Glen who was only 18 years old was in a hurry as he walked up Third Street in Mendiola Consortium on his way to his dorm after his workout. It was cold and the December wind cut through his skin making his whole body shiver, but not only was he cold, he was also uncomfortable because of the big hard on that was straining against his jeans. 'Shit, ' he thought, 'haven't cum yet today!' Glen, it seemed like, was always hard! His whole family was highly sexed, from his older brother, Paul, who had just about fucked every girl in the their province which is in Cebu, to his own father who fucked his mom at least three nights a week even after twenty five years of marriage, so for Glen who was a closet teen gay it was either have sex with a partner or jerk his big cock off at least once a day!

As he approached Seventh Street., he noticed that a new adult bookstore had just opened for business, and with nothing else pressing to do, he decided to check it out. There was a sign inside that pointed to a back room that said 'LIVE DANCERS' so Glen walked into the back room and entered a booth and closed the door behind him. He put five five peso coin worth into the slot and the screen covering the glass slid up out of the way revealing two young men dancing to the beat of the music that was coming from two big speakers in the corners. Both looked to be about 16 years old, and were entirely naked and shimmering with sweat! They obviously were workout fanatics as they both had perfectly muscled bodies and both sported large thick erections! Moving from booth to booth, they encouraged the men behind the glass screens to slide tips through slots that led to the dance floor where the boys could dig up their money. As one of the boys stopped in front of Glen's booth he slid one hundred pesos through the opening to the waiting young stud, and for this, Glen was treated to a private little show that included some masturbation. By this time Glen had pulled out his own harden cock and was giving it some nice even strokes as he watched the show.

While Glen jerk his dick with more passion, he suddenly heard a tap on the left side wall of his booth, and after looking down, to his utter amazement was a hard cock sticking in through a hole that had been cut about crotch high! Now caught up in a high sexual tension, Glen dropped to his knees and took the erect member into his mouth and began sucking like a baby on a nipple. The head was smooth and slick with his saliva and Glen licked the gorgeous shaft from top to bottom, until several minutes later Glen heard a groan coming from the next stall that was quickly followed by his mouth being jetted with thick spurts of hot cum! Swallowing every drop, Glen licked and sucked the head clean and gave it one last loving suck before it was pulled from his mouth and disappeared into the hole in the wall.

In its place Glen could just make out part of the face of another person on the other side the hole, so after jumping to his feet, he stuck his own pecker through the small opening, and within a second, the head of his dick was being licked and sucked by a total stranger! Who ever was doing the sucking sure knew how to do it, because Glen couldn't remember ever having such a good suck off! He felt his nut sack tighten as he raced towards his orgasm and while looking out the window of his booth and saw the two boys who had been dancing a few minutes ago, now down of the floor doing 69! It was too much for Glen to take and he blew his load deep into the throat of his anonymous cocksucker, while the two boys putting on the show were also in the process of Cumming all over each others faces. There was hot gay cum everywhere! Glen's cocksucker was now gently licking his meat clean with soft velvety kisses, but unwillingly he pulled his dick back and stuck back into his pants. As he left the booth he bumped into another man as they left the back room making Glen wonder if he was his unknown suck mate!!! He gave the older man a little longer look than he normally would have, and as a small smile spread across the man's face and Glen immediately knew that this was the man who had just made his pecker explode in ecstasy! Taking a chance, Glen extended his hand and introduced himself; the stranger grasped it firmly and said, 'My name is Mark, what can I do for you?' Josh looked around the dark room and found a little cubby hole off behind the change machine and ordered, 'Follow me, I have a plan!!!'



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