I use to be scared of the dick, now i throw lips to that shit.handle like a real cumstarve bitch, i got men in switzerland just like sand in netherland, come play with my bushy and tell me whats on your mind when your tongues in my pussy, is it marriage or baby carriage, h guest its fine so best if i keeps you comming all the time, before i catch some niggas deseases, i first fingerfuck them between there creases, loosen up your flesh i like the way you shave your chest, curve it into an heart, to remind you of when i fuck you till you fart, tight ass in jeans you know what that means, come over here baby am stiff hard as crazy, pulled my zipper before someone sees us move a little quicker, am all sweaty in the crack please carress me between my crotch, am about to cum and milk is on the run, so stretch out your tongue, dont let it waste you need to catch some, foreplay was good especially your tongue cleaning tha hood, you have bad boy action but your weekspot found between your middle section.


Fadrian keymo

[email protected]


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