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Let's get back to where we left off.


Ohhhhh...shit! Yeaaaaaa...right there! Give me all you got Daddy! WHY DID I SAY THAT?! 

He twisted my body to where I was still laying on my back, but my ass was sideways. He lifted his right leg and put it on the side of my face! 

At first, I was like what the fuck is this shit, but the moment he started hammering away at my ass, I forgot I was being dominated. (Or just forgot to care!) We flipped and flopped, he gave me some love slaps on the face and ass, filled my mouth with a finger or two, all the while doing physical assault on my ass. We finished on our sides in a spooning position, filling me to the brim with his cream.

"I feel you shooting in me! Don't pull out! I want to lay like this forever!"

I pushed back impaling myself on him, he moved closer making sure not to leave out a single centimeter. He nibbled on my neck and said "I think I love, fuck think! I know I do!"

"Ha!" I said exhausted. "You love this ass!"

"No, babe I love you!"

"Okay, I love you too...." I said putting my thumb in my mouth and falling asleep. 


The next (late) morning, I awoke in an unfamiliar place. Just for a moment, I couldn't remember where I was. I discovered I was naked and in a bed that was not mine. I felt someone behind me. It was Mr. Williams sitting across the room in a chair staring at me, smiling. FUCK! I thought. I told him I loved him back, didn't I?! Shit, now he's sitting here watching me sleep. I have got to get outta here!

"Good morning sexy." Mr. Williams said.

"Morning!" I responded, while scuffling trying to find my clothes.

"Why are you in a rush? I thought we could go out for breakfast...well, brunch now, haha. Spend the day together."

"Are you insane?! Why don't we just go down to the Justice of Peace, and make this official?!?!" I snapped.

"Well, I would have to get a divorce first." He said rather nonchalantly. 

"Don't even joke like that! Me and my teacher going to a Sunday brunch. In this town?! Ha!"

"I'm serious. I haven't been happy for years now, and I've found that with you."

"I call bullshit! You can't be serious! You have two children under the age of two, so something tells me you've been happy more than you are now acknowledging." I said slipping my jeans over my phat ass.

"I love my kids, but my wife tricked me into having them. We only have had sex twice in a few years and both times she got pregnant. She wasn't taking her birth control. Niles there's something about you that is genuine, unique and fucking intoxicating! This started as me dominating you in my classroom, but the more and more I'm with you the harder I fall. After last night, I KNOW that I am in love with you." 

Damn I thought. Maybe she's living a double life too! There's no way she's laying next to this fine ass man every night and not wanting to have him on her 'inside parts'. There's something else there, I just know it. 

"All of that sounds beautiful, but it doesn't change the fact that you are a MARRIED, FATHER of TWO, that happens to be my TEACHER! We can never be together in a "real" way. I thought we both just wanted to have some fun?! I mean you're a great guy and all, but you're not available. Period." I said putting on my shoes. 

"I can be....I want to be with you, in a real way." He said as he knelt before me as if he was proposing. 

I must be getting punk'd right now! Where's the camera?!

"What are you doing?! Get up! What kind of fool do you think I am?! I'm not going to stand by and aide in you leaving your family for me! What, just so you can do the same thing to me down the line? No thanks, I believe in karma. A man that abandons his family is not appealing to me. Ok??? Anyway, thanks for last night. I'll let myself out." 

This enraged him. He went ape shit throwing and breaking things, cursing, and then he charged at me and slammed me up against the wall (and not in a good way). 

OMG...he's lost his mind!!!  

"You can't play with people's emotions like this! I love you and you are going to let me love you! You can't walk out on me!"

He may be crazy, but he's not stupid. I am no punk. 

"First of all you need to let me go! Secondly, you can love me all you want, but you still have a FAMILY and you have to provide for them, so you need your job! You can't be with me in a 'real way' and have a job. Also, If you're not happy at home, then leave! But don't do that for me! Do it for yourself!"

Let the crazy man down easy, I thought. 

