As I was going up the highly polished wooden stairs in our high school, a hand suddenly grabbed a hold of the back of my shirt near my waist. I turned and looked down. Andy, a handsome fellow senior, had stopped me. We were both eighteen-year-olds. I wondered what he wanted and smiled at him, although he looked pissed off.

'Leave Karen alone!' he demanded in a tension-filled low growl. 'She's my girl!'

Karen and I shared a couple of classes together, sometimes had lunch together, and found it easy to talk to one another. I figured she must have spoken to Andy about me, probably telling him that she liked me as a friend. That's what she would have told him, because that's all there was to it.

Even though Andy was now standing one step lower, we were almost eye to eye. He was a big, popular, football quarterback. But I was on the wrestling and baseball teams and wasn't one to be easily bullied.

I quickly grabbed Andy by his shirt up near the collar and pulled him close to me as I whispered directly into his ear, 'Listen, I'm only interested in you! Not her! So fuck off!' It was an impulsive thing to do. A guy does not admit to lusting after another guy. It just isn't done, and can cause serious repercussions. But at this moment I just didn't give a damn. He had pissed me off and I had told him the truth.

I let go of his shirt. Then, immediately, I grabbed it again because Andy looked so startled he seemed to be losing his balance. I thought he was going to fall backwards down the flight of stairs, and I'm sure he would have if I hadn't grabbed him back. I had to keep my composure so as not to laugh in his face, but his reaction was genuinely comical.

He grabbed my forearm and caught his balance. I let go of his shirt. He let go of my forearm. His expression turned from shock to bewilderment, then to puzzlement, and then back to shock. It surprised me how easily read his expressions were, but I didn't react.

'You.. uh.. you're.. ' he stammered, hesitant to say out loud what he must have been thinking.

I smiled at him.

He blinked a couple of time and then, rather calmly I thought, turned and went down the stairs without saying another word.

Karen was waiting for me in my next class. Before it began, I said to her, 'Andy spoke to me.'

She looked puzzled and started to say something but the class began. For the next hour, I could tell she was anxious to ask me what had been said. Finally, as we left the room together she asked me. I answered, only, 'Ask him.'

Later that day, I was showering after gym class when I glanced over to the doorway. I was surprised to see Andy standing there, fully clothed. (He wasn't in the same gym class.) He seemed to be staring at my body very intently until he saw that I was looking at him. Then, he seemed to blush. He walked away. I wondered what that was all about.

This was a rare school day for me since I did not have any after-hours schedule to meet. I started walking home. A few blocks from school, I heard someone running behind me. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that it was Andy.

'Wait up!' he called to me in a friendly voice. What could I do? I stopped and waited for him to catch up. We had had only a nodding acquaintance over the years and were not friends, nor did we travel in the same circles. He and his footballers were a strong clique. I and my baseball teammates were a different clique altogether.

'Don't you have practice?' I asked him as he got close.

'I'm skipping it, today,' he answered offhandedly, as if it were no big deal. I knew that his coach was a real hard-ass and taskmaster, so skipping practice was, indeed, a big deal.

'Oh?' I asked, simply.

'Yeah,' he replied quietly, not explaining. Then, he asked me, 'Don't you have some kind of practice, today, too?'

'No,' I told him, 'it's one of those infrequent days where I have nothing at all to do.'

'Good!' he said emphatically. 'I want to talk to you.'

'Oh, about what?' I asked casually.

'About what you said to me on the stairs, today,' he immediately responded, sounding interested not annoyed.

'What did I say to you?' I asked, sounding naïve, toying with him.

'Don't fuck around,' he insisted. 'You told me you were interested in me, not Karen. I want to know exactly what you meant by that.'

I looked up into his eyes, which were a couple of inches above mine. He had an intensive expression on his amazingly handsome face and he seemed very serious. I didn't know how to interpret that expression.

'Well, it might mean that I'm hoping you have a good season,' I said, temporizing. We started walking again, in the direction I had been going.

'Bullshit!' he said softly. His whole expression seemed to soften.

'Well, then, I'll admit that I've fallen in love with you,' I said, taking an even bigger risk than I had taken on the stairway.

'Huh!' he exclaimed, sucking in his breath. He stopped. He looked as surprised as he had looked on the stairs.

'From afar,' I said, feeling romantic.

'But... you're a...' he stammered,' ...a guy!'

'So what?' I asked, smiling sweetly at him.

'But, guys don't...' his voice trailed off. He started walking again.

'Don't they?' I asked, knowingly.

