Harmon Rabb, everybody's favorite JAG lawyer, gets 'jagged' by a cast of familiar characters.

Harmon Rabb parked his car in the lot across the street from The Grill and got out. The Grill was a sports bar and a regular hangout for Harm. The handsome JAG lawyer usually stopped in once a week or so to unwind after a long day at work. The food was good, the drinks cheap, and the televisions plenty and always turned to sports. Tonight was the first night of his vacation and Harm was looking forward to two weeks away from the grind. He was booked on a flight the next evening to Colorado for a skiing and relaxation. He was wearing a pale blue long-sleeved v-neck sweater over a white t-shirt, brown Doc Martens, and faded Levis that fit his body just right in all the right places. The clothes perfectly complimented his 6'4', well-built, muscular body. His short brown hair was spiked up just a little and his brown eyes were bright.

'Hey Harm,' a voice called out as he walked through the door. It was the bartender, Eric. The place was about half full and Harm took his usual spot at the bar.

'How's it going, Eric?' Harm said, returning the greeting and placing his keys on the bar.

'Can't complain,' the bartender replied, pulling a chilled glass from a refrigerator under the bar. 'Sam Adams?'

'Yeah, thanks,' Harm said, digging into the bowl of pretzels in front of him. He swiveled on the stool and checked out the place. He nodded to a few people he recognized. The place was only about half full, but wouldn't stay that way for long.

'Expecting a big crowd tonight?'

'Yeah, it's going to be a zoo. Here you go,' Eric said as he set the beer down in front of him. 'How's the lovely Miss MacKenzie doing?'

'Mac is just fine, Eric,' Harm said smiling, knowing the bartender was harboring a little crush on his partner. He took a drink of his beer. The bar was now filling up and a man brushed by Harm.

'Excuse me,' the man said, sitting on the stool next to Harm.

'Not a problem,' Harm replied, smiling at the man. He looked familiar, but then a lot of the people in the bar looked familiar to him. The man ordered a drink while Harm turned his attention back to the television set behind the bar.

Harm continued to talk back and forth with Eric while he tended bar, and a couple other patrons as well as the man sitting next to him joined in here and there. The conversation stayed mainly on the game but sometimes strayed to other topics in the news.

Harm finished his second beer, ordered a third, and went to use the restroom. While he was gone the man who had sat down next to him paid his tab and reached for the bowl of pretzels. His hand passed over Harm's drink and two small pills dropped into the beer, dissolving instantly.

Harm returned from the bathroom, took a drink, and turned his attention back to the game. After about twenty minutes he started to feel dizzy. He shook his head to clear it. 'Whoa,' he muttered.

'What's the matter, pal?' Eric asked, drying a glass. 'You're not drunk already, are you? Are you turning into a lightweight or something?' he chuckled.

'No,' Harm said, getting to his feet. 'No, I'm good. Just felt dizzy for a sec.' His voice was slurred, though, and he put hands on the bar to steady himself. The man sitting next to him was getting ready to leave and he accidentally knocked Harm's keys to the floor.

'Sorry man,' he said, and bent down to pick up the keys.

'I got it,' Harm said, putting his hand on the man's shoulder. 'Don't worry about it. Thanks.' Harm bent down to grab the keys. Very quickly the man put his fingers under Harm's nose. He was holding a small capsule and he crushed it. Suddenly Harm felt even more lightheaded and he couldn't think straight. He slumped to his knees. He tried to speak but couldn't. 'Unnnhhh...'

The man helped Harm to his feet. He could hardly walk and the man had to put his arm around his waist to steady him. 'Hey buddy, let me take you out front to get you some air,' he said. Harm was dazed and completely disoriented. He looked over at the bartender with a panicked look on his face, but Eric misunderstood his look.

'No, mister, why don't you just go ahead and put him in a cab. I'll pay for it,' Eric said, handing the man a twenty-dollar bill and a slip of paper. 'Here's his address.' The two men headed for the door. Harm looked back over his shoulder again and held up an arm. Eric waved him off. 'Don't worry about the beer, Harm. It's on me tonight,' Eric said. 'Just bring Mac in here with you next time and I'll call us even!'