"You're right. I'm sorry. I've got a lot of shit going on, and I need to get my shit figured out. Let me let you out." 

I moved to the side to let him walk ahead, just to assure myself that he couldn't kill me from behind! That was almost too easy!

As we approached the garage door he pressed me up against the wall and gave me a kiss that was nothing short of an orgasm in my mouth. His hands travelled down to my ass, and mine to his already full hardon.

"See what you do to me?" He asked giving me crazy eyes. 

OMG! I've got to get out of this house, before I am a victim of a crime of passion! Play it cool Niles and exit! 

"That'll have to wait until later! I'll never get out of here, if I see it again." I gave him one last kiss and squeeze of the dick and walked out the door. 

As I backed out his garage and driveway I began to think over what just happened. I was still in shock and shaking a bit. I couldn't believe this man! I gave him some ass and he went crazy! I couldn't help but to smile a bit. Hehe. I picked up the phone...I had to call Tiffany.

"Damn Niles! You must've put it down! He was ass-matized! Now, who is this mystery man?" Tiffany said laughing.

"Look, I didn't even do anything spectacular. If anyone should've been feeling some type of way it should've been me! He was the one trying to give me a baby! And a secret is a secret!" We laughed together. 

I can not tell her I'm sleeping with Mr. Williams just yet.  I left out the fact that he was married with kids, and of course my (our) teacher. She might flip out! Just then, another call was coming through on my phone. It was Justin. 

"You should answer it, Niles."

"I don't have anything to say to him. He thought I disrespected and betrayed him by calling out another dudes name while we were in the moment, but he actually goes out and fucks somebody else! Is that supposed to make us even?! I think not."

"No, that doesn't...but, the fact that you slept with someone else just a little while ago, should make you pretty close to even." Tiffany said very matter-of-factly.

"Ugh! I hate you! Always being politically correct!" I said annoyed. 

"Be a big boy and talk to him. Talk it out. Even if you don't end up together."

"But, I don't want to be a big boy Tiff, I want to be a little boy!" I said whining. We both laughed. 

"Boy bye. Get off my phone. Handle your biz!"

Honk! Honk!

"Sounds like you need to move out the way!" She said. 

"Some fool pulled up next to me and is trying to get my attention. I don't respond to that."

"Boy, look and see who it is!"

I almost ran off the road! 

"Tiff, you will not believe this! John's  ass is trying to get me to pull over."

"Damn boy! Your ass is that good?! They are coming out the woodworks!   Shit, I may need some pointers! He must be driving his mama car? Scrub ass!" She laughed.

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!" I sang laughing. "It's not hers...I don't know who's car it is. Okay, let me pull over and see what he wants, and I'll call you back."

"Yesssss! I gots ta know! Call Justin back too! Bye hoe!" 

"I got yo hoe! Bye fool!"

I pulled up in the parking lot of a busy strip mall. John pulled in beside me. He got out and yanked on my door handle. It was locked. I rolled down the window. 

"What do you want John?"

"Seriously?! Open the door Niles! We need to talk."

"No WE don't NEED to do anything! YOU need to get on with it! I have places to be."

"Please, the door."

I did. 

He tried to give me a hug and my hands never left my lap. 

"You are a piece of work."

"I've been told. Now, what is it?"

"I fucked up. I know that. I accept that and I apologize. I never meant to hurt you, I just didn't know what to do in that situation. You do something to me. Something that I've never experienced before. Everything goes out the window when it comes to you and I don't...I didn't know what to do in that moment. I was scared. I should've held you, should've kissed you, should've made you feel wanted and needed. Will you please forgive me?"

Damn, he's saying the right things! I thought to myself. 

"I forgive you, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to trust you again. You were my first, John. I really had strong feelings for you and you shit all over that! So, if you're looking to just score again, I think you should look elsewhere."

"I'm not trying to get at you...I just want to clear the air and hopefully we can start over. After that, who knows." He said rubbing his hand up my leg. 

