I grew up in a small southern Mississippi town and did what all guys do. I played football in Junior High and High School. Well, that was until I found out that I was better at golf and I was a bench warmer on the football team. My family played golf and I started when I was about 5 or 6. My older brother was also forced to play and I'm glad to say, he wasn't as good as I was!

During High School, we could skip the last two periods of the day to play golf on Fridays. Since we didn't really have winter weather, we played all year long. To me, it was a way to get out of school honestly. I'd skip other days but not on a golf day. It's really strange; golf to me was just a way to relax. I didn't try to get better. I didn't think about it day and night. I just played and when I played, I got better. My brother thought about it all the time, practiced and never was any good.

I don't remember exactly the time of year, but I know we were getting ready for a tournament and the nights were staying lighter longer, so it had to be April. Several members of the gold team went to the country club to practice. Our coach decided to come and play with us. For us, it was no big deal. Our parents were members so we could play whenever we wanted. Coach wasn't a member. He could only play with the team. Anyway, he broke the team into two three sums. My group went first and wouldn't you know, coach played with us. When we made the turn for the back nine, coach went with the other three sum but went first. Shoot. If he let us play ahead of them, we would be finished long before they were and we would have had a great start on a Friday night. Our group played and cut up the whole back nine. Once we finished and headed to the clubhouse, coach was long gone. I signed my card and turned it in. Since I was there, I thought I would see if there was any new stuff I could charge to my parents. By the back door stood Chip Daniels-part of the other three sum. What made his stand out was his dick.

Coach required us to wear our PE shorts with the school golf shirt. He thought this would help with "team" building. I think it made us look dorky. Chip had on his team shirt and PE shorts along with his flip flops but that's not what grabbed my attention. His dick was tenting in his shorts. That's what caught my attention. Back then, our thin cotton PE shorts were short-very short-by today's standards. Most of us wore a jockstrap under them just to keep everything in place. Chip was definitely not wearing his jockstrap or any underwear under his shorts. Chip was very cocky and I decided to try to give him some grief about his boner sticking out.

"Hey Chip. What's up?" I said looking at his dick.

"Is it that noticeable?"

"Duh. It looks like you are smuggling a tree branch in there. Is your dick so big your underwear won't contain it?"

About that time the grandma that works in the pro shop came over and asked if we needed any help. We both blew her off and she went back to the counter. I wanted to stay focused on Chip's dick.

"Cole Edwards came into the locker room when I was changing. I was totally naked about to put my jeans and t-shirt on and he just stood there looking at me. So I asked what he was looking at. And he said a dick that he was about to suck. Fuckin-a. He wants to suck my dick!"

"So if he wants to suck your dick, what are you doing in here and who is Cole Edwards?"

"You don't remember Cole from the football team a couple of years ago?"

I shook my head no.

"Yea you do. He was number...uh.., the receiver that scored the winning touchdown again Hattiesburg two years ago. He plays for Southern now."

I still didn't know who he was talking about and shoot my head no again.

"He's the furry lifeguard-the tanned, blonde guy covered in hair that walks around like he has a corn cob up his ass and always wears a Speedo too small to cover his ass."

"Oh. Now I know who you are talking about." I've spent many hours jacking off thinking about that guy but didn't want to admit it. I guess my enthusiasm was going to prove I was gay so I tried to act calmer-more cool. "I've seen him around here a couple of times. He's the guy all the girls are attracted to."

"Yea, whatever. Anyway, like I was saying. He told me he wanted to suck my dick but he didn't have the time right then. But, he was going to take his dinner break in about 15 minutes and asked me if I could hang around until then. He told me he had gotten better with practice. I figured I wasn't going to get laid by Janet tonight so I might as well get my rocks off anyway I can. Hey, you should come in and fuck him while he blows me."

"Why don't you fuck him?" I was trying to act like I didn't want to fuck him or that I was repulsed by that thought.

"Cole is one hairy dude. Have you seen how hairy his ass is? I like a smooth ass plus he gives great blow jobs. And he likes big cocks up his ass. Not that I was staring, but I've seen what you've got swinging between your legs and I'm sure Cole would enjoy that over that I have to offer."

"How do you know what I've got?" I asked Chip.

"Everyone talks about how big you dick is. We've been talking about it since Junior High. Do you know how many guys want to try to get it down their throat or up their ass? I think the whole..."

"I didn't know I was so popular with the guys at school. No one has ever done or said anything to me about wanting my dick."

"They have, but you've been too stupid to pick up on it. Don't you see how guys grab their dicks when they are standing around you? Haven't you noticed how many guys bend over in front of you in the locker room? Do you think it's a coincidence they just happen to show you their asshole every time they undress? Or they just happen to stick their finger in their mouths? Come on, you can't be that naive?"

"I think this needs further discussion, but in the meantime, how do you propose I offer Cole my dick? Just walk in and say, 'Here-let me fuck your hairy ass?'"

"You know how the locker room is in a spiral? He is supposed to meet me at the center, back there by the old porter cabinet. When you open the cabinet door, it blocks the view of anyone walking back there. And no one goes back there anymore. So, once I get him back there, I'll keep him facing away from you and you just give it to him."

"What do I do if he doesn't want me to fuck him? What if he yells or something?"

"Trust me, he wants it. And he's had cocks bigger than yours up his ass. Have you seen his roommate?"

"No-don't really know anything about him."

"Talk about a big, dumb jock. He's on the special teams at Southern. Stands about 6' 6", 275 lbs easily, hairy, hairy and hairy but has a 12" dick that is thicker than your forearm. I've seen Cole take every inch of it and beg for more. I've been with friends that "visited" with them after a couple of the games. They fuck each other like rabbits and take turns sucking dicks. Anyway, so once I get him back there, you sneak up quietly and I'll have him bent over. Just grease up your cock with some of the suntan oil from the thing by the door. You may want to put a little in your hand just to help lube up his ass and just fuck the shit out of him."

Just as Chip finished talking, Cole walked by the door and headed to the locker room.

"See you in a few minutes. Don't forget the oil!" he said as he walked out.

I have never been so thankful that I was wearing a jockstrap in my life. My dick is 6 inches soft and grows to about 8 ½ inches when it's hard and it's thicker than a coke can. And my balls hang down further than my soft cock and are bigger than large eggs. My jockstrap was being pushed to the limits trying to contain my throbbing dick and balls. My mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts-was he really serious of me fucking Cole? Did guys really talk about my cock? Did Cole and his roommate really fuck each other while blowing other guys? Was Chip really gay or setting me up for something? What if I go back there and end up getting the shit fucked out of me? What if we get caught? I looked down and saw the beginning of a wet spot where the head of my cock was pressing against my jockstrap. I was leaking more precum than I ever had before. Probably because I was hornier than I ever was before. Fuck it. I'm going in there no matter what happens.

