A large shipment of replacement inventory arrived and I, Luke Taylor, the company owner, needed it put away before business Monday morning. I called Josh and Mark to my office Friday afternoon.

'Guys, I need a favor. As you know the new inventory arrived today and we really need it put away before we open on Monday. I hate to say this but I need you two to work tomorrow to get it all put in place.'

Being on a first name basis with all my employees, Josh spoke up saying, 'Luke, We've made plans to go to the beach with some friends tomorrow.'

'Guys, I really need you. I'll pay you both double-time pay for tomorrow and if it goes into Sunday, that will be triple-time.'

They looked at each other for a second and nodded before Mark spoke up saying, 'Hell, Luke, we'll work it. We can go to the beach anyweekend.'

'Thanks, guys, I really appreciate it and know that I'll remember this when bonus' come out. You both have keys so let yourselves in tomorrow. Be here at seven. I have a meeting, so I wont be in until about ten but I'll beout here helping you. Wear what ever you want.'

'See you tomorrow,' Josh said as they turned to leave the office.

Both men had been with me since I had started the company six years ago. Both were nineteen when I hired them. I had interviewed Josh first and after he was hired he said that he had a school buddy that was also looking for a job so I told him to send him in to see me. They were both damn good looking and extremely muscular. I didn't know how they would work out in their jobs but, with me being gay, I'd have some hot 'eye-candy' to look at.

I was twenty-three then and had started the disribution company with an inheritance from my grandfather. It had grown rapidly and was doing extremely well financilly.

Saturday morning my meeting was delayed so I called Josh and told him that it would probably be close to eleven before I got there. He said 'No problem.'

I ended up arriving at the office/warehouse at half past nine, finding both their cars in the parking lot. I went in and headed for the warehouse when I heard their voices in the beakroom.

'Luke won't be here until around eleven,' I heard Josh say. 'Let's play around for a few minutes. It will be exciting having sex here at work.'

Hearing that, I froze in my tracks. Surely hewasn't referring to the two of them having sex together? Both were so macho and masculine.

'Yea, it might be fun,' Mark said.

I eased down the hallway and peeked through the small glass window into the breakroom. What I saw toally shocked me.

As I peeked in I saw the two of them kissing passionately as the undressed each other. Both were wearing jean cutoffs and tanktops but no underwear. Soon they were nude except for their work boots. Josh had an extremely hairy chest while Mark was faily smooth wih just a small amount of hair in the center of his chest and a little around his nipples. They were both fully erect, each sporting a nice thick cut cock each about seven and a half inches long.

I easedmy hard cock out of my pants and slowly stroked as I watched Josh slide down and suck Mark to completion and swallow then after another kiss, Mark sucked Josh. My own load of cum lay on the the floor at my feet.

As they dressed, Josh said, 'If we get another chance, lets fuck each other in here. It will be hot watching the others eat lunch on the tables we fucked on.'

'Yea, it would,' Mark replied. 'Man, Luke would shit if he knew what we were doing in here.'

'Yes, he would and probably fire our asses. but I have to admit that I'd love to get him in bed for a night. He's fucking hot!'

'That he is. Hell, I've wanted him since the day he inerviewed me.'

I quietly hurried back to the door and as they exited the breakroom, I acted as if I was just arriving and said, 'Taking a break?', and entered the breakroom and dropped a change of clothes on a table and began undressing. They both stopped, surprised to see me and gave each other a nervous look before coming back in telling me what they had gotten done so far. I know knew that they wanted to see me undressed. I decided to give them a show. I stripped down to my briefs and then slipped on a tee shirt. Then before putting on a pair of old shorts I said, 'Hope I don't offend you but it's to fucking hot to wear these,' and quickly pulledoff my briefs letting them get a good look before putting on my shorts.

'It is hot out there,' Josh said.

We went to work and when we broke for lunch I called a barbecue joint and had sandwichs, chips and drinks delivered. After we ate I removed my tee shirt, saying it was too hot and told them to do the same if they wanted. They did.

We worked until nine that night to finish up and as we rested in the breakroom with a cold beer, i said, 'Why don't you two come out to my place next Saturday for a 'Thank You' dinner and all the beer you can drink?'

'I'm game,' Josh said.

'Count me in,' Mark added.

'Great. Make it about five, and you can come dressed like you are today.'

They both readily agreed and we left after locking up and setting the alarm.

During the week I gave them my address and told them, 'There is just one stipulation.'

'What's that? Josh asked.

'When you get there, you give me your car keys. I don't want either of you driving after you've been drinking. There is plenty of room for you to stay at my place.'

'Deal,' they agreed.

My place had three bedrooms and my room had a large California king bed if things worked out like I hoped.