The man helped Harm out the front door, but instead of hailing a cab he abruptly turned left and hustled Harm into an alleyway. His head was still spinning. The effects of the capsule would wear off soon enough, but not the drug in his drink. It was Rohypnol and it was designed to render its victim virtually helpless by slowing down motor skills and impairing the thought process. The only side effect was that the victim would experience a total memory loss. That's what the man was counting on.

'What's going on?' Harm asked, staggering. His head was clearing a little but he still felt funny. Sluggish. Sapped.

'We're going for a little walk, Rabb.' The man knew his name! That voice... Where had he heard that voice before? Who was he? He tried to break free but the man grabbed his arm tighter. 'You're not going anywhere, Rabb.'

Rabb, Rabb, Rabb... the man was talking as if he knew him. Harm shook his head again and tried to think. Who was this guy? Then it hit him. Clark Palmer!

'Palmer?' he said, struggling to gain his balance.

'Surprise! I'm back!' Palmer snickered joyously, removing the wig and rubberized mask he'd been wearing.

'How...' Harm started, but stopped. Clark Palmer! Harmon Rabb's arch-nemesis. He'd tangled with Palmer several times in the past. More times that he'd liked. Palmer was supposed to be in prison! How the hell did he get out?

Palmer spun Harm around and pinned his arms behind his body. He pushed him forward down the alley and stopped halfway down. He kicked at a door and a few seconds later it opened.

'Webb?' Harm slurred, recognizing the man in the doorway. Clayton Webb, Special Assistant to State, glanced sharply at Clark Palmer, a look of fear in his eyes.

'It's okay, I gave him a big dose. He's not going to remember any of this,' Palmer said, reassuringly.

Webb looked relieved. 'Yeah, Harm, it's me,' he said stepping back as Palmer pushed Harm through the door and closed it behind him. A lock clicked.

'Help me, man,' Harm said, struggling against his captor. 'It's Palmer.'

'Is it Harm?' Webb asked, casually slipping his hands up Harm's shirt, up his tight abs and to his pecs. He fingered his nipples and felt them stiffen.

'What are you doing?' Harm said, pulling back, but Palmer held him tight.

'You've been a pain in my ass for so long, now I'm going to be a pain in yours.' He pinched Harm's nipple tightly and then moved his hands to his waist. He unbuttoned Harm's jeans.

'Nooo...' Harm whimpered, his arms were still pinned by Palmer and his body weakened from the drug. He felt Palmer's warm breath on his neck and flinched as his tongue flicked in his ear. 'Unnhh... nooo...'

Palmer continued to tongue Harm's ear and then nibbled at his lobe. 'Oh yeah, Rabb. Squirm baby, squirm. It just makes me harder.' He planted a kiss on Harm's cheek.

Harm twisted and struggled. 'G..get off me...' he said stuttered. He looked up just as Webb was opening a small brown bottle.

'What's that?' Palmer asked.

'You've got your ways, I've got mine. Amyl nitrate. Poppers,' he explained. The CIA spook clamped his hand over Harm's mouth and nostrils. 'You'll just never learn, Rabb,' he said, turning his attention back to the pinned lawyer. After several seconds Harm's face began to turn red and his eyes bulged. Still Webb waited. He unscrewed the cap from the bottle of poppers and held it ready. In one swift move he released Harm's left nostril and thrust the bottle into the opening, keeping his other nostril and mouth clamped shut.

Harm knew what would happen if he inhaled the chemical, but needing air badly, he had no choice but to inhale. His body shook as the aroma rushed to his brain and his rigid body slumped in a sexual rush. Webb immediately put the bottle into his other nostril. 'Deep breath, Harm. Deep breath,' he instructed softly, while Palmer rubbed his hand over Harm's nipples. 'It'll put you in the mood.' Against his will, Harm took another gulp of air. His body spasmed as a wave of euphoria swept over him. Webb quickly shoved the vial back into his other nostril, and Harm, desperate for air, took yet another breath.

'Unnnhhhh...' he moaned, as his body went slack in Palmer's arms. His head lolled back onto Palmer's shoulder. 'Mmmm... ooohhhh...'

