I first met Will at university. He was in the next door room to me in our halls and from day one we had become good friends. Will was the sort of guy that when he walked into a room, heads turned. Just over 6ft, blond hair, piercing blue eyes and devilishly handsome. Not only was he good looking, he also had a brain and was really charming with all he met. Everyone liked him and wanted to be around him - especially girls who seemed to throw themselves at him constantly and he rarely seemed to say no.

Nearly every night I would hear from my room the headboard from Will's room crashing against the wall as he fucked senseless his latest conquest. Not exactly sure what he did but the orgasmic screams he used to get from his girls were sometimes deafening. I knew that he had a big cock because I would occasionally hear some of the more vocal girls begging him to fuck them with his big fat cock - and he always did as five minutes later the begging would be replaced by the screams of a girl being fucked without mercy!

I thought at that time that I was a bi guy (I now know I was actually gay) who slept with both men and women. What I did know was that I almost always enjoyed sex with men better and I also knew that when I got hard listening to Will have sex; it was not the thought of screwing some girl that turned me on but rather the thought of Will fucking and how it might feel being fucked by him. It is fair to say that like all these girls I not only liked Will but also lusted for him. However I equally liked and valued his friendship so I never acted on my feelings.

Things changed dramatically as we approached the end of our first year at university. I invited Will to spend a long weekend at my home. My sister was also back from university and both she and I had taken the opportunity of our parents being away to invite a friend over to stay. Will and I had been out for the night, had a few beers and arrived home to my find my sister, Laura, there with her friend Emma. We had a few more drinks, a bit of a laugh before we all retired to bed. Will was sharing my room as Emma was sleeping in the 'den' area by the lounge where we normally sleep guests.

Something woke me up about half hour after I had fallen asleep. I noticed straight away that Will was no longer in the room so I got up to investigate. As I came out of the bedroom door I can hear muffled whimpering noises coming from downstairs so I crept down the first few steps where I could get a direct view of the lounge and den area.

The whimpering noises were coming from Emma as Will's head was between her legs eating out her pussy. She was laid back on the settee, her legs akimbo as Will knelt on the floor lapping her pussy with her tongue. What I had not noticed at first was another pair of legs coming out from underneath Will and I realised that my sister was laying in front of him sucking on his cock. The air was full of Emma's moans; slurping noises as my sister sucked his cock and the odd groan from Will who was clearly enjoying the blowjob.

The positions suddenly changed and for the first time I saw Will's cock. It was around 8 inches long and extremely thick. His cock glistened from the sucking he had just received and I could not take my eyes off it. It was a gorgeous throbbing piece of meat and I wanted it so badly. My own cock was now so hard as I slowly stroked it to the scene I was watching. He was a hunky sex machine and I wanted him.

Will positioned himself in front of Emma and I saw every inch of his cock slide slowly into her pussy. The gasp from Emma was loud and within the first few pushes as he began to pound her the cries began. Will's arse went up and down like a jackhammer as he began to fuck her deep and hard and with her writhing and moans I knew it would not be long before she would orgasmed. As Will fucked Emma my sister, Laura, straddled above Emma so her pussy was by Will's mouth. He needed no invitation as he dived his tongue straight into her pussy. I sat and watch this scene of Will fucking Emma whilst eating my sister's pussy out. My cock was throbbing as I stroked it and knew it would not be long before I blew my load.

The scene erupted as Emma suddenly started screaming loudly - she was cuming and obviously was having a deep and intense orgasm. Will's response was just to intensify the speed of fucking which served only to make her screams louder; only then to be joined by my sister who Will had brought to orgasm by the tonguing of her pussy. At this point I lost my load and in the process must have made a noise as my sister suddenly froze and said she thought she had heard me getting up. I quickly left my position to return to my bedroom as I heard various movements below putting themselves back to normal in case I came downstairs.

Back in my room I quickly cleaned myself up and got back into bed and pretended I was asleep. Within minutes I heard Will quietly come back into the room but instead of getting back into his bed he came over, put on the small lamp by my bed and stood over me. I opened my eyes and he was still naked and his cock was still as hard as I had seen it downstairs and literally inches from my face. I was mesmerised and just stared at his cock.

