It was vacation time. My buddy Carl and me were going camping. We planned on going off trail and exploring more remote areas of the forest. Living with nature. I'm James, white guy 19 yrs old 145lbs (66kg). 5'10" tall. (178cm). Green eyes, long blonde hair swimmers body. Carl is Afro-American, 19 years old, 6'2" (188cm) 185lbs (84kg) brown eyes, shaved head, muscular toned body. We had been buddies all through high school. We are both bi-sexual and versatile, fuck buddies NSA.

We both have fishing and hunting skills, having spent time camping with our respective parents. Skills that would help us supplement our food supplies, should we need too. The first campsite we stayed at was very popular and had a lot of campers. The second one was a little more remote and had fewer campers, due to the amount of walking you at to do to get to it. It was at this campsite that we first heard from some fellow campers about the wild men that roam the forest. Rumor had it that they were ex-military guys that could not settle into civilian life and lived wild in the forest. We didn't consider it a problem the forest covered a massive area. We would be unlucky to run into any of them.

The third day we pushed further of the beaten track. We went deeper into the forest, shafts of dappled light shone through the canopy of the tall trees. We both started to relax more and feel more one with nature. In places where there were large clearings in the forest we walked through knee high and sometimes waist high grass. Fuck it was a great feeling walking through the swaying grass breathing in the different scents in the air.

The sun was still rising in the east and the coolness of the early morning was giving way to a moist clammy atmosphere. The rising morning temperature and our physical efforts made us sweat more. We both eventually stripped down to just our shorts as we progressed. Carl's body glistened when the light of the sun caught his body. His shorts were wet with sweat His backpack prevented me from seeing his muscular back. I was getting more and more horny as we trudged on.

"Hey man lets have a rest, fuck I'm sweating buckets here," I said. Carl soon stopped and pulled off his backpack. I could see the silhouette of his semi-hard cock; yeah he was feeling horny too. "Man I feel so fucking horny I want you to fuck me right here and now in the long grass," I said. I saw the whites of his eyes as he shouted, "hell yeah man, like one of those wild men, I'm gonna get you down and rape your white boy ass," he laughed. (Carl had become more the alpha male and me his bitch overtime)

He undid his shorts and let them drop to the ground kicking them to one side. He grabbed me and wrestled me to the ground undoing my shorts and pulling them off. Both our cocks were hard. "Wow we are like primitive man," he shouted. We rolled about on the grass flattening the grass as we did so. Our sweaty bodies entangled around each other as we wrestled, as if in a frenzied rape attempt.

"You know if this was for real, I would succeed in raping you, I'm stronger than you," he said. He grabbed my rock hard cock and started to jack me off. I just lay there in ecstasy. "Do with me what you want man," I said. "Ok roll over on your hands and knees, I wanna fuck you doggie out here," he said. I got on my hands and knees he went to his backpack for the lube. It was an awesome feeling out in the wilds, the warm wind blowing over my body.

Carl was expert at foreplay. He knew my erogenous zones, how to stimulate and arouse me to intense levels. Using his fingers to loosen my pussy and leave my hole still tight enough to make his big black cock feel sensitive sensations as he fucked me.

I felt his index finger massaging the outer rim of my man pussy. Making the whole of my body tingle with delight. His index finger slowly penetrated my hole making me moan out loud and giving me an inner feeling of pleasure. Then he penetrated me with his middle finger and index finger at the same time. Massaging my prostate with both fingers. Stroking my erogenous zones with his left hand. My whole body, legs and arms were trembling. The more he sensed I was getting excited the more he did.

He spat a mouthful of saliva into my hole. I turned my head just in time to see him pull the foreskin back and squirt some lube on the shaft of his cock and lean into me. The sky was darkening, a storm was on its way, and nothing would stop us fucking alfresco. Carl thrust into me coming up against resistance from my sphincter, gentle thrust persuaded my inside to relax and let his big thick black cock slide all the way into me to the base. I howled a loud moan of delight. I could feel his wiry pubic hairs rubbing against my ass cheeks. It was a fantastic feeling to feel his sweaty warm body on my back. He ran his fingers through my hair. "Man your hair is like a girls, long and soft," he said. I could feel the muscles of my gut tightening around the shaft of his cock. "Ohhh man my cock feels so good in your tight warm ass," he said.

There was a sudden flash of lightning followed by a loud clap of thunder. Carl had his hands on my shoulders. I could feel the friction of his cock on all sides of my gut as he slid his cock up and down inside me. Then the rain started one or two spots to start, then the heavens opened up, it was a cloudburst. The rain was penetrating the canopy of the trees and splattering on the ground and on our bodies. Carl continued fucking me vigorously.

