It was a typical Thursday night. I got home from school and jumped on my computer. I had been going to the gym and was just a bit overwhelmed by all the hot guys there. Muscles and tight clothes and of course the locker room didn't help. So I decided that the best way to finish off my work out was to bust a nut. I logged onto a few sights and had a few messages from people interested in hooking up and I was worked up enough to go for it tonight.

There was this guy that I had talked to a lot in the past that looked pretty promising. I hadn't just done a random hook up in a while and was a bit nervous but seeing as how me and this guy, Todd, had been talking for so long, I felt like I knew him. We had talked about all the usual stuff. I told him that I was interested in getting a blow job and maybe fucking him if things went well but that I wasn't really looking for much else. He said he was cool with that and then we had spent the rest of the time talking about other stuff we were interested in. He was into construction and I was still in school but we were both about the same age. I am 26 and he was 30. So I sent him a message to see if he was on and sure enough he responded within five minutes. I had asked him if he was down to play around and he said he wasn't sure. I thought maybe he was busy but then he replied saying that he was still at a job. I really thought that was the end of it when he asked, 'Do you want to come to the site and fool around?'

Now I am a pretty private guy. I don't typically go around to construction sites to get a blow job but this sounded so fucking hot that I couldn't refuse. And I was so fucking horny that I figured it might not take that long anyway. So I said sure and he sent me the address. He told me that it was a warehouse that he was working on so it was at least indoors and private. Then he said come over in about an hour and he would be ready for me. So I waited a bit taking care of some things around the house, half assed because I was rock hard the whole time, and then headed out when it was time.

It didn't take me long to find the place, but only out of pure luck. The warehouse that Todd was working on was behind all kinds of other buildings but I had noticed the sign for the building on the side of the road and managed to find it pretty quickly. And boy was Todd right. There was nobody around here. In fact had I not seen the one other car here I would have said this place was totally deserted.

So I parked and headed into the warehouse. When I walked in it was what you would expect. A lot of empty space with some work areas here and there. But all in all it just looked like an empty warehouse. As I walked in I found a door in the back. It was a blue door and completely different than everything else. I mean the whole warehouse was grey cement and boards and then this random blue door. On the door handle was a blindfold. I thought this was pretty cool and though, Ok, I'm down for this.

I put the blindfold on and walked through the door. The moment the door clicked shut I could feel Todd behind me. He put his arms through mine and grabbed my pecks from behind. Then he ran his hands down my body till he grabbed my quickly hardening dick.

'Hey, I'm Todd. It's nice to meet you.'

'Yeah, nice to meet you too,' I said.

'You ready to have a good time?' Todd asked.

'Totally!' I replied.

And with that a rag went on my face and I passed out.

When I woke up I was still blindfolded but now there was a gag in my mouth, and my arms and legs were restrained down. Also there was a noticeable difference in the temperature. I imagined I was left in just my jockstrap and white briefs. I was tied spread eagle and helpless. But I was suspended so anything could happen from any direction. I immediately began to wiggle and worm trying to find some freedom. As I grunted and struggled I could hear laughing. Like a lot of laughing. There sounded like there was a room full of people in here. I could over hear some of them saying things like: nice body, cute ass, can't wait to fuck that, does he suck, does it matter, look at those briefs.....

It was not a comforting thing to wake up to at all. Then I heard Todd speak.

'Well gentlemen I am happy to announce that tonight's festivities will not be cancelled thanks to Nick here. I know we were all disappointed when John cancelled on us but luckily Nick has volunteered, in a manner of speaking, to fill in as our sub. You must all know that he does not like giving head or getting fucked. That being said let's make sure he can't bite your dicks when you shove them in his mouth.'

Then my gag was taken off at which point I began to yell for my freedom. Mixed in with the laughter that was proof that nobody intended on granting me freedom was a new gag being shoved in. It was clicked and strapped behind my head but yet I could feel air passing through. It held my mouth open keeping my teeth at bay from causing any harm but forced my jaw and mouth open in a very inviting position. The moment this was done I knew it was over for me. The hounds would be released.