"Boy stop! Ok John. Just friends. I swear I don't give anyone second chances, so consider yourself supremely warned. You fuck with me again, and I won't even spit on you if you catch on fire. You'll be dead to me. Dead, DEAD!"

"I'll take that. I promise never again. What are you about to get into?"

"Nothing now, just on my way home. My parents get back in town tonight, so I have to do some laundry. Why, what are you getting into?"

"Well, for NOW I'll settle for you coming with me to see the new Tyler Perry movie that came out this weekend. Do you want to go see it?"

"OK so why the emphasis on NOW? What are you getting into later?" I asked rather inquisitively. 

"Hopefully that ass!" He said smirking.

I rolled my eyes, and didn't even justify that with any words. I did however wonder about this daylight public excursion.

"You want to go to a movie theater and be boo'd up with me?"

"Uhhh, yea...yea...I mean why not?!"

"MmmHmm, we'll see...ok I'll go. I just need to go home and shower. When is the next showing?"

"12:40." He looked me over, now probably noticing I looked flushed. "Where'd you say you were coming from?"

"I didn't. So, am I picking you up?"

"No, I'll pick you up, I got my own whip now. Is Justin better than me?"


"Is that where you were just coming from?"

"Hell no! I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Sure...I'm not stupid. I see the way you look at him, and the how he's always talking about you. If you haven't fucked him yet, you probably will."

"We already fucked! Then, he went out and fucked someone else. So, he's a non factor to me."

"I knew it! I saw how mad he was when he caught us coming out the weight room. That's fucked up tho! I kept it in my pants at least!"

"Yea, whatever I'm done talking about it. Come by around 12. I'll try to be ready."

John leaned over and kissed me smack dab on my lips. He pulled back to get a reading and I didn't protest, so he came back for some more. We started making out like crazy! Damn! What is wrong with me?! As I gathered myself I opened my eyes and saw the neighborhood kingpin walking by to his truck. I think he saw us, but I'm not sure. Who cares, right? Oh, I forgot to mention how this kingpin was Tiffany's oldest brother, Joe. 

"Damn, you got me hard as a brick. I don't know if I can wait until later."

"Boy, later is a loooonnggg way off, you aren't getting any ass! I gave you a little taste and now you want the whole kitchen. Patience."

"My dick doesn't understand that."

"Neither does my ass, but that's why I think with my head."

"Shit, you got jokes. Ok...bye...see you in a few."

We pulled out the parking lot and headed our separate ways. I picked up the phone to call Justin back and received a text message from Tiff.

"So, I guess it went well? Heard you were slobbing down some dude in the AT&T parking lot."

"Damn that was fast! I knew he saw us! Tell Joe I saved the best for him!" I said jokingly.

"Gross! He don't want you! He has a girl!" Tiff responded.

"Mmmmhmmm...Just saying, if he ever wanted to try it out. Lol" 

An emoticon displaying a grossed out face came across my phone. 

I went to my missed calls and clicked Justin's name. 

"HEY NILES!" He said in a very anxious tone. 

"You called? What's up?"

"I was hoping we could talk."

"I'm really not in the mood."

"Well I'll talk, all you have to do is listen. Can I come over?" 

"Well, I haven't made it home yet, and I have plans later. I can text you afterwards if I have time."

"Damn. It's like that. That's cool then, I guess." He responded.

"Yes it is...thx to you. Ok bye."

I didn't go into anything further or wait for a response. The more I thought about it, I realized he wasn't the HS hubby material I thought he was. He got mad and moved right along to the next one. Not the kind of person you want to be committed to. Tiff was somewhat right. I had sex with someone else too, but mine wasn't out of anger. His intent was to get back at me. I could care less. I will not be constantly wondering every time we have a falling out that he's going to seek comfort in someone else. I'm putting my attention back on John. I need some stability. I wonder if he's willing to offer that?

