Levi goes home just after 3 PM while his parents are still at work. Levi will be graduating from high school in two weeks. He is only two months away from his 19th birthday and yet his only sexual experience has been masturbation. He has known for years that he is Gay and has often dreamed about having sex with members of his wrestling team.

Levi is a very handsome guy. His features include dark short hair, brown eyes, solid muscled body weighing 150 pounds, rock hard biceps and abs, beautiful smooth skin, stands 5'7" and a very sexy smile. He caps it all off with a smooth 8" cut cock with a large cock head.

Levi hears the doorbell and as he answers the door, he observes a gorgeous man standing around 6 feet, weighing between 180 and 190 pounds with curly red well trimmed hair. The gentleman has deep blue eyes and a perfect shaped hard body.

The gentleman introduces himself as Toby and indicates that he is selling mens' sport wear including shirts, shorts, sun glasses and cosmetics (after shave lotion, cologne, and hair products.

Levi invites the salesman in and suggest that they go into Levi's parents bedroom where there are large mirrors so Levi can model the clothes. Toby begins to show his samples.

Levi first samples some of the hair products, after shave lotion and intoxicating colognes. Levi takes off his pants, shirt, and shoes so he can try on some of the samples. The salesman moves very close to Levi to adjust a $200 pair of sunglasses that Levi is putting on. Levi can smell a very sexy cologne on Toby. Levi begins to feel a stirring in his loins from both the cologne and the gorgeous body that is now rubbing up against his body. He is trying to avoid a growing hard on.

Toby now suggest that Levi take off his briefs and try some of the briefs that the salesman brought. Oh my, as Levi removes his briefs his 8" cock springs into full bloom. This causes Toby to develop an equally large hard on. As Levi puts on a pair of red briefs, Toby notices that the brief's waistband is turned under. Here is his chance.

Toby volunteers to adjust the waistband and comments: "Levi, you look so sexy in those briefs. They will turn on the ladies."

As Toby starts to adjust the waistband, one of his hands slowly rubs against Levi's rock hard cock while his other hand rubs across Levi's hard abs. Levi looses control as his cock begins to push the briefs outward. Toby again rubs firmly against the bulge in Levi's briefs. Levi again notices the huge bulge in Toby's pants. Levi feels chills running up and down his back.

Levi thinks to himself OMG this salesman is a hunk and it appears he is Gay. "Could I get my first Gay sex from this mature gorgeous man?"

Toby makes the next move when he says: "Well, Levi, your man tool seems to be trying to escape the confines of those tight sexy briefs. I seem to be having a similar problem with my "Big Man" if you have noticed. Why don't we give these boners some breathing room by removing our clothes."

Levi is now sweating, breathing hard and his heart is racing in anticipation of what is about to happen. With the realization that this door-to-door salesman is about to make love to him, he is near producing a stream of precum.

Levi makes his moved when he says: "Toby, help me get out of these tight briefs before I stain them and have to purchase the soiled briefs."

Toby immediately takes the briefs off of Levi, takes hold of Levi's rock hard 8" cock that is standing at attention, and begins to spit gobs of spit all over the aching cock and balls. Soon Levi is dribbling a good supply of precum on his cock head.

Toby uses the spit and precum to begin rapidly jacking off this young wrestler's red hot slick cock. Levi starts pushing his ass and crotch forward to meet Toby's very hot and wet hand to intensify the feeling of his first jerking off by another guy. Levi is so horny as he has not cum in five days and thus has a huge load of white creamy seed in his balls.

Without any invitation, Levi reaches over and unzips Toby's pants as Toby has been too busy with Levi's cock to do so. Levi pulls the pants off and sees a big wet spot in Toby's briefs. When Levi removes the wet briefs, he gasp when he sees this 32 year-old man's 11.5" cut cock and huge balls. Levi has never seen such a monstrous boner. This makes Levi feel as if he is on fire from the lust and excitement.

Levi's first thought is that there is no way any man could deep throat that huge tool and certainly there is no man pussy that could take all that man hood. But oh how exciting it would be to try. Levi was also wandering how much cream was in those huge balls.

Levi reaches over and spits gobs of spit on this giant cock and begins to jackoff Toby while Toby continues to jerk off Levi. As they face one another, they are rapidly engaging in a hot jackoof while producing impressive supplies of precum.

Toby and Levi's hands are covered with spit and cum making their hands slide up and down without any resistance. They are sweating and moaning with pleasure. Levi mutters: "Oh, Toby, I love my first jackoff. My cock has never been hotter and felt more aroused. I am in ecstasy right now."

Toby ask: "Levi, have you ever had sex with a man before?" Levi excitedly answers: "No, I have never had sex with anyone, male or female, but I know I am Gay. I want you to make love to me."

Toby is in ecstasy realizing he will be the first guy to suck this virgin's cock and fuck his ass. A mature Gay man loves to turn a virgin into a experienced Gay man.

As they stop the jacking off, Toby goes down on his knees facing Levi's beautiful leaking cock, kisses up and down the cock shaft, sucks Levi's balls into his mouth, and finger Levi's asshole. Soon Toby says: "Buddy, I am going to give you your first blowjob. I have lost count of how many men I have sucked their cocks. I assure you, it will be a treat you will never forget. And you will seek out your buddies to give you many blowjobs as well as you suck their hot cocks. How much time do we have before your parents come home?"

Levis smiles and says: "We are lucky. My parents are going to a banquet after work and will not be home until 10 or 11 PM. Lets go to my bedroom, get comfortable on the bed and I want you to suck my cock and fuck my man pussy. I am over heated for your cock."

