In July 2010 I was just coming off a messy divorce and was working with a Custom Harvester going across the south and then North harvesting wheat. After the divorce was final I had decided that I needed to spice up my sex life, I had always fantasizes about sucking cock and being fucked in the ass but had never acted upon it.

On July 3 I got my first taste of cock in the shower room of the RV park we were stayin inane I tell you what I never, even in my fantasies, dreamed that it was so good. The guy only had about a six inch uncut cock but it had decent girth. It wasn't long into the blow job I was giving him that he proclaimed I must have done this for awhile because I was a pretty good cocksucker. But I swore to him I had never even touched another mans tool before except in my dreams, and in about another 5 minutes as I was discovering that I could take him all the way down he grabbed the back of my head and shot his hot load down my throat. I almost gagged at first because of the sheer volume of semen pumping from his cock, but like a champ I swallowed it all and never missed a drop (now I just love the taste of cum!). As he was zipping up he asked if I would be willing to so it again the next night and if it would be alright to bring a friend along and I said sure(of course!)

Well that night I had a recurring dream of mine, one that probably isn't all that original but.... Well it's about me being tied up and used and abused by 4 or 5 men!! Little did I know that my fantasy was going to, for the most part, become reality.

The next night I go to take my shower and get cleaned up for what I thought was going to be just a couple of blow jobs. As I am just about to finish the lights go out and I hear the door shut. I asked who it was but got no response. It was really dark and I couldn't see a thing and as I am reaching for my towel I am grabbed by four hands and held tight. I said What the fuck? And was forcibly put too my knees and my hands were handcuffed behind my back. They then shoved a washcloth into my mouth and was told to keep my mouth shut or else and to do what I was told or things would turn out very bad for me. So I complied.

Next thing I hear is the door being locked and then the lights come on.

Standing around my wet naked kneeling body were 6 frown men ages 30-50 just kind of sneering at me. I asked what was going on and they said they heard how good a cocksucker I was and that they wer going to break me in nice and proper.

They all got undressed and I started salivating looking at all the beautiful cock that was swinging around. I was also as hard as a rock which they all thought was funny. I kinda have a average cock it's about 7-71/2' cut but a little on the skinnier side, but compared to what I was looking at I was pretty small.

Their cocks ranged in size from monster to gigantic!! The smallest cock was probably around 8' and at least 3' across, the largest was an 11'er that looked as big around as a beer can!!

They them pulled out a bench and made me lay down on my back with my head hanging off one side then they retire my hands under the bench shoved a pillow under the small of my back and tied my legs spread apart and slightly back.

Next thing I know the guy with the gigantic cock moves in and places the head of his semi hard rod into my mouth and says let's see what he's made of then just to me he says relax and enjoy this each one of us is going to drop a load in your mouth as well as your cherry little ass.

That had me a little worried as I had a virgin asshole and all these guys were packing some serious meat!!

As gigantic cock starts to fuck my face I feel a tongue swirling around my tight, virgin little asshole and boy does that feel awesome!! I groan with pleasure as best I can because gigantic is stretching my mouth as far as I think humanly possible and he's settles into a nice rhythm as he is hitting the back of my throat with each thrust.

Next thing the tongue enters my ass for a minute which is real nice but is soon replaced by a very lubes up finger. The man getting it ready says that I really do have a virgin ass and how great it's going to feel fucking it. Then he adds another finger still applying lube and my ass is burning a bit but it really feels good and I wiggle my ass best I can and groan a bit. The man says he guesses I am ready cause I seem to be enjoying it. With that gigantic cock picks up the pace and starts to really fuck my throat now it's all I can do just to breathe!

Then the guy with the 'smallest' cock steps between my legs and slowly pushes the head of his cock into my ass. Boy it hurts at first but he is kind and just kind of holds it there till my asshole relaxes a bit and gets used to the intrusion

My cock is so hard right then that it was starting to hurt but luckily gigantic cock as he is fucking my throat reaches down and starts stroking my cock. I guess this relaxes me some because the guy with the 'smallest' cock begins to push his way into my bowels until he has all of his tool buried in my burning ass. It still hurts some but is actually starting to feel as good as I imagined it would when I fantasizes about it! Then he slowly pulls almost all the way out before slamming all that cock meat back inside me. Let me tell ya that didn't feel the greatest but after a few more hard deep thrusts he settled into a good rythmn and it slowly started feeling much better.

