'Go on Cody, I dare you to ask him' My brother Matt nudged me as our Uncle Mike welcomed us in.

'No way man, that's way too fucking awkward' I replied, blushing.

This all started a couple days ago when the whole family were sitting around the TV in the evening. There was this show about world records and it included this guy who supposedly had the biggest dick in the whole of the United States at thirteen inches.

'Pffft, your uncle Mike could give that guy some competition' my Dad whispered.

'Tony!' my mom shouted and slapped my dad's knee.

'Haha, for real dad?' Matt asked.

'Sure, I guess I got the brains instead' We all laughed as my mom looked on disapprovingly.

'Do ya really think Uncle Mike has a dick that big?' Matt asked me later.

'How the fuck would I know?'

'Why would Aunt Beth leave him if he had that much in his pants?'

'Fucking ask him when you see him on Friday then'

'Maybe I will'

Uncle Mike had recently got divorced and my dad had volunteered me and Matt to help him move his stuff into his new house over the weekend. Both Matt and I stood over 6ft and worked hard in the gym to keep our bodies made of solid muscle, though our bodies were similar our looks were quite different. Matt had inherited my dad's Italian looks with dark hair and eyes and already had a layer of curly body hair. He was more ruggedly handsome than I was, with messy hair and stubble whereas I would describe myself as more smooth. I barely had a wisp of body hair and my piercing blue eyes were quite the opposite from his.

We were both on our winter break from college; Matt was in his senior year and me, halfway through freshman year. He was sort of a big deal at college, playing on the football team and dedicating most of his time to that whereas as I was much more interested in the social side. Coming from a small town, college had opened my eyes to partying and my previous dedication to sports had fallen away, though I was still vain enough to work out to keep my muscles, purely for enticing the chicks.

It may have been a little annoying to spend the weekend with my divorced Uncle instead of catching up with my old buds but Uncle Mike was a cool guy. He had been in the army for 10 years so always had good stories - and some awesome tattoos. Plus he always let me have a beer, unlike my mom and dad. Matt had been pressuring me all week to ask Uncle Mike about the size of his dick. I don't know why he was so determined to find out, but I have to admit, I was pretty curious as well. A thirteen inch dick is pretty impressive, if Dad wasn't lying. After our arrival, Matt kept nudging me to ask him as we helped him move boxes around but I didn't know how to ask something like that.

'Alright thanks boys, that's enough for tonight' Uncle Mike said as we dropped off some boxes in the basement and he came down with some beers in hand.

'Thanks' we both replied as we took a swig of the nice cool beers. There was a few moments pause and I looked over to Matt and I could just tell he was getting ready to ask the question.

'Uhm, Uncle Mike can I ask you something?'

'Sure, what is it?'

'Is it true you have a really big dick?' He blurted out.

'Haha. Indeed it is. You want me to prove it?'

'Hell yeah' Matt replied without hesitation.

The atmosphere got really weird and I looked around awkwardly as Uncle Mike started to unzip his pants, and then pulled out his flaccid cock. Shit. Dad was right. Even soft it must have been at least 8 inches and it flopped way down his leg. He looked up at both of us, beaming with pride.

'Holy shit, it's not even hard' Matt said as he stared directly at it.

'Wanna see it in all its glory?'

'Fuck yeah' Matt blurted out.

I remained in stunned silence as Uncle Mike slowly jerked his cock to attention. Not a word was said as it rose up quickly, with Matt not breaking his stare. When it was rock hard, Mike removed his hands to reveal a thirteen inch monster sticking out straight towards us. There was something so enticing about it - I couldn't stop looking and I wasn't even jealous, just impressed. For some reason my own cock was starting to stir, I don't think I had ever seen an erect dick in the flesh before and this sure was a sight.

'Can I touch it?' I came out of my daydream by hearing Matt ask this.

'Go for it' Uncle Mike replied and I looked on in shock as Matt confidently took hold of it and started to slowly jerk our uncle's dick. It almost seemed surreal but the way my own cock was bulging against my jeans made me realize this was all too real. They held eye contact as Matt's hand slid up and down the long tool and the atmosphere had got really weird but it felt so erotic and exciting.

'How about you boys show me what you got?' Uncle Mike suddenly asked.

Matt quickly put his hands to his zipper and hurriedly pulled out a hard dick. His was obviously smaller than Uncle Mike's but still it was an impressive length. A little longer than mine - maybe about 9 inches whereas mine is more like 8" but I definitely beat him on girth. I was feeling so awkward, I did want to join in but I didn't really know what to do.

'Come on boy' Uncle Mike said and he pulled down the front of my pants. My rock hard dick sprung out.

'Nice, looks like we got some good genes in this family' He said and I took a sharp intake of breath as he grabbed hold of both mine and Matt's cocks and slowly started to jerk them. I've had many girls touch my dick before but there was something so fucking hot about the rough feel of a man's hand, especially because it was my uncle's! Matt returned to playing with Mike's cock and I couldn't keep my eyes off it, there sure was something magnetising about it. We remained like this, in silence, for a couple minutes until Matt suddenly said:

'Fuck, I can't wait any longer. I have to try it' and he knelt down in front of Uncle Mike and began sucking on his massive dick. There was no way he could take it all but he was giving it a good try - I could see him trying to force it down his throat. He eagerly sucked and licked all over our uncle's dick and I definitely got the impression Matt knew what he was doing, could my big football playing brother really be gay?

