During spring semester, we were in the heart of our spring track season and I'd had to kick my running into high gear. This year I would be running the 3200 meters, about 2 miles,which was my favorite distance.
There was also a chance that Coach Bice would also stick me into the 4 X 800 meter relay, a sadistically long sprint that I hated. Two laps all out, no breathing allowed. Coach had been telling me ever since I was a sophomore how learning to sprint for such a long distance would help my kick in the 3200, my primary race. I wasn't so sure. Every single meet where I'd been used in the relay I threw up afterward. So every day after classes were over, I slogged over to the locker room to get dressed. And every day I ran and ran and ran. We were supposed to lift weights three days a week but it wasn't really my thing so I would generally just blast through my lifting and get out to the track as soon as I could. As much as possible, I'd run with the Leeman brothers. They were twins but I could tell them apart from either in front (usually hairstyle) or from behind (Danny had a tighter butt, David's was a little softer). They were a lot faster than me because they only ran the 1600 or the mile.
They were also obviously a lot smarter than me since they had avoided being tapped by Coach to be on the 4 X 800 relay team. On Monday after my Friday night masturbation extravaganza with my best friend Will (who wasn't on the track team), I was feeling really, really fast. Most days, I struggled to keep up with the Leemans which gave me a great view of their great asses, but today they followed me and ate my dirt. After we'd done about 5 miles at nearly race speed, I jogged over to grab some water and the Leemans followed me. 'What's the hurry today, TJ?' Danny asked, putting his hands on his hips. 'Yeah, you're like flying out there bud,' David added. I took a big gulp from my water bottle and shrugged my shoulders so I didn't have to talk. 'You know, if you keep up that kind of pace,
Coach may drop you down to the 1600, ace,' Danny said, teasingly. David laughed. 'Yeah, man, you were killing us out there!' David added with a big smile. 'Yeah, yeah, yeah,' was all I said. They both bent over to grab their water bottles and I enjoyed the close-up of their tandem butt cheeks. Danny took a long drag from his bottle and looked at me. 'You wanna go another five, amigo?' I nodded. 'One sec,' I said. I reached into my shorts to re-arrange my dick. It continued to have a mind of its own even when I was just trying to run. Danny's eyes followed my hand all the way in and out. Absently I put my hand up to my nose and got an overdose of the scent from under my balls. Danny seemed to notice and smiled. 'Okay then,' David chimed in. 'Five more. But leave the pace to us professionals. You hang back and just watch and learn.' We all chuckled. Me and the Leemans had been on our high school varsity track team since 10th grade. Though we were all 18 and headed off to college in the fall, I would be leaving track and field to concentrate on stuff inside the classroom and the Leemans already had a free ride athletic scholarship to the University of Oregon, they were that good. I had long ago come to realize that no university would consider my running talents worthy of paying for. When we got going again I did as I was told. I hung back in my usual position behind the twins.
As juniors, they had taken 4th and 5th in our State championships last year. This year as seniors, Coach was talking about each of them winning it all. Personally I favored Danny to win, partly because I loved his butt but also because he worked hard and really put in the time. On the other hand, David's butt was not too shabby either and he could sometimes surprise me with these incredible awesome bursts of speed, especially on his final lap kick. Today as they ran off in front of me, I held on tight and concentrated on their running shorts. They set a wicked pace. Four or five laps into our second five-miler, Danny was in front and he looked back to check on me. 'You good TJ?' he asked. He wasn't even sweating.
I gave him a thumbs up and he smiled. Satisfied that I wasn't gonna have a heart attack, Danny found an extra gear and poured on the speed.
David kept pace easily and I had to dig deep to find a way to keep up. I focused on the ground before me and lengthened my stride. The pull on my thighs felt great and I smiled to myself. After a couple laps at this murderous clip, we zoomed past some of the juniors and sophomores and they whistled and hooted at us. There were days when I had been an underclassman myself that I looked up at the older boys and hoped to be able to run like them. Now I was one of those older boys. It felt good to pass them. Coach was watching us from the grass on the side of the track. Every once in a while, he'd offer some advice about relaxing our arms or keeping our knees up, but he mostly just kept quiet and watched us run like all the younger kids. The Leeman boys didn't need much coaching and I stayed with them stride for stride. After two full miles at high speed, Danny finally slowed as we rounded the final turn. I watched David's face relax a bit and chug in a few breaths before we found a slower clip.