'Well, I've heard about...' again, his voice trailed off. He seemed to want to talk clearly about this but was unable to bring himself to say exactly what he thought.

'About what?' I whispered, tantalizingly, like drawing him into a conspiracy. I waited for a reply.

'Er... cock... er...' he stammered and I looked interested,' cocksuckers?' he finally said.

'Cocksucking is good,' I whispered softly.

His eyebrows shot up. 'Do you mean you...' he couldn't finish the question. He didn't need to.

I just nodded.

'I mean, well, I mean...' he said hesitantly,' ... I've heard about this kind of thing, and, well, I mean, I've wondered...' Once again he stopped.

'Why don't we stop off at my place,' I suggested. 'It's just another block away. My parents won't be home for three hours. We can talk about this off of the street.'

'Yeah,' he agreed huskily and immediately. 'Let's get off the street.'

It was then that I glanced down quickly and noticed for the first time that he had an incredible bulge in his pants. I glanced at myself and saw that I did, too! When I looked back up at him, I saw that he, too, was looking at my big bulge. His eyes had grown huge!

'Geez,' he exclaimed when he saw that I had caught him looking at my crotch, 'you've got a hardon!' He sounded impressed, not turned off.

'So do you!' I countered in a husky voice. 'Guess we're both getting turned on by the fact that, this afternoon, we might not have to jack off alone for a change!' I laughed.

He blushed appealingly. It confirmed that he jacked off, too. 'Yeah,' he admitted with unnecessary honesty, 'I jack off all the time.'

'Me, too,' I admitted, smiling at him. 'I love it!'

'Me, too!' he was able to admit quietly, with a smile.

'Com'on,' I said, hurrying the pace, 'our hardons will start drawing a crowd if we don't get inside.'

He laughed with me as we raced up the street and climbed the stairs to my front door.

I'll admit that, once again, I was amazed at how easy it was to get a guy to come up and fuck around with me.

In my bedroom, I closed and locked my door. I smiled at him and he smiled right back. He seemed to relax.

'What should we do?' he asked innocently.

'Why don't we get you out of these clothes and see what happens?' I suggested.

His delightful reaction was simply to hold his arms back and away from his body. It was a gesture of offering himself to me, of opening himself to me, of letting me take charge and strip him naked. I didn't waste any time. Peeling his clothing off is especially well fixed in my memory of that moment. He had an exceptionally well developed, strong body, with smooth skin in glowing health, stretching over bulging muscles. I could tell that he was proud of his development and good looks.

I knelt down and took off his shoes and socks, which he aided by raising his feet, one at a time, for me. Then, still kneeling in front of this wonderfully cooperative studly male, I unbuckled his belt, opened his fly and slipped down his pants. He was not wearing underpants!

The startling erection that came immediately into view was spectacular! It was stiff as steel, standing tall above an impressively large sac with two really big balls. He had little hair, but it highlighted his equipment effectively. The erection stood an inch or even two above his navel - a truly huge cock! It was wide and the cockhead seemed double the size of the shaft, with a 'v' of flanges facing me that seem to swell even larger as I stared. His balls looked fresh and unused. I doubted he had jacked off that day. Neither had I and I felt myself starting to leak in my pants.

As if reading my mind, he asked quietly, 'Why don't you strip, too?' It was an overwhelmingly sexual request. I smiled up at him, looking beyond that mammoth erection, and started undressing as I rose up.

Now, I've got a great body, too. I knew that asking me to undress meant that he wanted to see my naked body. It clarified for me, why I had caught him looking at me in the showers earlier. The male body would turn him on, too! And my body was in perfect shape. He would like what I would unveil for him.

I slowly took off my shirt, kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks. As I looked at his face, he was watching my every movement expectantly and intently, I opened my belt and pants and let them fall to the floor. I wasn't wearing underpants, either. My stalwart hardon stood impressively in front of me. A large drop of pre-cum grew noticeably in the indented tip. Andy's eyes narrowed with passion as he stared at my cock!

'Man, you've got a terrific body!' he sighed excitedly.

'So do you, man,' I sighed, moving towards him and opening my arms. It seemed magical that he opened his arms in response and we melted into a strong, masculine embrace of amazing sensitivity. Locked in the embrace, every millimeter of my skin seemed to fire off with delight as we stood there, body pressed against body, hard cock pressed next to hard cock. I was an inch or so shorter, but the full body contact had both our scrotums rubbing against hot flesh. It was wonderful!

