I was about thirty five, already married and happily so. But much to my sorrow, I’d been having these fantasies about having sex with another man.  Then my high school class reunion came up and I drove to the party, only men, no wives or girlfriends with Wayne a high school buddy of mine. 

We had way too many drinks and then on the way back, it was a long drive on a mountain road.  I was very drunk and driving and talking to Wayne when out of the blue I just had the urge to reach out and grab his crotch. I was just drunk enough to do it. As my hand lay in his lap, Wayne stayed very still. Very surprised, I think, but not reject me.  

Trying to drive with one hand, I boldly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. As he pulled his legs apart I reached inside and grabbed his cock, which by now was hard.

As I slowly stroked his cock, Wayne was very quiet.  Encouraged I kept stroking until we arrived at his place.  He had separated from his wife Julie recently and was living alone. Disheartened because it was time to drop him off, I pulled up in his driveway and watched as he adjusted his pants.

The door swung open and he turned in his seat. With his feet on the ground but still sitting down, Wayne asked, “Would you like to come in for a nightcap?”

I quickly and happily said, “Yes,” so inside we went.

Serving drinks, he then went to his bedroom and was there for what seemed to me like a long time. When he came back he’d stripped off his clothes and was wearing this sort of Japanese robe.

With a solemn expression Wayne told me that since I was so drunk I couldn’t drive home safely, so if I wanted to I could take a nap and sober up a little.

Then Wayne took me to his big bed and lay next to me and appeared to fall asleep immediately. 

Of course after the little incident in the car I couldn’t constrain myself.  I reached inside his robe and as I’d guessed he was totally naked underneath it.

Wayne was probably really asleep, because when I got no reaction when I grabbed his limp cock. With his hot cock in my soft hands, I slipped the purple-red head of his still limp cock between my lips, and ran my tongue all around it in my mouth. I heard Wayne moan as I looked up at him. 

His cock still soft, I took it all the way into my mouth. I slowly sucked it in and out with just the pressure of my lips and my mouth. As it got rock hard, I wasn’t so drunk anymore and I started feeling this mix of emotions, guilt, fear, shame, etc.  So I just sucked it for a little while, then got up and left.

Mid morning the next day I was at home with my wife Linda. I had a terrible hangover and even worse feeling of guilt.

When Wayne called my wife Linda answered. After talking to him for a few minutes Linda said, “It Wayne and he wants to talk to you.”

I just about fainted with guilt and fear. When I got on the phone, Wayne was all happy and cheery, telling me how much he’d enjoyed our time together. I was scared as hell so I told Wayne, “Look I can't remember anything about last night. I was so drunk after we left the party that I can’t remember a thing.  How did I get to your house? What time was it? I was playing the fool the whole time.” 

Astonished, wayne stammered, “What the fuck is going on here, is this for real or just bull-shit” so we just leave it at that and never mention it ever again.”

I could hear what he was saying, but in my mind, I kept thinking about last night, a big conflict between my sex driven instincts and my rigid catholic upbringing.

Let me tell you, it took me a few years to get rid of all the guilt and actually suck a dick. The kids were away for the weekend so I’d stopped at my favorite adult bookstore to pick up a DVD for Linda and me to watch that night. While I was browsing I noticed a guy browsing in the same section. 

He was the picture of fitness and for some reason I was drawn to him like I’d been drawn to Wayne years before. He was six foot three inches tall with broad shoulders that tapered into a narrow waist. When he stooped down to look at DVDs on the lower shelf I could tell by the way his pants hugged his legs that he had well defined quadriceps and calves. He looked like an athlete that kept himself very fit. His dark brown hair matched his mysterious dark brown eyes. 

The stranger and I made eye contact and then soon he headed into arcade and I followed him.  In the back he got a booth with a gloryhole and I got the one beside him. 

I dropped to my knees to watch through the hole as the stranger stripped. Very slowly, he reached down and stroked his fingers across the growing bulge in his pants. Now that he had my attention the stranger slowly undid his belt, sliding it free. Teasingly, he unbuttoned his pants, slid the zipper down slowly. 

Reaching inside his boxers, he wrapped his fingers around his growing cock. It looked huge in his hand, thick and long. Eight inch, pulsing with blood. Pulling it free of his boxers and pants, the stranger ran his fingers over the tip of his head and then down the side. I groaned quietly as I watched his cock pulsing in his fingers.

He stroked it a few times and then stepped toward the hole and pushed his semi hard dick through the opening. As soon as it came through I grabbed hold of it and took it in my mouth. Though soft, I slowly and softly suck it in and out with just pressure of my lips and mouth. 

Once I'd sucked it rock hard, I start to slowly rhythmically take more and more of its length into my mouth. I slowly slide his dick deeper into my mouth, the head bumping the back of my throat. Then I slowly went from tip to base over and over.

At one point during the sucking I started moan as I bobbed my mouth up and down, I knew others outside the booth heard me, I wanted them to. It didn't take long before the tall stranger’s cock swelled even larger and I felt the first blast hit the back of my mouth. I had the head deep in my mouth and had to back up to receive his load. 

The stranger pulled back.  I sat there on my knees his cum dripping down my chin. As I watched through the hole he started to jerk it off for his final load.  Not knowing what to do, I stuck my tongue through the hole.  I felt the head of his cock rest on my tongue as his cock again began to spew out more cum.

Then the stranger pushed his dick back through the hole and left it as I finished sucking it limp. 

That was the first of many trips to the bookstore and the viewing booths.

On the way out, because we both like them I picked up a lesbian DVD and after we watched it Linda and I screwed like two teenagers on prom night.

Now I am older, wiser, and I know and I accept the fact that I am bi-sexual, I like having sex with men and also with women. 

It is a totally different experience, what I get from sex with men is different from what I get from sex with women. But I like it both ways, and I know now life is too short to worry about what the fuck people are going to think about me.  Or, even worse, what I’m going to think about myself.  If I’m just doing what I like…who the fuck cares?  Yeah, I love sucking cocks and I love fucking pussies too; so, who the fuck gives a fuck?  And if someone does, I don't give a fuck? 

Now despite what others think I'll just keep fucking women and sucking off men.  It makes me happy and that's that. In the end, it's called mental health...and balance.     

The end…



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