He was There

By : A. Williams

     He was there… and so was I. He was seated with several friends at the back corner table and all that matter was I wanted him, lusted for him. We had been eyeing each other all night, as we drank and danced. I could tell he wanted me too and now was my time to pounce.

      I strutted over to him, our eyes locked on each other the entire time. I said nothing, I grabbed his hand and pulled…he rose and willingly followed. Out the back door I led us to my car and he climbed in.

       Not a word was spoken as we pulled in to the closest motel and checked in. We entered the dark dank room and turned on the lights. I spoke first as I sat on the well-used bed, “Strip and lets do any and all things to each other.”  He smiled and began to slowly disrobe.

     He was wonderfully smooth, no hair was visible and he was tight and hard with a cut cock…hard, long and dripping.

      I stood and started to strip but he grabbed my hands, “Allow me Master, I will do the work to please you,” he said seductively.

      I raised my hands and allow him to set the pace… I did not care as long as I got to fuck his sweet ass and shoot my heavy load.

      As he removed my shirt he buried his face in my sweaty arm pit, he groaned and rubbed his face in my musky hair, “Allow me to clean you with my tongue Master.”

“Yes Slave you are allowed,” I replied getting into the role play he had set.

     I could tell he was no first timer at being a slave and he appeared to enjoy my pits.

     I reached up and roughly grabbed a hand full of his black hair and yanked his head away from my body, “Worship my tits slave and do it well or you will be punished.” I said gruffly.

     “Yes Master,” he agreed. He went to work on my developed pecs, licking them and getting them all wet with his talented tongue. He now focused on my hard nipples, sucking, licking and biting them as I moaned in pleasure.

     Breathing heavily, I ordered a change, “My balls now slave.” He went to his knees and removed my shoes. He slowly unbuckled my belt, lowered my zipper and pulled my pants down to my ankles. I raised each foot as he pulled and I now stood there, in only my socks. My 10 inch thick cock and low hanging hairy balls ready to be tended to.

     I spread my feet to allow him better access and was surprised to see his huge smile, “Pardon me Master but I must say you are magnificent. I will enjoy worshiping your package.”

     His Master talk was indeed turning me on and when he pressed his face hard in my balls, inhaled and moaned and it sent tingles to my toes. Once again I found myself moaning as he licked all around my balls, rolled them in his hand and sucked each one in his hot wet mouth. He had been trained well. 

     He positioned his mouth over my swollen mushroom head and asked. “May I suck your lovely cock Master?” I grabbed his head on either side and guided his way slowly down my veiny pulsing shaft. He was able to take it all in his throat with no problems, something most men couldn’t do.

     He allowed me to face fuck him, slow at first then faster as I pumped my hips back and forth, my ass cheeks clinching. “Yes slave, eat that dick… suck it… lick it.” I said my balls slapping his chin.

     His mouth was good but I wanted that smooth ass. I pulled my cock out of his mouth with a pop, reached under his arms pulling him to his feet. I picked him up and tossed him on the bed.

     “On all fours slave and spread that ass wide.” I said harshly. He obeyed and his ass was nice and plump, his hairless hole tight and pink, I had to have a taste.

     I dove in and started eating hiss man-pussy. Licking, probing it with my tongue and getting it wet, ready for my cock. I did not warn him as I plunged my long hard cock in all the way to my balls.

     He did not scream or complain, only moaned and shivered beneath me. God he was wonderfully tight and hot around my cock, he felt amazing. I laid on his back and licked his ear, whispering, “Do you love your Masters cock in your ass boy? Do you deserve a rough fuck slave? Do you want me to make you cum?”

“Oooh yes Master. Please use me for your pleasure,” he answered his voice full of desire.

     I pulled out quickly and plowed back in….over and over hard and with all my power and strength, grabbing his hips for leverage. He grunted with every stroke slowly losing the support of his legs. He ended up flat on his stomach. I raised one leg up and over my shoulder moving him on his side while I continued my assault on his hole.

     His nice long cock was hard and leaking, waving around in the air with my hard deep strokes. I grabbed it …stroking it in time with my trust, it felt wonderful in my hand.

     I wanted him to cum on himself… and me in his ass. I worked us to my goal of a hard long satisfying orgasm.

     Soon we were there…both of us on the edge…..balls boiling and cum pulsing up our shafts. We shoot off in seconds of each other….over and over until we were both drained. Yes, yes, fuck it was one hot session.

     I pulled my cum covered softening dick out of his ass and watched my cum ooze out of his well-worn hole. I smiled in satisfaction as I got dressed, I pulled a fifty out of my wallet and placed it on his cum covered abs.

     “Cab fare slave….you were worth every penny,” I said happily and left the room whistling… happy and well satisfied, the fifty bucks, a drop in the bucket…

            THE END!!!!....thanks for reading and posting comments…..A…..


A. Williams

[email protected]


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