

"I'll give you my private cell number and you can call me when you're coming through."


I did and went on my way. We meet about every three weeks or so for hot sex.

On another night, I was on patrol and came up behind a car with two young boys in it driving fairly slow as if looking for a road. I knew that they were up to no good so I passed them and once around a curve and out of sight. I pulled off the road behind some bushes and waited.

They passed me and with my lights out, i pulled in behind them. A quarter of a mile down they turned onto an old now unused logging road. I pulled in behind them barely keeping them in sight.

They eventually stopped in a small clearing and got out, spreading a blanket on the grass. I watched as they quickly stripped and began kissing and fondling each other. I estimated their ages at eighteen to twenty.

I watched, my own cock rock hard and straining to get out, as they went to the blanket kissing then rimming each other before settling into a hot sixty-nine.

I eased out of my patrol car and slipped quietly up to them, my battery powered flood light in hand. When I was about ten foot from them, I turned on the light and yelled, "Highway Patrol. Don't move!"

They stood frozen and turned to face me. Aiming my light upward so that they could see me, I said, "Well, well. What you two boys up to, as if I can't tell. You boys like cock?"

Neither spoke, but I could see their nice cocks quickly going soft. They were both eyeing my huge bulge and looking at each other. Making them each get on their knees, ankles crossed, I went to their car and got their drivers license. One was eighteen and the other nineteen.

I went back to them and after laying my light on the ground facing away from us, I asked, "How do you thnk we should handle this situation?"

Neither spoke.

"Do either of your parents know that you suck cock?"

Both answered no and I asked what would happen if they found out. Both said they would be in big trouble if not kicked out.

I casually rubbed my cock and asked if they had any suggestions on how I should handle things.

The nineteen year old spoke up saying, "Sir, were willing to do anything and everything you want if you won't arrest us."

"Show me what you mean by hat," I said.

He came to me and began unzipping my pants and taking out my cock. Once it was out, he began sucking me. Soon the other boy joined him. After a moment I stopped them momentarily, while i removed my gun-belt and dropped my pants. While one returned to sucking me the other began eating my ass. After a few minutes they traded places. Before long I climaxed filling the eighteen year olds mouth. He then kissed the other and they shared my load.

"Was that satisfactory, Sir?" the older asked.

"Only partially," I said. "Both of you, stand up."

They did and I began sucking them, first one then the other. Soon I got their loads swallowing each one.

When I was done, I redressed and told them to be more careful and not so obvious that they were up to no good. I told them I had their names and addresses and would be keeping an eye on them.

"I'm out here almost every night in unit 1024. If you see me, flag me down and say hi. I'll leave you two now for whatever you want to do."

I returned slowly to my car hearing them both say that they couldn't believe they just had sex with a cop.

The next weekend they were out and flagged me down and we had sex with the eighteen year old fucking my ass while I fucked the nineteen year old. Afterward, I sucked the nineteen year old.

We met every couple of weeks while they were in college and a few weekends when I was off, I had them spend the weekend with me.

Brad and I and the other two officers got together regularly, having sex and exchanging experiences we had encountered since our last meeting.

I've been a Highway Patrol officer for Five years now and have mainly had sex with hot truckers willing to do anything to void a ticket. I would say that probably thirty percent were virgins to male sex but willingly sucked my cock to avoid the ticket.

Brad and I became lovers two years ago and after our shifts, we get home and compare our events, if any, from the night before we climb in bed and create our own events.

People ask if we're afraid some of the persons we stop might report us for sexual advances. We don't make the advances. We work it so that they do. If they don't pick up on it we drop it and issue a ticket. So far, everything has been cool.



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