My warehouse foreman was a an older retired ex-Marine and a total asshole at times. I'd had complaints from employees out his ranting on several occassions and after working with bith Josh and Mark, I knew either one of them could take his place and do the job perfecly. At the time, each was a section foremen and well liked by all, even though they were both strict but fair.

Saturday arrived and I had steaks ready to throw on the grill and potatoes ready to bake. All that was left to do was to prepare the salad.

At four I showered and dressed, putting on a tee shirt and shorts minus any underwear. I slipped on a pair of deck shoes minus socks. I had beer in the fridge and more iced down in a cooler on the poolside patio.

They arrived together right at five, and after greetings I showed them around then escorted them to the patio. As we sat enjoying our first beer, Josh spoke up saying, 'Man, this place is awesome. I love this back yard with woods on three sides making it totally private.'

'That's the main reason I bought it. I can even come out here in my 'birthday suit' if I feel like it,' I said, noticing them glance at each other and smile.

I soon had the steaks and potatoes ready and we ate poolside. After eating, they insisted on helping clean up. When done, we returned to the patio. After a while I said, 'If either of you feel like a swim, help yourself.'

'It sure looks inviting but we didn't bring any swim trunks, Mark said.

'Well, if you're not bashful or shy, you don't need them. I frequently swim nude. You can do the same if you want to.'

'Will you join us?' Josh asked.

'Sure. None of us has anything we haven't seen before,' I replied.

They sat quiet, looking at each other, trying to decide what to do.

'Would it make you two more comfortable if i took the lead andwent in first?' I asked.

'Does what happens here, stay here?' Josh asked.

'Definately,' I said. 'Anything that's said here or is done here stays just between the three of us unless you tell someone.'

'No way are we going to say anything. What would the others at work think?' Josh replied.

'It's none of their business,' I answered, standing and sliping off my shoes and shirt. I then removed my shorts and dove into the cool water.

When I surfaced, I looked back to see both of them removing their clothes and seconds later we were all three enjoying the water totally nude.

We swam around and later began slashing each other then began to wrestle around. Accidentally and inentionally our hands brushed each others cocks and soon we were all sporting boners, obviously visable in the clear water.

Deciding to seetheir reaction, I asked, 'Anyone ready for another beer?'

They both said yes and I climbed up he steps, my rock hard cock pointing the way to the ice chest. I made no attempt to hide it.

When I returned, I sat the beers on the table opened mine and sat in a chair, my hard cock pointing skyward.

As I did, Josh laughed and said, 'Luke, it looks like someone woke up.'

'Yea, he does that all too often and from what I could tell in the water so did yours.'

'Yep, he did,' he answered as he climbed up the steps, revealing his large boner. Mark immediaely followed showing his.

As they sat and opened their beers, their cocks pointing skywrd also, Josh laughed and said, 'What would people say or think if they saw the three of us sitting here with our dicks hard?'

'Frankly, I don't give a fuck,' I said. 'Were on private property and what's done here is none of their business.'

Mark spoke upand said, 'Boss, can I ask a quesion?'


'Have you had others here and the same thing happen to them?'

'Oh, yea. It's common,' I answered.

'Out of shear curiosity, what do they do about it?'

'Let me start by saying that I am a very open minded person. I believe in every person being themselves whatever that may mean. Some of the guys would simply take matters in hand.'

'You mean jerk off in front of the others?'

'Sure, and at times others were into giving oral gratification and would service some of the guys that wanted it.'

'They would give blowjobs to the guys?' Mark asked.

'Sure. When I have guest, I want them to know that they can relax and be themselves. I only invite people that feel the same way as I do. That way, no one is offended by anything that happens.'

'So,' Josh began, 'If we decided to jerk off, you'd have no objections?'

'None what so ever. In fact, I'd probably join you. Any guy that says he doesn't jerk off is a fucking liar.'

'I agree,' Mark replied. 'But just for the hell of it, let's say I went up to you and started to blow you.'

'I'd spread my legs wide to give you plenty of space. It wouldn't be the first time it's been done.'

'So, you've been sucked before?'

'Many times. I love it. I got my first one when I was fifteen from my best friends older brother.'

'Luke, there's not many around like you,' Josh said as he got out of his chair and walked over to me, kneeling between my feet.

'Josh, are you telling me that you want to suck me? Are you gay?'

'Yes, I do and yes,I am.'

'Go for it,' I said, spreading my legs wide.

Josh began sucking my cock and I was loving it. Mark stood and walked over close by, slowly stroking his own hard cock. I reached out and began sroking it for him.

After a short while, he pulled out of my hand and walked over to Josh and said,'I want some.'

Josh stopped and stood up next to me as Mark began sucking my cock. I began stroking Josh and urged him closer. When he was directly next tomy chair, I leanedover and began sucking his cock.

He gasped and said, 'Mother fuck, I'm not believeing this.' Mark raised his eyes to see what was happening.