I left the pro shop and headed to the locker room. I softy walked up to the dispensers by the door leading to the pool and pushed button. Sure enough, suntan oil came out. I reached in my shorts with my clean hand and let my cock spring free. I tucked my shorts under my balls and started stroking my cock with the oil. My cock was already rock hard. I squirted some more oil in my hand and stroked it onto my cock. If I kept doing that, I was going to blow my load so I stopped. One more squirt into my hand and I kept it cupped in the palm. I didn't hear anyone in the locker room so I kept my cock free of my shorts. I thought about hiding it under my shirt but didn't know how I would explain the oil stains to my mom. I slowly and quietly made my way around the spiral locker room being careful not to bump into a bench or kick a pebble that may have been on the floor. I had never been that far back in the locker room before. One more corner and they should be right there.

Holy shit! Sure enough, there was Cole-with his hands and knees on a bench with his red lifeguard speedo around his ankles sucking Chips cock. I slowly walked up behind Cole. Then I heard Chip.

"You want a surprise? How about I let someone fuck you while you suck my cock?" Chip asked Cole.

Cole tried to turn around to see who was behind him, but Chip kept his dick planted in Cole's mouth and held on to his wavy blonde hair to prevent him from seeing me.

"Go on and fuck him. He wants it." Chip told me.

I moved up behind Cole. When Chip said he was hairy he wasn't lying. I knew he had a hairy chest and legs but seeing those legs up close was erotic. His skin was well tanned and his leg hair was dirty blonde/sandy brown. I was surprised at how long and curly his leg hair was. How the heck did his legs get so tanned with all that hair? And it didn't stop at his legs either. His white ass was just as hairy as his legs. I'm not sure how, but the hair stopped just below the tan line on top of his ass. No trail of little hairs creeping up his back-nothing but smooth tanned skin above the speedo line and hair everywhere below it.

I dropped my fingers of the hand with the suntan oil towards his hairy ass and let the oil drip on his hole. It looked different from mine. I had looked at my asshole in a mirror but mine looked nothing like this. His asshole was dark brown with a purple hue to it and incredibly large. I smeared the oil over it and began to wish I had more. First went the index finger and he didn't even flinch. I went in so easily that I added the middle finger as well. He still didn't flinch and his puckered hole began to open up like a blooming flower. This asshole was well trained and wanted to be fucked.

I used the last bit of oil in the palm of my hand and smeared it over my rigid cock. I squeezed my legs together and my shorts fell to my ankles. With my left hand I slid my jockstrap down my legs while wiggling just a little. I wasn't close enough to fuck Cole so I stepped out of my shorts and jockstrap and place the head of my cock on his asshole. Then Chip gave me directions.

"What the hell are you waiting for? I'm gonna cum before you ever get it inside him. Hurry up and fuck that ass!"

His ass offered a little resistance but nothing that was going to stop me. I gripped the base of my cock and buried it as far in his ass as I could in one push. Cole moaned. I immediately pulled out and rammed it home again causing Cole to moan louder.

"Hold up. Give his ass a chance to get used to that dick. You don't want to rip it open."

I buried it back in his ass and held it there. I could feel his ass twitching trying to get used to the circumference of my dick. It is bigger than a coke can but Cole took it like a pro. After 30 seconds or so, I pulled it back out and started fucking him. I loved seeing his ass lips grip my cock as I pulled out. I knew it was a well-used ass when those lips stretched out about an inch or so. Even more amazing was the feeling inside his ass. I've had my dick in a few different places but Cole's ass felt like warm, moist silk.

My speed and intensity picked up. Before I knew it, I was really slamming his ass causing my balls to knock into his balls when I hit bottom. I kind of liked it-it was a feeling of pleasure and pain at the same time. I'm guessing Cole didn't like it since he reached back and grabbed hold of my balls. This prevented them to colliding with his, but still gave me some pain when I pulled back. Nothing is better than a good ball pulling when you getting a blow job or fucking someone. I just kept slamming away.

I was in heaven. My dick was buried in a hot, hairy college jocks ass. My balls were being held, squeezed and pulled. The more I thought about it the closer I got to blowing my load. But everywhere I looked was such a turn on. In front of me was a high school buddy getting his shaved dick sucked while he tweaked his own nipples. A hot, hairy dude was bobbing up and down on his cock like there was no tomorrow and I was fucking his ass. I closed my eyes and thought about changing the oil in my car. Oil-what I used to grease up my cock and his ass. No good. Try something else. I really need to cut the grass at home. Grass-great ass. No, no no. Stop it. Grandma's chicken and dressing...

Then I heard Chip. "Let me know when you are getting close. I want to give him both of our loads at the same time."

"I can be get there pretty quick. What about you?"

"Fuck yea. He's been suckin' my dick longer than you've been fuckin' him. You better catch up quick cause I'm about to blow a load in my bitches mouth."

"Alright, here it comes. I'm gonna feed him my load. Come on Cole-take my load." Chip groaned as he pulled his left nipple with his right hand harder than before. He also pulled his cock from Cole's mouth and was stroking it with his left hand. I couldn't tell if he was aiming for his tongue or just going to shoot it into his mouth. Either way, Chip was about to blow his load so I picked up the pace.

I started pulling my cock all the way out then ram it all the way in. My head gets rather large with I'm about to cum and I loved the way his asshole gripped it. I know it was giving him as much pleasure as it was me. With Cole's firm grip on my balls, the stretching of them was putting me close to the point of no return. Then I could tell Chip was shooting his load and with one more plunge, I buried my pulsating dick into Cole's ass and deposited my jizz. This was my most intense orgasm to date. I could feel my dick jerking in those sweet, warm walls of his ass. Then his ass began to twitch. He was milking the last few blasts of cum from my dick with his asshole as he shot his own load. The way he rotated his ass in a circle caused my dick to reach every side and angle of his ass cavity. My head was sensitive and this was driving me wild. Finally his ass stopped twitching but I didn't want to pull my cock out. I just stood there rubbing the big, round, furry ass cheeks.

"So, do I get to see who just flooded my ass with 3 gallons of cum?" Cole asked as he let Chip's cock slip from his mouth.

"Why do you care-it's not like he's going to be your new fuck buddy." Chip snidely replied.

