My association with the group started at a new gay-popular "wine bar" downtown, a get-together with a pleasant looking, friendly fellow who introduced himself as Mark. After a bit of chit-chat, he asked if I were open to bi scenes, which he referred to as "swing" sessions. I said that I'd never done one before, to which he asked, "No group stuff – or girls?" I said "neither" to both. He followed up with an offer to attend a session in the near future, if I were interested. If Mark were going to be present and naked, I was quite interested, so I said, Oh, sure!" He followed up by email that evening that it'd be great meeting me, and about two weeks later, I heard from him again that there was a "session" scheduled for that Saturday afternoon; I confirmed that I was, indeed, interested.

I was greeted at the door of the house by an older guy (well, 50's it seemed to me), slightly overweight, glasses ... picture of a suburban grandpa, name of Dan, who escorted me down to a rec room in the basement where Mark was waiting. A couple of minutes later, two other guests entered. Henry was tall and WASP-y looking, mid-forties with thinning blond hair in a pseudo-combover that seemed an effort to stave off facing the inevitable. Barry appeared a bit older, and around 5'5" in height, with dark bushy hair and round, tortoiseshell-type glasses, all very academic. For the record, I was 50 with curly red hair (thinned some such youth), blue eyes, standing at 6'1" last I checked. Mark, by the way, had a teddy bear persona, best way I can put it – a little shorter than I was, brown hair, brown eyes.

As "host", he explained that we, the guests, were all new to "swinging" so there was no pressure at all to perform; everyone understood the score. "Girls aren't for every inexperienced guy, but we've found most new folks get into the scene fairly easily. I'm confident this session will go very well." With that, he lead us upstairs to the living room, where we encountered ...

Four people having a good laugh (over a joke that was never explained) – two naked women, and two men in thong-like skimpy undies and white t-shirts reading PUSSYHOUND! My very first thought was that Dan looked damned hot that way, the posing-pouch front piece showing quite a bulge, and the bikini back fitting his full ass perfectly. The new guy, Lawrence, was decked out in a tiny green number that left essentially zero to the imagination, especially that he was a show-er, not a grower! With a goatee, graying hair, and narrow black-framed specs, he seemed almost like a CEO in search of his poolside drink. Honey seemed like she'd escaped from a Renaissance fair – tall with blue eyes, and falling blond locks, including fluffy pubes to match, a bit flat chested for those who care about that sort of thing, but she had bearing, buckets of it. Finally, there was Mae, who was certainly NOT flat chested, definitely C, if not D, with brown hair and eyes, and shaved (or waxed). Talk about a study in contrasts! Later we were to learn they were bi, occasional partners, but not an actual couple. Meanwhile, Mark had stripped down to his t shirt and a pair of black bikinis He was the only one with an erection, so he went first by default.

There wasn't much of a lull either as within just a few minutes of our arrival, he had shucked the skivvies, slapped on a rubber, and he and Honey were making out on the couch like a porn movie come to life. We newbies had barely had time to strip to our own skivvies (none nearly as racy) as had been indicated by Dan. The sight of the guy kissing and fondling the blond princess was a lot to take in. Henry thought so, too, as he and I were each getting hard; Barry wasn't nearly so excited. From what I could gather, Dan brought her to orgasm with his fingers, and then replacing it with his cock because their moans were pretty damned synchronized! I was having trouble following them, while instinctively checking on Henry next to me, and sneaking glances at Dan, who was making out with Mae on the other sofa. His hardon may not have been popping out of that pouch, but there seem to be A LOT of activity in there! She was stroking his thighs, while he suckled those melons. I was on sensory overload.

... and he scores! The scene shifted a bit after Mark busted his nut. It seems Dan wasn't destined to make it as far as penetration; instead, Mae switched a handjob and he was away cleaning up with Mark. Had I been touching myself then, I would've joined him with the nut-busting. Henry, at that point, asked me if I wanted to sample Honey while he checked out what Mae had on offer. I thought it sounded like a plan, and as we were making our way towards the ladies, Dan reappeared, still in "uniform." I wanted that cock any way I could get it: ass, mouth, or even a repeat handjob, I didn't care! He asked how close we were to shooting, to which we replied, "Not that far!" So, he winked at the gals, who seemed to get what he was signaling, causing Mae to move next to Honey on the larger couch. We had already rubbered-up, so it was a matter of getting into position, which was done by Dan coming up behind us, slapping us each on the back, saying "Go!" and we were off like racehorses. It felt like cheating on the poor gals, but Henry and I couldn't helping looking at each other more than concentrate on them. I did know, however, that I had made exactly the right decision in showing up that day. I had never fucked a guy before, so had no direct comparison, but Honey's hole was so hot that I would've been willing to agree to a cover photo on the next day's paper, "Bi Buds Sharin' Babes!" for the experience. It was That Damned Good! Unfortunately, I came a lot sooner than I'd wanted, while Henry got in a few more minutes of bliss. He asked me afterward, while we were getting dressed, "You feel that was few years overdue, too?" to which I replied, "D'uh!"