As Mark brought me to a climax, Josh fired his huge load into my mouth. Mark and I both eagerly swalowed our reward.

As Josh pulled out of my mouth and Mark stood up I looked atMark and said, 'Come here. You're next.'

I then sucked Mark to completion, hungrily swallowing his load.

Josh spoke up saying, 'I can't believe we just had sex with our boss.'

'Well, you did and there is more to come,' I replied. 'Let's grab a beer. I have a confession to make to you two.'

We got another beer and sat at the table as the summer sun began to set in the west.

'When I hired you two, I had no idea if you would work out or not. I justknew that I had two hot studs to look at. You boh became my best employees. Then last week when we were putting away the inventory, I got there earlier that expected. I heard you two talking about having sex in the breakroom and couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had no idea that either of you played. I stood in the hall and watched through the window at everything you did. When you walked out, if you had looked a the floor you'd have seen my load outside the window.'

'Did you hear our conversation regarding you?' Mark asked.

'Oh, yes. That's what gave me the idea of having this dinner. The thing about taking your keys and the nude swimming was my way of taking things to the next level. Now that we know about each other, the clothes remain off until you leave tomorrow.'

'Who says we're leaving? Josh said with a laugh.

'You two are welcome here anytime, together or alone.'

'I'm still having trouble comprehending what has transpired,' Mark said.

'Tell me how you two got started,' I said.

Josh began the tale.

'When I was fourteen my brother who was sixteen walked into the bedroom we shared and caught me jerking off. I was afraid he'd tell our parents. Instead he asked if he could join me. He did and we'd jerk together every night before going to sleep after that. Soon we ere jerking each other then he asked me if he could show me something else that felt good. I said yes and he sucked me off. I found out that he and a buddy of his had been sucking and fucking each other for two years. I started sucking him and loved it. Then we started fucking each other, all before I turned fifteen. Mark and I were friends and had been jerking together. I started sucking him and he began doing me and we found after a few years that we prefered cock to cunt.'

'Are you two lovers?' I asked.

'No, just good friends. We have our seperate lives but do have sex together frequently.'

'Interesting,' I said.

We went for another swim, and while there I kissed each one passionately. After our swim, I fucked Josh and they both fucked me. A short while later I fucked Mark. They spent the night with me and we had much more sucking and fucking. They left Sunday about six.

Monday at work, when I'd see either of them I'd wink and they would just smile.

A week later I heard my warehouse foreman screaming at a good employee over a minor mistake, calling him stuid and worthless. I immediately stepped in and said that I'd like to see himinmy office. He'd aready been spoken to three times about his contact. When he came in I calmly said that I had warned him before and that he was terminated immediately. He left in a huff.

I got on the intercom and paged Josh and Mark to my office. When they arrived I told them I wanted o know who in their sections would be best at doing their jobs. They each gave me a name and Josh asked if it had anything to do with them having sex with me. I said definately not and told them about the firing.

'Josh, evveftive immediately you're the new warehouse foreman and Mark you're his office assistant.'

I aain go on the intercom and made the announcement, saying 'Before rumors start, John Dawson is no longer employed by this company.'

Even in my office I culd hear the cheering.

'Effective immediately.' I continued, 'Josh Sims is the new forman and Mark Reeves is his assistant. I asked that you give them your full support.'

There was more cheering.

After a week in their new positions, I informed them that there would be management meetings every Tuesday and Thursday after work in my office. They were to verify that all emloyees were gone and lock up, then report to my office.

The day of the first meeting I saw them verifying that everyone was gone and went to my office to prepare for the meeting. When they arrived, I shocked them by being totally naked. They quickly got the idea that our meeting were sexual in nature.

We'd have sex every Tuesday and Thursday. One Tuesday I asked Josh if he and his brother still had sex.

'Oh yea,' he replied, 'at least once a week.'

'I'd like to meet him, I said. 'Do you think he'd like to join you two one weekend when you come over?'

'I'm sure he would,' Josh said.

The next weekend I invited themover and told Josh to bring his brother.

When they arrived, Josh introduced me to his brother, Adam.

'You have to be shitting me,' I said.

Adam began laughing as Josh said, 'What'sgoing on?'

'Josh, Adam was my realtor when I bought this house.'

'As we drove up I knew who lived here but didn't say anything to Josh. I had the hots for you when you were my client.'

'And I had them for you,' I replied.

We had a great weekend and it was hot to see two brothers sucking and fucking each other.

A year has gone by and Josh and Mark are now lovers.

Adam and I clicked that first night and began dating immediately. After four months I asked Adam to be my lover and he accepted. Thefour of get together every weekend for wild sex, but during the week Adam is all I can handle. There are no longer management meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It all began when we were hard at work.



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