There I am standing in front of the cubical in the restroom, battling to take a pee. I hear the door open and close as the guys came in and out of the restroom. Finally I was done battling to take a pee, just before I zipped myself back up, I hear the restroom door open and I looked over my shoulder and I sow this sexy butch boy walking in, I checked  him out,  from head to toe, and believe you me there was a lots to see. You can see the out line of his semi hard cock through the pans his was wearing. it was like slow motion and the time had just stopped for that split second as he came into the door. This big butch blond boy came and stood right next to me in the cubical and taking a nice pee. Out of the corner of my eye I see him looking over the wall, as my cock was still halve way out and semi hard. I'm trying to put it away and he told me, " what are you doing? let me see what you hiding there!" I didn't hesitate and I took my semi hard cock out and stroked it while he looked over the wall.

with a nice smile on his face he turned around and went into the disabled cubical and left the door open. I wasn't wasting any time and I am in the same cubical. There this blond boy stands with his nice uncut cock out and hard as a rock, ready for me to feast on.  He puts his huge hands on my shoulder and pushed me down on my knees, looking at his nice uncut cock right between the eyes. " don't just sit there suck it!"

I leaned forward and I started at his balls while I  was rubbing his cock. I licked up at the bottom of his cock to the point of his dick head, and just started to suck on it, it felt so nice having this nice 9" cock in my mouth. He grabbed my head and pushed his cock deep down my throat, and hold it here for a few seconds. I started to gag on it. I pushed my head back and I sucked deep from my throat. My head jumped up and down on his cock. He puts his hand behind his head and let his head fall back onto his holder and I hear him moaning and groaning, as he moved his lower body forward and backwards as he is fucking my mouth. "mmmm fuck yes it feels so good I love the way you go so smooth on my cock" he is breathing harder and faster," yes its so nice"

uuuhhhhh! he is moaning and groaning and breathing faster as I suck faster and playing with his balls at the same time. His hands came down holding my head as he is still fucking  my mouth faster. I feel his hard cock down my throat. I hear his heavy breathing, "oh yes yes of my fuck its so nice" "I'm close just keep on sucking like you doing now"," yes" "yes" heavy breathing and moaning. his hands pushed my head as his dick went in deeper and deeper, "yes im going to cum yes yes!" ahhhaaaaa!, It felt like a water pipe burst in my throat, as he blew his warm juicy load. I feel his body shacking of the sensitivity as he pulled his cock out.

to be continued....



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