'That's better, Rabb,' Palmer cooed, easing backward onto a couch, with Harm slumped against his shoulder. Webb took Harm's hands and raised his arms over his head so Palmer could remove his shirt and t-shirt. Then Palmer took the poppers from Webb and stuck them under Harm's nose. 'Another deep breath... ooohhh, yeah... that's right,' he instructed. Harm obeyed and his body arched as the aroma worked its way into his already addled brain. Palmer stripped off his tie and bound Harm's wrists behind his back. He ran his strong hands up Harm's chest and massaged his pecs, flicking his nipples and rolling them between his thumb and forefingers. Harm's head fell forward and he sighed deeply.

Webb moved in and unzipped Harm's jeans. Harm was spinning and he was only vaguely aware of his lower body being lifted off the couch, of his pants being lowered, and of hands on his crotch and butt.

'Well, well, well, what've we got here?' Palmer snickered, catching sight of Harm's white Fruit of the Loom briefs. 'Tightie whities? You disappoint me, Rabb. What are you, twelve?' he cracked. He laughed again. 'You're such a Boy Scout.'

Webb's eyes were wide and fixed on Harm's crotch, which amply filled out his briefs. He licked his lips, leaned in and cupped Harm's crotch, giving it a squeeze. 'Yeah, but this is one hung Boy Scout!'

'Let me see about that,' Palmer said. He feathered his fingertips lightly over Harm's briefs, feeling his huge balls and cock. He began a slow massage over Harm's bulge.

'Uunnhhh...' Harm moaned, his cock involuntarily twitching at Palmer's touch. His shoes and socks were quickly removed and then his jeans stripped off completely. He was now lying in Palmer's arms in nothing but his white briefs, head spinning, unable to help himself. There was a bright flash, a click, and the sound of a motor whirring as Webb snapped a Polaroid. Palmer was blowing gently in his ear and nibbling lightly on his neck while softly fondling his increasingly expanding crotch through his briefs.

'You like this, Rabb?' Palmer whispered hoarsely into Harm's ear, letting his tongue flick in and out, flecks of spit hitting the side of his face. 'Oh yeah, it sure looks that way, man... ooohhh... and it feels that way, too... goin' all nice and hard on me... Fuck, man! For a guy who hates me so much you're really getting off on this... You like it when the boys touch you, Rabb?'

Harm's glazed eyes fluttered open and closed and his head lolled back and forth on Palmer's shoulders. He kept moaning as Palmer flicked his nipples and continued his slow, deliberate crotch massage and his dirty talk.

'He hasn't had a woman since he broke it off with Jordan,' Webb said.

'Well, I think that explains part of it, but I still think he likes it when I do this,' Palmer said, thumbing the tip of Harm's dick through his briefs, making sure the white cotton material chafed the sensitive head. 'Oh yeah, Rabb, you like this, don't you? Is this what you let the other flyboys do to you back in Boot Camp? After dark when the light were out... did you let your buddies crawl into your bunk and have their way with you... were you their cock whore? If you're a good boy, Rabb, I'll give you something to grind that fat prick into.'

Webb watched as Palmer slipped his hands into Harm's briefs. 'Oh, yeah, man...' Palmer purred, 'ohhh... you're really getting off this, aren't you? Yeah... your dick's all hard and leaking... mmmm... how about this?' He slipped his hand out of Harm's briefs, under a leg hole, and to his tightly clenched asshole. He tickled lightly.

'Uhhnnnn...' Harm moaned again, whimper-like, his voice higher this time. His body quivered.

'Oh, yeah, that's it,' Palmer cooed. He blew in Harm's ear and thumbed a nipple. 'We're gonna have a goooooood time tonight, aren't we, Rabb?'

'Hey, hey man, not too much too soon,' Webb said. 'We got him all night.'

Palmer looked at his watch. 'Yeah, that's right, and we've got about thirty minutes before he gets here.'

'Let's get him drunk,' Webb said, pulling out a whiskey he had brought. 'Maybe it'll improve his disposition.'

'I'm with you, man,' Palmer said, grabbing the bottle and opening it. 'I've always wanted to see Rabb three sheets to the wind. That's just how I like my men... horny and drunk.'