The sky got darker, the lightning and thunder more intense. The rain continued to pour down on us, soaking us to the bone. Hell this was so intense. I felt Carl's hand around my cock; he was jacking me off as he fucked me. Pounding my ass as it continued to thunder and lighten all around us, sending vibrations through the ground. Carl released my cock as his body convulsed. I could feel his cock swelling that little extra as he shot his hot sperm juice deep into me. I arched my ass up more so none of it would spill out.

I was not far off shooting as I grabbed my cock and finished jacking myself off, squirting my juice into the pool of water forming under us. The rain was still pouring down. I took the whole weight of Carl on my back. His weight forced me to lay flat on the ground. I could feel the warm sperm juice and Carl's cock shrinking inside. I lay there savoring the moment.

The water was rising around us and forming small streams. Carl rolled off me and started laughing. "Man this amount of rain is unbelievable," said Carl. We grabbed all our stuff and found some higher ground that was not waterlogged. Carl sat down on the ground with his legs spread apart. "On your knees and lick my cock clean bitch," demanded Carl. The storm was blowing itself out as I sucked on Carl's flaccid cock. Taking it deep down my throat.

It was still early afternoon, hot and clammy when we reached the shore of the lake. The cool water of the lake was too inviting to ignore. We dropped our stuff pulled off our shorts and waded into the cool waters. "Fuck it's damn cold," I shouted as I dived under the water soon climatizing to the cooler temperature of the water.

We had not been in the water long when I looked towards where our stuff was. I could make out two guys. Fuck who the hell are they? I was thinking. I shouted Carl and pointed the guys out to him. We both approached nervously. As we walked towards them we both covered our cock and balls. One of the guys laughed as he threw us our shorts. "Howdy boys we don't see many folk out here," one of them said. They both had a few days of facial hair growth and long hair.

Difficult to say how old they were. Both muscular fit looking guys. They were both sweating. If anything the temperature was still rising. One guy was black and the other white. At first both Carl and me were scared. I thought shit are these some of the guys we were told about. They chatted to us asking where we were headed and was there anymore of us. I relaxed more as they joked with us and seemed ok guys. We were stupid to reveal so much information. The black guy suddenly shouted take ya shorts off. Their mood changed. They turned nasty.

"Fucking hell no man, what's your game? I asked. "We've been stalking you all day, we know you are two queer boys, we watched you fucking and heard you talking about wild man raping you. That your fantasy? We haven't had anyone to rape for awhile" laughed the black guy.

The black guy jumped up and grabbed me around the neck and roughly undid my shorts. I held them loosely round my waist. "Let them drop boy," he shouted. I let them drop to the ground. The white guy had a rifle, he pointed it at Carl. "You too black boy." Carl soon dropped his shorts.

He ran his hands over my naked body. Fear was traveling through the veins of my body. I was shaking. "Mmmmmm So you want me to rape you white boy, that your fantasy?" He asked in a way that he did not expect an answer. He grabbed my hand and thrust it into his crotch. "You like black cock? Feel that boy," he said. I stroked the bulge in his shorts. Fuck it felt like he had a tree trunk in there. The white guy was stroking Carl's naked body. I could not hear what he was saying to him. Carl looked shit scared. "Hey Sam, one each," he laughed. "Hell yeah Earl." (First time I heard their names)

They made us put our boots on and pull our backpacks onto our backs. He told me to hold my hands out so he could tie my wrist together with a thin rope, leaving some rope to lead me along with. Then he blindfolded me; the same was done to Carl. They pulled us along forcing us to go where they wanted to take us.

I became totally disorientated we walked for what seemed ages. For all I knew they could be taking us around in circles. One time we waded through knee high water. If I slowed he slapped my backside. Sometimes foliage hit me in the face, making me yelp only to get a pull on the rope to make me move.

We stopped I heard them talking. They pulled the blindfolds off us. The sudden glare of light blinded my eyes momentarily. When my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see we were in a small clearing. They untied our hands. We were told to remove our boots. Earl ran his hands down my body making me shiver with fear. Then he pulled me towards him wrapping his arms around me. If I were not so scared I would enjoy him holding me, and would love to stroke his magnificent body. His cock was tenting in his shorts. I was shivering, he knew I was shit scared.

"Don't worry boy we not going to kill you. We just want you to have some fun with. Then you're free to go," said Earl. I wanted to believe what he said, I was not convinced. Maybe he said that so we would cooperate. "We watched you fucking, we heard what you said. You queer boys have fantasies so do I. I want to fuck a white boy, I want him to make love to me to appreciate my body. I want to see the look of pleasure on his face when I fuck him.

Your fantasy is to be taken and raped?" Said Earl. He started to push me about. "I'm going to fuck you whether you want me to or not anyway," said Earl.