"With a dick like that, he can fuck me anytime he wants." Cole quickly and eagerly asserted giving me a feeling of the big man on campus.

He turned his head around and started moving his body to get a good look at me. My still hard cock slipped from his asshole followed by a generous amount of cum. It didn't shoot out but ran down his taint to his balls before I lost sight of it. Cole's eyes were fixed on me.

"You're a member here. I've seen you at the pool several times. Most of the time you seem to be checking me out-especially my ass. Was it as good as you thought it would be?"

"Better than I expected. I cannot find words to describe the feeling. Fucking awesome doesn't do it justice." I replied.

Cole must have felt my cum leaking from his ass. He reached his hand between his legs and scooped up a handful and brought it towards his mouth.

What's your name?" he asked as he proceeded to lick the cum from his hand.


"When's the last time you came, Greg?"

"Uh, this morning before school. I usually jerk off before I get in the shower."

"Damn. Your balls must recharge quickly. My ass can hold a lot of cum, but you shot so much, it won't stay in. Look at this." He reached back and scooped up another hand full of my cum from his ass.

"You want to try it?" He offered it to both me and Chip.

We both replied at the same time, "No, I'm good."

He moved his hand with the glob of love juice to his mouth and lapped it up. I'm sure Chip fed him a good load but this guy wanted more.

"You two think you gave give me one more load before I have to go back to work?" Cole asked.

Chips dick was deflating but mine was still rock hard. I've popped off two loads back to back before but I just about rubbed my dick raw doing it. And it took a while to do it. Maybe with a mouth wrapped around it rather than my fist would make me come quicker. Chip said he had to go but would catch him later. I decided it was worth a try.

"I think I've got one more load in me-that is if you suck it out. I'll go wash my dick first."

"Do you think it really matters? Come on, I'm eating your cum from my ass. Do you think a little bit of ass juice is gonna bother me. Just get over here and let me suck it."

After I thought about it for 2 seconds, he was right. If he is going to eat my cum from his ass, the taste of his ass on my dick won't bother him. So I moved around in front of him with my dick pointing straight out. Before I could stop, he latched on to it and started sucking. I thought he may have been tired especially after just sucking Chip off but he was proving me wrong. He buried his nose in my pubes and swallowed. He moved off the bench and knelt before me. Now that he had his hands free, one hand began rubbing, squeezing and caressing my balls while he used to other hand to jerk my dick while he still sucked it.

"You two have fun. I'm outta here." Chip said as he picked up his shorts. He didn't put them on so we walked away from us with his dick swinging. I noticed how cute his ass was on the way out.

Cole let go of my balls and dick and moved his hands to my ass. I had a few hairs on them but not many. It felt good when his hand lightly brushed against them. The hairs were closer to my crack than the cheeks themselves. Cole must have detected this. His hands went towards the hairs. Next thing I know he was pulling my butt cheeks apart and his finger brushed against my asshole. Holy Shit that sent chills up my spine. Not only was he sucking my dick, but now he was playing with my asshole. No one had ever done that before.

Cole moved his hand from my ass to his mouth to gather up some spit. I knew what was about to come next. I saw his hand disappear behind me. One hand pulled my cheeks apart and then this warm, wet sensation touched my hole. At first he just swirled his finger around it and across it causing me to relax. Damn it felt good. Next thing I know, he inserted a finger in me. Not all the way in-just far enough for me to tell he breached my asshole. Then it was back to swirling and brushing. Between this and his excellent job of sucking cock, I knew it would not take me much longer before he received my second load.

"If you keep doing that to my dick and butthole, I'm not going to last much longer."

That sent Cole into overdrive. His head was bobbing, twisting; his tongue was twirling all with the most powerful suction I ever felt. And to top it off, he was toying with my hole.

"Get ready...here it comes." Was all I could manage to say.

Cole was furiously sucking my cock. Just as I was firing off my first blast, he rammed his finger in my ass. I tried to pull away from his finger to no avail. My knees buckled and I almost fell to the floor. I leaned my back against the lockers but Cole wouldn't let go of my dick or ass. His finger was buried deep in me and caused the most powerful climax I had ever had. My dick felt like it was exploding! Between Cole hitting the right spot with his finger and sucking the life out of my dick head, I nearly passed out. Blast after blast was fired into Cole's mouth while he poked my asshole with his finger. At the time, I thought he was actually fucking the cum out of me with his finger. Now I know he was fingering my prostate. Either way, Cole didn't miss a drop of cum. He wouldn't let go of my cock. My head was sensitive beyond all belief and I begged for him to release it.

"I can't take it anymore---you gotta stop sucking on it or I will pass out. Trust me, you have drained my balls of every drop of cum that I had. Please let go of it. Please" I whimpered.

Cole let me cock pop from his mouth and slowly slid his finger out of my ass. I had to look to see if it was clean or not. Thankfully it was. Cole put it to his mouth and started sucking on it.

"You ass tastes better than mine. Turn around and let me eat it." Cole almost ordered me.

"I'm good. You have worn me out. Maybe next time. And don't you have to get back to work?"

"I've always got an extra few minutes when it comes to sex. But if you say you are done, I'll leave it alone. But you got to promise there will be a next time."

"I promise there will be a next time. I'm up here all the time in the summer."

"I'm not talking about the summer. I'm talking about tomorrow. I love your cock and I WANT your cock."

"What time do you work tomorrow? I guess I can meet you up here."

"I'm off tomorrow, but can you come to my dorm? It's in Hattiesburg at USM."

"I guess I can, but what about your roommate? Won't he be there?"

"Hell yes he'll be there. He's gonna love your cock too! He's hung like a horse, likes to fuck, but loves a good fucking. I'd rather get fucked so you'd better be ready to fuck both of us."

Chip was right. He does have a roommate hung like a horse. Ever since my Jr. High football coach caught me jacking off in a fellow teammate's jockstrap and made me suck his dick, I've had a thing for hairy guys. Maybe tomorrow will be even better than today.

"Is your dick ever gonna get soft?" Cole said staring at my cock which was still sporting a pretty good wood. About that time he dove back on it and started sucking on it again.

"It won't go down if you keep doing that. And I don't think I can give you a third load today."

Cole stopped sucking on it long enough to look up at me. "Are you sure about that?" And then he went right back to devouring my cock.

I closed my eyes and started thinking about tomorrow. Then I felt him playing with my asshole again.

"Yea, I'm sure. Plus you don't want to wear it out today. Save it for tomorrow."

"Alright. Can you be there at 11:00? I like to sleep in on Saturdays."