Palmer put the bottle to Harm's lips, but Harm turned his face and struggled. 'Oh no, Rabb,' he said, his voice full of mock disappointment. 'Don't be difficult.' He reached into his pocket and withdrew another small capsule. He put it to Harm's nostrils and snapped it open. Harm's body shuddered and went slack again.


Palmer put the bottle to his lips and tilted it in. 'Drink up, Rabb! There you go!' Harm swallowed, sputtering and gasping. Palmer put the bottle back to Harm's mouth and continued to pour. 'That's it... take another drink... yeah, man,' he purred, stroking Harm's throat to help him swallow until almost a third of the bottle was gone. He took a swig himself and handed the bottle to Webb. 'Okay,' he said, 'let's move him.'

The two men lifted the dazed stud off the couch and carried him to a table in the corner of the room. It was the same kind of table found in a gynecologist's office. They laid him on it.

Webb leaned in and ran his hand lightly up and down Harm's legs. He began to knead Harm through his full briefs and then pumped his hardening cock. He started to lower the briefs.

'I know we're supposed to wait,' Webb said, fondling Harm's tightening balls, 'but shit, man! Look at him! He's ripe!'

No,' Palmer said, swatting Webb's hand away. 'Order are to wait. We're just supposed to work him up. Get him loose.' He untied Harm's wrists and re-tied them over his head. He leaned in and wormed his tongue in and out of his ear while plucking at Harm's sensitive nipples.

'I'll get him loose,' Webb said, sticking his finger in his mouth to wet it. 'Just watch.'

Webb pulled Harm's underwear off. He spread Harm's legs and put each foot into its stirrup. He cranked them out. He slid his hand between them and tickled at his asshole. Harm's half-hard cock lurched. 'I think we've got a winner!'

While Palmer fitted Harm with a ball gag, Webb pulled up a chair to the end of the table and positioned himself between Harm's spread legs. Putting one hand on Harm's hip for support, he leaned in and, gently lifting Harm's heavy nut sack aside, ran his tongue lightly flicked his tongue lightly over the bound stud's tightly clenched virgin asshole. Harm's body twitched and his hole tightened further. 'Unnnhhh...' he moaned. But Webb was patient. He kept working his soft, wet tongue over and around the pucker, keeping it lubed and trying to loosen it.

Meanwhile, Palmer was doing all he could to keep Harm's mind off Webb's rim job. When he wasn't lapping his tongue over Harm's now hard nipples, he was tweaking them and twisting them playfully. They were beginning to redden. The combination of alcohol and poppers was helping as well. Not used to drinking a lot, and especially not hard alcohol, Harm was very drunk. The whiskey and Rohypnol had done quite a number on him, and now, with Palmer continuing to dose him with the poppers every few minutes, he was really flying. He felt his resistance beginning to lessen. The tongue probing at his ass felt so good, the tongue in his ear nice, and the fingers twisting and tweaking his hard nipples were driving him crazy, but he knew it wasn't right! He wasn't gay. But it felt so good. He moaned again, more audibly.

The moans were all Webb needed to catch his second wind. By now he was able to get his tongue part way in Harm's gradually loosening hole. Harm was still resisting, but he was in a losing battle.

Sensing that he was on the brink, Webb reached up and grasped Harm's throbbing cock. This obviously startled Harm and his body lurched and he gasped. While still slurping away at Harm's pucker, Webb scrubbed the pad of his rough thumb around the glans and over the head and piss lips of Harm's cut cock. Harm whimpered and squirmed more and his hips began to buck, but Palmer held him firm. He took over from Webb and slowly began jacking his fist up and down Harm's rigid cock, all the while continuing to thumb the prick tip. The shaft was wet and slick with pre-cum. He gave him another long hit off the poppers and sped up his fisting.

Harm began to breathe more and more quickly, whimpering and groaning. Feeling he was getting close to cumming, Palmer bent in, opened his mouth and engulfed Harm's dripping, rock hard cock.

'Unnnh... ooohhhh...' Harm moaned through his gag, trying desperately to thrash about on the bed. Palmer continued to bob up and down on Harm's cock and suddenly the Navy stud exploded. Stream after stream of pent up jizz flooded Palmer's mouth and ran over his lips, but he just swallowed and kept on sucking.