After about five minutes of a nice steady pace of cock in my ass and having my throat widened he starts picking up the pace and really starts fucking me hard. With each hard thrust it feels like he is rearranging my insides and it feels like he is also helping gigantic cock go deeper down my throat

Ten more minutes pass and it is feeling great now having two beautiful cocks in me one in my ass and the other in my throat, it was just what I had always fantasizes about, it felt amazing and the best part was I knew there was much more to cum!!

I can actually feel 'smallest cock' swelling up as his thrusts are getting shorter and quicker and now gigantic cock is starting to swell as well, I couldn't wait to see how this would feel!!!

I didn't have to wait long and 'smallest cock' thrusts as deep as he can and explodes in my ass. He wasn't wearing a condom and it felt like he just dumped a gallon of hot seed into my bowels, it was a great. Then gigantic cock reaches down and grabs the back of my head and forces his tool as far down my throat as he can and then he gives a little grunt and unleashes to this day the biggest load of hot man juice. It almost is as if he has turned on a hose as he pumps his semen down my throat then he slowly starts to pull out of my mouth but he is still pumping semen into me and I have to swallow as fast as I can but there is just no way I can swallow it all so it starts coming out the side of my mouth. His sperm tastes amazing and when he finally stops pumping it into my mouth I savor as much as I can and kinda slosh it around in my mouth.

It didn't go to waste though the next guy in line who had a slightly smaller cock used the tip of his tool to wipe it up and feed it to me and I loved every last drop!!

The next guy to fuck me had a slightly larger cock than the first guy but he wasted no time on pleasantries and just from the first cocks cum he slams his cock back into my ass. He is slightly bigger so it brings a new wave of pain/pleasure as both guys really start fucking both my holes.

This is how it went a slightly bigger cock in my ass and a slightly smaller one in my mouth all dropping heavy loads of sperm into both holes. I was in heaven!!

Then it was time for the original two guys, gigantic cock, and ' smallest cock' to have me again this time from opposite ends!

'smallest cock' was hard as a rock again and started to fuck my mouth with a passion shoving his hole cock down my throat and pulling out almost all the way then shoving it all the way back in. He would sometimes hold his cock all the way in my throat and bend over and give my aching cock a few good sucks. I could smell my ass on his big balls when he did this and it was amazing.

Gigantic cock didn't need much in the way of lube with all the semen from the other 5 cocks that had already violated/pleasured my hole, but he was so big he still struggles to get the head of that monster past my sphincter.

Wow did I feel every centimeter of that behemoth as he slowly started working his cock into my ass until I felt his big balls hit my ass cheeks. He held steady for a minute to let me adjust then he started slowly moving his cock in and not quite all the way out of my ass. After just a little bit I was really starting to live how he felt inside me I felt so full. It felt so good that my cock erupted all on it's own and It felt like I came in buckets!! He started to fuck my ass real quick and hard now and 'smallest cock' held the back of my head and started fucking my face hard and fast. 'smallest cock' then grabs my head and thrusts his hole cock into my mouth so that my nose was buried deep in his hairy ball sack and unleashes his second load of hot man juice into my mouth. But he doesn't just shoot down my throat he backs out and fills my mouth then shoots all over my face and chest mixing it with my own cum.

Now gigantic cock is really fucking me hard taking long deep hard fast strokes and I can feel every glorious inch of his cock as he is slamming in and out of me. He let's go this kind of primal grunt and buries his cock as far into me as he can. Then the flood gates open and he proceeds to let loose another monumental load of sperm up into my bowels. It almost feels like he is into my chest cavity as he pushes into me even farther with each pumping of his cock. I can already feel it pushing the other sperm out and it is running down the crack of my ass as his cock starts to soften. He doesn't pull out until he is completely soft and my ass feels like it has been through some he'll but it is already missing the feeling of wrapping itself around a nice big cock!

Gigantic cock takes the head of his cock and uses it to pick up the sperm on my chest left there by myself and 'smallest cock' and moves to my head and feeds me his cock. I can taste all 7 different sperm deposits as well as the inside of my ass on his beautiful cock and I moan with pleasure. Someone unties my hands and feet and I reach up and gently stroke his cock and feel the weight of his balls. I reach down between my legs and touch my asshole to see how stretched it is and am surprised to find that it is already getting smaller even though I know it will never be the same! The guys start to get dresses and I finish cleaning all the fluids from gigantic cock. I ask if they would come back tomorrow night but they say they are moving on but maybe they would see me next year. Well it is 2011 now almost the same time as last year and I haven't seen them yet but I got my fingers crossed and my asshole clean hoping to have a repeat performance!



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