Surprisingly I was fine. My legs were loose and my chest wasn't heaving. I shortened by stride and put my arms on my head to rest them for a bit. Coach saw me do that and commented immediately. 'Arms down, TJ,' he shouted from behind us. 'You rest at home. On your own time.' Danny and David both looked back at me and gave me a face suggesting that I was in big trouble.
I ran 8 steps before I took my arms off my head. In the locker room after practice, I jumped in the shower and was quickly joined by the twins.
Naked they were much harder for me to tell apart than when they were fully clothed. 'You got any shampoo?' one of them asked me from the stall next to mine. 'Um, yeah, sure,' I said. I had no idea which one it was but I handed it over the wall. 'Thanks,' it sounded like Danny but I really wasn't sure. 'Hey TJ, Danny and I are going to check out a meet in the city this weekend, do you want to come along?' Did that voice come from my right or my left? 'Um, well, what day?' 'Saturday,' the two of them said in unison. 'Sure, I guess,' I said. 'Great,' one of them said, 'we need to leave around 7:30 to 8. It's about an hour drive.' 'Okay,' I said. 'Do you want me to come by your house? How about 7?' I stood with my back to the water and let it run down my neck and pool in the crack of my ass. I folded my arms and inhaled deeply. I looked up to see a Leeman twin dripping water in front of me handing me my shampoo bottle. 'Here, thanks,' he said. David probably. 'Sure, so 7 then?' I looked at the thin carved body in front of me. He was completely hairless from his neck to the middle of his quads. He was looking at me as well. Even though I was totally spent from our run, my dick found the energy to grow a little. David/Danny's eyes went right to it. He grinned. 'Why don't you just sleep over Friday?' he asked. 'That way we can get an early start.' I pretended to look disinterested and squirted a little soap into my hands and rubbed my legs. 'Well, I guess, if it's okay with your folks,' I said. He was still standing in front of me. I looked up to memorize his body. Not knowing which one it was confused me. With wet hair, I couldn't rely on hairstyle to figure it out. 'No problem,' he said. He was still standing there. He put both hands on the top of his ass and arched backward. When his face went below his chest, I looked more closely at his cock.
Pretty average I'd say. His balls on the other hand were floppy and hung low. With David/Danny bent over backwards like this, I was able to rape him from head to toe in my mind. His brother joined him in front of my shower stall. 'No it'll be fun. We could even do a movie or something Friday and then take off early Saturday. It'll be a blast! I love college meets!' That was David for sure. It had to be Danny who was showing off his dick. I studied David's and it was pretty similar but had a funny little right turn just before the head. Absently David flipped it with his hand and I watched it swing. Danny stood up straight and sighed. 'So is it a deal?' 'Sure,' I said, knowing full well that my dick was now practically semi-hard. I half-turned hoping they wouldn't notice. David grabbed his towel and stood off to the side drying off. Danny started to stretch again. I breathed in and out and looked Danny up and down while David's head was covered in a towel. If he was going to wave that cock at me again, I was going to get a totally boner. I turned off my water and turned around. I backed out of my stall to grab my towel and accidentally stepped on Danny's foot. 'Oops sorry,' I said. My dick was practically totally erect now. Danny ended his stretch and stood up again.
Before I could cover my mid-section with my towel, Danny's eyes found it. He grinned again.
He turned to grab his own towel. 'It happens,' he said matter-of-factly. Just like his brother, Danny gave his own cock an absent flip with one hand. It swang, pendulum-like, as he walked over to grab his own towel. Friday night I threw together a few things into a backpack, kissed my mom, and jumped on my bike to head over to the Leemans. My legs still ached from our speedwork on the track during the week.
