Tomorrow we were getting up early to drive over to a college track meet. To ensure we got on the road at the right time, I was spending the night over at the Leeman brothers. After a pretty lousy movie that David had chosen, we were back now and starting to turn in.

Luckily none of us were pajama guys. Just underwear. Tonight mine were white. Danny's were white too. David had on a pair of striped boxers that were obviously pretty worn out since they kept sliding down in the front below the top of his pubes.

David hit the lights and stepped over me into his bed.

'So, TJ, we usually can't fall asleep until we whack off.' The voice came from the direction of Danny's bed. It was way too dark to actually see his lips moving.

Plus I was on the floor between the two of them, in a sleeping bag.

'What?' I asked. I was startled by the comment.

'Danny, not tonight okay. We have company.'

Danny ignored David's statement. 'I said we whack off. Every night without fail. It relaxes me.'

'Hmm,' I said. 'Well I'd hate for you guys not to be able to sleep.'

'TJ, forget about it,' David said. 'Danny's an idiot. Just go to sleep everybody.'

I didn't know what to say.

'TJ, seriously, whip it out, we're doing this,' Danny said.

'No we're not Danny,' David had raised his voice a little for emphasis. 'Just ignore him TJ, he'll eventually give up and leave you alone.'

'Um,' I said. 'I don't really''

Danny interrupted before I could say that I didn't really mind. 'David! Fuck! I mean, why the hell not? TJ's a big boy and he can certainly decide for himself.

Me? I'm doing it. In fact, I've got a raging hard on right now,' Danny said, flipping the covers back to show us all. But I couldn't see anything, a combination of the low light and the angle I was at below him.

'Well,' I started but this time David interrupted me.

'All right Danny, you pervert, you do whatever you want with your little weenie. TJ doesn't have to. And neither do I.'

Danny cracked up. 'Little weenie?'

'That's what I said,' David answered.

'Ouch! You realize bro that if you insult my weenie, you sort of insult yours too. We're twins, for crissakes!'

'Yeah, and you got all the sexual deviant genes in the family,' David retorted.

'That I did,' Danny agreed.

'And besides, that part of our bodies are not the same,' David said. 'Don't worry TJ; the two of us are not totally identical.'

'I wasn't worried,' I said. I was smiling, starting to enjoy this conversation.

'Right,' Danny said. 'My balls hang way lower than yours bro.'

David didn't respond right away.

'And'it doesn't matter about the size, it's more about what you do with it,' Danny added.

'Yeah, and if you keep wanking it as much as you do, it could like fall off or something. It's not going to get any bigger, I think our growth spurts are over,' David said.

We all laughed. Then the room became quiet. The only sound came from Danny's side of the room. It was kind of like walking in a flip-flop next to a wet pool. It didn't take much to figure out what he was doing.

'Danny, you're depraved,' David whispered.

'What the hell does that mean?' Danny asked. The flip-flop sound didn't stop.

'It means you're an idiot,' David shot back.

'So if you can't beat 'em, join 'em,' Danny giggled at his pun. 'I mean, come on, let's just stop arguing about this and do it!'

'I'm in,' I said quickly.

'Arrrgh!' David said.

'That a boy,' Danny said soothingly. 'Now just take your big weenie in your hand bro, lick your palm a little to get it nice and silky smooth, and rub back and forth.'

'Is that how it's done?' I asked.

'Yup. I worry about my brother sometimes TJ. He gets himself so worked up!'

'Shut up! Now if I agree to do this, will you just leave me alone and go to sleep already?' David asked, sounding a little exasperated.

'Scout's honor!' Danny said.

'You were never a boy scout,' David said.

'Yes but I certainly know a lot of boy scouts,' Danny said, pausing for dramatic effect. 'If you know what I mean.'

I laughed.

'Danny! TJ doesn't care about your distorted reality!'

'Um well, you know, it's really no big deal to me. I was never a boy scout either, but I certainly like to camp,' I said, trying to make a joke.

'It's not camping that Danny likes the boy scouts for,' David explained.

'It's knots!' Danny said. 'You know, getting twisted in knots. They're very good at it.' Danny said.

Danny and I laughed together. David kept quiet.

'Pervert.' David whispered but we could hear the giggling in his voice.

'Okay, so then, let's get going with this,' Danny said. 'I'm totally getting worked up talking about'camping.'

'Um, okay,' I said. 'Do you guys have some'?' If I was going to do this, I wanted lube. But I never got my question out.