"Not a problem. What dorm?"

"Vann Hall." He gave me the room number and told me where to park. My dick was still chubby and thinking about Saturday was going to give me a full blown hardon again. I reach down and grabbed my jockstrap and shorts. Quickly, I tucked my stiffening dick into my jock and started to put my shorts on.

"Wear you jockstrap on Saturday. Dan loves jockstraps. And when you jack off, shoot your load in it. The smells of sweat and cum are his biggest turn-ons." Once Cole said this, he pulled the strap covering my ass and let it smack me. "You really got a great ass, too. I may have to fuck it sometime. Don't worry, it won't be tomorrow. I don't want to scare you away. You swear you are going to be there tomorrow?"

"I swear."

And with that I pulled up my shorts and left. As I was turning the corner, I saw Cole squirt one more load from his ass into his hand. He was still bare ass naked and enjoying everything I had give him. My hairy Jr. High coach would be proud that he started my addiction to hairy guys and jockstraps.

I left the locker room and headed towards my car to go home. Chip was sitting on my trunk.

"So, did you like that hairy asshole?"

"Yea, it was OK, I guess."

"Fuck you. You loved it and you know it. You're just too fucking gay to admit it. I love the way he sucks dick-especially my dick. So, when are you going to hook up with him again?"


"Isn't the locker room a little busy on weekends to risk that?" Chip asked.

"I'm going to meet him at his dorm."

"Oohhhh. You get to meet Big Dan. Big Hairy Dan. If you like hairy guys, Dan is your type. I like them smooth and hairless. I tried doing Dan and Cole once, but it just wasn't my thing. They did introduce me to a couple of other guys that shave everything-I'm talking everything. That's my type of guy. Look at this. Just talking about this shit is making my dick hard again. I bet Cole went back to work so I guess I'm going to have to milk this load all by myself. That is, unless you want to suck it for me?"

"I'm good. I really need to get home. Maybe next time we can help each other out." I said patting my bulging jock through my shorts. I know the bulge had to be visible as my dick was getting hard again. Two loads were pumped from it and it was ready for more. Damn, I love my cock!

I had the hardest time sleeping that night. It was much worse than Christmas Eve. I knew Saturday was going to be fun, but it's all I could think about. I tried to make small talk about school or golf with my family during dinner to keep my mind off my dick and Saturday. Every time I thought about Saturday, my dick would swell. Sleeping was worse. My parents were too cheap to turn the AC on at night so I usually slept in shorts or naked with just a sheet. I started out naked but every time rolled over, I thought I was going to break my dick it was so hard. I slipped on a pair of shorts which didn't help either. Finally I slipped on the trusty jockstrap thinking that would solve the problem. That just made my boner throb in the tight pouch. I gave up and jerked off. It took about a minute and a half to cum which I shot off inside my jockstrap then pulled the sticky mess over my dick. Damn, it wouldn't go down. All that warm, gooey cum on my dick and balls kept me thinking about Saturday. I talked myself into jerking off one more time. I used the cum from my pouch as lube and stroked out another load in record time. I pealed my jockstrap off, wiped up the mess with the other side of the pouch and threw it in the floor. Now my dick and balls were clean but my room smelled like cum. I cannot win for losing but what a way to lose! I think I passed out about 3:00 am.

My alarm went off Saturday norming at 8:00 and I sprang to attention-just like my dick. It was still hard from the night before. I staggered into the restroom and tried to pee. I couldn't bend it down far enough so I tried sitting. I put my head on the floor and still couldn't it to where I could pee. I jumped in the shower and just let it go while trying to aim for the drain. I washed my hair and body and started to get out when I heard my older brother. Normally, I don't mind showing off my dick since he isn't as endowed as I am, but I was embarrassed having a hard on. Fuck it I said to myself as I threw back the shower curtain.

"Did you beat off in the shower again?" He asked.

"Dumbass. If I did that, I wouldn't have a hardon would I?"

"Yea, I guess you're right." He said while still looking at my cock and balls.

"Too bad you didn't get an extra helping of manliness like I did." I told him wagging my cock at him.

He broke his stare and left. Probably to go beat off in his room with the fresh image of my hard dick pointing at him still imprinted on his brain. He was really jealous that I got his share of dick. I've seen his little thing hard-it's about 3 inches long and about as round as my index finger. Both of his balls still don't equal one of mine. Anyway, I finished cleaning up and went back to my room to get dressed. Should I wear shorts or jeans? Maybe I should dress up like a college kid so I don't stand out on campus. Khaki's it is-with a nice pullover shirt. And I was going to wear my nice Duck Head khakis. Now, should I wear underwear or freeball? Boxers, briefs or boxer briefs. Because my dick was going from chubby to raging hardon, freeballing was out of the question. Just to be safe, I thought I'd wear a jockstrap. I didn't want to show off my hardon while walking on campus. And Chip did say that Dan was into jockstraps. Ok-jockstrap it is.

Once in my room, I found the jockstrap from last night still rolled up like a pretzel. I started to unroll it and my cum deposits started cracking. I guess those two loads were bigger than I though. I brushed off as much of the crusty cum as I could and brought it to my nose for a sniff. Intoxicating. What a blend of sweat, cum, piss and ass. It didn't really look dirty except for a couple of stains. I pulled it on and admired it in my mirror. I adjust my dick upwards and looked again. I pulled my balls out of one side and my dick out the other side. I finally said to myself, "If I don't stop, I'm going to pop off a load". I shoved it back in and tried to point it downward. I squeezed some of the blood from my dick so it would bend and quickly tucked it in place. A couple of squeezes to make sure it was secure and I started getting dressed. The first shirt I tried on didn't fit just right so I went through my closet before eventually finding the "right" one. Now I was down to sneakers or loafers. Since these were my dress khakis, loafers were the logical choice. My topsiders would make the outfit complete. I checked the clock at it was 9:45 and I still had a 30 minute drive. I attempted to rush out of the house but was stopped by my dickhead brother.

"Wooo there stud. Why you so dressed up?" This made my parents turn and look.

"Janet's parents are taking me out for lunch so I thought I'd better look presentable."

"Lunch. Why are you leaving at 9:45 for lunch?" asked my brother. Mom looked a little suspicious too. Dad didn't care as long as he didn't have to pay.

"With golf practice, we haven't seen that much of each other so I'm going early to catch up." I explained.

Mom seemed ok with my answer and dad never looked up from his paper. My brother can be a jerk!