That did the trick. Harm had lost the battle. He was moaning and whimpering unintelligibly into his gag, his hips were thrusting up and down as he tried to fuck Palmer's face, and his ass cheeks unclenched, allowing Webb to work his tongue all the way in. Webb quickly slipped in a lubed finger and then a second. Harm was squirming and he moaned louder. Webb inserted a third finger and very gently worked them round and round, loosening the stud up.

There was a ringing noise and Palmer picked up the phone. He listened for a few seconds, nodding. 'I understand,' he said, hanging up the phone. He looked up at Webb. 'Two minutes.'

'Let's get him ready,' Webb said as he removed Harm's feet from the stirrups and Palmer took off the gag. Together they hoisted him to his feet and onto the floor. He fell to his knees, his head landing heavily in Palmer's crotch and wetting it with his drool.

'Easy, Rabb,' Palmer said, pulling him to his feet. 'There'll be plenty of time for that later.' They dumped Harm on the couch and cleaned him up. While Webb picked up his briefs and slid them on him, Palmer gave Harm a couple more hits of the poppers.

There was a sharp knock at the door. Harm looked up lazily while Webb and Palmer exchanged glances. The door opened and in walked Admiral Chedwiggen.

Harm stood up but fell heavily to his knees. He was hammered and his head spinning from the poppers, but he was rescued! He tried to stand again but found he couldn't. He managed to crawl forward on his hands and knees, his white briefs pulled tightly across his ass.

'Admiral...' he slurred.

'Easy, Commander,' the Admiral said, setting down the briefcase he was carrying and kneeling next to the drunk lawyer. 'What happened to your clothes, Rabb?' he asked as he gently cupped Harm's chin and looked into his eyes. They were bleary and glazed. 'You look a little... well, I'm not sure how to describe how you look.'

He whispered to Webb, 'is he okay?'

'Yeah,' Webb said. 'The roofie's working just fine. We just got him drunk. And we gave him some poppers to loosen him up a bit. You know... have a little fun. He's higher than a kite. He won't remember a thing in the morning.'

'It's Palmer, sir,' Harm said, slurring and speaking slowly. His mind was so foggy it was difficult for him to get the words out. He grabbed the Admiral's arm and gestured to where Palmer and Webb were standing. 'Right there... And Webb... Webb's with him... They're... uh... they're...'

'They're having some fun with you, aren't they Rabb?' the Admiral smiled, running his fingers through Harm's short hair. 'Do you mind if I join in?'

Harm looked up to the Admiral. His head was muddled and he was trying to make sense of what the Admiral just said. 'Wh...?'

'Why? Because you're such a fucking stud, Rabb!' the Admiral said, rubbing his hands over Harm's smooth ass, snapping the waistband of his briefs and smacking his ass hard. 'By the way, nice underwear. Very 'Top Gun'.'

Harm tried again to get to his feet. His tight white briefs bulging. He looked up at the Admiral and Webb through half-open eyes.

'Here, let me give you a hand, Harm,' the Admiral said, helping him to his feet. Harm leaned against him heavily, his knees weak. All the while the Admiral was staring at Harm's bulging briefs. He reached around and gave Harm's crotch a squeeze, feeling his semi-hard cock. 'Oohh... someone's a little excited,' he said. 'Why don't you lie down and rest for a minute,' he said, directing Harm to a small table.

The table was more of a rectangular-shaped padded wooden frame that sat about 3 1/2 feet off the floor. It looked like a massage table but parts of the top were missing; the parts where the crotch and upper torso area rested were cut out. Admiral Chedwiggen leaned Harm over the apparatus and eased him onto it.

'Huhhnn... mmmm...?' Harm mumbled.

'Don't worry, Rabb. Just trust me,' he said, softly rubbing Harm's butt and lightly scratching his back. 'Here, let's take these off,' he said and he gently started lowering Harm's briefs. 'We don't want them getting in the way. Besides, I think you'll feel more comfortable. Oh, that's better,' he said as he slipped the white briefs down Harm's strong legs and helped him step out of them. His hard cock was bobbing up and down and his nut sack swung freely. Chedwiggen held the briefs to his nose and inhaled deeply, taking in their musky scent. 'Mmmm...' he smiled and shoved the briefs into his jacket pocket. 'Souvenir.'