'I mean, you don't have to, but with us, it's just sort of, you know, a tradition.' For twins, even they didn't look totally identical, people were always getting confused and calling them by the wrong names. Danny had a slightly narrower face, a tighter ass (I know because I spent many laps on the track running behind the two of them), and somewhat longer brown hair. David was a tiny bit wider and his butt wasn't quite as nice as his brother's, plus his hair was shorter. Remarkably, their voices were exactly alike and when I only heard one of them but didn't see him, I was totally lost!

'Come on, bro, anybody sleeps on our floor while we beat our meat has to beat his too. That's the rule, plain and simple,' Danny said emphatically.

'Okay, fine. I could go. I'm pretty sure,' I said.

'Cool, whip it out amigo,' Danny responded.

I looked up at the beds to see if my two friends were looking. I could see nothing even just three feet away; it was way too dark in the Leeman boys' bedroom.

I was already hard. Of course. Carefully and silently I unzipped my sleeping bag a little to give me some better access to my dick. I reached into my shorts to give myself a feel. Yup, there it was. Before I lowered by underwear I listened to David and Danny above me. I could hear a faint slapping sound, almost in stereo from the two beds above me. I decided that my own wank session would be much quieter. Somehow that just seemed more polite. After all I was a guest.

'Danny, throw TJ some Kleenex or something,' David said.

'Okay, you done yet TJ? We've heard all about how fast you are.'

'I haven't even started yet,' I answered seriously. I lifted my hips and scooted by underwear down off of my legs.'

Two pieces of tissue floated down like parachutes from Danny's bed and landed softly beside my sleeping bag. I picked them up with my right hand and looked at them. I put them on my chest for later.

'Let's rock and roll!' Danny said.

'Just stay on your side of the room bro,' David said.

'Aww! That's no fun. Tell you what, whoever splats first gets to finish off the other,' Danny taunted.

'What?' I asked.

'Deal!' David answered quickly.

What had I gotten myself into?

The room was quiet but for the sound of the three of us breathing a little harder than usual and the unmistakable rhythms of skin on skin. It went on like this for a few minutes. It was somehow an incredible turn-on to be so close to my friends in total darkness as we all jerked off.

Danny's voice broke the silence. 'That's it, I'm a go! Party time!'

'Shut up you idiot,' David said. 'Can't you just come and keep quiet?'

Danny obviously couldn't. He started to moan out load, in sort of an exaggerated porno movie squeal. 'Oh yes, baby, yes, yes, YES!'

I laughed and stopped what I was doing with my hand. There was quiet from Danny's bed, but David was still whacking away.

'Oh my god!' Danny said. 'That was fucking great!'

'Shut up Danny,' David said.

'But that was really something! I mean it! This is something I'm really, really good at! If racing the 1600, then I'd be a lock to take State!'

'I thought you already told me you were going to take State,' I offered weakly.

Danny chuckled. 'So you were listening, TJ. That's good. In fact, you're right! I do run as well as I masturbate! I'm the real deal, a sure thing!'

'Shut up you idiot,' David said again.

Danny jumped up out of bed and leaped onto David's bed crossing over me as he did. In the faint light of the room, I could barely make out the silhouette of Danny's body. I mostly smelled him and he smelled like I did after a track practice.

'Come on, bro,' Danny teased. 'Let's get all those little sperms out of you!'

I could barely see the two naked Leemans wrestling on David's bed.

'Get off me!'

'Come on bro! We've got company tonight,' Danny said breathless. 'No time for your usual one hour spank session. Plus we made a deal.'

'Danny, cut it out!'

The two of them kept at it and I listened to the soft sounds of their panting.

Absently I started playing with myself again. Some pre-cum had collected at the head of my cock and I rubbed it around. I licked one hand to moisten myself even more while my hosts grappled above me.

'Danny, don't you dare,' David said in sort of a muted scream.

I tried to see what was happening but couldn't quite make it out. Somebody was pinned on their back and somebody was on his side kind of bent over.

'Bro, you know this will do it for you. It always does!' Danny said.

'Danny! Don't! Don't!'

'Mmm, there you go, that's better right? That's what you like, right?'

'Knock it off! Don't! Don't'

'Easy tiger, easy,' Danny seemed to have complete control of his brother.


'What the fuck are you guys doing?' I asked, somewhat afraid of the answer.

David was moaning softly. His panting increased and so did the rhythmic slapping of flesh.

'Oh, all right,' David had surrendered to his twin. 'Just don't draw this out for like a year.'

'Not a problem,' Danny answered. 'I know just what to do.'

'What are you guys doing?' I asked, but they ignored my question.

'Uh, uh, uh, uh!' It was David. I sat up and moved closer to his bed to see what was going on. Finally I made out the scene. David was on his back and Danny had tucked one of David's legs around his torso, Danny's full weight keeping David from moving. One of Danny's hands covered David's ass and the other was stroking up and down on David's cock.