I arrived home and hopped in the shower, where the temperature was already steaming hot. I wanted to rid my body of the previous nights endeavors.  I took the turkey baster I kept nearby, filled it with warm water and inserted it into my ass. I held it there for a bit and then jumped out and sat down on the toilet releasing the water and the millions of sperm belonging to my naughty psycho teacher.  

Ding dong!

Fuck! John is here already. I ran downstairs wearing nothing to open the door. I'll just run down, open it, and run back up to finish. John had already seen me naked, why be shy now. (What? I promise there was nothing else going on here!) I unlocked the door and turned around to run back upstairs. 

"It's open" I yelled back running up the stairs.

"Damn boy. You must be waiting on old boy to come by. Your ass is so PHAT!"

I turned around mid-steps startled, because that was not John's voice. 

"OMG Joe!" I stumbled running up the stairs and came tumbling back down. 

He ran over to help me.

"Shit Niles, are you okay?" 

"I think so"

I stood up, with the help of Joe. He pulled me up by my hands and next thing I knew, I was face to face with my best friends thug brother. His hands traveled down my back and stopped at the top of my ass. Our eyes locked. He licked his lips. My hands traveled up his huge biceps and to his broad shoulders. His hands went down to cup my bountiful ass. 

"So, I heard you saved the best for me?! Put it on me baby boy."

I must say, I always found Joe attractive, but never in a sexual way. He's my best friends brother for Pete's sake, and that's all I ever considered. Today, standing before me, I took it all in. His light brown sugar colored skin, neat cornrows, grey smoky eyes, developed muscles, slightly taller frame (6'7" to my 6'5"), full goatee, perfect teeth and beautifully brown lips (from all the weed smoking I presume). He looked like a buffer, taller Jensen Atwood. Yum! Guys, this is a M.A.N., a beautiful man and he wants ME!!!

I leaned upward and forward and began kissing him ever so slowly. Then, I stuck the tip of my tongue in his mouth, and found his anxiously awaiting. We began licking and sucking and fucking each other's mouths with our tongues. I tried to suck his tongue right out of his mouth. Joe was kneading my ass like biscuit dough! I let my hand down from his neck and found his raging hardon. I'm not a size queen or anything...but good googly moogly, this thing was long and fat with a mean right hook. Who am I kidding? I've come to love a big dick! As I bit his bottom lip, I jacked his dick and he began moaning and groaning. 

"Think you can handle this dick baby boy?"

"I'm always up for a challenge!" I said as I knelt down to "inspect it" further. I kissed and licked all around, up and down, side to side without ever putting it inside my mouth. Joe was going crazy! 

"Damn Niles just suck it already."

With that I began licking the underside of his dick head and moved up to the piss hole planting my tongue tip inside.

"Ohhhhh fuuuucckk!"

I swirled my tongue all around his dick head several times and let it fall from my mouth. I proceeded to get up from my kneeled position and Joe was left in pure heat. 

"What the fuck??! Please don't do me like that!" He said.

"Calm down boy. I want that in my ass, like right now. Follow me to the kitchen. I want you to fuck me on the counter." 

"Wherever you want me baby boy."

I hopped on the counter's edge and spread my legs inviting him in. I reached over to the EVOO and spread it all over his piece. I passed the bottle to him and he applied some to his fingers and began teasing and lubing up my contracting hole. 

Joe lined up his dick and pushed the head of his monster inside of me. FUCK it felt like opening night! You would think after being recently fucked his entry wouldn't be so harsh! WRONG! This crooked febreze spray can size dick was stretching me to the max.

"You want more?" He asked.

"YESSSS!"  I said while pushing up on his dick.

He pushed, I pushed. He moaned, I groaned. Then, it was like he ran out of room within me. He was hitting a wall. My colon wall. After he wiggled and maneuvered a little he broke through and I turned into a fucking thot! I was moaning just like a girl! Which seemed to be turning my thug on even more! 

"Damn, boy you are tight as fuck! And wet too! You ain't ever had dick like mine! Your sexy ass is mine now!"

I couldn't speak, any words I had to offer only came out as mumbling banter! All I could do was whimper, yelp and scream, and that's just what I did! 

