Helping Paul

I was just a normal kid in high school. 6'2 150 pounds, I was basically a twink, but didn't know it. I knew I was gay, but never really told anyone. I had crushed on different guys, but one guy named Paul was a hottie. He was probably 6'4 and 170. Pale white Irish skin, dark blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. I would love to spend time with him and get to know him better. Sadly I didn't have any classes with.

One day, he had to make up a gym class and I hoped to see more of him literally.

After gym was over we always had to shower. It was always hot to see guys that I knew naked, sweaty and heading to the shower. Seeing their cocks always was a turn on for me. I would go home and jerk off thinking about them naked and what they'd be like hard. Once I saw Paul naked feet from me, I started to drool. His chest was smooth except for a patch of hair between his pecs, a bit of a treasure trail to his full bush of pubic hair. It's was the 80's, trimming wasn't in style yet. But below that was his cock. I think he had to be on elf the well hung guys in the school. He had to be at least 6" soft, thick and uncut. When he was naked walking to the shower, he even walked with an almost cocky stride. I think he was proud of his big uncut cock. There were very few hung guys and even fewer uncut guys.

I thru all of the rest of my classes that day and all I could do was think of Paul's cock. That big huge uncut cock. Finally the end of the school day, I went home and went directly to my room and pictured Paul in my mind. I pictured him him touching his body, stroking his cock. I stroked my cock and way too soon, I shot a huge load, all over my 8" cock and my chest. I laid there enjoying a good jerk off fantasy.

One day Paul said that he was moving and I told him that I could help him pack.

"Hey Paul, if you need help asking or anything for your move, let me know, we're only a few blocks from each other right now."

He was quiet for a few seconds, "yeah, that would be great, I've got a lot of shit I need to pack." Paul told me

"Ok, well, let me know when you want me to come by and I'll help."

"How about Friday after school, my folks are out of town for the weekend and I'm on my own."

"Ok, cool, how about I come by after dinner, maybe 6 or so?"

"Perfect, see you then."

I finally would spend some time with the beautiful guy. I couldn't wait.

Time seemed to drag before Friday came, then it seemed to stop. I just wanted to get to Paul's house and maybe see him shirtless. Finally schools was over and I think I flew home. My mom was home and dinner was almost done. We ate dinner and then dessert. I already told mom that I was going to help Paul pack and she said to have fun. I wish I thought to myself.

I got to Paul's house finally. He answered the door, just wrapped in a towel, with a huge bulge under his towel. His chest was covered in drips of water. I guess he just got out of a shower. He looked so hot with his chest dripping with beads of water.

"Hey mike, glad you can help me pack. I got a lot."

"I can see that. " As I was thinking of his cock.

"Well, my room is upstairs, let's get started."

I followed Paul upstairs, watching the towel move on his ass cheeks. I just wanted to pull the towel off and watch his bare ass as went went upstairs. We got to his room and everything was already packed up and ready to go.

"I thought you needed help packing. Looks like youre already packed?"

"Oh yeah, I didn't tell you that on purpose. My girlfriend just dumped me two weeks ago and after the way you checked me out at gym class the other day, I figured you'd help me with this. He said as he pulled off his towel. "

There it was his uncut cock hanging in front of me feet from me. I was too nervous to even move.

"You saw me looking at you?" I said nervously.

"It's wasn't hard to to notice that you were checking me out. Your dick got a little hard, when you saw me. I walked past you on purpose. I figured out a while ago that you like guys. "

"Oh ", i said as I blushed in embarrassment.

"It's no big deal, I like girls and guys. But I like guys like you and figured you'd want to mess around."

"Yeah, I like guys, not crazy about girls at all. I dates with girls just to go with the flow of what guys are supposed to do."

"Smart choice, if I didn't catch you checkin out my cock, I'd have thought you were straight."

"sweet, that means most of the other people think the same think, I hope."

"well, since I know for a fact that you like guys and like sucking cock, suck this !!" he said as he grabbing his growing cock and waved it at my face.

"well, to be truthful, there's only been one other guy that I suck and fuck around with."

" you have another guy that you suck and fuck ?"

" and he fucks and sucks me too"

"who is this guy do I know him, it'd be hot to have 2 guys sucking my cock and balls"

" well, promise not to freak out ?"

"promise, who is the guy ?"

"my younger brother. We've been doing it for years. We've fucked and sucked more cum into each other than I think I can produce."

