'Hey, tell me, Jack, what are these things?' Chad asked, holding up a small plastic bag containing a few coins.

I blushed involuntarily. I had dropped that bag of coins into my shaving kit. I figured no one would ever find the coins there. Every once in a while I'd come across them and smile, remembering how they came into my possession, but I had forgotten about having them when this eighteen-year-old son of a family friend came to spend a weekend with me to check out a local college. So, of course, wouldn't you know, he spotted them.

'Oh, they're nothing, Chad,' I answered noncommittally. I had done lawn mowing and yard work for his dad when I was in high school. Chad had been in grade school then. We were about five years apart.

'Really?' he asked, sarcastically. 'Then how come one side is engraved with an erect cock with a giant set of balls, and the other side shows a man's muscular ass? Just what kind of coins are these, anyway?'

He had been standing in the bathroom, with only a damp white towel loosely wrapped around his bare frame, when I had passed the open door. I had gotten an instant impression of a very well developed physique, which left me a little lightheaded. The profiled bulge at the crotch was impossible to ignore.

'I picked them up a couple of years ago,' I told him simply, as memories of how I came to have the coins came flooding back, causing a wave of erotic pleasure to surge through my already energized lower abdomen.

'Where?' he wanted to know.

'During a period I spent in the Mid-West,' I said trying to be evasive about the whole thing.

'Com'on, Jack,' he persisted, grinning, still holding up the bag, turning towards me and moving a few steps closer. 'What kind of place uses this kind of coin?' His well-proportioned body looked spectacular: muscular shoulders; rounded pecs with dark, hard nipples; flat, sharply defined stomach and narrow waist; large calves and strong feet. It was the morning of his first full day with me, after having arrived, exhausted, late at night and going straight to bed, so this was the first time I was seeing him undressed and nearly nude.

'Well, to tell you the truth, it's one of those private-booth, dirty-movie, kind of places,' I admitted nervously.

'Must be a gay joint, judging by the engraving,' he deduced. Then, when he saw my startled reaction, he laughed.

'Uh...' I gulped, not knowing what to say.

'Hey, don't sweat it. Dad told me you were gay. You don't have to be embarrassed about it around me.'

'Joe told you I was gay?' I asked in surprise.

'Sure. Years ago. And you know, I've always kinda wondered just exactly how he knew. I wouldn't have guessed myself. Did you tell him? Or did you and he...?' He paused, smiling. '...You know...' He let the rest of the idea dangle between us, but movement at the front of his towel was obvious. Chad was becoming aroused. He was coming on to me. It was clear he was getting an erection. So was I, but confined in my jeans I don't think it was quite as obvious as his.

I let the unfinished question go unanswered.

'Did those booths have glory holes?' he suddenly asked. He looked very interested.

I nodded. 'Most of them,' I told him truthfully.

'Wow!' he sighed. 'I've heard of glory holes, but I've never actually seen one.'

I smiled, understandingly.

'Did you ever, you know, put it through, and get it, uh, sucked?' he asked quietly, his voice strained with excitement.

I nodded.

'Did you ever, well, you know, get one shoved in, through the hole, towards you?' He was pausing between each phrase, out of nervousness or excitement, and then he held his breath waiting for my answer.

I nodded slowly.

'Wow!' he repeated, pausing, reflecting. Then he asked, huskily, 'Did ya ever, you know, uh, suck...?' He stopped. I got the impression he felt the question was over the line.

But I nodded, anyhow. I wasn't smiling.

'Oh, man,' he whispered, 'talking about this is getting me turned on.'

'I can see that,' I told him quietly.

'I've always wondered how it would feel like to get a...' Again, he didn't finish the thought.

'Wanna find out?' I asked. I licked my dry lips lasciviously.

His response was to unfasten the towel and let it drop to the floor. An amazingly impressive, rapidly expanding, major cock greeted me. Huge balls in a large, tight, crinkly sac confirmed his readiness as the giant cock rose between us, showing its strength, lifting its mammoth head, filling out to man-sized proportions.

