In the middle of the night. A boy named Jamie was feeling uneasy. He was in bed when he heard something he cannot decipher.

A loud noise was coming from his older brother's door and it's keeping him awake. He should be asleep for his basketball game tomorrow morning. Yet he can't close his shut-half eyes because of the sounds that keeps him awake.

He cannot take it anymore. He lowered his blanket and slowly goes off bed. His brother's room is just in front of his room so there is no way he can't hear the noise.

Jamie opened the door and peeked in the hallway. No one's there. He continued to his brother's door and stopped on his tracks. He listened. He was wrong. He was not hearing any noise but moans.

It makes him nervous. Hearing weird noises and stuff. He wondered what Jasper is doing inside. What if he just left the TV on and fell asleep? Or he was doing something else?

Jamie, a fourteen year old teenager finally gets it. "That explains it." He whispered.

All these nights, his sleeps being disturbed. And only because his brother is making fun of his weapon. Jamie cracked a smile.

"This is going to be interesting." He thought.

The moan grew loader and faster as if It's suffocating. Jamie panicked. The thoughts that he's thinking awhile ago vanished. What if his suffocating? Jamie remembered that his brother has asthma.

"Oh shit. I didn't thought that." He said. And opened the door.

The room was dark. The lights were off. The only thing that 'causes him to see in the dark was the dim cast of light of Jasper's mini aquarium. He searched for Jasper but he was not on his bed.

He searched for the switch and flicked it on. The light temporarily blinded him. He waited for his eyes to adjust.

Jasper's room is quite a mess. His laundries on the floor, the junks that he ate were just on his table, his DVD stacks were uneven. And Jamie stopped. He saw Jasper's legs, laying on the floor and barely moving, no, stretching. HE was confused.

"Who opened the damn light?" Jasper said, irritation in his voice.

Jamie walked closer and saw the most unexpected thing he expects to see.

Jasper was naked, nude, bold, no clothes on. Jasper's four years older than Jamie so he was shocked to see his brother like this. He never saw him naked. They respects their on privacy and stuffs that's why this is new to him.

"Umm." Jamie searched for the words to say. "I . . . I thought your suffocating." I stammered. "Asthma attack?" He added.

He then realized that Jasper was not just sitting on the floor but masturbating. He was holding his long dick with his right arm and the left;s with a magazine.

"Oh." Jasper said. "I forgot to lock the door. Stupid of me. Wait what, you thought I was suffocating from my asthma? Oh. My younger brother is so sweet. Come here. Sit beside me." He patted the floor where he wanted me to sit.

Jamie hesitated. Sitting beside your older brother, naked and was interrupted while masturbating? Whoops. This is really getting interesting.

He was his brother anyway. He listened and sat beside him.

"So, have you masturbated yet little brother?" Jasper asked.

"Nope, not yet." Jamie aswered with embarrassment.

"Well, I think I'm gonna teach you how to do it." He hold my hand and put it on his big hard dick.

-------------------- TO BE CONTINUE --------------------

Hey guys. Hope you liked my ever first story here. Sorry for the errors but English is my second language so yeah. I'm still practicing with it. Please comment for your reactions and stuffs. I am also open for some advice. Best wishes. :)




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