'Wow,' I said quietly.

Danny looked up at me and I could see his white teeth despite the darkness.

'You gotta do what you gotta do,' he said matter-of-factly. Through the dark light of the room, it looked to me like Danny kept jerking his brother and his hand was moving somewhere down around David's butt. Could this really be happening? Weren't there supposed to be laws about this kind of thing?

'Uh, uh, uh!' David moaned loudly this time.

'Are you doing what I thing you're doing?' I asked. David kept moaning and seemed to ignore my question. Laws or not, it was clear that Danny was doing something his brother liked. We were all 18 here and technically allowed to vote, but, you know, still'

'Um hmm,' Danny said. 'This makes him fuckin' nuts.'

'Yeah,' I said. 'I can see that,'

'Oh god, oh god, oh god!' David panted.

'That should do it,' Danny said knowingly.

The dark silhouette that was Danny's twin brother David twisted and bucked up off of the bed.


Danny untangled himself from David and sat up on the edge of David's bed. He grabbed for the Kleenex box and tossed it behind him as he stood up to go back over to his own bed. Watching this whole display had made my dick even harder.

I lie down on my pillow and let out a deep sigh. I grabbed myself and yanked a few times.

'So what do you think TJ? You need some help too?' David asked.

'Um no,' I said. 'No thank you.'

David was still wiping himself up. 'TJ, you won't say anything to anyone will ya'?'

'What? I didn't see anything,' I answered.

'Hmm, maybe we should have turned a light on then,' Danny said.

'Danny, Jesus!'

'Danny looked over the edge of his bed at me. 'It's a twin thing TJ.'

'You guys are pretty close,' I acknowledged.

'Well, I do sort of know him better than he knows himself,' Danny explained unnecessarily.


I went back to pulling at my dick. I still had a boner but somehow my mind was in a very strange place. Somehow this seemed hopeless tonight.

'Don't worry, David. I won't say a word,' I added, breaking the silence.

'Thanks man,' David said, 'Danny can be such an asshole!'

'I'm an asshole?' Danny asked in a sort of mock horrified tone. 'I'm an asshole? I give you this great fucking orgasm cause I know what gets you off and I'm an asshole?'

'Oh come on Danny,' David interrupted, 'you know you just did that for TJ,'

'What are you talking about bro? We're twins, we share it all. I honked on your melvin inside Mom's womb!'

I cracked up. 'Honked his melvin?'

'Um, well, thanks, that was a blast for me,' I said. 'I think.'

'Just forget it TJ, forget you saw anything at all. And fuck you Danny,' David said. 'Everybody just go to sleep.'

The room was quiet for a minute. My hard-on was actually gone. I left my hand there but didn't bother trying to get myself going again.

'Yeah, we should all get some sleep,' I said. 'We need to be up in a few hours, right?'

'You didn't cum yet, TJ,' Danny said.

'Don't worry, I did earlier today,' I lied. I pulled my underwear back up and covered myself with the sleeping bag.

The next morning David was up first. I woke up to the sounds of a shower in the bathroom in the hallway. I blinked my eyes open and stretched my arms over my head.

'G'morning sunshine.' It was Danny. Of course.

'Hey,' I said.

'How'd you sleep? Floor okay?'

I was pretty stiff but I lied. 'Fine, fine, I'm used to it.'

Danny laughed. 'You sleep on the floor at home do you?'

'No, I mean I like to sleep on something hard,' I stammered.

Danny laughed again. 'I bet you do sunshine.'

Now I giggled too. I crossed my arms behind my head and stared up at the ceiling.

'So is it true?' Danny asked after a minute.

I had a funny sense I knew where Danny was taking this conversation. 'Is what true?'

'You know what I'm talking about,' Danny said. 'Is it true that you've got a big dick?'


'Oh please, don't give me that. Is it true or not?'

'What the fuck Danny? What do you want me to say?'

'Is it big or not?'

I thought about the question and how I should respond.

'Well?' Danny asked again.


'Andy said that you guys measured it and it's eight and a half inches.'


'Eight and a half?'

'I can't believe Andy told you that!'

'So, is it?'

'How big is yours?' I asked, half hoping to change the subject, half just wanting to know how big Danny's dick was.'

'Somewhere in the sevens,' Danny answered immediately. 'David's a little thicker than me, but we're both like exactly the same in the length department. The Leeman boys inherited our daddy's peepee.'

'Somewhere in the sevens?' I repeated out loud.

'Yeah,' Danny said, 'sadly closer to the seven than to the eight.' He sighed. Then he laughed again.

I chuckled. 'It's not the plane it's the pilot,' I said, trying to be nice.

