Luke, a four-year letterman and the team's first string quarterback for the past three years, is a very gifted athlete. He stands 6-feet tall; weighs a trim 170 pounds; muscled and rock-ribbed arms, chest, abs and strong hard legs; black hair and brown eyes; smooth hairless chest and stomach with a small treasure trail of hair from his naval to his crotch; and a powerful throwing arm. He has masturbated almost ever night shooting his thick cum all over that trail of sexy hair on his abs and stomach.

Sonny has been a four-year letterman and the team's starting center all four years. He is a mean and rough big jock that knows how to barrel over the opponents time and time again. He is 6-feet and 5-inches; weighs a hard muscled 225 pounds; huge tree like arms; biceps the size of melons; thighs and legs larger than most guys waist; rock hard ass, big 9-inch cock with red pubic hair, and red headed with hazel eyes.

Luke had been best friends with Sonny during their four years in high school. They often go fishing and snow skiing together as well as playing on the team. The conversation with their team buddies often turns to sex just like any other horny teenage boys including what girlfriends have done with them and who is making out on the campus. But Luke tends to remain silent when the subject turns to sex, as he is a closeted gay man. Sonny on the other hand has been going steady with one of the senior cheerleaders. Yet, Luke is having great trouble controlling his lust for Sonny.

One day near the end of the football season of their senior year, Luke could not control his carnal craving any longer for Sonny's ass and cock. During the last practice before their last league game of the season, Luke made his move. As he took snaps of the football from Sonny, he noticed Sonny's huge ass moving and the smell of his big sweaty buddy's body. Lust took charge as Luke began to use very long counts before the snapping of the ball. During those delays, he began to use his hands to rub Sonny's ass. Sonny noticed the moves but did not react that encouraged Luke to keep playing with that big ass.

Near the end of the practice, Luke even made a few very low comments to Sonny that he had a perfect bubble ass that had Luke's cock growing. Luke wondered if that was turning Sonny on as he did not tell him to stop.

At the end of practice, Luke got lucky when Coach Jessie dismissed the team to shower and go to go home except he asked Luke and sonny to meet him in his office.

"Guys have a seat so we can talk," instructed Coach Jessie.

"During the practice today, I noticed Luke that all your counts before the snap of the football were very long. You've not done that before that increases the chance for our front offensive line to jump off sides. Why were you consistently doing that today? And Sonny what do you think?"

Luke's face turned blood red or flushed as he replied: "Coach, I was just trying to test our line's discipline to see if they would jump off sides. I thought they did a good job but I'll not try that in our game tomorrow."

"OK fine Luke. But I want to hear from Sonny."

Sonny seemed very nervous, looked at Luke and then answered: "Yea, Coach, I agree with you that Luke had very long counts today and that such long counts should be rare in our next game. But I think it was fine today to test our line. I'd encouraged Luke to try that technique today. " (Gee Sonny was lying to the Coach to protect his buddy Luke and was he really into what Luke was after?)

This answer made Luke excited. Had Sonny actually enjoyed the fondling of his ass and crotch? Luke at that moment felt a swelling of his cock. He needed to get control of that tool before getting up to leave. Man he was now really horny.

"Well guys, we have decided what to do in our last game of the season. Go shower and get some dinner and I'll see you tomorrow just before the game. Get a good night sleep. The game will decide if we win the league again."

Luke felt his heart beats running wild as they undressed in the locker room. Sonny had been totally silent after leaving the Coach's office. What was he thinking?

Finally Sonny broke the silence and said: "Luke, we need to talk. You were playing with my ass during practice but I protected you from the Coach. What do you have to say for yourself? You have to get control of that cock before tomorrow's game."

Luke felt his heart up in his throat and he became dizzy as he answered: "Oh Sonny, I confess that I was coming on to you. I cannot deny my lust for you any longer. Please do not be mad at me. If you are offended, I promise, I'll not do that again. I lost control as a horny teenager that is gay. Yea, I'm gay. I hope you will protect me until we graduate by not telling anyone."

"So Luke, I turn you on? What do you want? I bet you want me to fuck that smooth bubble ass of yours with my huge snake. Come here, you horny fucking bitch. I'll make you pay big time and see stars before I get through with that pink hot ass of yours."


I used my big hard hands to push Luke down on his knees in front of my now naked body and crotch. Wow, my 9-inch very thick long circumcised cock was hard as steel and just a couple of inches from Luke's hot pink lips. I grabbed the back of Luke's head, pushed it forward and began to shove my vein covered pulsating cock deep into Luke's throat. Luke had never seen such a monstrous cock or even taste it.

As I drove my leaking cock down that eager throat of Luke, I made him wild with lust when I said: "Bitch, take my cock down that fucking throat. Suck my hot cock. This is what you've wanted for a long time. I'm going to fuck that mouth of yours until you can hardly talk because it will be so raw from my slamming it with my giant cock. Is this what you want Bitch? Swallow my whole dick. Do you want to milk me dry. Take my milk and all that protein, you little Bitch."

Wow, my pulsating cock was getting the most awesome blowjob by this little cutie. It was better than any woman's mouth. Shit he was terrific at sucking my wood. I continued to talk dirty as it so turned on Luke making the blowjob better and better. Man I loved it.

I continued: "Bitch, how do you like my red-hot spurting thick goo down your throat? Take my entire rod deep into that fucking hot mouth. Swallow ever drop of my pre-cum. Get me hard as steel before I fuck that nasty fucking ass of yours. When I finish fucking your man pussy, you will be sore and walking funny for a week. How will you explain that to our teammates and the Coach? Do you hear me, you fucking bitch? Are you now happy that you came on to me? Let's see how bad you want my huge wood up that little tight virgin pink man pussy. I bet you can't take all of my tool. I can't hear you. Tell me, Bitch."