With Webb's help, the Admiral tied Harm securely to the frame. They were sure to keep him on his tiptoes as they bent him over the frame and bound him. They tied a padded strap around his lower back and under his arms, tightly securing him. The apparatus slanted upwards gradually, the front six inches higher than the rear. They tied his arms behind his back.

While Harm was being bound, Palmer opened the briefcase the Admiral had brought. Inside was a video camera and tripod. He set up the camera.

The Admiral ran his hand down Harm's naked body and spread his ass cheeks. He saw Harm's ass pucker, shiny, wet and quivering. 'I see someone's been here,' he said.

'Just loosening him up for you,' Webb said.

'You know, Webb,' he said, his face lighting up. 'I always knew there was something about you I liked. Always going above and beyond the call of duty.'

'Nnnnn... uunnnhhh...' Harm mumbled again, trying to speak.

'Oh, come on, Commander,' Chedwiggen said, walking around the table to Harm's head. 'Lighten up.'

'How does he look, A.J.?' Webb asked as he tickled Harm's ass pucker.

The Admiral lifted Harm's eyelids and watched his eyes darting back and forth, trying to focus. 'He looks ready to go!' He stuck his finger between Harm's lips and began to slowly run it in and out of his mouth, pumping it deliberately in and out, back and forth. The drunken, drugged horny man began to suck them. His eyes were glazed over and he was moaning lowly.

'That's good, Rabb,' he said, speaking softly in a low, lulling tone. 'Very good. Here, let me give you something else to suck on.' Keeping his finger in Harm's mouth, Chedwiggen fumbled with his pants and managed to lower them to his hips. His light blue boxers were tented and wet. He pushed them down and his huge cock sprung out. It was drooling pre-cum. Without missing a beat he withdrew his wet finger and slipped his dripping cock into Harm's mouth. He rocked his hips back and forth slowly, fucking the stud's face.

'Here you go, Admiral,' Webb asked, holding out the poppers. The Admiral took the bottle and stuck it under Harm's nose. Before he knew what he was doing, the dazed stud began to breathe in the aroma.

'Yeah, big breath, Rabb,' Chedwiggen coaxed. 'Big breath. Nice and deep.'

'Uhhhnnn...' Harm slurred, his body in a sexual high.

The Admiral switched nostrils. 'Come on, some more.'

Harm took another deep breath. 'Nnnnhhh...fuuuccckkkkk.....'

'That'll come soon enough, Rabb,' Webb smiled, unzipping his fly. He continued to run his finger up and down Harm's ass crack, sending shivers through the dazed aviator's body.

Meanwhile Palmer was on his back under the apparatus, alternating between flicking and twisting Harm's red, raw nipples and fondling his big balls and sucking on his rigid cock.

Harm tried instinctively to buck his ass away from Webb's fingers probing at his ass but his restraints wouldn't allow him. His head was fuzzy and he was drifting in and out of cognition. He had no idea where he was or the gravity of his situation. All he knew was there were several hands roaming all over his body and he knew that he was feeling so many different sensations! His ass was tingling, his sensitive nipples were being expertly worked and someone was slowly jacking his cock and tugging at his huge nut sack. It all felt so good! And whatever that was in his mouth, working it's way back and forth... mmmm... He was so gone he had no idea it was the Admiral's dick and he was so out of it that he had no idea he was about to be fucked like a horny slut.

As the Admiral slowly thrust his dick in and out of Harm's mouth, Webb was inserting his lubed fingers into Harm's naked ass. The loosened ass pucker was winking, inviting. Webb lowered his slacks and boxers with one swift movement. He lubed up his dick and stuck it in the lawyer's ass.

'Uhnnnn...' Harm grunted. His body jerked and he spit the Admiral's hard cock out of his mouth.