Finally, Barry paired off with Mae, while Lawrence and Honey did a sort of book-ended closing number that closely paralleled Mark's opener. I was still on a Honey high myself, but Lawrence was so damned attractive, that my new bisexual status was searing into my brain. Barry, on the other hand, seemed to be taking it slow, almost too much so ... but his nine-inch cudgel (far larger than the group average) was a real viewing pleasure. Henry was making gagging sounds, as though he hoped to be on the receiving end of it himself soon!

After the women left, there was a followup "debriefing" session to answer questions, and hear feedback from the newbies; one item covered was the "staff uniform," being explained that the shirts were a tradition, and the skivvies requested by the ladies. I mentioned I felt bad for shooting so fast, which Dan said as quite common initially. Barry said he was specifically interested in cunnilingus, to which Lawrence replied that he was also, and gave "private tutoring" with a girlfriend. Henry thought the group worked better for him, and wasn't sure he'd so interested in women individually? The "staff" accepted that such was entirely possible, and fine if it were so. As a final item, the guys gave introductions, which made sense then rather than earlier.

Mark: "I'm 46, was exclusively gay until two years ago. These days I still prefer guys giving me head to gals, but my fucking is mostly pussy, very little guy ass."

Lawrence: "I'm 51, and started swinging just under three years ago. I suppose I'm one the more 'successful graduates' in that I was skeptical I'd like straight sex at all, and wasn't all that impressed at first. One of the staff contacted me later to ask about MMF with a girlfriend of his, and since then he's pretty the only guy I've had sex with, and I've had a few 'girlfriends' of my own."

Dan: "By now you've figured out that all of the staff started with women later in life. By a sort of coincidence, I started on my 53rd birthday, and my 55th is next week. If the other person is under 30 or so, gender doesn't matter; otherwise, I don't do much one-to-one over that, group only." (Here I thought he was former military fucking women almost daily!)


I found I was counting down the minutes the entire week to fuck the gals again; all three of us were present the following Saturday for the second round, and the other new-bi's agreed it'd been pretty much the same for them. We were given the PUSSYHOUND! shirts we'd earned to wear from now on during "swingers" sessions. The difference this time was a fourth "veteran" present, Scott, tall and thin with longish hair down to his collar, reminding me of a tennis pro or surfer. He and Mae put on an actual live sex show to get things started. I really wanted some "private tutoring" with him because he put on a real Adult Film Awards performance, including pussy-eating that had her actually squirting all over his face. Later, he explained that he was 43, having spent his twenties and thirties being part of the "bisexuality is a wimpy crock!" crowd, totally dismissing the idea. Until ... he agreed to join a hot guy he'd met, Darryl, and his wife Lisa, for an MMF session to get access to Darryl's cock. Darryl had declared that if Scott wanted to blow him, he had to fuck Lisa first (they knew he was a virgin). Scott decided, "Oh well, okay, I guess it'd worth it ..." As he put it, the minute his cock hit her pussy he was completely possessed. He'd thought it'd just be a matter of thrusting until he filled the rubber and pull out of her, but he found himself fondling and kissing her breasts and kissing her on the mouth as though he'd been doing it his entire life. Darryl and Lisa agreed that's what it seemed like to them as well; they were certain he was NO virgin until he swore up and down it had been his first time! He did blow Darryl afterwards, but as much to accommodate Lisa who loved to watch guy-guy action, since his enthusiasm for the job wasn't nearly what it had been at first. He further stated that his sex life is heavily centered on couples now, as well as seeking a female partner to entertain bi men.

As for the status of the rest of my "class" ... a year later, the guy who seemed the most hesitant, Barry, is the one most affected by the experience; word has it he has put guys completely on hold, spending time with several women (separately). Henry and I get together every so often. He divides his time fairly equally between men and women, including Anna, whom he met by chance at the public library of all places! I mention her for two reasons: I was stunned by how strongly I wanted to screw her as soon as we were introduced, maybe it's that's she's kind of pixie-ish and androgynous; luckily, Henry had told her about his "start with women" and she's always excited as hell to take on two "class graduates" at once. She volunteered to be part of the staff as she'd fantasized about making it with gay guys for years, but never thought she could find any!

How has my sex life changed (apart of those occasional three-ways)? Well, there are a couple of bi gals who get very excited watching me take Mark's beer can down my throat before we turn our attention to them. My biggest news of all is that I'm going to be a papa! Twice! Mark must shoot blanks! Honey and Mae decided they were all for being parents, so why fuss around with other options when they loved sex with us?


Bent and Beyond

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