I walked in to my room to get ready for bed. I had a long day at work and it was my 2nd anniversary of the day I said I do to my loving husband Ethan. We decided that we did not want celebrate are anniversary tonight. We would wait till the weekend, so we would have 2 whole nights to are self's. I left it up to Ethan to make the plan's for are weekend of love. I had no idea

what he had planed. Hell I was to tired to even try to peek at what he planed.

Back to what I was saying. I walked in to my bed room to get ready for bed. I turned the knob and pushed the door open.

' what the fuck!' I said, with my eyes opened wide and mouth opened.

This must be a dream, I thought to my self. Blinking frantic to snap me back to reality. But he was still there when I stopped. I could not believe what I saw. The man of my dreams. He was just lying there on my bed with nothing but a long silk red ribbon tied in a bow around he's privet part.

My mind went blank and could not speak a word. But as I finally mustard up a 'hello!' I heard Ethan's voice coming from behind me. I did not see that he was even in the apartment un till then.

'happy Anniversary Babe!' he whispered in my ear, then kissed my neck.

'what is this?, who is this?' I asked still shocked at the sight that was in front of me.

'well I know that we are not going to celebrate un till this weekend but I just could not wait to give you your gift.' he said to answer my questions.

I could not believe it he was so sexy. He looked to be around 6 foot or a little more. With perfectly tan skin, green eyes and silky jet black hair that flowed down his neck. The smile on his face made my legs chatter and grow wake. His body was of a Olympic god. Wash board abs and a full chest, he looked like he just stepped out a fitness magazine.

'well what are you waiting for Jacob? Go open it! He asked as he pushed me to the bed.

'but but, what am I suppose to do with him. What I'm thinking is called cheating.'

' not if I give you a get out of jail free card for this one time.'

'You would do that baby? Your to sweet but I cant do that'

'Baby don't be scared I did this for you so enjoy.'

' where would you be at Ethan?'

'I will go in the living room and watch some tv so you can have some fun.'

' no babe don't go. Stay here with us and join in!'

'baby this is your gift that I got for you, only you. So just stop fighting this and just enjoy.' he told me then he walked out the bed room and closed the door. I heard the lock click from the key in the other side of the door.

' now you have to. You cant get out.'

That sneaking bustard turned the door knob around to lock on the out side. ' you ass hole!' I screamed. But really was happy that he did that. My mind raced all over the place.

' hey, I'm Nathan. The hunk of pure heaven said to me. Smiling at me with that sweet and evil smile on his face.

'hi.' that was all I could say, I was speechless.

' well how about we get started! Just lay back and I will take great care of you honey. 'telling me as he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Oh my goodness this guy can kiss. I just melted there in his arms. Wrapped around me holding me tight. I was in heaven. But I felt so guilty for Ethan not being here. But he did tell he that this stud was all mine.

I got lost in the moment and started to relax and let loose. Nathan notices and took full advantage of my weak moment. He climb on top of me and just ripped my button up work shirt open, Buttons flying every where. That never happened to me before I did not know how to react to that. But it just made me want him more. Le leaned in and kissed me on the neck with just a little pinch for his teeth that closed slightly around my skin. I feel in to pure lust, moaning, crying out in ecstasy. He just continued lightly biting all the way would my body un till he came to my pants.

With his teeth he unbuttoned my pants and unzipped the zipper. The lust was raging in me looking for a way to break free. He removed my slacks and climbed right back on top of me. Looking in to me eyes with that devilish smile on his face as said, ' what you don't want to open your present?'

He placed my hand on the ribbon and ordered me to pull the strings that he placed in my hands. I did what I was told. To tell the truth he did not even have to tell me. I was going to do it anyways. But having him tell me like I better obey was just another turn on for me. As I unwrapped the ribbon my eyes feel upon a amazing masterpiece. Ten full inches of hard European meat.

I could not help but to wrap my hand around his cock and just work it worship it. I wanted to get on my knees and blow that beautiful piece of man meat. but he had other idea's.

'don't be scared. Your lover told me all about your fantasy's and your dream man. And to be honest its hot that I can be the one to make your dreams come true.' he slide of me and grabbed a clothe of the side table next to the bed. He tied it around my eyes so I could not see. This was amazing I cant believe that this is happening. He told me to spread out across the bed, and of course I obeyed my master. I felt him tie my wrists to the head board, But not my legs. I wonder why not my legs but I did not want to question his methods.

Next thing I know I felt a hand grab my 7 inch uncut cock. It felt so nice but familiar but I was gone lost in the time with nothing on my mind but lust.

He just stroked me cock up and down, he started off slow and then gotten faster, then faster, and before I know it I came all over my stomach. I felt his tongue start licking all across my chest and tummy. Sucking up all my salty nectar.

Then he stretched up to kiss me with a mouth full of my sperm. Transferring my cum from is mouth to mine with a French kiss. The taste was mind blowing and in that instead my dick got hard again, that has never happened to me in my life. Its so amazing that this stud could do that to me.