"You were watching weren't you? he said, breaking the silence. I looked up at him and nodded sheepishly. He gave me his charming smile and looked back at me with his piercing blue eyes. My heart was pumping.

"Liked what you saw didn't you? Didn't get a chance to fuck your sister so perhaps her brother needs to make me cum instead". With that he moved his cock to my mouth and without any hesitation I opened my mouth and took it all in. As I started sucking I was sure I could taste Emma's pussy on his cock but I didn't care. His cock was gorgeous to suck; so thick and long and Will began to groan as I went up and down on his shaft whilst using my tongue to swirl around its thick head.

We shifted position to enable Will to get all his cock into my mouth and throat and he slowly began to face fuck me. Will had probably received hundreds of blowjobs but not sure ever one where his entire cock was enveloped by a warm wet hungry mouth and tongue just wanting to drain every last drop of cum out of him. His cock started to swell and his groans became more frequent and louder - he was losing control and with that he suddenly exploded in my mouth - five or six heavy spurts of cum and I swallowed every bit of it.

Will moved next to me on the bed and kissed me. "Thank you, that was probably one of the best blowjobs I have ever had" he said. It may seem silly to say but at the point I felt really honoured to have given this stud one of his best blowjobs. We continued to kiss and make out and I could feel him beginning to get hard again. At this point he gently began to lick, suck and caress my nipples (one of my big g-spots!); my soft whimpers told him how much it was turning me on and then, like all those dizzy girls I had heard through the wall at university, I heard myself say "Fuck me Will, please fuck me".

With me on my back Will held my legs apart. His cock was at my hole and he gently eased into me. Inch after inch filled me and stretched my hole and more kept coming. It kept sliding into me and I have never felt so filled by cock in all my life. Suddenly I felt his pubic hair against my backside and I knew he was fully inside me. Will stopped, looked me in my eyes and began to kiss me as he slowly withdrew and then plunged deep back inside me. He did this about half a dozen times and I was already groaning from the feeling of this huge cock sliding in and out of me.

Will picked up the pace and began fucking me harder. His cock was hitting my prostrate with each push and every time it felt like a burst of electricity was being sent through my body. I grabbed Will's arse and almost begged him not to stop. I could feel that I was not far from cuming as Will pistoned his cock in and out of me and suddenly I let out huge cry as cum flew out of my cock and all over my stomach - the first time a man had fucked me to cum without the use of any hands!

Will was not finished - he hadn't cum yet that night and was enjoying himself too much now to finish there. He pushed my leg over the other and, still inside me, he moved to the side behind me. From this new position he started to fuck me even harder than before and the angle of penetration made it feel even deeper than before. Will's cock was now hitting my prostrate even more fully than before and within seconds my cock was already hard again and I was shouting for Will to fuck me. That he did, harder and faster - his breathing was getting deeper and he too was now moaning and fucking me even harder though now more eratically. The intensity and speed of the fucking was too much for me as I suddenly lost my load for the second time, just seconds before Will cried out and shot his cum deep inside me. I could literally feel his cum spurting into me.

We kissed again before slowly falling asleep - his now near flaccid cock still inside me. I felt well and truly fucked and still could not quite believe what had happened that evening.

I fully realised just how much of a sex animal Will was early in the morning when I woke up at around 6.30am and Will had gone. Creeping into the hallway I could hear noises from my sister's room and quietly went to explore further. I kind of already knew what was happening before I started listening at the door as I heard my sister begging Will to fuck her harder and which judging by the noise that followed he obviously did. Oh well he said he didn't get a chance to fuck my sister and now he was correcting that! Then two hours later when Will thought my sister and I were still asleep in our respective rooms, I heard him fucking Emma again - this time in the shower. He obviously did even more than the previous night as she screamed even louder this time!

I rolled over in bed - I didn't care. Will had fucked us all that weekend and he would fuck me again on a number of other occasions after that. Things were never the same again!




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