Toby puts Levi on the bed on his back. Toby places a large pillow under Levi's ass, spreads Levi's rock hard legs far apart and gets his face between Levi's legs for a straight shot to his crotch.

Toby puts his hand around the base of Levi's cock, holds it tight, spits on the cock several times, rubs the spit up and down the cock shaft for lubrication, plants many kisses and licks on Levi's cock head and down the shaft, plays with the piss slit with his tongue and puts Levi's balls in his mouth. For the next 10 minutes, Toby devours Levi's aching cock as he swallows the huge cock over and over. Levi is moaning, panting and thrusting his ass and crotch up into Toby's mouth. It is a noisy and sloppy hot cock sucking session.

Levi has never felt this good or more horny. He tells Toby: "OMG, I have never dreamed that sex could be this great. This is a thousand times better than my own masturbating. Oh, please keep sucking my cock. Oh, Aaaaaaa, Oh Yes, Oh suck my cock. Oh, Yes! OH Fuck, Oh Fuck, I love your hot mouth on my pulsating young red hot wet cock."

Toby is so turned on that he speeds up as he devours this young stud wrestler's hot cock. Then Levi warns Toby: "Oh, I cannot last much longer. If you do not want me to come in your mouth, you better pull out." Toby pulls out because he wants the sex to last much longer.

Toby now suggest that Levi give his first blow job to him. Toby lies down on his back, spreads his legs and has Levi get between his legs. Levi spits all over Toby's 11.5" cock, jerks the cock and carefully begins to kiss and then come down on the largest cock he has ever seen. Inch by inch he pleasantly surprises himself when he is able to swallow 8" of this hard cock. He begins to rapidly go up and down on his first ever man cock. Toby is bucking like a wild horse.

Levi loves the smell and taste of this red hot rod including the cum taste. Toby begins to moan and pant while screaming. "Oh, Aaaaaa, Oh, Fuck, Oh, Fuck. Oh, Aaaaaa. Oh Mmmmmm. What a great cock sucker you are for a first timer."

Levi responds: "Oh, Man, I love my first cock sucking. I love the taste of your smooth cock."

Toby ask Levi to pull off before he comes.

Levi ask Toby some questions including what it feels like to be fucked. He tells Toby that he has dreamed of being fucked. I think I am a bottom. My buddies talk about a bottom as a bitch. I want to be a bitch.

Levi looks nervous but says: "Toby, I have a very tight ass and I know I can never take much of that huge cock but I want to try. I hope it does not hurt too much. I am so excited about feeling your cock in my asshole. Please fuck me."

Toby's cock springs to attention. How this cock wants that virgin ass. Toby plants hot kisses on Levi's lips and gets him ready for his first fuck. They wildly kiss for several minutes as both guys are getting more and more horny. They are dripping gobs of spit down their faces and onto their chests.

Toby takes charge and says: "Levi, are you ready to be my bitch? I want to pound that man pussy harder and harder." Levi is now really turned on.

Toby gets several items out of his sports bag including a dildo, lube and a condom. He puts Levi on the bed again on his back, places a large pillow under Levi's ass, has Levi pull his legs up to his chest and hold them there, and Toby gets between Levi's legs. He kisses, spits and fingers this beautiful virgin smooth hairless pink asshole.

He lubes Levi's ass, lubes his own cock, puts on the condom, lubes the condom and finally lubes the dildo. Levi is now bucking and breathing hard in anticipation of what is about to happen.

Toby slowly starts inserting the dildo as Levi moans and says it hurts. Toby, as an experienced gay man, gradually gets the dildo all the way in the ass as he opens this virgin's ass for his huge cock. Toby fucks Levi's ass with the dildo for several minutes and then pulls it out.

Toby begins slowly inserting his hot boner into this young wrestler's man pussy. Toby slides further and further into this wet and slick pussy until he surprisingly has 8" into the ass. What a surprise but enjoyment for this virgin ass to take so much of this big cock. Levi begins to relax and begs Toby to begin fucking him harder and harder.

Toby goes wild fucking this beautiful pink virgin man pussy. They get into a hot rhythm that creates a wild and wonderful fuck that last for at least 15 minutes. The fuck is sloppy, noises and red hot. They could be heard at some distance as this is an incredible fuck session. It smells like raw sex and is so hot.

Levi begins to yell: "Toby, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OH, Please, do not stop. I love your hot big cock in my ass. It feels so hot and sexy. Mmmmmm, Oh, Yes, Oh, Yes. Pound my man pussy. I love your cock."

They are both near the edge. They feel their balls start to rise and release large loads of cum. Toby erupts load after load of cum into the condom while still in Levi's asshole. Toby yells: "I am cumming, I am cumming!!!"

At the same moment, Levi yells: "I am cumming. Oh, here I cum." Levi shoots a huge load all over his own abs, stomach and chest.

Toby pulls out and begins licking Levi's cum off his abs, stomach and chest. Then he goes up to Levi's mouth and spits a huge load into Levi's mouth. They deep kiss and share Levi's cum. Next Toby takes off the condom and pours his cum into both of their mouths as they kiss again. It was a great cum meal.

Levi, with a hot and strained red face, says: "Toby, Thank You! I loved my first man sex and I will now crave more cum. I will have to find some of my buddies for sucking, fucking and cum eating. Good luck with your other house visits. Maybe you will visit the homes of some of my wrestling buddies. They are all young, hot and who knows some of them might be Gay."

Toby plants hard kisses on Levi's lips, grabs Levi's crotch and gives one final kiss to Levi's now rising cock.

Levi takes a shower and gets rid of all the sex evidence before his parents get home. And he calls his best friend who wrestles at 125 and suggest they get together over the weekend. What will happen?



Naughty Eric


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