Hard Rock Parking Lot

I ran an ad on craigslist two weeks ago looking for a young lean/skinny guy wanting to get his cock sucked. I placed it in the ‘Casual Encounters’ section because it seemed to get better results than men seeking men. It tends to draw the curious.

I got a response from a kid that told me he was 24 and skinny and lived in Hollywood. I responded to his response and didn't hear anything back. He was an AOL member so I buddy listed him on my buddy list. I have my list divided into two categories "On Menu" and "Done" to keep track of the cock I want and I have had. 

This past Sunday night I was online and saw this guy’s name appear on the buddy list as being online. I sent him an instant message and he responded. I said I had answered his response to my ad but hadn't heard back from him. He asked me to refresh his memory and I told him I was the guy looking to give a non-reciprocal blowjob. 

He said, “Now I remember.”  And he also remembered that I said I couldn’t host and would travel. Conversation went back and forth for about a half an hour and after some descriptive talk he said, “I want to do it but I can’t host either.   Would you blow me in my pick-up truck in a parking lot?”

I said, “Sure,” so he gave me directions and a place to meet him.

I live in Boca Raton and he lives in Hollywood so he gave me his cell phone number and told me to call him when I got off the Hollywood exit of the turnpike. I headed out for the 22 mile drive that took me a little over a half an hour and called like he told me to. He told me to go to a Wachovia Bank and go to the back where he’d be in a black Ford Ranger in the back corner.

I arrived as instructed and saw the pickup and as I came close he flashed his lights and I parked next to him. When I got out of my car and heard him unlocking the truck. I went around to the passenger side and got in. My eyes bugged out of my head. He was 24 years old about 5-foot 9 and weighed about 140 – 145 lbs. 

He said, “I’m a little nervous. I haven’t been blown by a guy since high school.”

I sat almost thinking it wasn’t going to happen until he tilted his steering wheel up and unbuckled his pants. Then he slid them down to the floor and spread his legs. He had a bench seat which was easier to manoeuvre around on. Turning sideways on my knees, I lowered my face and slowly took his soft cock in my mouth. 

He let out an, “Ahhhhhh,” as I closed my lips around the shaft and it started to grow in my mouth.  As it grew I started slowly licking around the head.  His cock danced and flexed with each flick of my tongue. 

I encircled the head with my lips and slowly took inch by inch of his approximately 7 cut inches into my mouth all the way down to his balls. He let out another, “Ahhhhhhhhh,” grabbed the back of my head and started moving his hips and fucking my mouth. As his cock slid in and out of my mouth, he was gently moaning and faintly saying, “"Ooooh yeah, suck it man, suck my cock." 

His cock was stiff as a lead pipe in my mouth as he held my head and arched his hips, burying his cock to his balls in my mouth and held it there for a short. Then he backed off for another pump back into my mouth. 

This slow but steady rhythm went on for a good 5-10 minutes much to my surprise and delight because I thought he’d blow his load quicker. 

His moans got louder, his thrusts got more erratic and the head of his cock started to swell...signalling me that he was about to blow his load. Then he wailed, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Ooohhhh God I’m cumming,” and started quivering.  He was holding my head and pushed his cock in my mouth when I felt a thick warm blast of cum hit my tongue. 

With a vice like grip he held my head still, arched his hips and pushed his cock deep into my mouth and held still as he unloaded his balls in my mouth. I felt the swell and flex of six squirts and then a warm flow that I was able to hold in my mouth. He was moaning, “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” the whole time. After he quieted down, let go of my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth, I savored his mouthful of cum.

Then I leaned back down and licked a thick pearl drop of cum off of his pee-slit and milked a little more out with a quick deep throat and tight suck back up that pulled a little more cum out. 

He thanked me and said, “Told ya I shoot a big load, didn’t I.” 

I told him what a nice cock and load he had and thanked him profusely for letting me suck his cock. He took my number and said, “I’ll call you,” but that is yet to be seen. 

I really enjoyed this guy and could taste and smell him all the way back home.

After blowing him last week in the parking lot, we chatted online and he was very receptive to continuing our liaisons. But I got busy during the week and was unable to get together until Saturday night.

I was online working when his IM appeared and he asked, “how’re you doing?’

We exchanged pleasantries and I asked, “Do you want to get your cock sucked?”

He said, “Sure,” and we were to meet at the same place.

I quickly got in my car and made the 25 mile trek to Hollywood from my home in Boca Raton on the Florida Turnpike. When I got off the turnpike onto SR7 I called and said I’d gotten off which was when he’d leave to go to the meeting place. When I got stuck in traffic going into the new Seminole Hard Rock Casino/Hotel, he called my cell to see where I was. 

I pulled into the parking lot and parked next to his truck like last time and got out and into his truck. But this time he was sitting with his jeans already down and just his underwear on. Smiling, he said, "I'm not as nervous this time." Then he flipped his steering wheel up, pulled his underwear down and spread his legs. From the parking lot light I was able to see that he had a nice dark bush, unshaven with a nice mushroom head. This made me smile because I prefer guys that don’t shave their pubic hair.

This time I managed to get on my knees on the driver’s side floor and was able to get between his legs and take his cock directly down my throat which I couldn't last time sitting to his side.

As I took his cock in my mouth, I noticed the nice shape and size and the upward turn towards his belly that I hadn't noticed in my frenzy and nervousness the last time. 

This time he was hornier than hell and told me, “I haven't shot a load for 4-5 days.”

I sucked his cock from its head to his balls for about 5 minutes, and then he stiffened up, moaned, "Ohhhhhh, Ooohhhh, yessssss.” Quivering, he shot a huge blast of cum and continued to shoot volleys of thick warm cum from his young balls into my mouth.

We sat up and talked while he caught his breath. I invited him to come up to my office where I could give him the blowjob he deserved and he agreed that he’d like that. He said, “I want to try standing up and fucking your face.”

 We’re set it up for tomorrow night at around 6:30. 

This guy is a hottie to me and the drive is worth it even if the actual sucking time is short. I'm a cocksucker and will do what I have to do to get a feeding from a hottie wanting to feed me the warm cum from his balls.

The end...



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