Suddenly and without warning hands from all over began to inspect their new helpless captive. I was pinched and rubbed and pulled in all places. Every so often a tongue founds it's way to my nipples or inner thighs. And then I heard Todd whisper in my ear that he was giving me a drink of water. He said I had been out for a while and this would help to keep me from getting a headache. I had no choice seeing as how I was gagged in this way but soon the rush of cold water made its way into my mouth. I gulped and gulped finding myself to be very thirsty. Then there was a quieting of the group. And Todd announces to everyone to watch for the surprise.

In no time at all I found myself feeling overwhelmingly horny. And though I didn't find this situation to be at all arousing my dick surged forward with such ferocity I thought it might cut through my briefs and jock. The men laughed at noticing my painful hard on being held captive by my own clothing. I wiggled more and more trying to at least give my penis some relief but there was no way to reach it. I was hard and helpless.

'Viagra,' said Todd, 'is our way of insuring that you have a good time for as long as it lasts!'

I was stuck. I could hear the sound of zippers and pants with keys in them hitting the floor. These men were hungry and their apitight was going to be fed today and there was no way I could stop them.

Again the hands made their way to my body. Then I felt my first dick hit my face. It wasn't terribly big, but it was clearly hard. It bounced on my forehead before making its way to my welcoming mouth. I could feel the head oozing with precum as it ventured past my safely secured teeth and entered my guarded and repulsed tongue. Then it began the rhythmic pushing and sliding in and out of mouth mouth. If he didn't get enough tongue he would simply push his dick in and hold it there until he was satisfied. Over and over he pulsed in and out of my mouth while others played and pulled until the head swelled and I knew the unavoidable was happening. Gobs of cum began gushing in my mouth and because I had no other choice it went from my mouth down my awaiting throat. He may have had a slightly smaller dick but man he made up for it in the amount of cum he force fed me.

This was to be just the beginning. With the cum still being swallowed and already eager dick entered my mouth for his turn. As the face fucking commenced, I began to realize that they had other intentions for my body as well. The hands were really turning their attentions to my only clothed area. And as yet another load was being sprayed over my helpless face and mouth I could feel my underwear being ripped off my helpless body. The moment the briefs were off, I heard a gasp as men admired my rock hard dick and perfectly framed ass by my jock strap. I had been working out before and the man scent drove them crazy. It was as though they were fighting to get a wiff of my helpless sack. And true to its word, the Viagra held strong and refused to let my hard dick do anything but announce that I was enjoying every minute of my captivity.

The men fought and clawed to play with my helpless hard cock as well as my helpless ass. As soon as the view of a fresh piece of ass was presented I could feel men lower themselves and eat my ass hole clean. They licked up every ounce of sweat and man smell there was and ventured even to eat out my ass hole as far as a tongue could reach. When they had had their fill they replaced tongue with fingers ramming one, two, and three fingers deep in my cavity. My dick was still held captive and did nothing but stand at attention for all to wanted to see it as it spouted precum in waves. And as my hole was being invaded my mouth was never left alone. There had been so much cum spurted in my mouth that my body was beginning to feel full having eaten load after load presented to me. And when they wanted they shot their load on my face as well so a layer of man seed had begun to form on my face as well.

Then I heard Todd announce that stage 2 could begin. A button was pressed and the restraints holding me in the air lifted my legs up and open. I was truly vulnerable to anything and everything and these men loved it. I could smell the lube being poured onto every ounce of my lower region. And just when the figures had left my hole the tip of a cock found its way to my hole. As is pressed against my body I shuttered and held tight. Then it began the journey into my body. I was overwhelmed by pain and tried to yell out but with the gag and a dick in my mouth was reduced to low volume moaning. The men cheered, 'He likes it!' and the dick made a ferocious push and entered all the way into my body. The pain was enormous. I thought I was going to pass out but he began moving slowly and kindly. Then gradually built up more speed until he was able to thrust again and again into my guts. I had a dick in my mouth and a dick in my ass. And it was at this very moment that they chose to really have some fun with me.