I looked up into his eyes. They were closed but opened just then. His expression softened. It difficult to describe how I knew, but I knew we were going to kiss! He tilted and lowered his head slightly towards me, I raised my head slightly, and our lips touched tentatively, brushing lightly. It was heavenly! His head pulled back and we stared at each other briefly. He looked completely overcome with pleasure. I must have mirrored his expression. He slowly closed his eyes and leaned down to press his mouth against mine. Hard, this time, a real kiss! Slowly, with some effort, I opened my mouth. His tongue snaked into my hot mouth and slashed across the roof, causing me to shudder with pleasure. He pulled his head back.

'You like that,' he announced.

'I love it!' I responded truthfully.

'You love my tongue in your mouth,' he told me. It hinted of other things to come, and again I shuddered with pleasure.

Feeling my reaction and reading my thoughts correctly, he sighed, 'You're so hot, I'm about to lose control and shoot my wad. Want something else in your mouth besides my tongue?'

My reply was to kiss his neck, slide my lips over a firm pec, suck a hard nipple, hearing his hiss in pleasure in response, and slide my mouth downwards on his hot flesh until I felt the wet tip of his erection hit me under the chin. The moment of truth was here for the both of us. I would prove to him that, yes, I am a cocksucker, and he would get what I was sure was his first blowjob. I did not hesitate.

I raised my head, licked my lips, saw the spectacular cockhead inches from my eyes looking red and ready, fat and juicy, and I plunged down onto it with opened mouth. I moaned with pleasure as I started to suck, just as he hissed with pleasure at the feeling he was receiving from this new sexual experience.

'Oh! Man! This feels so awesome!' he sighed, humping his hips up at my face. I let his cock slip in further. He liked that, drew back and humped again. And again! And again! And again! Each time getting more and more cock into me, sending it down, down, down into my throat! Until I felt his balls at my lips! Until I had that big, fat, long cock in as far as it could go! It was sensational! He was sensational! I was sensational!

He seemed to stop. He seemed to think that shoving that cock in to the hilt meant it was over. I had to change that kind of reaction, and I rose up that thick shaft till he thought I was coming off, and then plunged, hard, back down to the base. He sucked in his breath in awe. I did it again! And Again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! Until I felt Andy's entire body stiffen!

'I had no idea this could be so great!' he said, his masculine voice seeming to rain down on me from above. 'Look out, I'm about to shoot my load.'

I kept riding that long cock for all I was worth. I loved every feeling that I was experiencing: like the really big tube in my throat with its giant, hardening knob; the press of Andy's hand on the back of my neck as he urged me on; the feel of his strong abs against my head as I rode up and down, up and down, up and down, on the magnificent cock-length; even the feel of the carpet under my naked feet as I stood there, bent over, sucking cock like the expert cocksucker I knew I had become.

I felt a spasm of the fat tube at my lips and knew the first shot of sperm had sizzled into my throat. Quickly, I slid up to the cockhead and was immediately rewarded with a blast of hot semen! A very strong blast! It filled my mouth. I swallowed. Another strong blast! I swallowed again. Another strong blast! I swallowed again. Another strong blast, filling my mouth again! I swallowed; wondering how much cum the sexy stud could pump out. Another strong blast! I swallowed again! This was making me delirious happy. Yet another strong blast! I swallowed, losing count of the sperm shots. And another, but this one wasn't as strong. I swallowed and two more slight spurts came out not quite filling my mouth, but as I swallowed, Andy shuddered with ecstasy and leaned down over my back. I knew he was finished and slid my face down to his balls, and waited, not sucking. His cum was delicious!

'Enough! Enough!' he sighed softly, straightening up.

I understood and slowly lifted myself off of his still stiff but now oversensitive cock. I knew that of all the times in our brief relationship, this moment would be the most difficult. You straighten up, and some guys say something stupid like, 'You fuckin' cocksucker! I hate you!' But I straightened up and looked into Andy's face.

'That was the most wonderful experience I've ever had!' Andy told me in a sincere tone.

I smiled at him.

'Jacking off was never so...' He stopped, probably wondering what words to use.

'Fulfilling?' I asked.

'I sure filled you up, didn't I?' he asked with a grin. The grin was a great sign.

'For a moment, there, I wondered how much tasty cum you could pump out! That was a mammoth load you force-fed me!' I said enthusiastically.

'Yeah,' he agreed, smiling affectionately at me. 'I don't remember coming so strongly or spurting so much before.'

'I loved it,' I said emphatically.

His expression changed to puzzlement. 'Yeah,' he said, 'I could really tell that you loved what you were doing; that you really loved sucking my cock; that you are a really good cocksucker, even though I've only heard of cocksucking before and had no idea it would be so wonderful.'