He undid his sweat soaked shorts and let them drop to the ground. My eyes nearly popped out when I saw his hard horse hung cock swinging from side to side oozing precum like piss out of his pee slit. He saw the expression on my face and laughed. The veins on his cock were prominent and stood out along the shaft. He held his cock in his hand and swung it from side to side. "You think you can take it all boy? He grabbed me around the neck and starred into my face. "I'll make sure you take it all." He had a beautiful shaped , cock it was at least 10" and thick.

He continued to push me backwards. I stumbled and turned to get my balance. He swung his arms around my waist and lifted me up I was kicking with my legs and pulling at his arms to try and break free. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. "You're going to know for real what it's like to be raped," he said.

He forced me to the ground, I was using my arms and legs to try and push him away. He was more powerful than I am. I hit him hard with my hands and arms but he still kept coming at me. He grabbed my arms and pressed them down. He put his knees on my right leg pinning it down, I continued to kick him with my free left leg, which he tried to grab.

I was struggling; I was breathing in and out rapidly, burning up energy. I was already tired from trekking and swimming. We were both sweating. I was getting even more tired and exhausted. The will to fight was still in me; energy levels were running low. He weighed over 200lbs, he had more energy reserves than I did, I was getting weaker and weaker he was getting more and more dominant. He pinned me to the ground with his legs and arms. I was spread-eagled.

He looked down at me with his glaring eyes; he was inhaling and exhaling rapidly. My fighting him was making him more excited. I could see the whites of his eyes. When he released pressure on my arms I started to try and fight him off. It was futile I could hardly raise my arms, I was totally exhausted. I could not fight him off anymore; I would just have to let him rape me
A mixture of fear and erotic pleasure was over whelming me. The musk aroma from his sweaty unwashed body wafted over me as sweat dripped off him onto my body. I lay there helpless with my legs and arms spread out. He ran his black hands over my body and legs massaging his sweat into the pores of my body. He knew I had no fight left in me. I have never been in a situation like this where a stranger had control of my fate and what I thought didn't count.

He lifted my legs up onto his shoulders. He penetrated me with the fingers of his right hand, one, two and three, rotating them inside my hole. It was sending me delirious with delight. "Your ass his full with your buddies cum juice," he said. He spat in my hole. Lubricating and loosening my hole more to take his big cock. I felt the head of his cock pressing on the rim of my hole. He had complete control of me now; I was too weak to resist him. His cock slipped into me, making me yelp. He roughly held me around the neck, nearly choking me. I could feel the long shaft of his cock sliding up and down inside me. He thrust deep and rough into me, using the full force of his body. He shuddered and moaned. I could feel his warm juices squirting into my gut. He squirted so much that some spilled out. He lay atop of me for awhile filling me with every last drop. Then he pulled out. I lay there helpless.

"Fuck him Sam, let's gang rape him," said Earl. Sam looked down at me as he kicked my legs apart. And got a top of me and fucked me. Their sperm juice was dripping out of my pussy. They both took it in turns to lick the juice as it oozed out my pussy. "Lets have some entertainment, get his buddy, lets watch him fuck him again," said Earl. While Carl fucked me both Earl and Sam fucked Carl. Earl looked down at me. "You got your fantasy now I want to live mine," he said.

After they had fucked us they led us to their hideout which was well camouflaged. You could walk by it and not know it was there. Both Carl and me were dog-tired and soon fell off to sleep. They let us sleep most of the next day. When we did wake we all went to the stream to wash. Sam cooked us all a good meal. Fuck we were starving. They even gave us some beer to drink. (They did now and then return to civilization) They started to treat us well. They enjoyed our company and fucking us. For the whole period they kept us captive we were naked.

Earl wanted me to be like a girl with him. He said I was a pretty looking boy and very fuckable, he liked my smooth and soft body. He would spend a lot of time stroking my body as I lay on top of him. Running his hands over my butt. He liked to cuddle and kiss me. When he fucked me he was always gentle with me. He fucked me every day and fed me his rich protean sperm juice. He said I was an awesome cocksucker.

Sam was very much the same with Carl as Earl was with me. Both guys were in need of a lot of loving. It was an awesome feeling to be with an older guy and know he appreciated you. To touch and be fucked by Earl was out of this world. I was starting to really like him; he was fun to be with. I did all I could to make Earl happy and let him live his fantasy.

Carl was not so happy he is more of a top, being fucked was not his turn on.

Earl knew from early on when he asked how long we were trekking, that he would have to release us to avoid any alarm bells ringing if we were missing. They gave us all our stuff and led us to a to a campsite. We never did see them again. That was some hell of a vacation.



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