'Yeah you like sucking cock boy?' Mike asked as he slapped Matt's face with his dick. Matt nodded in agreement as he tried to get his mouth over the dick again - like he was hungry for it. I stroked my dick as I watched; I couldn't believe how hot I was finding it. Uncle Mike looked over to me and said:

'There's enough here to share. Come and help your brother out'

I didn't hesitate but did walk over slowly and tentatively dropped to my knees. It wasn't that I didn't want to do it; I was more worried that I didn't know what I was doing when Matt seemed like an expert. However, when Matt turned and offered the dick to me it was too appealing to resist and I accepted it willingly into my mouth. I had never done anything like this at all but maybe a guy has an instinct on how to make another guy feel good as I wanted to pleasure him. I enthusiastically sucked on the dick, I couldn't really take it deep at all so I focused on the head - swirling my tongue around it as Matt began to lick up and down the shaft. It was kind of fun to share the experience with my brother - like we were working as a team to keep our Uncle happy and from the moans he was giving I think he was pretty happy.

'Don't I have some good fucking nephews? Now, who's first to be fucked?'

This made me stop dead; sucking on dick seemed like one thing but having that huge thing in my ass? I don't think I could. Luckily, Matt jumped at the idea and got on all fours, pushing his ass up to reveal a very hairy hole.

'I've been wanting to try this since I first set eyes on that monster' Matt said, confirming my suspicions that Matt sure had a lot more experience than me.

Uncle Mike got right behind Matt, spat on his asshole, rubbed it around a little then just started to push in. Matt was grimacing, probably from pain but he kept encouraging Mike by saying things like 'Yeah, give it to me. Don't stop'. Inch by inch the huge dick was buried inside my brother's big bubble butt. When he was all the way in Uncle Mike turned to look at me and motioned me towards him. I stood next to him and he grabbed my butt, pulling me closer to him so he could swallow my cock.

He started to slowly thrust into Matt and at the same time his head bobbed up and down on my dick. Now this I really couldn't believe was happening - my big studly brother loving being fucked in the ass and my big masculine Uncle hungrily sucking my cock. Uncle Mike had definitely done it before, he grabbed hold of my balls and took me straight down his throat, like he wasn't even trying. He quickened his pace and I could hear his balls slap against Matt's ass as he pounded hard, with Matt begging him to go harder - could a dick that big really feel that good? The way Matt moaned it sure seemed like it.

'Alright, I have to be fair and share what I've got' Uncle Mike said, pushing me away. I think I knew what he meant but I didn't react and waited to be sure. My asshole was clenching just looking at his dick as he pulled out of Matt but I have to admit, I sure was curious. There was something about that huge dick that had turned something on inside of me.

'On your back' Mike instructed me.

I did as I was told and looked up to Matt standing over me, I could see his dick standing to attention as he grabbed my legs and spread them. Uncle Mike spat on his fingers and started to rub them over my virgin ass and it felt good. For some reason I didn't feel tense, my asshole seemed to like the attention and I could almost feel it open up for his finger. He poked around inside me a little but soon there was a larger object prodding against my hole and I prepared myself. It was never said but I think they knew I was a virgin as he took it slower with me. I can't deny it was painful but it was not as bad as I thought it would be and the way my asshole was being stretched felt sort of good. He was going slow but I was taking it, actually quite easily and it didn't take that long before it was all inside of me.

'Fuck yeah, your ass swallowed me up. You've got a hole made for dick, boy' Uncle Mike said. I don't know why but I was really proud of that accomplishment and my Uncle's compliment and I wanted him to fuck me. He slowly started thrusting and the pain was subsiding each time. I felt so full and good - it was like there had always been this itch inside of me that had just never been scratched. 'Aww yeah' I moaned as he got faster and faster. I could see the determination on his face as sweat beads dripped down him.

My own dick had sprung to life again and I was feeling so good I had to touch myself. Uncle Mike looked like he was in a whole other world and it was only when he yelled 'oh shit' I knew what was happening - he was shooting his cum deep inside me. He slowly pulled out and I felt so empty now - my hole was stretched open, wanting more.

'Clean your brother up and finish him off' Uncle Mike ordered Matt.

He quickly crouched behind me and made me jump when I felt his tongue on my ass, lapping up all the cum inside me before putting his mouth over my dick. I was so horned up it took me about 30 seconds to shoot down his throat, which I saw him hungrily swallow. Then when he stood up, I had another shock when Mike dropped to his knees, draining a load of cum out of Matt's long dick. Uncle Mike would be the last guy I would ever pick out as being into dick but then again, I thought that about myself until an hour ago.

He came and stood over me and said 'Open your mouth'. I did as I was told and he started to spit out the cum into my mouth. It had a weird taste but not horrible and I wanted to please him so I swallowed it - it was fucking hot and erotic, I have to admit. He pulled me up and gave both Matt and I slap on our asses before saying 'I think I need some more help boys, want to come over tomorrow?'. 'Hell yeah' we enthusiastically replied and my ass clenched in excitement.


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