Hank - Grimm set, Portland, Oregon

I'm Jack. 230 pounds and 6 foot 2 of Irish/Polish hybrid. Luck of the genes of both cultures, built solid and thick, pale Irish skin with black hair and green eyes. 7.5 inches of cock with a bulbous baseball bat shape with big nuts. Big square Irish pecs and biceps and big polish ass and big thighs. Built in paranoia about being a fat old man keeps me working out a lot...that and a bit of fat on the middle. These genes can't last forever but I am gonna try my best. Lots of exercise  = lots of desire all the time. My problem ? Thickness Addiction

Hank. I met Hank in an unusual way. On the set of Grimm when I played an extra who gets eaten by some Demon that Hank played. So I got chased by Hank over and over again through a forest with seven other extras and I get to be the one that gets caught and eaten. You know that filming takes a long time so this took hours - lucky me ! Hank was a bouncer and a highly paid one, since his acting skills proved help make him better than the rest. He stood 6 foot 6 and over 300 lbs of beautiful shades of tan and brown that confused me so I couldn't determine his ethnic background. Italian ? Slavic? Turkish ? Light brown eyes, with light brown skin or was it tan, curly black boom hair and just massive. Big head, rugged big hands, big everything, it all was just naturally a giant size bigger with him. I loved him immediately.

Hank was clear right away that he loved chasing my ass. He said he could chase me all day, which then cursed us to film the shots over and over again. When he would "catch me " his character was supposed to eat me which meant he chewed on my clothes and on my skin all over my body. The production assistant told me to do something to hide my erect cock during the close up shots. The older gay costume designer said he would handle it, if he could " handle it" which seemed only fair. He was nice and it all kind of innocent and thanked me afterward. But Hank was pouting that the older guy got to see my stuff before he did, which made me laugh.

Usually when you meet a hot guy and the sex deed has been set in motion, you find a place and get to it quick as you can. This was different; tons of talking and cuddling between shots to keep warm for hours on end. The other actors where cuddling also under blankets and I hoped they were getting lucky too. I got to know him pretty well before the clothes ever came off, which only added to my pleasure. Back at his flat the clothes came off right at the door and he carried me to his bed which totally impressed me since I am not a small guy. His cock was a thick light brown sausage with a juicy plummy head leaking fluid. It was long in keeping with his body type and had thick veins and slight ridges underneath. Laying on his back squirming while I sucked him, I considered how much I liked sucking dicks, and thought how can this be so satisfying ? I held his balls and rolled them in my hands which he seemed to love. I realized he had shaved his balls smooth, which I normally thought was odd, but he seemed to be so sensitive with them smooth that I reconsidered my opinion. It made him shudder so much that I decided to not let him come just yet, so I climbed up and sat on his rigged sausage of a cock. Normally something so long was not my taste but this giant shuddering man must have sent a signal to my brain saying open up for a long one because it all felt great. Really great! God he was such a giant. Clearly a former beanpole of a man that worked out hard to put on muscle, because the muscles were long and thick in places. The pecs high stomach long and v shaped, hip bones huge and prominent with that Adonis v muscle deeply cut with skin that flushed a purpley-brown. What background was he ? He looked faintly Asian, faintly Middle Eastern, faintly Roman? I just could not place it. I actually didn't care, it was more about gathering information for later, about which kind of men had which attributes I liked. He pulled me out of my thoughts and daze by flipping me on my stomach and fucking me from behind. Maybe I get more analytical about men the deeper they penetrate my anal ...I laughed about the anal and analytical pun. He laid his full body weight on me and pounded my body into the mattress. All that weight was such a turn on and he stretched out our arms above our heads and the smell of him and his armpits was delicious. Moaning in my ear vibrated my eardrums and I could feel his hip bones on each pump. My dick was trapped to the side getting very little friction but my ass felt like it would have an orgasm just fine back there.  Oh that deep pounding throbbing feeling, I was clearly addicted to this.

Hank said between hard breaths will you fuck me when I am done ? He knew my preferences since we got to know each other so well, so I was surprised but said yes of course. You aren't too tired out? he said and I said absolutely not. That's good he moaned, that's very good and with that he went into overdrive in my ass and I could feel the hot spurts, lots of hot spurts and a swelling cock over and over again. He laid there for a blissful few minutes and said he would be right back to get me off after he peed. He left and seemed to come back immediately, but then who can tell much about time when you are in a sex haze. He laid down and spread his giant legs that seemed to go on forever, and I slipped my cock up his ass in one smooth motion and he groaned with lust. I went into long slow strokes almost coming out of his ass each time mostly because I wanted time to observe this giant squirming and moaning underneath me. His dick started a rhythm slapping slowing back and forth to each thigh. It was mesmerizing like a hot leaking metronome and I was the motor keeping time. Each time a little more pre-come would wet his thigh until there was enough to start a little wavy river drip down his leg. This was hot but I could really use a hard cock up my ass right about now. I did love being in the middle especially with men this big. So I said Next time we do this I really could use someone in my ass, do you mind ?  He smiled and that would be great. Do you have any friends I asked and after a long moment studying me he said, I have a twin. My name is Frank, my brother Hank and I switched out at halftime. Then he clamped down and yelled Hank get back in here. And with that I came and came.



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