'Why don't you...' he started to say, as he came closer still, then he reached out and popped open the top button of my jeans, '...get naked, too,' he added. He tugged the sides of my tee shirt and pulled it up over my head while I lifted my arms to aid the garment's removal. I unzipped my pants, kicked off my loafers, pushed down my jeans and stepped out of them. I was naked, now, too.

'Man, you're uncut!' he sighed, excitedly, knowingly, as he reached for my almost completely erected organ. His intimate touch caused me to swell to full rigidity in a flash.

'Oooh, this 'skin moves so smoothly,' he sighed, his gaze transfixed on my cock. His touch was knowing and sure of itself.

I let out a quiet groan of pleasure.

He glanced up quickly, looking me in the eye. 'I've jacked off with a few of my friends, and jacked some of them off, too,' he admitted, softly, 'you know how it can be, foolin' around, playin' with one another, but this is the first 'intact' cock I've handled and I love it! It's so workable and easily stroked, man. I'd love to watch you shoot a load! Look! It's starting to ooze!'

His cock was already leaking pre-cum, too, but remained untouched. I didn't want to break his concentration. Besides, I was really enjoying myself.

'Have you tasted the juice?' I asked him in a whisper.

He shot a glance up into my face. He blushed. 'A little,' he admitted. 'My own, and some I've licked off my fingers.'

'Kid stuff,' I told him as his eyes got wide. 'Why don't you taste the real thing?'

'Can I?' he asked, surprising me.

'I want you to,' I said sincerely. My cock flared in his hand, becoming stiff as steel, emphasizing my arousal better than words.

He bent over, his face as close to my cockhead as possible, watching my meat as his fist worked the cockskin up and down the long tube. Now, having satisfying himself that I approved, his tongue slowly slid out, flattened and moist. I wanted to hump against it, but held back, letting him proceed at his own pace, careful not to upset or distract him.

'It's such a magnificent cock,' he sighed, almost to himself, then suddenly lapping at the firm cockhead after drawing the cockskin down off the glans. He licked at it like it was an ice cream cone.

It felt great, but I wanted more. 'Put your lips on it,' I whispered down to him.

He followed instructions, applying pressure as though kissing the head.

'You'll get more of the juice if you suck at the slit,' I instructed. Immediately, I felt light sucking pressures and felt pre-cum being drawn out of me. He received a large quantity.

Lifting his head, he looked up at me. 'Oh! Man, it's hot!' he sighed. He licked his lips. 'Slippery! Gooey!' He paused, then added, 'Great!' With a smile, he dove back to the task.

'Try drawing the...' I paused, looking for a word for cockhead that wouldn't alarm him, '...the knob into your mouth.'

Instantly, I was in! The virginal but eager mouth drew in the cockknob without hesitation. It was wonderful, but still I wanted more.

'Try applying some pressure...' I suggested, paused, and added, quietly, '...some suction.' I didn't want to say, 'Suck my dick!' and turn him off, but he had to learn to suck!

That was all it took! All of his instincts took over and he sucked hard, while continuing to pump the easily moving cockskin.

The effort he exerted was monumental, raising me quickly, almost effortlessly, to euphoric levels. I rose up onto the balls of my feet, lifting him right along with me, as he sucked as hard as he could. His tongue experimented with movement, testing the contours and firmness the flared flanges of my cockhead. My breathing shortened and I instinctively humped my hips upwards, trying to shove more cock into him. I was loving it! And everything he was doing to me reminded me, powerfully, of the first time I myself had sucked a cock.

Suddenly, his free hand cupped my balls! He tugged gently, tickling the crinkly skin. That did it!

'I'm gonna explode,' I grunted, warning him if he wasn't up to handling man's load yet. 'Can you take a full load?' I whispered excitedly.

His response was to raise the level of his effort.

Immediately, it became impossible NOT to come. My guts churned, my muscles tensed, my cock stiffened in extreme hardness, and I spurted a giant, sizzling, wad of cum into him, filling his mouth. I felt the juice swirl in his mouth, as he tasted and tested it, and then he swallowed it as a second wad spurted into his mouth with even more force. He gurgled but did not choke. He swallowed the second jet of cum and sucked for more, and more, and more, and more. Finally, when I had pumped my full load into him and he was sucking for the residue, I put a hand on his forehead and sighed, 'Enough!' He understood and slowly released me. It had been a memorable experience. For both of us!

