Shaun worked a importing and exporting company and he was very busy dealing with clients as they came in and out the whole day. One morning Shaun can to work a little early so he can work on some his work from yesterday that he haven't finished. Its 07:00 am in the morning, and Shaun is standing by the coffee machine making some coffee. Something caught his eye by the front door. Looked at the camera's and Shaun sow that there was a man walking up and down looking around. Pressed the intercom and asked the guy if he is ok and if he needed anything. The guy replied, "I am just here to check up on my order for next week to make sure it will be ready to be shipped next week". I am sorry Sir please do come up to my office and I will check for you, we not really open but I will help you quickly and check.

The door opened and the guy walked into Shaun's office. Please sit down, may I offer you some coffee, tea or me. Shit! I'm sorry I don't know why I had said that! Said Shaun. With a little redness in the face, looking at the 6 foot, muscular big build guy, black hair and this sea blue eyes, perfect lips, hair nicely styled, well groomed 5 o'clock shave, well dressed and he smelled so nice. Very butch guy. "I am fine thank you for offering me coffee" Sorry my name is Michael Smith! Shaun! Shaun Taylor! Nice to meet you Mr Smith, do you have a package no, or ref no you can give me so I can assist you in your order?

Yes I do have a package ref no, as Michael was sitting he moved his one leg that was folded on the other leg down, he moved a little forward in his chair and put his hands behind his head. Shaun looked at Michael in a more or less uncomfortable way, but a nice intense way. Shaun's eyes just slipped down to the guy's middle and sow a nice thick long bulge. Shaun had put his eyes back on the pc, try not to make it obvious that he looked at the guy's hard cock. Michael stood up for his chair walked around the desk where Shaun was sitting at on the other side. He puts his bum on the corner of the desk and took his one leg and put it on the chairs back support close to Shaun's face. Shaun moved his head slightly to the left and looked into Michael's big bulge. Shaun sat back in his chair and puts his one hand on Michael's leg, as Michael is busy to open his zip. He opened it with slow motion, Michael brought his leg back down.

Shaun leaned forward and started to kiss his bulge while Michael's pans is still on and the zip is open. Shaun pushed his chair back and Michael stood in front of Shaun. Michael started to unbutton his shirt while Michael still continued to kiss and suck on his bulge. After taking off all the close Michael was still remaining in the same position as he was, and Shaun is sucking on his nice 9" chick uncut cock moving up and down on his cock, Michael plays with his nipples and moan softly with slow breaths in and out. Michael's hands are on Shaun's head leading him to suck his hard cock off. He moves from his cock point to his balls and sucked on them while he was rubbing his cock at the same time. Michael took Shaun by his arm and pulled him up for the chair, and made him turn around and pushed his body forward and down with Shaun's ass in Michaels face, he bends down and slapped his ass and spreading them to get a nice view of Shaun's o ring. Licking and sucking his tight ass Shaun is moaning and groaning of pleasure the nice feeling of a warm tongue slipping in and out the small hole.

Michael slaps Shaun's ass again. Shaun stayed in the position of bending forward and he feels the hard cock moving up against his ass as Michael is preparing to slide is hard cock in Shaun's ass. With no mercy Michael sticks his dick head in and take it out, and slide it back in and take it out, every time he slide it in he goes in deeper and deeper till I feel his hole cock deep in me. Pounding my as hard with no mercy, " uhhh! Yes it feels so good!" Shaun is moaning and breathing heavily as Michael is pounding his ass harder and faster, he pulls his cock out and stick it back in, as he puts it back in I feel every inch go in and out with the nice feeling, his cock is rock hard and thick. Shaun's cock stays hard as Michael is also playing with him. Michael slapping Shaun's ass as he fucks him on the desk, pushes down on Shaun's body and push his cock in hard " oohh yes it's so nice", "do you like me pounding your ass like this"? Shaun's heavy breading is hot as he lays on the table, his face expressions says it all of enjoying the way Michael is pounding Shaun's ass. Michael's balls are slapping Shaun's ass as he moves in and out of Shaun's ass.

Michael stops and tell Shaun to get off the table and stand in front of it with his legs spread wide open and his elbows pressing on the desk surface. Hearing the slap of Michael's ball on my ass and him moaning and groaning as he fuck my ass. "yes it's so nice" yes uhhhmmm yes yes it so nice fuck my ass. Yess yess, Michael is moaning and moving faster and harder Shaun's cock is throbbing he can feel his heart beat at his dickhead. Michael is jerking Shaun off as he goes the last few pounding in Shaun's ass, as he pulled his cock out and slide it back in me I couldn't help by just blowing my load all over my paper work. "Fuck yes" "yes yes", moaning and groaning "yes yes", with the third yes, he felt this warm sensation of hot geyser that burst inside of him, as Michael released his hot juicy load. While Michael is still giving off the last few drops he fell down on top of Shaun as he stands by the desk with his legs wide open, to catch his breath. Shaun could feel Michael's heart pumping through his back.

to be continued



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