I left and made it to USM with plenty of time to spare-about 40 minutes. I sat in my car and watched the clock. I wanted to be on time. If I arrived too early, I could appear to be too eager or too late I'd appear to be uninterested. I was trying so hard to play it cool I was probably acting like the biggest loser there ever was. And talk about over analyzing the situation. Finally the time came and I started walked to the dorm. Shit-I was way over dressed. There were guys in shorts and no shirts, t-shirts and shorts, flip flops, bed hair, girls with pony tails and no make-up. I stood out like a sore thumb. I just kept walking and acting cool.

I knew where the dorm was and made my way up to his room. It was a warm day and the smell coming from the halls was nothing but pure man smell. Not like a locker room where it's mixed with moist, mildew air, but just pure sweat and man stink. This is where I want to live when I go to college!

I made it to the 3rd floor and went down the hall to his room. There at the other end was a guy walking naked with a towel over his shoulder. The sun light was coming through the window at the end of the hall so his body was cast in a shadow. You could make out the broad chest, narrow waist and bulging thighs. He turned and went into a room and I heard the door shut. I found Cole's room and knocked on the door twice. Knock, knock. I heard something inside the room as I waited-half scared out of my mind and half hornier than ever. Then the door opened.

Standing before me was one hell of a man. This guy had to be 6' 7", covered in hair, naked and fondling his balls. I take it those where his balls behind what appeared to be about an 8 inch soft, clipped cock that was thicker than my forearm. In a deep voice he asked, "Yea, who the hell are you?"

"Uh, I'm Greg. Cole told me to meet him here at 11:00. You must be Dan his roommate."

"Oh yea. You're here to fuck us. Come on in. Cole's in the shower. He shouldn't be much longer."

Dan pushed the door open and turned around making his way back into the dorm room. I thought the front of him was hairy, but he had more hair on his back than most guys have all over their body. He was basically covered in hair from the top of his feet to the top of his head. This was one hairy God if you asked me and I wanted to play with all that fur!

Dan walked towards the window and flopped down in an old recliner with one leg over the arm. He was watching cartoons on a small TV that sat on his desk. The chair was obviously too small for his large frame. I would have given my eye teeth to smell the cushion of that chair knowing other guys sat there just like Dan was. Maybe that's why this place smelled like it did-it was imbedded in the furniture?

"You can take your clothes off if you want to. It's just guys here and we've all seen a dick before. Well, most people don't have what I have, but they've seen it. I'm kinda proud of my dick." Dan said stroking his flaccid cock. "What do you like to do?"

I kicked off my topsiders and was pulling my shirt over my head. "What-for fun?" I asked.

"No. Do you like fuck or get fucked or both? Do you suck cock or just like to get sucked? What floats your boat?"

"Uh, well...I've never been fucked and I've only sucked one other guy's dick."

"What was his name? Maybe I know him?"

"It was my football coach back at Jones Junior High."

"Was it Coach Strong? He made me suck his dick and then tried to suck mine but it was too big even back then."

"Yea, it was him."

"He never fucked you? I loved the feeling of his downward curving dick up my ass when I'm on my back. That was one hot piece of cock he had. And he knew how to use it too! So, how old are you?"

"16. I'll be 17 the end of May."

"You must have a big dick. Cole loves a big dick down his throat or up his ass."

"I think I'm bigger than most but not as big as you. How big does yours get?"

"Not many people are as big as mine. This is almost 13 inches of pleasureable pain-depending on how you take it." Dan was now stroking his cock with one hand and playing with his balls which were huge and hanging a good ways down his thigh. I had undone my belt and began sliding my pants off.

"I see you're into jockstraps Craig."

"It's Greg and yea, they help me control my beast when he has a mind of his own."

"Sorry, Greg. I was really into jockstraps too. That is until I couldn't find one to fit. There's not enough room to put 8 inches of this cock and two baseballs in it. And when you have to wear a fucking cup-my balls don't even fit. I'd rather just get hit in my nuts than kill myself trying to wear a jock or cup. Some of the other "big" guys said they knew someone that would custom make me a jockstrap, but I'm ok with just letting it hang free."

I put my clothes on top of a dresser and just stood there naked with my hangs on my hips.

"Come over here and let me suck on your cock." As I walked over Dan commented, "You aren't very hairy are you?"

"I've got a few chest hairs and a treasure trail, but not enough to keep so I shave them off. If I had a hairy chest like yours, I'd keep them."

Dan switched which leg was over the arm so he could lean towards me. When I got close, he grabbed hold of my cock and pulled me to him. Then he inhaled my cock going nose deep in my thick pubes.

When he came up for air, he said, "Ah, freshly showered. The only thing better than a freshly showered guy is a guy right before he showers." And then he engulfed my cock again.

I stood there beside a tall, hairy, muscular, college jock sucking my dick. This had to be heaven. My dick was totally hard before he came up for air. Dan had not trouble taking all 8 ½ inches of my cock. And from the look of it, he cock was enjoying it. His hand did not go around that monster and it didn't look completely hard yet. I reached out with my hand closest to him and put it on his pec. It was hard as a rock but his fur wasn't wiry, it was soft and springy. I had imagined it would feel more like steel wool.

"I really get off when guys grab a handful and pull on my hair. As long as you get a handful, it feels good. If you only grab a couple, you'll pull them out and it hurts. And if you hurt me, I'll hurt you. Understand?"

"Yep" replied as my voice cracked. Oh fuck-this guy could kill me if I hurt him.

Just then, the door opened. I jumped back and tried to hide behind the wall.

"Relax man. It's just me. Besides, the guys around here know we like to have fun and they're down with it." Cole said as he came in the room with his towel around his shoulders. "Damn, couldn't you wait for me?" I came in closing the hallway door behind him and hung his towel on a hook on the wall. He went and knelt before Dan and started sucking his cock. At first his just took the head and a couple of inches into his mouth. Then, out of nowhere, he took the whole thing down his throat. Almost 13 inches of thick, thick cock went down his throat without hesitation. Then I see his reach of and start fingering his hole.

Dan said he needed a better angle and reclined his chair. It didn't go flat but about a 30 degree angle. He told me to put my knees are the arm so I started to get in place facing him.

"No, turn around. I want to eat that ass of yours."

So I put my knees and shins on the arms of the chair and aimed my ass at his face. He had to scoot down to get to my hole which also made it easier for Cole to suck his cock. I felt two massive hands spread my ass cheeks apart then he did it. His tongue touched my hole. At first, I cinched my asshole tighter. I couldn't help it-it was a natural reflex. That didn't stop Dan. He licked circles around it until I relaxed. After I wasn't clamping down, it felt really good. Then he pried my hole open with his tongue. The heat of his tongue and all the spit had me melting like butter. I actually started pushing my asshole out so he could get deeper in there.