I leaned back as he straightened up, wiping his chin with the back of his fist. He looked exhilarated!

'That was fantastic, man!' he said excitedly, 'a million times better than just jacking some guy off. And look, I'm ready to pop, myself!' His cock looked spectacular: shiny with oozing juices; rigidly erect in the final stages of arousal; and ready to blast! He looked at me with a longing hope that I'd help him out. I wondered how many of the guys he'd jacked off had failed to reciprocate, because his expression implied he almost expected me to be one of them.

'What a beauty!' I sighed.

He beamed.

'I wanna suck it, man,' I told him boldly.

'Yeah!' he agreed, huskily. 'I want you to suck it!' he confirmed.

I leaned down and put my lips to the hot cockhead, letting him eagerly hump the cock up into my face with an enthusiasm I've always appreciated. I opened to him and began sucking with expert skill, luxuriating in the feel of a truly great cock being fucked into my mouth. This was a great cock! It deserved all the pleasure I could reward it with. I sucked! Getting it into my throat. I sucked! Getting it way down my throat. I sucked! Getting it all in! Every millimeter of it! I was sucking cock! Sucking cock! Really sucking cock!

'Oh! Geez!' Chad moaned, 'You're suckin' my cock! Oh, man! You're suckin' cock! I never knew it could feel so good! You're suckin' my cock! Yeah! Suck my cock! Suck my cock!' He humped rhythmically with his comments, thrusting cock at me each time he said, 'suck.' Over and over and over. I loved it!

But it couldn't last. As my hands roamed his firm, supple body, tickling, tugging, pinching and patting, I felt him stiffen. Gooseflesh covered him from head to toe. He rose up onto the balls of his feet, as I had done, and I knew he was being lifted to orgasm. I slipped up the thick shaft of his cock, captured the hot stone-hard cockhead in my mouth, swirled my tongue around it, and was rewarded with the initial spurt of a hearty, boyish, rich, delicious jism! I swallowed and the second spurt completely filled my mouth! The third, fourth, and fifth spurts were as voluminous. I was ecstatic! It occurred to me that this guy was a really heavy cummer. A real fountain of hot, fresh cum! I sucked and sucked, finally deep throating the large organ and holding it in until he lurched back, completely spent, and withdrew.

'Oh! Man! I had always hoped it would be this spectacular, but I am amazed it's even better than I'd dreamed!'

We looked at each other with that post-orgasmic blissfulness that makes for lifelong intimacy. Forgotten were the cares and concerns of only a few minutes before. We were now on equal footing, knowing each truly enjoyed the other.

'You're still hard,' Chad observed.

'I always get hard when I suck a great cock, man,' I admitted.

'God, you suck so good! You gotta teach me how to do it like you do it. How to really suck cock!'

'Well, we've got the whole week-end to practice,' I ventured. I waggled my cock at him. 'You can begin right away, if you'd like!'

He went down on me before the words had left my mouth.

* * * * *

'Tell me about those coins, Jack,' Chad insisted.

We were lying on my bed together. It was evening now. During the day, we had tried to leave each other alone, but kept stripping one another naked and sucking each other off. His enthusiasm for sex and his carefree attitude matched mine perfectly, making our erotic adventure exceptionally satisfying. He learned quickly and loved taking directions.

We'd gone out to dinner but came right back afterwards, feeling an intense longing for each other. We'd stripped to the buff, but Chad wanted to know about the coins. Or more precisely, about the activities the coins represented.

'There's this beat-up looking building near a popular bar. I followed a humpy looking dude into it, early one evening, and discovered that it was a male-only place that sold erotica. I was looking at some hot magazines when the guy I'd followed asked the clerk for some coins and then went through some curtains in the back of the room. I bought two dollars worth of the coins, myself, and, with some hesitation, went into the back, too.

