I started noticing my dad in a way i never had before . My eyes would simply drift to his crouch and the bulge that was always noticeable because he was sporting a big package . My dad didnt go to gym but physical labor made his body big with well defined muscles even in his 40s. For years id get aroused when id see him shirtless wearing only tight shorts in the summer. 

First time i got to  see him fully naked in all his glory without having to settle with tiny bits of him i could see through peep hole on bathroom door was when we were house-sitting aunts house while she was on vacation with family and i was determined to make best of it since year before i saw him laying in the yard tanning and he took his underwear off too and i saw his big dick for first time in ages. So anyway i knew he likes sleeping naked when were house-sitting so i put laptop in bedroom under excuse i needed AC in that room cause  its too hot and i felt more comfortable working on my laptop there. 

Ive set up webcam to record all day and pretended to burn dvds only occasionally entering room leaving him alone to get dress etc and expose himself. I also started taking showers with doors open and casually walking around naked after it and soon to my delight he got comfortable with it he didnt mind me entering bathroom bunch of time while he was also naked. I also would turn my cell phone camera on to record in the bathroom when id take a shower to see if he will peek in or something. So in matter of 3-4 days he got really reaaally comfortable with all the naked-ness that was going on with  both of us so he  would only wear boxers during the day and he didnt mind me going in and out of bathroom when he was naked and he even changed in front of me once. 

Then one night i went downstairs into the bedroom to pretend im checking something on laptop and noticed he was sound alseep. I laid down next to him and pretended to read ebook on my cell and after a while i shut it off and deided to pretend i fell asleep in his bed while reading. Soon enough i started touching him and getting closer and closer to him.  So anyway i slowly placed my hand on top of the covers where his dick wold be and noticed something poking my hand. It was his pubic hair , thats when i realized hes NAKED. 

Although i wanted to touch his dick under the covers he would always turn around or something so id get scared. I managed to crawl down and quickly lick his dick few times even put it in my mouth. he wasnt hard at first but when he started getting there he turned his back facing me so i didnt have access to his dick anymore.

I spent whole night spooning against him when i took my boxers off , i was a big spoon and could barely wrap my arm around his big body it was so hot . Later in the morning i put my boxers on again and fell asleep for real. Next night was even beter . Everything happened like night before , i hung out upstairs until he fell alseep then i came down and continued reading my ebook in bed with him.This time he wore only shorts which was disappointing . I spent some time just touching his body and i managed to pull the left side of his shorts a bit down when he was sleeping on his side. 

Then he turned on his back and i placed my hand on his dick which was already super hard. I was so excited i reached into his shorts and pulled the head out. Then i finally got courage and pulled his shorts down completely exposing his dick. I was so horny i didnt even care if i get caught anymore i got down and swallowed his dick.

It was too big i couldnt put it all in my mouth and i choked a little since i went to swallow it whole but overestimated size and thickness of his dick.  My teeth were scratching against his dick because it was so big. I sucked and licked it all over , even put one of his balls in my mouth at some point. It felt amazing to have my own fathers thick , warm , salty dick in my mouth . His breathing changed so i thought he mightve been awake , every time id come for air after sucking him id whisper to him to fuck me . 

With sucking his dick for so long i got even bolder and rubbed spit on my ass to get it wet. I slowly sat on his dick , pain was unbelievable i felt like his dick was tearing me apart so i gave up and went to bathroom to rub some of my aunts lotions on my ass. Then i came back and holding my dads dick i aimed it at my asshole as i sat on it again. Pain was intense but his dick was sliding in slowly. When i was sitting finally on his entire dick it felt amazing but hurt too much when i tried to ride him.

 Looking at his muscled body while i was crouching on his dick turned me on so much but pain was just too much so i got off and continued sucking him for a while.Then i laid next to him and jerked him off slowly cause i wanted him to cum. 

I took his left arm and put it on my dick and HE STARTED JERKING ME OFF and squeezing my dick really hard . I was in heaven . I was sure he was awake now so i reached to turn his face  toward me but then he jumped and woke up . I pretended to be asleep my hand still around his dick . He asked what i was doing but i ignored him and he just turned away and continued sleeping. 

Next day we both acted normal like nothing happened . When evening came i didnt go to sleep in the bedroom cause i didnt know what to expect , whether he'd kick me out or let me in. Afterwards every time id be sure hes sound asleep and we were alone id try to get to his dick but i rarely could . I sucked him once again last summer when he fell asleep at grandmas . 


If there are other guys with similar stories id like to get in touch , my email is [email protected] , i have pictures of my dad naked too if someone wants to trade ...




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