He climbed back on top of me, but this time he was sitting on my chest with my head between his legs. His cock was just lying there on my lips. My lips quivering, begging to wrap around this gods penis.

His hand came to rest on the back of my head and my mouth parted and the head slid in my mouth, just to stop short of my throat. I felt the blood pumping throw the veins of his cock. The pulse of his dick a lined with the beat of my heart. Like we became one. he slowly started moving his hips letting the motion work his cock in and out of my mouth. From the way that his hips swayed you could tell he has done this many time. But the way he moved made you believe that there was never another person in this world that experienced this, you're the only one. The feeling was magical. The movement hypnotizing I feeling like I was in heaven. The out of nowhere he pierced my throat. Making me take all he had to offer me. I could not breath but I did not care. He felt amazing being so far in me. I never wanted it to stop. Tears started welling up in my eyes. He noticed and pulled out fast. ' did I hurt you Jacob? I', so sorry I did not mean to.' he stated to me.

'I'm okay really, its just that I could not breath. But please don't stop that feels amazing. Being pushed to my limits. But we need some kind of sign or something to let you know that I need air.'

He looked at me with passion in his eye. ' well you know how I was biting you?'

'yeah, why?'

'well how about you just gently bite the shafted of my cock.'

' I don't want to hurt you by doing that.'

' don't worry about hurting me. that's a turn on for me,

Just don't bite to hard.' he said smiling at me like a kid in a candy store.

So he got back to working my throat, pushing his cock in all the way then just bringing it out of my throat till only the head was in the opening of my throat.

This was amazing, never in my life did I ever had a guy to fuck my mouth with passion like he did. Words could not describe how I was feeling at this point.

He placed his hands around my neck like he was hanging on for dear life. that's when I felt it, the warm sticky thick creamy cum that just flooded my mouth. I tried to spit it out but I could not. His hand put a stop to that. From the pressure of his fingers wrapped around my neck and the feeling of his cum flowing down my throat, I just could not help but to cum again. But this time I came all over my chest and his back.

Then and there I had to lightly bite the shafted of his penis to let him know that I need air badly . My 2nd climax took all I hand to hold on.

After I could see start and started to think clearly. I noticed that his dick was still hard and mine to. He looked at me in the eyes and asked me if I was okay. All I could mutter up was a simple yeah.

He smiled that evil little smile he has been doing since I meet him. I looked in to his eyes and with the most adorable little smile and my soft voice I asked,

' can I please feel you in me. I want you to fill me. Make love to me Nathan!'

And with that evil smile of his he just came up between my legs and started to lick my all around my ass. Not leave any stop unmarked. I felt his tongue glide across my ass hole and it sent chills down my spine. He just stayed there eating me out for at least 15 mins. Then the time came, what I been waiting for. He got on his knees slide the condom on his long hard dick and took a hand full of k y and lubed me up. And with in seconds the head of his dick was pushing through, entering my bawls. The feeling was complete ecstasy. The worth of his skin the feel of being completely full. His dick fit like a glove. A perfect match. His dick stretched me but not enough to hurt me. The more he pushed in the further in to bliss I fell. His hips thrusting around in figure 8's making his cock hit all the right spots. He would speed up to a fast pace then slow back down going from fucking to making love ever couple minutes or so. After about a hour or so of that pleasure I was having, I felt the feeling of the comdon expanding in me. Filling up with the sperm of a god. And with out ever having to do anything at all I started to come. Nathan pulled out of me and quickly wrapped his lips around the head of my dick and let my seed flow from opening of my dick in his mouth. After I was done he took the condom off he dick. Sucked his cum in his mouth to mix with my cum. And he kissed me again letting it divide between the two of us. We sat there kissing about five minutes then he broke away from me.

' how was that?' he asked.

' I can truly say that was amazing!' I told him.

He got up And walked I to the bathroom to take a shower. I just laid there still tied up. I was wore out, completely drained of all energy and power.

Ethan must have heard the shower because he unlocked the door and walked and sat next to me on the bed. Looking up in his eyes all I could say was ' I LOVE YOU!'

'I love you to babe. I can tell you loved your gifted. I'm glad.'

' babe that was a dream come turn, but you know what would have made it better?' I asked him.

He just sat there shacking his head no.


He smiled and then he kissed me with the passion of a thousand lovers. And then whispered ' happy anniversary Jacob!'

Ethan un tied me and just laid there with his arms wrapped around me. I felt the love me had for me with in his arms.

The shower turned off and we heard Nathan steeping out to the tile floor. He walked in to the room and across to the lazy boy chair on the opposite side of the room. Grabbed his clothes and got dressed. He looked at us and then walked and handled me $1,500.

'This was how much it cost to make your dreams come true. But after what happened and seeing you two like this. Well, here happy anniversary you two. I wish you well. Then he turn around and walked out the room. We heard the front door shut. With in minutes I was fast asleep in the arms of my true love.



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