'It was dark. Several figures moved along narrow passageways, which contained many small doors. I opened a nearby door and went in. It was a tiny cubicle with a dim, red light on the wall. The light illuminated a slot for putting coins in, so I dropped one in. Immediately, a film started cranking away, rather noisily, no sound or music, mind you, just the noise of the machine...'

'What film was playing?' Chad wanted to know. He sounded breathless with interest.

'I saw two naked guys, about our ages, making out,' I told him.

'Wow!' he sighed.

'Yeah, but what I saw in the light produced by the film was that there was a hole cut into each of the side walls. The holes were big! Not just normal four-inch glory holes, but six- or eight-inch holes! Real big ones.'

'Geez!' he said quietly.

'Yeah, and there was a face staring in at me from one of the holes. Or more precisely, staring in at my crotch. It gave me a jolt. But wild with curiosity I looked through the other hole and saw the khaki pants of the guy I had been following. As I watched, squatting down to get a good look at him, he started running his fist up and down the fly of his trousers. I was able to glance up and see that he was watching a film, too, which...'

'What kind of film,' Chad asked, interrupting, wanting to know.

I smiled. 'I was about to tell you that it was a shot of a man about your age, completely naked, jacking off for the camera. It looked like he was ready to shoot off.'

'Wow!' Chad sighed.

'As I watched, the guy slowly unzipped his pants. Then he opened them and, to my surprise, let them drop to the floor. His erection was dimly lit but obvious, because he wore no underclothing.'

'Oh! Geez!' Chad repeated.

'Just as he grabbed his cock and began stroking it, his machine flickered out. A moment later, mine went out, too. I thought he'd put in another coin, right away, but he didn't. It was so dark, I could barely make out his figure, but, suddenly, I felt his hot cockhead brush against my cheek as he thrust the hard weapon in at me. He wanted it sucked!'

'Oh! Man!' Chad was listening eagerly, his eyes with excitement.

'In the background, I could hear guys shuffling around, whispers, machines coming on or shutting off, and something else, too. Something really sexy.'

'What?' Chad wanted to know.

'I could hear the unmistakable sounds of cocksucking!'

'Holy shit!'

'Yeah! From all around me! It really excited me. Immediately, I guided the cock to my mouth and discovered that it was much larger than I had thought it would be. Instantly, the guy got stony hard, and I sucked with great enthusiasm. After a few moments, the guy whispers, 'Man, you can really suck cock!' and I hummed my thanks through his big tube. 'No, I mean it,' he said excitedly, and much louder, 'you really suck a mean dick, man! You've got it down, all the way, down to my balls, man. And you're really sucking cock!' He was getting much louder the more excited he became. He was humping hard against the wooden partition, making thumping and creaking noises that were unmistakable, fairly shouting by now, and really humping cock at me.'

'What did you do?!' Chad wanted to know.

'Hell, man, I just kept on suckin' his cock as best I could. He was doing all the work. I was loving it! But it made me nervous that he was talking about it so loudly. Then he grunted noisily, shouted out, 'Here, take it! Take my load, man!' and started shooting off in my mouth. I thought he would quite down, but he grunted with each spurt of juice, and called out, 'Yeah, eat my dick!' 'Man, drink down my load!' and 'Take all this jism, man!' I remember it clearly, as if it happened yesterday. I sort of wanted him to be quiet, but I liked the dirty talk and loved taking his load!'

'Wow!' Chad sighed, again.

'Yeah, it was great!'

'I wish I'd been there,' he affirmed. His erection was rampant. So was mine. But then he asked, 'What happened next?'

'What do you mean?' I asked innocently.

'Well, did he blow you, too?'

'No. He left the booth after leaning down and whispering that he hoped he'd meet up with me again, soon. At the sound of his door opening, a throat was cleared in the other cubicle, and I looked around, my eyes now adjusted to the dim, red lighting, and I saw another erection standing through the other glory hole!'

'No!' Chad said excitedly.

