Helping a Buddy Out

by Jake

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It was a hot summer evening in the sticks of Alabama. The heat was so bad that you could see waves shimmering above the road, like the surface of a pond on a summer afternoon.

Caleb was chilling and knocking back some beers with his buddies, Brayden and Dylan. They were all 19, so they shouldn’t have been drinking, but no one gave a fuck around here.

Brayden was your cliché redneck, with a thick southern drawl, a dirty-blond mullet, and a scruffy beard. His eyes were blue as the sky, and his cock was around 9 inches and thick as a beer can.

Dylan was Brayden’s best friend, and he too was a dyed-in-the-wool country boy. He had short brown hair, brown eyes, and a nice set of pecs. His cock was even bigger than Brayden’s, which made him popular with the local boys. Both guys loved sucking and fucking, but they weren’t a couple—just buddies who liked to get off together from time to time.

Caleb had very short red hair, jade-green eyes, and a nice smile. He was straight as an arrow and had never sucked or fucked a guy in his life, but he’d been thinking about it lately. He thought it would be fun to try.

“Hey, guys,” Caleb said suddenly, “Can I tell y’all somethin’?”

“Yeah, man, go ahead,” Brayden said.

“Well…” Caleb looked at the floor. “I’ve been thinkin’ about doing stuff with dudes.”

Dylan and Brayden looked at each other in surprise. “What kind of stuff?” Brayden asked.

“You know... suckin’ and fuckin’.” Caleb blushed bright red.

“Fuck yeah, man,” Dylan said with a wide grin. “Honestly, we were kinda hopin’ you’d be up to try it.” He rubbed his cock through his jeans. “We’re both pretty horny right now, so if you wanna give it a shot, we’ll be more than happy to help you out.”

Brayden nodded in agreement. “Yeah, we can show ya how it’s done.” He grinned at Caleb.

Caleb nodded nervously and took a swig of beer. “Alright then, let’s do it.”

Dylan stood up and grabbed his belt buckle. “Well, shit, let’s get started!” He unfastened his belt and pulled his pants down to reveal a hard, throbbing cock.

“Holy shit,” Caleb said. “That thing is huge!”

Brayden laughed. “Yeah, tell me about it. Dylan’s got a real big dick. That thing always stretches me out.”

“You like it, though,” Dylan retorted with a smile.

“Damn right I do,” Brayden said. “Plus, it tastes real good, too. I love suckin’ on it.”

“And he does a damn good job,” Dylan added. “I’m tellin’ ya, Caleb, Brayden gives the best head around.” He turned to Brayden. “Show him what I mean, Bray.”

Brayden didn’t hesitate. He dropped to his knees, turned his baseball cap backwards, and wrapped his lips around Dylan’s cock. He moaned as he sucked it, letting it fill his mouth. It tasted salty and musky, like a real man’s cock should taste. He bobbed his head back and forth, running his tongue along the underside of the shaft.

Dylan groaned in pleasure. “See, Caleb? What did I tell you?”

Caleb watched in fascination as Brayden deep-throated Dylan’s cock over and over again. His own cock was starting to rise in his pants.

Brayden greedily slurped all over Dylan’s dick, leaving it covered in spit. When he finally came up for air, it was slick and shiny. He smiled at Caleb. “So, what do ya think?”

“That was fuckin’ hot, man,” Caleb said with a smile. “Y’all already got me hard.” He reached down and rubbed his cock.

“Let me see it, boy,” Brayden said, standing up. “I wanna check out your cock.”

Caleb undid his belt buckle and pulled down his jeans to reveal a nice, fat cock. It wasn’t quite as big as Dylan’s, but still bigger than average. It was cut, with a decently sized head.

“Mmm, that looks tasty,” Brayden said, dropping to his knees again. “Mind if I give it a lick?”

“Go for it, buddy,” Caleb replied.

Brayden licked the tip of Caleb’s cock, tasting precum leaking out onto his tongue. He wrapped his lips around it and sucked gently. He ran his tongue around the head, exploring every inch of it. He loved sucking cock; it was one of his favorite things in the world. He couldn’t wait to fuck Caleb later.

“Fuckin’ A, Bray,” Caleb moaned, “you got one hell of a mouth.”

Brayden pulled off Caleb’s dick with a pop and answered, “So I been told.” He chuckled before getting back to throating the cock in front of him, occasionally stopping to suck on Caleb’s balls, which were strewn with fiery red pubes.

After a few minutes of sucking, Brayden stood up and pulled off his shirt. “Alright, boy,” he said, “now it’s my turn.”

He pulled down his jeans to reveal a thick, veiny cock. It was almost as big as Dylan’s, with a nice mushroom-shaped head. A drop of precum glistened on the tip.

“Damn, Brayden,” Caleb said, “you’re hung like a horse.”