Keeping up with the Leemans as they sprinted mile after mile might end up killing me after all. When I got to the Leemans, I leaned my bike against a side wall and knocked on the door. Danny opened the door in about one and a half seconds. 'Hi TJ,' he said. 'Hi, hope I'm not too early.' He had on a loose pair of jeans and a skimpy white ribbed tank top. He was barefoot and his hair was pretty messed up. 'No, don't worry,' he yawned. He lifted his shirt as he scratched his chest. 'I guess I just fell asleep after school.' 'That's what I should've done,' I said. A confused look crossed his face. 'I mean, you know, since we've gotta get up early tomorrow to get to the meet and all.' 'Oh,' he said, the understanding oozing into him. 'Yeah, a nap is always good. I've been pretty wiped out this week. These fast runs really take their toll.' He opened the door wider and let me pass. He smelled like orange soda. I laughed. 'You? Tired? I don't believe it.' We sat down heavily on the couch in the den. I'd never been to the Leeman's house before. It was much larger than ours and the furniture was huge and soft and really, really comfortable. Without thinking I put my feet up on the coffee table and let myself relax. Danny took my cue and put his own feet up on the table about two inches away from my own. 'Is it okay?' I asked, nodding at my shoes and lifting them up off of the table. He smiled. 'Nope,' he teased. 'Take your shoes off. The Leemans run a shoe-free house.' I looked at him skeptically. 'Really?' But he just nodded so I flipped off my shoes and put my feet back on the table. Danny put his arms behind his head and seemed to study my feet. 'Socks too,' he said. 'Really?' I asked, stupidly. 'Socks too,' he confirmed. With that he reached over and grabbed my ankles and then pulled my socks off. He threw them both across the room onto the rug and then put his own feet back up on the table. This time his feet were no more than a millimeter away from mine. My own feet could feel the heat from his. It sent a shiver up from my toes up to my groin. Ground zero. 'Okay, thank you then, I guess,' I said, 'where's David?' Danny paused before answering. 'TJ, I am David.
Danny's upstairs,' he said. I was horrified.
How could I make such a stupid mistake. 'David, I'm really sorry,' I said. 'Shit, you guys are just too much alike!' 'Shit happens,' David said and let his feet touch mine. Ground zero sent an instant message to my brain that the situation was quickly becoming complicated. I moved my feet a few inches away.
I had on a pair of track pants from school and I
knew from experience that if I got a hard-on in these that the whole school might as well know. David lifted his shirt again and scratched his nipple. 'So, there's a few cool movies over at the mall around 8. That okay?' He asked. 'Um, yeah, sure,' I said. 'Whatever. I'm easy.' David smiled. His teeth showed that his parents had paid a bundle at some point to have them straightened. 'Uh huh, this I know,' he said. I kicked his feet with my closest one. 'Fuck you!' We both laughed. He kicked me back then let his heel dangle ominously above my toes. After a moment, he let his foot slide between the first two toes of my right foot. He kept it there. I watched quietly as he did this. I looked at David's face and made a decision. 'You're Danny,' I said. 'I know you're Danny.' He leaned toward me conspiratorially. Our feet became unhinged. He said in a whisper, 'You're right.' 'Why are you fucking with me?' 'Hmm,' Danny said. 'there's an idea.' He smiled again, this time even more broadly. 'Danny!' The unmistakable sound of a toilet flushing upstairs interrupted the conversation. Danny nodded toward the staircase. 'David?' I asked, my voice in a whisper. 'Um hmm,' Danny said. 'That would be my lazy ass brother.' 'So which one of you is going to win State this year?' I asked, my voice above a whisper, but still quiet. 'Which one of us do you think is going to win State?' he asked me back. 'Well, let's see, if you're Danny, then I'm gonna say Danny. If you're David, then maybe it's David.' 'TJ, I'm Danny.' 'Yes, I know.' 'And I'm going to win State,' he said confidently. 'Okay,' I said. 'Even David can tell you that.' 'Okay.' Danny looked toward the stairs to see if his twin was coming down yet. 'I mean, you are pretty damn fast,' I added.
Something that definitely didn't need to be said. My sore legs were the proof. 'Um hmm. Yes I am fast,' Danny said, putting his heel back between my toes again. I stared at our feet. My were sort of short and squat. I wore a 9 and sometimes had to search for a shoe that was wide, but mine were good runner's feet. My parents always told me that they'd make good paddles if ever I wanted to go into swimming. Danny's feet were almost exactly like mine. Probably a 9 and probably also wide.
As he crinkled toes, his heel moved between my toes and I felt Mr. Happy completely come alive.