The men cut off my jock and began to edge my dick. My cock was already helpless due to the Viagra but being edged was overwhelming. They refused to let me cum. And as I would come close to releasing my own load, I would feel a cock head swell in either my mouth or ass and a rush of warm liquid being released. My ass had never seen so much action. Cock after cock spilled its juices inside me so that a constant river of cum was oozing from my body.

I could tell as the hours passed that fewer and fewer men were in the room. The murmmers were less and the sound of men zipping up and leaving weren't unnoticed by my helpless body. But Todd wasn't finished.

Todd whispered in my ear, 'Oh I know you don't have class on Fridays. You are my helpless captive bitch for the night!'

And with that I could hear some kind of machines being rigged up.

Slowely a dildo pressed into my ass hole and then slid all the way inside. It was a bit bigger than any cock I'd had all night long so the feeling of pain returned immediately. Then with the click of a button the machine began its job. The dildo moved in and out of me without any feeling or hint that it would stop. In and out it went with various speeds and intensity. I could feel lube being squirted on the dildo as it rammed my hole from time to time. Todd said that the machine that did the lube was his own invention. It would wait a time allotted amount and then release a bit of relief.

Then another machine was hooked up to my cock. It was a milking machine. Todd said that with all the Viagra in my system I should be hard throughout the night but that he would try and help relieve some of the tension. The milker went off without hesitation and the feeling of cumming overwhelmed me. I shot load after load into the milker but still nothing slowed it or stopped it from going. And my dick still held itself at complete mass.

The fucking machine was going, the milking machine was going, and my mouth was wide open. Throughout the night I would hear a random man here and there come in and use my mouth or piss on my helpless body. Nobody talked to me or helped relieve me of these machines. And the machines never once let up or stopped their task. I was theirs for the night. After about the 5th or 6th cumshot the blanks started and cumming blanks is not as much fun. I would moan throughout each orgasm as my body shook and seized.

This continued until the morning when Todd turned off the machines and pulled my cock out of the milker and the dildo out of my ass. I was so sore from the night in bondage and use that I could barely move much less put up a fight as I was released from the bondage.

I was taken down and then while still blindfolded I felt a new device being placed on my helpless soft and sensitive cock. The gag as taken out of my mouth and cum that had been hiding in areas of the gag was released and more taste and smell of cum ran into my mouth and down my neck. I was then walked past an open door. The blindfold was removed and before my eyes even had a chance of focusing the door was closed. I was in the warehouse where I had first entered. The blue door was sealed and I was standing completely naked with a cock lock on my dick. There was a note attached to my wrist which I quickely opened and read.

Dear Nick,

As you might have guessed you were our toy for the night. We had a great time with you and don't see why we shouldn't again. The device on your cock is designed with a few things in mind. First off you will not be able to get hard or even touch your cock till we take this off. Also there is a device that will alert us if you tamper with it in any way.

You DO NOT want us to find you have tampered with this. It would not be wise of you.

Also it will alert you when you are to return to this place. It will vibrate quietly and unnoticeably at first but the longer you wait to come to us the more obvious it will be. If you wait more than 2 hours to come to us the device will begin to tighten around your balls. If you want to stay a man you will come to us for the key.

Waiting for your return,


With this I took the walk of shame towards my car. I was naked except for this device but I at least had clothes in my car from before the gym. As I walked through the warehouse I began to get cat calls as the men whistled at me and made rude remarks as to my fine piece of ass. It seems this place was run by the men who would again enjoy me. Out of anger I gave one of the men the finger and he just laughed. The second he laughed however an electric shock was given to my dick causing me to yell and fall to the floor. The men laughed more. I was on a bigger leash then I even knew.

I found my car, unharmed and found that my keys and clothes had been left on the trunk. I got dressed and opened my car. As soon as I started the car my cock began to vibrate.......

How would I survive another day and night of this?



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