'Whoah, whoah, easy there, Rabb easy,' the Admiral as he softly patted the top of Harm's head. He took the bottle of poppers from his pocket and stuck it in Harm's nostril. The dazed stud took a deep breath and then another. 'There you go...' the Admiral said, re-inserting his dick into Harm's mouth. Harm began to suck. 'Good boy. Ohhhhh... good boy'

Soon the Admiral and Webb's bodies were moving in a gyrating rhythm as they fucked Harm from both ends. At the same time, Palmer was nibbling his titties and slowly jacking Harm's hard cock.

Then, as if on key, both the Admiral and Webb came. Harm's ass and mouth were both flooded with cum as the men jerked back and forth, shooting their sticky, creamy jizz into his body. Chedwiggen firmly stroked Harm's throat, causing him to swallow the warm gooey cum. It was too much. Harm's hips bucked and he shot his load into Palmer's waiting mouth.

Spent, the Admiral withdrew his cock from Harm's mouth. It was quickly replaced by Webb's massive nine-inch monster. He shoved it down Harm's throat. Harm gagged for a few seconds and then his throat relaxed as the big cock settled into a slow, deliberate rhythm. Webb was rocking his hips back and forth and was so into his face fuck that he didn't notice as Palmer and Chedwiggen snuck up behind him. Palmer was pouring the remaining contents of one bottle of poppers onto a cloth. He nodded and the Admiral grabbed Webb by his arms, pinning them behind his back. His hard cock pulled out of Harm's mouth and bobbed up and down. Before he had a chance to cry out in surprise, Palmer covered Webb's nose and mouth with the handkerchief.

'Ohhhh...' Webb moaned, as the aroma assaulted his nostrils. A rush of euphoria swept over him and his body slumped. 'Fuckkk...'

Palmer grabbed Webb's hard cock and aimed it at Harm's face. He furiously jerked it back and forth and within seconds Webb was spewing his jizz all over Harm's pretty face.

Palmer let go of Webb's dick and eased the buzzed man down to his knees. He gave him another whiff of the poppers and pushed him toward Harm. 'Here, Webb,' he said, 'lick it off!' He laughed along with the Admiral as Webb licked the dripping cum from Harm's face.

Palmer then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and lowered them to his hips. He pushed Webb aside, stood in front of Harm, lowered his black boxer briefs, and stuck his dripping cock into Harm's slack mouth. He took the handkerchief, still reeking from the poppers, and put it under Harm's nose.

'You liking this, Rabb?' he taunted, bucking his hips like pistons and thrusting his cock in and out of Harm's mouth. 'Yeah, man, keep on sucking my dick! Come on, champ!'

Webb snapped off another Polaroid, this time showing Harm sucking away at Palmer's cock.

The Admiral was now taking his turn fucking Harm's already raped ass. His hands gripped the Navy stud's hips while he banged away.

For the next three hours the three men took turns continuously fucking Harm in both his ass and mouth. When they were finally spent they untied Harm, who was now babbling incoherently, and laid him on the couch. They each took turns having their pictures taken with the drugged out, fucked up stud, posing him in a variety of lewd and obscene poses. Then they began to clean him up. They even gave him two enemas to clean all the cum and crud out of his ass. Lastly, Palmer leaned in and gave Harm a big, rose-colored hickey on his neck.

Harm woke up the next morning flat on his back in his own bedroom. He was in his own bed, on top of the covers, and fully dressed. The room was spinning and he rubbed his head and tried to think. The last thing he remembered clearly was having a couple of beers... and then... there was a man next to him... what had he done to him...? His mind was cloudy and he was having trouble remembering what had happened next. What had happened? He tried to sit up and flopped back down instead. Ohhh... his head was pounding. And his body was sore all over! His ass hurt... his dick hurt... and his nipples hurt. Even his mouth was sore... and it tasted funny. He shifted and tried to sit up again but something wasn't right... Where was his underwear?! He finally managed to sit up. He spied his car keys on his nightstand along with an envelope. He reached for it and opened it. Inside were three Polaroids and Harm recoiled in horror as flipped through them. The first showed him lying on a guy's lap in nothing but his underwear; the second showed him sucking some guy's dick; and the last was a close-up of a man's face... Clark Palmer...



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