I nodded.

'I gotta tell you, man,' Andy announced dramatically, 'I've been thinking about it for some time now, especially when I jack off, wondering what cocksucking would be like. What it would feel like.'

I nodded again.

'But even,' he said pausing, 'what it would be like to, you know...' he stopped.

I nodded and then looked down at my fiery erection. It was as hard as a rock, leaking lube like crazy, sending lines of lube down the shaft, dripping strings of lube off my balls, which were up tight against the base of my cockshaft. I looked up at Andy and then looked back at my strong standing, vibrating, and throbbing hardon. We both knew we were looking at a cock that was ready to spit out its overripe load!

'Yeah,' he said softly in agreement, understanding what was unsaid in those stares, 'wondering what it would feel like to suck cock, too! I don't think I want to be called a cocksucker, man, but I know I want to suck the cock in front of me.'

'Just do a little re-thinking,' I suggested.

When he looked puzzled, I added, 'Think of the word cocksucker as a term of affection, of endearment, of charm and grace, of experience and talent. Think of it as an expression of generosity of spirit, of giving pleasure and taking pleasure. Forget that men who don't know any better use it as an invective. You'll be surprised how many of those men will willing submit to having their cocks sucked, if given half a chance.'

'Really?' he asked in surprise.

'Wanna know how many jocks at school I've sucked off?'

'You're kidding!' he exclaimed. 'Who,' he demanded to know.

'I don't tell who I've sucked,' I said, pausing, 'just like I don't tell who has sucked me off.'

'There are others at school?' He sounded incredulous.

'You'll have fun finding out who,' I said with a laugh. 'Just be cautious about it. You don't want to get a reputation.'

'You don't have a reputation,' he pointed out.

'Right, so be careful.' I smiled.

He smiled back, looking completely relaxed and happy. Once again, I was amazed at how wonderful it is to find a great sex partner! My erection throbbed! Invitingly! I was ready!

'We gotta do something about him, don't we,' Andy said with a smirk, reaching out and grabbing my erection at mid-shaft, pumping it experimentally. It felt good to both of us.

'How do I do it,' he asked, more to himself than to me. My erection throbbed noticeably in his hand.

'Just...' he paused,' ...lick it, I guess,' he announced softly, and he bent his head down. His tongue darted out and he swiped at my cockhead. A large flow of pre-cum surged out of the slit as he watched. He looked up at me athletically from his bent over position.

'I may be new at this, man, but this cock is one hot fucker. You are ready to shoot your load, aren't you!' It wasn't a question.

'I gotta warn you that if you put it in your mouth, I'll probably blow my wad right away. Do you think you want me to come in your mouth?' I asked softly.

'Damn right! I ain't no pussy. Lemme have it!' And with that, he licked my cockhead and then pushed his head down over the crown and shoved it into his mouth. I felt him sucking juice from the cum-slit.

He rose up. 'Did you come?' he asked.

'No, that's just lube. You must have tested tasting your own when you jacked off,' I instructed.

'Oh, yeah, and it tastes just like mine, too,' he admitted. 'Slippery and hot!' he added.

'My jism will probably taste just like yours, too, if you've tasted it after you've jacked off, too. Have you?' I asked, feeling sort of impertinent.

'Lots of times,' he admitted without seeming to think about it. 'I've even tried sucking my own cock. It's long enough, but I just couldn't...' he stopped and stuffed my cockhead back into his mouth, sucking hard as his hand pumped the long shaft. He knew what he was doing and I didn't want to spend more time talking I was so completely primed to shoot my load. I let him spend some experimental time sucking, but then had to announce, 'I'm gonna shoot, man!'

My earnest announcement caused him to push his head down forcibly, getting my entire cockhead into his mouth. His tongue swirled around the flanges as he sucked, hard, and I hissed out the word, 'Now!' I fired off into his hot mouth.

He surprised me by swallowing after each spurt of sperm I spurted into his mouth. Again, and again, and again! I certainly came in quantities just as large as his. He took it like a man! My orgasm was terrific! I realized that we both loved it!

When he realized that I had pumped out every last bit of cum, he suddenly bolted straight upright and announced, 'I'm gonna come again!' He made it sound urgent! He flaunted that mammoth erection in my face. It looked even more ready than before.

As I slipped the cockhead into my mouth, naturally swirling my tongue and sucking, he immediately stiffened and started hosing a fresh and abundant supply of cum into me. I was amazed and completely delighted!

'This is the most wonderful experience I've ever had!' he announced.

