When Ali came back by 4:00pm there was still no trace of Frank so he just went into the bathroom and took a 20 mins warm shower before dressing up and grabbin' a few burger and soda at "THE CELEBRITIES" Fast food eatery near their hostel.

At about 7pm there was a soft rattle at the door as it went ajar and there stood Frank in all his resplendence .He wore a tight pink long sleeve shirt which he folded up to the elbow,black bow tie and white leather jacket,a tight black plain trousers which showed all the contours of his sexy body rangin fròm his firm muscular butt,his 9 inches well chiselled dick,slightly muscular thighs,slender calf and feet enclosed in a white and black "ALL STARS CANVASS"

S'UP DUDE?Frank asked with two small yellow cellophane bag in his hand havin' the name "TRILLAS" Printed on it.It contained 2 medium size cups of Ice-cream and two big size sharwama each. His left hand carried his giant keyboard and balanced across his shoulder through his back was a big guitar.

"Am good" said Ali tryin as hard as it may seem to maintain a normal look and feign a smile his eyes a slight yellow frm the yellow bulb light makin him løøk like a wild god.Frank moved over to Ali who was readin on hís plastic table which contain a big blue leather bounded book"GEOMETRY and DYNAMICS", a casio scientific calculator,few lecture note and pen.He reached over and dropped the goody bag on Alis table and moved to drop his luggages.

Frank quickly slipped out of hís clothes,tied a towel round his waist went to the bathroom to shower.Almost immediately he left,Ali stealthily opened the small yellow bag which Frank dropped before him and but let out a small 'WOW' his mouth the shape of an 'O' as he did.The bag cöntained hís favourite snacks-2 medium size of ice-cream,2 big sharwama and a small transparent white plate of suya(heat dried roasted peppered meat) slightly warm perhaps just roasted.

His face beamed with brightness but was quickly clouded with contempt at the thought of what he discovered of Frank dat aftnoon and he quickly closed the bag as he stared blankly at his book vowin to deal Frank a deathblow anyday he advances him sexually.

¤¤Speachless datz hw u make me feel.... Frank sang mediously Late Michael Jacksöns track as he appeared from the bathroom hìs blonde hair curledly combed he dress in his white and pink rose flowered pygamas.

He began to scoop in generous amount of his ice-cream as he hungrily woofed his sharwama.He looked over to Ali table and saw he had not touched his dinner let alone eatin it,quite unlike him.

Whats wrong dude? I mean u have not touched ur dinner,its ur favourite frm TRILLAS.Ali kept mute,narrowin his eyez and bitin his lips so d wordz battling in his head will not come out as he felt himsèlf shakin out of anger&hate. Frank moved over to Alis table &asked hìm d second time whats wrong dude?a concerned look in his face as he gently brought his hand down on Alis shoulders.

...This was it...Ali thought as he jumped to his feet like a stallion on heat and darted to Franks cupboard knockin Frank off his feet sendin him crashin on the hard tiled floor.Once at the cupboard he reached out and brought out the 3 dildos,magazines and also gayporn DVDS a look of hate on his face.

I...I..I,..I...stammared Frank pls let me explain he said frm d tiled floor with a dark purple red lump rapidly growin by d side of his temple,and blood in his mouth.

Shut up ur mouth u dirty cocksucker man ass eatin faggot Ali flared as he growled not mindin his pitiable state and the fact dat Frank was turning white as if he had seen a ghost. "I don wanna see u anywhere around me,my property or my class u god forsakin faggot!!".Ali yelled at Frank with hate in his like conflagration engulfin a whole town as he stormed out of d room bangin d døor so loudly almost sendin it crashin to the floor.

Frank laid on the floor speachless,gazin into the thin air with a lump on his face the size of a lawn tennis ball and d color of an overriped avacado pear,blood drippin frm his mouth,eyez swollen to shuttin point.He got 2 his feet ran to the sink and washd his face amidst painful rounds of mouth rinsin'afta which he went to d fridger and brought 3 packs of ice cubes&carefully wrappin them in handkerchîef placed it at the bulgin lump on his head.

After two hours of gentle massage and the lump cönsiderably gone down almost vanished he slipped into his bed without finishin' his dinner.Quickly driftin his mind to some 3 hrz ago,the rage in Alis eyes like red crystal clear rugby diamond glowin in his eyes he had never seen dat angry.

"dirty cock sucker....bloody faggot" this hurtful words of Ali resonated in his head as he lay.He had thought Ali was his friend in whom he can confide but d last 3 hrs madé him feel he was wrong...he was alone...was inferior...half human...a piece of shit,maybe Ali was right thought.As he thought of the almost 3yrz friendship and hw it has crumbled within 3hrs tears stréamèd down his cheek and streamed more when he thought of his love for Âli.He cried about 2 hours more til he finally slept off without any sign of Ali by 12am.


He dreamt he was walkin with Ali on a narrow log of wood servin as a bridge over a deep blue sea when suddenly slipped midway.He held d wøod and called on Ali for help.Grabbing him by d hand and pulling him up a little and suddenly callin him a Faggot and lettin go of him as he fell to the depths of death Crying.




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