'Yeah, but I'd take a 747 over a little propeller plane any day.'

I laughed. 'Are you just a little propeller plane?'

Danny flipped back the covers and grabbed the front of his underwear. 'Does this look a propeller plane to you?'

'Nope. I guess not,' I said.

Danny spun his legs around and put his feet on my chest through the sleeping bag. 'Damn right!' he said. 'Besides I am a very, very good pilot!'

'Right,' I said.

Danny wiggled his toes and pressed down on my body. 'So?'

'Danny, you've got like a one-track mind,' I said.

'Yes I do. How big is it?' He moved one foot closer to my mid-section and felt for my cock with his foot. I shifted my hips away to keep it from him.

'I don't know, it could be eight inches or so,' I said.

'Eight inches? Or eight and a half inches?' He dug his foot around to try to find my crotch.

I looked away from his gaze.

'Are you always this nice to your overnight guests?'

'Well, we don't get a lot of guys sleeping over. You're the first in a long time.'

'Maybe the universe is trying to send you a message,' I said, not exactly sure what I meant.

'Yeah, I thought of that. Anyway answer the question. How big is it?'

'It's eight and a third.'

'Inches?' Danny asked.

I laughed. 'Yes, inches. What did you think I meant, feet?'

Danny moved his feet up to my face and pressed. Incredibly they smelled okay, sort of like band-aids. He stuck his big toe in my mouth and I bit down.

'Umm, that's it TJ, bite me,' Danny taunted.

I released the grip of my teeth and let my lips lock around his toe. He began to move it in and out. After a moment he stopped.

'TJ, are you sucking on my toe?'

My mouth was full so I couldn't answer. We both heard the shower going. With one hand I pulled Danny's foot away from my face.

'It would seem that way,' I said. I looked into Danny's eyes. They were brown. His longish brown hair was messed up after having slept on it all night. He was shirtless. His other foot found my dick through the sleeping bag. He pushed down.

'Poor TJ. Eight and a third inches. All worked up with his morning piss-hard.

Too bad we're in a big rush and can't take care of this.'

I grabbed Danny's toe again and nibbled on the tip.

'I don't take long,' I said.


I flipped back the sleeping bag and wriggled myself up to a sitting position. All the while keeping Danny's toe in my mouth. I saw a tenting in his shorts.

Danny looked down toward my dick. He hopped off of his bed and kneeled on the floor beside me. In an instant his mouth surrounded mine and he placed his hand onto my cock through my shorts. His tongue explored my teeth and gums.

'Mmm,' he said pulling away from my face slightly, 'you taste like a concentrated version of TJ.'

I smiled and pulled his head toward mine. This time I kissed him. He let me move around his mouth at will. Danny left his hand outside my underwear but had a firm grip on my hard cock. As we kissed I felt myself throb and my shorts got wet as some pre-cum oozed out from the head.

'Mmm,' Danny said again. He pulled his lips away and stuck his fingers inside his mouth to moisten them. With a wet palm he reached down again and slipped it under my waistband finding what he wanted immediately. Danny's palm rubbed over the tip of my dick. I squirmed.

We both heard the shower turn off.

'Uh oh,' I said. Danny licked his fingers again and then stuck his hand into my mouth. When he withdrew it, he replaced his fingers with his tongue and we locked our mouths together. His hand found my dick quickly and he moved my underwear away so that he could access the entire length of my erection.

'Mmm,' he said. 'Very nice.'

'Um, thanks,' I said.

Danny stroked my cock up and down and let his wet palm linger on the tip. I was sure this wasn't going to take long but I was surprised when I lost control so quickly. A silent scream escaped my lips and I stopped breathing. My cum shot into Danny's hand and he tried to contain it like a little cup. He looked at me and smiled.

'You don't take long, do you?'

'Um, well,' I said.

'Now what do I do with this?' he said grinning.

'Here, do you want to use my t-shirt?' I offered.

In a flash, Danny used one hand to push down his underwear, freeing his own hard cock. With the cum hand, he rubbed it on himself.

'Mmm,' he said. 'I think I'll just put this right here.'

He rubbed his dick a few times. I watched him coat it with my sperm.

'It's a little sticky,' he said.

'Yeah,' I said. Then I giggled. 'David's right, you are a pervert.'

'You have no idea,' he said.

Danny licked the palm of his wet hand. I watched him do that too.

'Now that's concentrated TJ,' he said.

I fell back onto the pillow. Danny moved his wet hand from his face and then covered my mouth with the same one. I let him move two fingers onto my tongue and I tasted my own cum.

'Does this make us blood brothers or something?' I asked.

'Sperm brothers amigo. Just sperm brothers.'


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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