Well it all started in high school when this 6ft2 cute hunk of a chocolate show up in my english class. "Hi I'm Tom and you are?" I ask and he reply "Mick,.. you can call me Mick." As the day goes by and before the school day come to an end, Mick met all of the gang that i hang out with. Months later into our school days the friendship between all of my friends and Mick is great it as if we all know him for years. Both my male and female love this guy, mostly the girls he however end up dating my best friend Sheree. But this is where things heated up. Sheree went back to her home country for the christmas break, at the time i was single I get rid of my girlfirend because ame and her dad always get into some king of fight. Anyways before Sheree heave for her trip she ask me to keep an eye on her man 'Mick' for her, I found it weird that she ask me to keep an eye on him, let alone she ask me to take good care of him. I was wondering what she meant by that, at first I never took what she had ask me to do seriously. One afternoon i was home and I was so bored you have no idea, and normally when am bored I some time get those random boner ahahahah. Any who,... While i was sitting i my living room i decide to text this Mick to see whats up. And this was how the convo played out............

T- hey wats up its me Tom.

M- hey just got out of the shower, how did you get my number?

T- long story i know i said that I didnt want it but it was given to me anyways.

M- Oh ok wall by who?

T- by your girl friend

M- What....... why?

T- well she wanted me to keep and eye on you and make sure you are ok, and to take care of you apparently.

M- take care of me? What does she mean?

T- Hey man she is ur girl not mine I havent a clue what she meant.

M- mmmmm..... I c

T- have you spoken to her ever since she left.

M- nope... have you?

T- nope

M-so what you doing do you want to come over?

T- am..... Sure i guess?

M- what? Why you say you guess?

T- its nothing

M- dont worry i dont bit :)

2hr later I show up at Mick house, when i press the buzzer he come to the door with a white towel around him waist down, this was an amazing sight, is body was hard and firm, is abs looks as if its been carved onto is body, nice firm upper chest, and the part that kill me the most was the V line leading down to this huge bulge behind the towel. "So what did Sharee say you should do for her again take care of me?" Mick ask... "Something like that," i then reply "does that mean you should cake care of this too?" Mick point at his cock that is fully hard behind the towel. "Am very much sure she...... That not what she meant hell no dude you are hard wtf why?" I ask "Because you are here and Sheree isnt, and she ask you to take care of it,.. sorry i meant me and since its a part of me get sucking." Mick reply. OmG i wanna just this guys bone so bad, but i try to paly it off. "Fuck you hell no i aint putting my mouth on that." I reply hoping he would ask again even though it as killing me on the inside. Ahahaha well he kept asking for the last 20min and i dont really kno what happen but the only thing i remember was a huge 12.5inch of hard thick long uncut pop can size cock comming at me, i didnt know what to do it seem aa if that think trap me in a trance. And before i know it my lips were all over it as i go deeper he moan in pleasure. "Do you like it?" mick ask, but i didnt reply because It was two good and I didnt have time to take my mouth of just to give him an answer. After 2hr of sucking, my mouth gets tired didnt think that was possable lol. "So Tom are you ready to try the fun part?" Mick ask, "what fun part? Whay are you thlking about?" I reply. "Time to let me fuck you." Mick reply, "WHAT! Are you mad, hell no I am not a big fan of wheel chair." I reply "come on you wont even feal it." Mick say. "Yea am sure have heard stories and it sounds. Like it hurt to me." I then reply. "Just shut up and let me fuck that tight ass already." Mick reply. Once again i give in and we went with out a condom and it took exactly and hour for the head to his cock to get into me hole. "Dam you are tight." Mick stated wwhile i as dieing. In pain, then he have the nerve to say pain is pleasure i wanted to kick him but my legs was a bit num at the momend and that entry. Once he was fully inside me well at least so i thought he was. Touching my prostate and the entire thing wasnt even inside me. He started to move slowely and then he pick up speed and he wasnt lieing it does felt good after awhile, he went of for a good 30 min and it was then i felt this warm liquid flowing inside me it was an amazing feeling....... Thanks guys hope you guys like my life story there is alot more to tell if you wanna know :) ....



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