7AM and it was fucking hot. Craig threw back the sheets he was draped in, and jumped out of bed to open up his window. He instantly felt a breeze, and breathed deeply, inhaling the cool air. It was a chilly night before, and his dumbass roommates must have turned on the heat. "Pansies" he thought. He hadn't even noticed his morning wood, until he turned to get some clean clothes from his dresser. He smirked to himself, as he adjusted his 8" shaft off to one side of his boxer briefs. He found a clean pair, and grabbed his jeans off the floor, heading out to the hall. He passed by Robert's room, and noticed the familiar sounds of porn. He put his ear up to the door, and heard a woman breathing deeply, and moaning for more. He smirked again, as his dick flexed against the cotton blend material, stretching out, to release its seed. He adjusted himself again, accidentally brushing his arm against the door. It opened slightly, to his shock. Robert must have not pushed it closed entirely. He peered in, pushing a little more of the door. Robert's room was the largest, and was an L shape, so he had a home office set up around the corner, by the window. Craig peered around, seeing Robert sitting there, shaft in hand, working his pole up and down.

He held his breath, taking in the site of his muscled roommate, jerking his meat. Robert was athletic, and tall, with muscles Craig didn't even know existed. Robert was biracial, and had dark curly hair, and thick bushy pubes to match. He licked his lips repeatedly while he stroked, causing Craig's wood to stretch even more, against the confines of his boxer briefs. he wished he could join. He'd been curious about Robert since they moved in to the house last semester. He adjusted himself again, as he watched Robert work his hips into action, thrusting his thick meat into his fist. Craig let out a little moan, and Robert turned, and they met eyes...

"Dude, I'm....I'm so sorry, I just heard the porn, and...." "And, you wanted to join? Cause right now it looks like a one man show dude."

Craig gulped, and backed away, as Robert stood up, and walked toward him. His thick meat moved from side to side. It was bigger than Craig thought. He tried not to look, but Robert saw his gaze. "It's 9 inches long, and 6 inches around, if you're wondering." He stood in front of Craig, motionless. Craig nodded, "Impressive..." "So, are you gonna join me, or leave? Cause I don't feel like putting on a show." "I'll join you, but this stays between us right?" "Damn right it does."

Robert walked back to his chair and sat down, stroking his dick. Craig pulled down his boxer briefs, and sat on the edge of Robert's bed. He started to stroke his dick, and felt a flush of energy run through his body. He was fair skinned, and flushed easily. He felt his cheeks becoming red, and kept his focus on Robert's dick. He couldn't believe what was happening. Robert glanced over, and saw where his attention was. "You curious huh?" "A little. I....I've never done this before.' "You can touch it if you life, I'm down with that." Craig slowly reached his hand out, and Robert moved his chair closer, letting Craig take hold of his dick. It was warm, and massive in his fist. He moved his hand down the smooth shaft, and rested it against the base, in the thick bush of coarse pubes. Robert let out a little moan, and thrusted his hips up, humping Craig's hand. He clenched his fist a little tighter and worked it back up the shaft, and then back down. Robert put his hands behind his head, and continued to move his hips in motion with Craig's fist.

It felt like a few minutes had passed, and Craig was really getting into jerking off Robert. He completely forgot about his own shaft, and just when he was starting to get the hang of jerking someone else, Robert let out a moaning "Oh fuuuuuuck dude..." as cum shot out of his dick. It hit Craig in the face and neck, splattering against his lips and chin. It was thick, and almost clear, spraying out like a fountain. Craig was so shocked, he opened his mouth, and got some cum shot into his lips. It was bitter sweet against his tongue, and he immediately closed his lips. After a few more shots, Robert opened his eyes, and busted out laughing. "Dude, I'm sorry man, that was awesome." Craig was still holding onto Robert's dick, and he felt cum drizzling over his fist and forearm. He let go of Robert's dick, wiping at his face, making it worse. He stood up, as Robert got up behind him. "Man, wait." He turned, and Robert gave him a hug. He felt Robert's dick grinding against his own, and it felt strangely comforting. "I really enjoyed that. Anytime you want to have fun again, I'm down with it."

Craig smiled, and stepped back, seeing Robert's cum covered muscles, and pubes. He laughed a little, and wiped at Robert's chest. "You shot a village man." He headed to the bathroom, with Robert close behind. They ended up showering each other off, and Robert jacked Craig off in the shower. It was the first of many encounters between the two.





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