“I get that a lot,” Brayden said, laughing. “Now come here and suck my cock like a good boy.”

Caleb dropped to his knees and wrapped his lips around Brayden’s cock. He sucked it slowly but eagerly, running his tongue around the head and up and down the shaft.

Dylan watched them with a smile. He loved seeing his buddies get off together. He knew he’d get plenty of attention soon enough.

As Caleb sucked his cock, Brayden ran his fingers through the redhead’s hair. “Mmm, that feels good, Caleb,” he said. “Keep goin.”

Caleb kept sucking until Brayden pulled away. “That’s enough for now,” he said. “I don’t want to cum yet. I wanna save that for your ass.”

He pulled Caleb to his feet and kissed him deeply. “You’re a natural-born cocksucker, boy,” he said. “But I bet you’ll be an even better fuck.”

Caleb grinned. “I hope so, man.”

“Well, let’s find out.” Brayden pushed Caleb backwards onto the couch. He grabbed a bottle of lube from the table and squirted some onto his cock.

“Turn over,” he said, slapping Caleb’s ass cheek.

Caleb obeyed, turning over and sticking his ass in the air. Brayden positioned himself behind him and lined up his cock with Caleb’s hole.

“You ready for this?” he asked.

Caleb nodded nervously. “Yeah, I guess so.”

Brayden pressed forward, feeling Caleb’s hole stretch around the head of his cock. It felt tight, like a warm vice clamping down on him. He moaned in pleasure as he slowly worked his way inside.

When he was fully buried, Brayden paused for a moment. He leaned forward and whispered into Caleb’s ear. “How’s it feel?”

“It feels good,” Caleb said breathlessly. “But it hurts a little, too.”

“Good hurt or bad hurt?” Brayden asked.

“Good hurt, definitely.”

Brayden grinned. “Good.” He began to thrust slowly, pushing his cock in and out of Caleb’s ass.

Caleb moaned as Brayden fucked him.

“Yeah, Brayden, give it to him good, man!” Dylan cheered as he stroked his thick cock. “Fuck him like you mean it!”

Brayden sped up his thrusts, slamming his cock into Caleb’s ass over and over again. He pounded the redhead’s hole, feeling it grip him tightly. He grunted with pleasure, sweat dripping down his face.

Caleb whimpered as Brayden fucked him harder and harder. He felt his cock rub against the couch cushion, sending jolts of pleasure through him.

Suddenly, Brayden stopped moving. “Dylan, come fuck me while I’m fuckin’ him.”

Dylan jumped up from his chair and moved behind Brayden. He positioned his cock at the blond’s hole and shoved it inside.

Brayden groaned as Dylan filled him up. He felt his own cock buried in Caleb’s ass, and Dylan’s cock stretching his own hole. “Oh, fuck yeah, that feels good,” he said. “Give it to me, buddy.”

Dylan thrust forward, slamming his cock into Brayden’s ass. Brayden groaned in pleasure as he felt Dylan’s thick cock fill him up.

Caleb whimpered as Brayden continued to fuck him. He could feel the blond’s cock pulsing inside him, and it felt amazing.

The three of them fucked each other like animals, grunting and panting with pleasure. Sweat dripped down their bodies as they fucked.

Finally, Brayden felt his balls tighten up. “I’m gonna cum,” he warned. “Get ready, boy!”

Caleb nodded, biting his lip in anticipation. Brayden slammed his cock into him once, twice, three times... and then he erupted, shooting ropes of cum deep into Caleb’s ass. He groaned loudly as he came, his whole body trembling with pleasure.

Caleb felt Brayden’s cum fill him up. It was warm and sticky, and it made him feel dirty and naughty. He loved it.

Dylan felt Brayden’s ass clench around his cock as he came. It sent him over the edge, and he shot his load into Brayden’s ass. “Fuck yeah!” he cried, pounding his cock into Brayden’s hole.

What happened next wasn’t something Caleb was expecting. Brayden got down and felched Caleb, while Dylan sucked Caleb’s cock.

Caleb’s eyes went wide as he felt Brayden’s tongue lap up his own cum. At the same time, he felt Dylan’s lips wrap around his cock, and he knew he was about to blow. He closed his eyes and let out a loud groan, spurting his cum down Dylan’s throat.

All three of them collapsed on the couch, exhausted but extremely satisfied. “Fuck, that was good,” Brayden said, wiping sweat from his forehead.

“Yeah, no kiddin’,” Caleb agreed. “Thanks for showing me the ropes, guys. That was amazing.”

“No problem, man,” Brayden said with a grin. “Anytime you wanna try it again, just let us know.”

Caleb smiled back. “I will, trust me.” He looked at his buddies fondly. “Y’all really know how to treat a guy right.”

“That’s what friends are for,” Brayden said, wrapping his arms around Dylan and Caleb.