Luke got off my cock long enough to say: "Yea, buddy I love sucking your cock and yea fuck my ass hard. Give me all you've got."

When I got close to coming, I pulled my cock out of that sexy mouth, lifted Luke up and pushed him hard back against the lockers. I began thrusting my tongue past Luke's lips and began devouring the back of his soft wet throat with sloppy deep kissing. We produced gobs of spit, as we engaged in a very long messy session of battling tongues. It was so awesome.

Our naked sweaty bodies were intertwined as we humped each other while we continued to kiss. From the leaking pre-cum of our cocks and body sweat, we had become soaked from our heads to our toes. We felt our cocks slide across each other as they were slick from the pre-cum and sweat. The humping, kissing and fast breathing went on for a long time until we were near coming. Our sweaty bodies added to the typical locker room athletes odors that turned us on even more.

Finally when exhausted, we stopped and Luke asked: "Wow, Sonny, you're the hottest jock on the planet. Please suck my cock before you fuck me. I want to feel your sexy lips grip my cock, please."

"Hell yea, I will suck you dry. I've been wondering how your ejaculate from your super hot 8-inch circumcised cock would taste for days. You see, I've got a confession to make. I've noticed that beautiful cock of yours in the shower for four years and I've wanted to suck it many times. Let me reveal a long kept secret. I've lusted after your cock and ass for four years. I've wanted you to be my bitch for years. I only dated the cheerleader for public appearances. I am crazy about you. Man you make me so horny."

I had never seen Luke happier and I noticed tears in his eyes. He was beyond beautiful as he looked into my eyes.

"OH Shit, Sonny, you've been horny for me too, is that what you are saying?"

"You got it Bitch. I was horny as hell today during practice when you were playing with my ass. I was hard as steel under my football jockstrap and cup. In fact, I soiled my jockstrap. I wanted to throw you on the field, rip off all your clothes, get naked myself and fuck you in front of the entire team. Man you made it hard for me to concentrate on the practice. Get on your back you little Bitch on the bench and I will give you the blowjob of your life. I admit I've sucked several cocks. I want you to come in my mouth. Look your cock is already throbbing from the thought of my sucking it."

I had Luke get on the bench on his back, put his legs over the end of the bench, spread his legs far apart so I could have easy access to that hot cock. I planted my mouth onto the stiff cock and began to kiss, lick and suck up and down that hard rod as I fingered his juicy hot ass.

I took time to suck and play with his low hanging red hot balls. After about five minutes of this action, I began to swallow Luke's leaking cock inch by inch until I was all the way down to the base. I rotated between slow and fast sucking up and down that sweet cock. From time to time, I would clamp my lips down hard on his cock head that made it even more stiff.

After a long blowjob, I felt Luke's cock head enlarge, stiffen, throb, his balls tighten up against my chin and Luke's cock sprayed stream after stream of thick white semen down my waiting throat. I swallowed rapidly in order to capture ever drop. I pulled off that hot cock with some cum on my lips as I kisssed him to share the protein.

"Now Luke, you hunk of a perfect jock and super quarterback, I want to fuck that gorgeous ass and get off by dumping my load in your pussy. I want to feed you my juices. Let me breed my hot Bitch. I've waited years for this moment."

I laid down flat on the floor on my back and Luke got on top of me facing me. My steel hard cock was standing at full attention as I had never been harder anticipating my wood going deep into that hairless pink ass. Luke slowly came down on my rod until he had the entire cock up his ass. I began to buck my hips and butt upward as Luke pushed down hard. We fucked wildly for several minutes as our moaning and grunting bounced off the locker room walls. Would we get caught?

"Damn, Luke, the nerve endings in my cock are feeling so great as my cock rubs against the soft wall of your ass and hits that prostate. The flesh against flesh is driving me crazy. Oh shit, I can't last long. Your very tight ass is beyond euphoria. You are a little fucking Bitch Baby."

After several minutes of fucking in this position, we got up and I put Luke up facing the lockers. I got behind him and drove my now over heating cock deep into his ass. I plowed that man pussy with great force as Luke's body was driven hard into the lockers making really loud sounds that could be heard throughout the dressing room. I was now beyond no return as my semen gathered and began to rush out of my balls, up my cock shaft and flooded Luke's ass with spurt after spurt of my ejaculate.

I pulled out, figured Luke's ass, took my now cum covered fingers and fed my semen to Luke. We kissed and shared my seed.

WE showered, dressed and agreed that we would be fuck buddies for the remaining of the school year. AS we left the gym, I said: "Luke, my little Bitch, lets get some dinner."

As we chopped down on our hamburgers and fries, Luke asked: "Sonny, you know Coach Jessie has never been married and he is now 45-years-of-age. He never dates women. Do you think he is gay? Man, he is such a good looking stud and in perfect shape as he works out ever day. He is hot as hell."

I answered Luke: "Yea, Luke he turns me on and you too, right? He is at least 6-feet and 2-inches tall, blonde hair and sexy blue eyes, weighs about 195 muscled pounds and has a ripped jock's body. Have you ever noticed that wood between his legs when he showers with us? Man it has to be at least 11-inches when totally stiff. Man, I'd like to see it hard and see how much I could take of that snake. I've heard rumors that he fucks some of the pro football players on our town's pro team. The word is that he is a master fucker and that guys love that he fucks with such power."

"Sonny, maybe we should make a move on him to see if we can have some of that dick? Do you suppose he would get it on with we two players. But I would never want to get him fired."

"Me too Luke but I like the idea of trying. Wow, a three way with the Coach could be awesome. Lets sleep on it and talk later. By the way, I love sex with you. You are great."

"Sonny thanks for an incredible fuck. I'm in love with you. My dream has come true."




Naughty Eric


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