"You are just begging to get fucked. I've never seen an asshole that wants to be fucked as much as yours does."

"There's no way you're going to get your fat dick in my skinny asshole. I don't care how much you spit on it-it ain't going to fit."

"It might not fit yet, but just wait. You are going to take my dick up your ass. It may not be today, but someday, you are going to take it all the way up your ass."

Cole was steadily bobbing up and down on his cock which was right in my face. Once he opened his eyes and saw me staring at him, he offered Dan's cock to me.

"You want to try sucking this?" he asked shaking Dan's cock at me?

I didn't reply but attempted to put it in my mouth. I got the head in but then it hit the back of my mouth. I pulled it out and tried again.

"You are going to have to relax your jaw to get it in there." Cole said.

I tried to relax my jaw but wasn't really sure how to do it. I decided if I forced it, it would go. So I took the plunge and tried to force it down my throat. Instead I scraped every tooth in my mouth against it.

"Watch your fucking teeth man! That's my dick you're chewing on!"

Oh shit! I hurt him! He's going to kill me is all I could think of. I backed off trying to suck his huge dick and Cole took over.

Dan resumed eating my ass, or at least I thought he had. I felt something brushing and barely penetrating my asshole. Then I felt something engulf my balls. I couldn't tell if he was gripping them with his hands or what. I leaned my head down closer to his dick and looked between my legs. It wasn't his hand holding onto my balls, it was his mouth. He put both balls in his mouth and was sucking on them while he was fingering my asshole. This was a sight to see, especially from my point of view.

I'm looking upside down at a thick bush which flows into Dan's hairy stomach followed by his curly hairy chest all the way up to his scruffy beard stubble. His arms were raised so I could see his massively hairy arm pits too. This guy was one of the hairiest guys I've ever seen. On him, it wasn't repulsive like your uncle at the pool, but sexy like the centerfold in Playgirl. As I'm staring at him, Cole tells me to move. Where does he want me to move? I'm straddling Dan on a recliner!

Cole stands up and turns around. I move my head up and push up on my arms just in time to see Cole's hairy ass back up towards Dan's cock. Cole straddles Dan's legs and aims Dan's cock right as his asshole. It looked pretty well lubed to me and was already opened up. I'm guessing he had been playing with it while sucking Dan's cock.

The head of Dan's cock was proportionally smaller than the rest of his dick. The whole thing was huge as the base and tapered down to the head. Don't get me wrong, his head was still huge, but at least it didn't take two hands to encircle the head like it did the base. Cole slowly sat down until his ass was firmly planted against Dan. I could tell Dan was moaning by the vibrations he made with my balls still in his mouth. Then his spit them out.

"Shit man. You took that pretty easy this time. I knew you were getting used to it." Dan said to Cole.

"No way man. The guy that spent the night with Robert fucked me in the shower. He loosened me up and planted about a gallon of jizz in my ass. That's the only reason why I can take it so quickly."

What a sight to see Cole's hairy white bubble butt riding a 13 inch cock. He would pull forward until just the tip of Dan's head was left in him then back down burying it deep in that ass. This scene was repeated over and over. Then the slurping sound appeared. The cum planted in his ass by Robert's friend along with the spit from Dan's cock and some precum I'm sure was making slurping sounds as Cole went up and down. It almost sound like the air was being pulled from his love tunnel when he pulled up and then the air was being expelled as he sat down. It's hard to describe but very erotic.

"Move out of the way and let me lay back on him." Cole told me. Since he was impaled on that dick, I would have done anything he asked.

I managed to get off the chair without kicking anyone in the head or face with my wobbly legs. I stood there and watched as Cole layed down on Dan's torso towards Dan's left side. He pulled his legs up towards his chest I assume to allow Dan to pump that dick in his ass. The two began kissing as Dan's hands found Cole's nipples. He lightly flicked them, rubbed then, pushed them in and then pinched them. I just stood there watching these two college jocks make love to each other. You could tell from their actions this was not their first encounter and they truly loved being with each other. Dan broke the kiss.

"Don't just stand there. Fuck his ass."

I moved between their legs and attempted to pull Dan's cock out of Cole's ass so I could put mine in. I grabbed at the base and tried to pull it down and out. It wouldn't come out. I tried again

"What the fuck man. Don't take mine out. Put yours in there with mine. He can take it. It's not his first rodeo."

I stood there in shock. I looked as Cole's asshole and it looked like it was stretched as far as it could go. I'm not as gifted at Dan, but my cock is as thick as a coke can if not a little bit bigger. There was no way it was going to fit. I moved closer and gripped the base of my cock aiming my head at the top of his stuffed hole. I pushed and it didn't go it. I tried a second time and nothing. Maybe it was because it was dry that it wouldn't go in. I worked up mouth full of spit and put it in the palm of my hand. Then I rubbed it around my head and tried it a third time. His asshole started give way and my head began slipping in. Cole let out a painful moan and I stopped pushing it in. Dan barked at me.

"Shove it in there. He loves it. Hurry up and get your fucking dick in there."

I pushed some more and Cole moaned louder, almost to the point of yelling. I didn't have my dick all the way in when Dan started fucking him. Cole's ass was squirming and he was trying to rub it but Dan slapped his hands away.

"Don't rub that pussy. You can take it. Fuck, you've had my fist in there. I know your cunt can handle these two dicks. Open up that fuckin' hole!"

I pushed some more until I couldn't get any more of my dick in him. Dan was steadily pumping is cock in and out and I just held mine in place. I could feel the veins of his cock rubbing mine. Then, when he would slide his monster dick almost out, I could feel the head of his cock rubbing against my shaft. That felt better than a blow job or any pussy I've ever had before. Dan was steadily pumping away and I started slowing moving in and out. When Dan and I were both close to his ass hole, Cole would moan and whimper. I tried not to move with him but I didn't always succeed. After about 4 minutes of this, I reached that point where I knew I was going to blow my load. Fuck, I couldn't stop myself.

I started thrusting as hard and deep as I could and then Dan said, "I think he's gonna bust a nut in your ass." That's all it took for me. I started firing away. With two dicks in his ass, there were gaps that allowed my cum to seep out. When it did, the furry pubes of Dan's bush stopped it from going anywhere else. I steadily pump my cock in his ass until the last of the twitches stopped. Then I just let kept it in him along with Dan's fat dick. Dan was still giving him every inch of his dick.