" fuck that's hot !! Well you're not alone, my brother and I have sucked each other too, especially when We were super horny or went on a date and didn't even get our cocks touched."

" ok, that's hot !! He have a big uncut cock like yours ?

" never measured them, but maybe a bit bigger and more skin than me"

" well, I think you might have to call him over to help with this big package" I said as I reached over and grabbed his cock and began to stroke his cock.

" figuring you liked guys, he will be here in the morning. His wife has been pissed at him about something and he's not had any sex of any kind for a month. He'll be glad just to have someone else touch his cock."

" well, I hope to do more than touch his cock."

" then start practicing on my cock!!"

I got onto my knees and looked at his growing cock. I licked the shaft all around getting him harder. I lifted his cock and started to suck and slurp on his big hairy balls. I couldn't stay away from his cock. I slowly swirled the tip of my tongue on the opening of his skin. He moaned in pleasure. I peeled his thick cock skin back and saw the big head. I just drooled, then popped his perfect cock into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around his head, flicking my tongue on the underside of his head, stimulating the frenulum, making him shiver with pleasure and ooze a huge wad of precum. His precum was incredibly sweet and delicious. I pulled off his cock and pulled back all of his skin, laid my on his head and pulled the skin over my tongue and his cockhead and began to swirl my tongue around. All he did was moan and groan with pleasure. By now he was at his full 9 throbbing inches. Veins were bulging all over his shaft. Precum was pouring out of his hole. Like that pig i am, I suck licked and swallowed all of what came out. I told him to stroke his cock so I could see him pleasure himself. I took his hand away and hen pulled his skin all the way forward and there was just a little bit of foreskin for me to nibble on. I gently used my teeth to chew of his foreskin.

"fuck, guys alway say teeth on a cock are bad, fuck, chew away on that skin"

So I chewed to get my fill of his skin.

I was so horny and needed to taste his fresh Irish cream. I started sucking his cock, pulling his skin back and forth, doing everything I could think of to get him to cum.

With my other hand, I played it's his big hairy balls. Soon who's balls started to tighten up, I knew what was cummimg. I grabbed his balls with my hand and made a ball ring around his nuts, gently pulling down. That's all it too, his balls tried to pop into his body as I was pulling down on them. He started to shoot his load. I pulled my mouth to the head of his cock and could feel each shot hit the back of my mouth. Big thick creamy cum was in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his swollen head and his cum, making his squirm and shiver with pleasure. He shot about 7 times and my mouth was full and the taste was unbelievable. I could suck this guy everyday if his cum was like this. Finally I swallowed every drop of his cream.

I pulled my mouth off his cock and milked his cock to get every drop of his precious juice. Two last small drips of cum, were licked away.

" fuck, I needed that. No girl has ever sucked my cock like that, not even my brother sucks like that. How did you learn how to suck cock like that?"

"Well, I know what I like when my brother sucks me and I know what he likes. And watching lots of porn and reading porn stories."

" well, you really know what you're doing. That was the best I've ever had. Shame I'm finding out now that you like cock when im moving."

"I can always ride to your place or you by me, it's not like you're moving to another state."

"true. I feel like I need to suck you off or at least jerk you off til you cum. "

" you don't need to worry about that Paul."

" why is that ? You sucked my cock and swallowed a huge load and I can't help you ?"

" well, you got me off "

" when, I didn't even touch your cock ,,"

" when I'm really into sucking a hot cock, I can do amazing things. For example , when you started shooting in my mouth and all your cum was in my mouth, that's when I shot my load. My underwear is soaked and it's growing cold and gross right now."

I stood up, unzipped my pants and pulled down my underwear to show him my cum covered cock.

"see I told you"

"fuck that's hot !!" he said as he dropped to his knees and cleaned up all of the cold cum from my cock.

"why did you do that?"

" I've got a strange obsession, cold cum, I love it and can't get enough of it.

"well, as long as I can suck your cock, you can have my cold cum once. Shoot.

" deal! Let's get some food, I'm hungry as fuck.

" me too. Too bad I can't have your cum on a burger, mmmmmm.

Ok, let's get dressed and find something to eat.

The rest of the evening we carried on like normal friends, not like cock suckin buddies, just two normal guys. I think this will work out great. Now my mind is wondering what will happen tonight when I sleep over and whats gonna happen when his brother gets here.



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