'Yes! Another whopper! Well, I couldn't pretend I didn't suck cock, not after all the noise the first guy made, so with a sigh to the inevitable, but an enthusiasm that comes from loving cock, I leaned over and sucked in the second one. After just a few moments, this guy begins to get verbal, too. But he says loudly, 'Oh, he IS good! He CAN suck cock!' Not 'Oh, you are good! You can suck cock!' No. He wasn't talking to me, he was telling the other guys in the place that I was as good at sucking cock as the first guy had promised!'

'Oh!' Chad called out.

'Yeah, when he came, he thanked me and left, and sure enough, another cock was already standing tall in the other glory hole!'

'Geez! This is great!' Chad enthused, playing with himself.

'Well, sure. But I gotta tell ya, after a solid two hours in that place, I got a little wore out.'

Chad sucked in his breath at my admission, pondering the idea of a two-hour session with hot cocks.

'Yeah, I was squatting and then kneeling. It wasn't like the library toilet back in college, for example, where I could comfortably sit on a commode while one cock after another came in at me during lunch time till I'd had my fill and had to go to my next class. No, it was more like a sexual marathon and a lot of real work.'

'Umm, some work,' Chad whispered, more to himself than to me.

'Well, I'm not complaining. It was an exceptionally exciting time. When I finally was able to leave the booth, the clerk I'd purchased the coins from motioned me to come over to him. He showed me a bathroom, and said, 'Here, you can clean up in here, you're all disheveled.' I looked in the mirror and saw why he said that. My hair was all tousled and it looked like cum had caked on my chin.' I laughed.

'As I washed up, the clerk stood there telling me that he had been one of the visitors to my booth, too. 'Surprisingly, we really don't get too many first class cocksuckers in here,' he told me, and he wanted to know when I would be back. As I looked him over, wondering which cock had been his, admiring his lithe form, and realizing that he was sexier than I had at first noticed, he began to preen and pose, then rub his crotch. Finally, he simply hauled out a huge erection and waved it at me. 'Do me, again, before you leave,' he pleaded.

'Going down on him without a wall between us was extremely erotic for me. With his pants at his ankles and his tee shirt pulled up, he was as good as naked. I was able to make the encounter last a long while, really raising both of us to exceptional heights of pleasure.'

'Did you come, too?' Chad asked softly.

'Oh, didn't I tell you! Three times that evening, guys asked me if I was ready to pop, and each gave me great head.'

'But with the clerk?'

'Truthfully, with him, I was having such a good time, really enjoying myself, that when he came, I came, too, jacking off to an extremely satisfying ejaculation as I drank down his cum.'

'Yeah,' Chad agreed, writhing in ecstasy on the bed next to me, 'I love jacking off, too. And sucking cock and jacking off as it explodes into you must be great.'

'Wanna see?' I asked softly.

'You mean...' He stopped talking when I waggled my erection at him. He went down on me like a man hypnotized.

* * * * * *

'Did you get back to that place, Jack?' Chad asked me the next morning.

'Those coins were the first and last I ever bought. I only used the one coin. The rest are all here.'

'Oh, so you didn't get to go back.'

We were sitting at the breakfast table in the kitchen, wrapped only in small towels after showering together.

'No. I went back, all right. In fact, I became a 'regular.' And it surprised me how many of the men there were regulars, too, following very set routines. For almost a full year, I was there every evening between seven and nine, and, mainly, made it with the same guys, over and over, at almost the same time of day and day of the week. Some came every day. Some every other day. Some twice a week. But all of them came routinely.'

'That's amazing!' Chad interjected.

'Yeah. It was wonderful. I hated to leave. Nowadays, I can just lie back on my bed, think of all those great cocks, and jack off to orgasm just thinking about them. Remembering!'

'Man, that's terrific. I envy you. But tell me, Jack, what was it that you said last night about your college? Something about the library? Where did you go to school?' He didn't miss a trick.

'Umm, remembering about that gives me a hardon, too,' I admitted, leaning back and flashing my erection at him, again.

As he went down on me, I knew my alma mater would be getting a popular new student in the fall.

* * * * *

The coins are still in my shaving kit. No one else has seen them there. Yet. But there's always hope.

* * * * *


Jack Sofelot


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