"Hey, bring that dick of here and let me clean it up." Dan said to me.

I pulled out and believe it or not, there was lots of cum covering my dick. I could see Dan's pubes were well saturated and I couldn't believe it all came from me. Dan was laid back in the recliner with Cole lying on top of him. I moved up to Dan's head and he turned to face my sloppy cock. He reached his arm around me pulling me closer to him revealing his sweaty armpit. I'm not really into armpits, but seeing how his hairy chest flowed right into his armpit was a very exciting and erotic sight to see.

Dan licked the cum off my head and then opened wide enough to engulf my cock without touching the shaft. He did this to prevent losing any of the cum. He slowly nursed my three quarters hard cock enjoying every drop. Without taking my cock from his mouth, he mumbled something. I wasn't sure what he said until his eyes rolled back into his head and he was bucking Cole's ass like crazy. He's about to shoot his load!

With my cock in his mouth and partially down his throat, he let out a blast of air and quickly tried to inhale. He was holding his breath and then blurted it out all while slowing down his pelvic thrusts into Cole's ass. His breathing was coming back to normal when Cole said he was about to cum. HE was frantically stroking his cock while Dan was slowing down.

"Aw fuck. Here it comes." Cole said.

And cum he did. He was lying at an angle-his head was barely on the recliner off to Dan's left side. When he came, the first shot landed in the center of Dan's chest. The second and third were right where Cole's side met Dan's stomach. The following shots landed on Cole's stomach and down his hand. Dan never pulled his cock out of Cole's ass. Dan moved his arm from behind me to scoop up the cum from his chest. He then held his fingers about of mouth and let it slowly drip onto his tongue. This was one of the hottest things I've ever seen. He tried to get the cum from his stomach but it wasn't thick enough. What little he did get, he sucked it off his fingers. Looks like he enjoys a good helping of cum!

I stepped back just a little to admire these two guys fresh from their orgasms. I told both of them I enjoyed it and that it was totally hot. That's when Dan informed me that we weren't through. I blew a load in Cole's ass and now it was his turn to be on the receiving end. As I thought about fucking Dan, my dick sprang back to attention.

"So, how to you want to fuck me?" Dan asked.

"Uh, I guess with you on your hands and knees. At least we can start that way and see how it goes." I replied.

"Alright. I'm down with that." Dan smiled at me and moved to his bed. "You want me to bend over the bed or get on it?"

"Get on it and I'll get behind you." At the time, I thought this was a good plan.

Dan was on his ben on his hands and knees and I moved up behind him. I guess my cum had run down between his legs because his asshole was glistening in the light from the window. I worked up a load of spit and smeared it on my cock and then started to finger his hole.

"You don't have to work it lose-I can take it. In fact, I like it when it hurts."

With one hand I grabbed the base of my cock while the other hand pulled his left butt cheek away from the other. An even coating of fur covered his cheeks right down to his asshole. It's like his leg hair didn't know where to stop! I placed my cockhead against his hole and started pushing while holding it in place.

"Oh fuck, slam it in there. Don't go easy, just rip me open. Put it in there, NOW!"

I leaned in and drove my cock into his ass all the way up to my pubes in one push.

"That's it. Do it again."

I pulled it out and saw his asshole winking. He was trying to close it tight but it was beginning to loosen up with just one push. I held onto the base and drove it back inside him as deep as I could.

"Come on-one more time. Do it like that one more time. Cole, come over here and let me suck your cock while he, aaaahhhhhhhhh yes. That's it. I love the feeling when you pile drive me. Cole, bring me that cock!"

Cole was slowing walking towards the bed. Dan dropped from his hands to his forearms so his face was even with Dan's cock.

When he was right in front of Dan his cupped his balls with the palm of his hand and encircled his cock with his index finger and thumb. "You want to suck this cock? Are you sure you can handle this cock, bitch?"

Cole grabbed the back of Dan's head and forced him down onto his cock making him take every inch of Cole's cock.

"That's it bitch. I always knew you were a cock sucking bitch." Then he looked up at me. "He likes it rough. Smack his ass while you fuck him. It helps him cum."

I kept plunging in and pulling out. After what Cole said, I gave his ass a hard swat after I pulled out. I thought this would make his asshole close tighter so on the next plunge, he would feel it. It worked. As my hand print came into view where I slapped his furry ass, I plunged in and he moaned while sucking Cole's dick. I was working on a nice rhythm of pulling out, slapping and plunging when I heard a knock on the door. No one made a move to open it so I thought they were going to ignore it. Then the door opened.

"Hey, you guys want to go get some lunch." I saw one guy walk in. "Shit man. Is that all you do is fuck around?" the guy said as he was followed by two other guys. I started to get nervous and didn't know what to do. I looked at Cole and he didn't move so I didn't either.

Cole said, "I think we are going to pass on lunch right now. We're a little busy. Catch ya next time."

"You guys are always busy" the guys said.

"Busy fucking and sucking each other." One of the other guys said as they all walked back out of the room and closed the door.

That kind of freaked me out. Here, a group of guys walk in on 3 guys having gay sex like it's no big deal. Had this happened with high school guys, those 3 guys would have been beaten black and blue.

The interruption didn't seem to bother Cole and Dan and after I head the door shut, I regained my composure and focused on the task at hand-blowing a load in Dan's ass. His ass was now stretched open and it didn't seem to faze him when plunged and pulled so I just fucked him. They harder and faster I fucked him, the more he seemed to like it and he really seemed into blowing Cole's dick at the same time.

I started rubbing the hairs on his ass which was completely covered. It was full, round, firm and hairy-just the kind of ass I hoped to have someday. I didn't see much of a tan line but there was a faint difference in skin color between his ass and his waist line. What really interested me were the hairs on his ass. They were soft, yet a little bit bristly. They all seemed to point towards his asshole like arrows leading the way to the Promised Land. After a good ass rubbing, I moved my hands to his lower back. This guy had more hair on his back than all of the guys I know had on their chest. Their texture was a little different from his ass but close. They weren't as long but felt awesome was I rubbed my hands over them. And the growth pattern was fantastic. They were just like is ass hairs as they pointed towards his spine then down, down, down. I guess since all I had were leg hairs and pubes, any hairy part of a guy thrilled me and peaked my interest.

"You're really into body hair aren't you." Cole said to me to break my trance.

"I just hope I grow some chest hair one day. Right now, there's nothing." I said rubbing my hands across my bare chest.