"Hold on baby boy!" He said as he sat me up on the counter, and locked his lips with mine. He lifted my legs up to his shoulders and started slamming into me! Long dicking me! I sounded like an alley cat! 

"Fuuuuccccckkkkk meee.....ooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh....eeehhh...eeehhhh....oooohhhh....aaaaaaaaahhhh....yeaaaaaaaa......." Were the sounds escaping my lungs. 

"You like this daddy dick don't ya?"

"Ohhhhh yea, yea, yea, yea.... I. I. L-L-LOVE it!!! I said with each thrust. 

"I'm about to give you my babies!"

"Yesssss, pleasssseee!!!" I begged and realizing something new was happening to my ass. 

My ass was clenching and releasing like never before! I had shot cum all between us, without ever touching my dick and my ass was wet as ever. It was like I came out of both orifices! 

"Aaarrrrrgggghhhhh!" He let out a loud lion roar! 

"Mmmmmmm fuck" I said as I began sucking on his neck.  I knew he would have a hickey or two tomorrow, 

He started to pull out and I brought my legs down and wrapped them tightly around his waist. I didn't want him to ever leave! I held onto him for dear life! We made out for another few mins and finally I started to ease up on him. He pulled out and there was a noticeably large pop. Even at half mast, his flag pole left an unbelievably large void in my ass. Cum was running all down my legs. 

Joe leaned back on the fridge to gain his composure and I laid back on the island to gather myself. 

As I came out of this blissful state, I realized my name was being called. 

"Niles! Yo Niles! You just leave your front door open for anyone to come in! NILES! Are you ready for the movie?"

It was then I realized it was not Joe calling out to me, but John at my door! 

Fuck! I jumped up and Joe was already scrambling trying to get his clothes back on!

"Yo who is that?!" He asked

"My boyfriend, I think. You didn't lock the door?! Damn!" I said annoyingly. 

"Your boyfriend, huh? Maybe I should go out and meet him!" he said flashing a teethy smile at me. 

"Stop talking and give me your shirt!"


"Give me your shirt!"

He pulled off his shirt and I slipped it on. Thankfully he's a little taller than me, and his shirt fell right below my ass. I felt the slimy love nut on my leg and reached for a paper towel quickly wiping up all that I could. 

"Stay here until I come get you!" I told Joe as I headed around the corner to confront John. 

"Hey! Is it 12 already?! I was doing some laundry and got caught up. Go up to my room and wait for me. I still have to jump in the shower real quick." I said with a straight face. 

"Damn I swear if we can't do nothing imma need you to put some clothes on!" He said kicking his lips and grabbing his dick.

"Shut up boy and go upstairs."

"Aiight! Don't take all day, we need to leave in 15 mins." He said walking up the stairs. 

"30! I don't like previews anyway!" I yelled upstairs. 

"Damn! So many rules!" He said under his breath. 

"What'd you say?!" I yelled back. 

"Hurry up!" He said back.

I'll deal with that comment later. For now, I've got to get Joe's thug ass out if my kitchen. I ran back around the corner to get Joe. I grabbed his arm and ran to my front door.  Shoeing him out the door.

"Damn, can I get a kiss bye or something?!" 

I pulled him back in and gave him a kiss that should go down in history! I pushed him up against the wall and entangled my fingers with his, lifting his hands above his head. We were licking and biting like boys at choir camp! I let his hands go first, put my hands on his firm pecs and sucked that juicy tongue until it was dry. 

"Imma call you baby boy!" He said slapping my ass and turned to walk away.

"You better!" I said closing the door. 

I leaned up against the door for a second grinning from ear to ear. I couldn't believe what just happened! Sex is just getting better and better! I don't know how I'm going to juggle this one!

"NILES! What are you doing?! Let's go!" John yelled from upstairs.

"I'm coming, shit! You can't rush perfection! 

"Perfection that still needs a shower! Bring yo ass!" He said.

To be continued...

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