Fuck, I was getting an erection. We heard David walk down the stairs. 'Who's fast?' he asked. 'Are you guys talking about me again?' Danny lifted his heels out of the socket between my toes and placed them gently on the coffee table about 6 inches away from mine. Where Danny was a little messy, David was totally put together. He had on the exact same jeans as his brother, loose fitting, but he was fully dressed with a Polo shirt. I looked at his feet as he reached the bottom of the stairs. He wore dark socks and carried his shoes in his hand. I tried to figure out the size. Hmm. Probably a 9 as well. 'Me,' I said. 'I'm fast. At least for the 3200. Not that you guys can really appreciate that since you run the short distances.' David picked up my socks and threw them at me.
What was with these guys? Danny laughed. 'Well, yes, you do run the 3200 faster than us. But in the 1600 or the mile or whatever, we could wipe up the track with your ass,' David said. I scrunched my toes and watched as Danny did the same thing at the same time. To protect myself,
I grabbed a throw pillow and put over the crotch
of my increasingly tight track pants. How did track pants become tight? David sat heavily on the couch beside his brother and began to put on his shoes. The three of us launched into a lengthy conversation about our team and some of the younger guys. I had wondered whether they thought any of the lower class boys would be challenging me as number one for the 3200. 'Well, there's that girl on the JV team. I think she's about 12,' Danny said, teasing me and digging his big toe into the sole of my foot. David thought more seriously about the question. 'I mean, there's 4 or 5 of you going out for 3200, right? You're the senior. You went to State last year?' 'I went to City,' I corrected him. 'State was not an option for me.' 'Okay, you went to City last year. You'll probably do that again this year, right?' 'Um right,' I said, 'I guess.' 'So if you stick with us and you work your ass off and don't spend so much time beating your meat, then you'll go to City. Then you'll go on to State.' 'It's that simple?' I asked, incredulous. They nodded in unison. 'Run with us everyday. Fuck Coach. He has no fucking idea what he's doing,' David said, and he was right. 'Watch the guys from all the universities tomorrow. We've got some books. We'll do it together!' 'Yeah, it'll be fun,' Danny added, touching the tips of his toes to the tips of mine. 'we have the technology, we can re-build you!' I giggled. David socked Danny in the shoulder. 'You're an idiot,' he said to his brother. At the movies, we all wore shoes and socks.
David had chosen an action movie with a whole lot of karate or kung fu or something and I was totally bored. The boys sat together and I managed to get myself next to Danny. I think. I was pretty sure that Danny was sitting next to me, but I wasn't going to take any chances''it was certainly possible that he would fuck with me again when I went out to get some popcorn. During one particularly long and bloody scene where the lead actor (some Asian guy who I had seen before I think) was karate chopping the hell out of somebody, I must have groaned from boredom. Danny (or whoever he was) noticed and padded my thigh a couple of times as if to say, 'don't worry, I'm bored too.' But his hand was awfully close to my balls and he left it there a while. I snuck a peek at his face and he seemed to be absorbed in the show. His hand was still there. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it so I left it there. After a minute more I put my hand on his and he flipped it over. I was actually holding hands in a dark movie theater with one of the Leeman boys! 'You want some popcorn?' I finally asked, looking over at Danny after like 5 minutes of trying to keep my dick from getting hard. 'Sure,' he said happily. I handed over the bag and he released my hand, brushing his way down toward my knee as he did so. After Danny had some popcorn he handed the bag back to me and some popcorn fell onto my lap. 'Oops,' he said grinning from ear to ear. 'Danny!' I said in a loud whisper. 'I'm really sorry,' he said, 'here, let me...'
With that, he dug his hand between my track pants and fished out what had fallen. I grabbed his wrist but it was too late. He got what he wanted, a whole handful of dick and nuts. I tensed and tried to squirm away but we were in a very quiet room and it was all I could do to not yell out. 'Here you go,' he said, handing me the popcorn that had fallen in his open palm. He was still smiling. I don't know what my face was doing. Stupidly I said: 'Should be a fucking great meet tomorrow.' Danny scrunched his face up and then softened into a smile. 'The great meet will be tonight amigo, you just wait.' I looked up at the ceiling of the theater and exhaled all the air out of my lungs. 'Um, well, good,' I said. 'That's sounds good.'


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