'Even though you told me that before, after the first time you came, I must completely agree with you! This has been thrilling.'

'How was it for you, the first time?' he wanted to know.

'Being sucked or sucking?' I asked.

'Either! Both!' he demanded with a laugh.

'Doing it, here, in my room, with you, has been the best time I've ever had. You are the sexiest guy I've ever met. You are open and experimental, honest and loving, bold and, well, hung like a horse! I love it! But to answer you truthfully, the first time I had a blowjob was through a glory hole at the public library downtown.'

'A glory hole?' he asked, sounding amazed.

'Yeah, a guy was sitting on a commode in the next booth, and I looked through the big hole in the wall between our booths at him. He was playing with himself and I thought he'd jack off right in front of me, but then he saw me looking and asked me if I wanted some. When I said 'Huh?' he laughed and told me that sucking cock through this 'glory hole' give a guy a lot of pleasure. Then he told me to put my cock through the glory hole and he'd show me how great it felt. If I liked it, he said, he'd let me suck his cock, too.'

'Man, what did you do?' Andy wanted to know.

'Well, it seemed like he knew what he was talking about, so I shoved my cock through the glory hole. I had gotten hard from listening to him talk about using the glory hole to suck cock. I came in a hurry. He was real good.'

'Did you then suck his cock?'

'Well, after I came I got real nervous, know what I mean?'

Andy nodded with understanding.

'He was an older guy and his balls were hanging down like ours do after jacking off three or four times in a row, you know...?' I paused.

Andy nodded, grinning.

' I left. It was last summer, after I turned eighteen. But I went back about a week later. I had sort of liked the blowjob and wondered if he'd do it again. I waited in the booth for a while but he didn't show up. Suddenly, a young guy entered the next booth, looked through the glory hole, and smiled at me. I didn't know what to do so I smiled back. He didn't sit on the commode, but just stood there, facing the glory hole. He began rubbing his crotch and I could see he was getting an erection. Then, when I didn't tell him to stop, I guess, he opened his fly and tugged a really nice looking erection.'

'Geez!' Andy whispered in awe.

'He pumped the big thing for several strokes, obviously getting hotter and hotter,' I continued. 'I thought he was just showing off, putting on a display, proud of his equipment, and maybe needing to jack off. I found it sexy and interesting and was getting a boner myself. But, then, without warning, he shoved that big thing through the glory hole at me. I was surprised.'

'Did ya suck it?' Andy insisted on knowing.

'It stood there, pulsating in the warm air. I had never been so close to an erection before. It sort of looked like my own, know what I mean?'

Another nod from Andy.

'I got bold and reached out and felt it, then grabbing it like I grab my own when I jack off. I gave it a few pumps and liked doing it. I felt odd, though, jacking a cock and not feeling how it felt, just feeling the cock itself. I was enjoying myself and thought that maybe this kid liked it, too, when, suddenly he growled in a deep voice, 'Don't play with it, man, suck it!' I could tell that he really wanted me to suck his cock.'

'Geez!' Andy repeated.

'Well, I sniffed at it, kissed it, licked it some, but the guy told me again to suck it, and he really sounded like he insisted I suck it, and since I had like getting sucked there the week before, I though, what the hell, and I sucked it. I sucked it good! The guy said, 'That's it! 'That's it!' over and over, so I knew I was doing it the right way. But without telling me, he suddenly started to shoot his jism into my mouth. I was very surprised, but immediately recognized the taste and realized that I loved it and I swallowed the entire big load. Afterwards, the kid, who looked only a year or two older than me, looked through the glory hole at me, grinned, and said, 'You did great, kid! If ya come back here about this time every day, I'll let you give me head each time.''

'I never heard it called 'head' ' Andy said quietly.

'Me, neither,' I admitted, 'but I knew what he meant immediately. I liked it!'

'Did you go back?'

'Damn near every day all summer. It was great!'

'Was he there every day, too?'

'No, but there were always hot guys coming in hoping for a blowjob. Not many who wanted to give blowjobs, but always cocks coming through that glory hole. Every time I went there I sucked four or five of them in a row before I left.'

'Good God!' Andy blurted out, 'no wonder you're so good at sucking cock! Where is that place, again?'

I laughed and gave him instruction to the exact booth. He looked extremely pleased, and said, 'Looks like talking about it got you all hot, again. Can I suck it?'

What a question!

Later, when he was at the door ready to leave, he turned and said, "By the way, you can have Karen!"

Lightheartedly, I said, "No thanks!"

We both laughed out loud.


Jack Sofelot


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