Cole released his hold of Dan's head and began rubbing his chest and stomach. "If you like hairy guys, you've come to the right place. Ain't that right Dan?"

Then I felt that feeling churning in my balls. Another load is coming. I slowed my fucking down trying to prevent the inevitable. Slowing down didn't do any good.

"I'm about to cum." I announced.

"Shoot that load deep in his ass. Come on, fill him full of your cum." Cole instructed.

I was past the point of no return and sank my cock as far in Dan's ass as I could. Squirt after squirt I planted my seed as deep as I could in his ass. Dan ad reached between his legs and was squeezing my balls as if he was trying to milk the last few drops of cum from them. It wasn't helping but it felt fantastic.

"Fuck, I'm going to shoot, too." Cole said with ecstasy in his voice.

Dan went into overdrive sucking his cock. He was bobbing up and down faster than I ever saw anyone do before. Then Cole forced his cock into Dan's throat and held it there. You could see Dan trying to swallow so his throat muscles would milk him dry. He opened his lips and tried to inhale but had to back off his cock just a few inches. Once he had his lungs full of air, he dove back down to his pubes. I still had my cock planted in his ass and could feel him pounding his own horse dick. Not even twenty seconds later, Dan moaned and spit Cole's cock from his mouth.

"Here comes my load!" Dan exclaimed.

He was pounding is meat with a frenzy. Then his asshole started twitching around my cock. I watched it constrict then loosen over and over again. After several spasms, his asshole stayed constricted and almost sucked my softening cock into his ass.

"That was fucking righteous, dude. It's been a while since I took a load in my ass at the same time I had one in my mouth. Dan said.

"And while you pumped one out on MY bed. I hope you're going to clean that shit up." Cole replied.

"I will as soon as he gets his dick out of my ass."

"I kind of like it where it is. Do I have to take it out?" I asked.

"If you're going to fuck me again, then no. Otherwise, it's hard for me to move while I'm impaled on it."

"I don't think I can cum again-at least for a little while. Two times seems to be my limit." I said as I slowly pulled my cock out of Dan's ass. Right after the head popped out, a large glob of cum escaped and landed on Cole's bed. I stood there not knowing what to do? Was Cole going to make me clean it up or did anyone else see what happened?

"Hey, cum eater. Your ass left a big pile back here." Dan was already licking up the cum he left on Cole bed. After he finished cleaning up that mess, the eased off the bed and began licking up the cum that escaped his gaping ass. His ass was pointed towards the window and I could see a trail forming where my cum was running out of his ass and down his leg.

"And if you're not careful, you're going to leave another pile on the floor." I said to Dan.

Dan reached behind him and ran his cupped fingers up his leg and over his asshole collecting some more cum. His hand moved to his face and I could hear him lapping it up. Once his hand was clean I heard him say, "You really shoot some big loads. When was the last time you came?"

"Yesterday, when I fucked Cole at the country club."

"Well, your balls sure do work if they can replace that much cum overnight. I'm hungry. Y'all want to go get something to eat before we fuck again?"

Cole and I both agreed. We were both hungry and still horny but need a few minutes to regain our stamina.

"Craig, where's your jockstrap?"

"It's Greg and it should be by my clothes. Why?"

"I'm gonna wear my jockstrap frontwards and I'm gonna wear your jockstrap backwards so any of the cum that drips out of my ass falls in your pouch. Then, when your cum leaks out of my ass, you can..."

"Don't be a fucktard, Dan. Get up on the bed and let me see your ass." Cole quickly replied.

Dan came back from my pile of clothes and got on Cole's bed with his ass facing up. Cole dove in eating in clean. He licked the cum from his leg, his balls and proceeded to suck his asshole clean. I was watching from the side and saw Dan's cock grow from a limp piece of meat to fully erect while Cole enjoyed the offering.

"Ah, damn that feels good. If you keep it up much longer, I'm going to pop off another load."

My dick was getting hard again as well and Cole didn't stop. He was munching on his ass and sprouting a boner himself. The sound of Cole's slurping, gulping and licking Dan's juicy hole was as exciting as fucking it. I may have to shoot another load myself. All at one, Cole stopped.

"There you go you fucking cum dump. Clean as a whistle."

"That's it. You're just going to stop like that?" Dan asked. "What am I going to do with this?" he said stroking his dick downwards so Cole could see it.

"The same thing I'm supposed to do with this." Cole said stroking his own dick. "And the same thing Greg's going to do with his dick-suffer until we get some lunch. Then we will start round two. Now quit your bitching and get dressed. And no jockstrap either. You are going to show everyone how horny you really are. You too, Greg. No jockstrap. And you know what-you're a little over dressed for campus. I'll loan you some shorts and a t-shirt. I'm a little bit smaller than you, but that will help show off your boner. Can you imagine what people will say when they see the three of us walking in to lunch with our dicks sticking out? So, where are we going for lunch?"

Cole dug in his dresser and tossed me some gold, short, cotton gym shorts and a USM t-shirt with the bottom cut off. He pulled out a similar outfit for himself. Dan's had a matching pair of shorts like mine but he wore a full t-shirt. I got dressed and put on my topsiders.

"Hold on man, those shoes don't exactly go with that outfit. Here, try on a pair of my flip flops." Cole said getting a pair from his closet.

I tried to hide my dick by pointing it up and to the right-just tucking the head under the waist band. I checked myself out in the mirror behind the door and it was very obvious I was sporting a major boner. I checked out Dan and Cole behind me-same thing for them. I opened the door and let them lead the way to lunch. Of course, I checked out their visible boners as they walked by. I pulled the door to and followed down the hall. I felt hotter than shit-going to lunch with two college jocks while wearing one of their clothes and showing off my dick. I glanced down and saw a wet spot starting to form on the gold fabric. I thought it was tucked under the waistband but walking caused it to point to the middle and straight up and out.

"Oh wait. I forgot my wallet. It's in my pants. Hold on and let me go get it."

"Relax man, I got this. You can pay me back after lunch. Maybe with another load or two."

I jogged to catch up to the guys who were now about 25 feet in front of me. Dan was walking like my dick was still stuck up his ass and Cole was prissing--taking about 2 steps to Dan's one. I thought to my self-oh yea, I'm going to lunch with these two guys and when we are done...I'm going to fuck the shit out of them. Several people we passed stared at our crotches while walking to the Grill. Too bad it was dark inside because I swear that Dan's cock was hanging out of his leg whole. It may have softened some, but he was still sporting some wood down there. As for Cole and myself, I don't think either one was went limp. We stayed rock hard until we got back to the dorm and began round two.

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