Recently I was working on a carpentry project at my best friend Chris' house with several of our other friends. He's a fairly rich guy with money to spare so he pays us to help him renovate his home on a weekly basis. Our friends Cameron, Casey, and Johnny are fairly good looking guys and when we have the chance we usually go to the bar to pick up women. Only two of us have problems with that concept of life. Fortunately for me, Cameron is the cutest of our group and he's also the one who has the most problems picking up women. He's an extremely nervous guy but I always had a suspicion as to why.

Me and Cameron go back several years when we were only teenagers. We used to sit on his couch late at night and watch porn together. On those occasions, we would often jerk off beside each other. Sometimes I would catch him looking down at my cock as I jerked and see him smiling at the image of my boner. I could tell he liked it and honestly, I snuck several peeks at his massive dick as well. He was truly well endowed and I've always been a closet bisexual. Back then I would even fantasize about jerking his cock for him and as I grew older and more attracted to him, I imagined sucking it for him. I just couldn't tell him though. 

One particular day after we finished working on Chris' house for the day, we decided to go over to Cameron's house and drink some beers. It was promising for a good night to just get drunk and talk about all the bullshit in our lives. Several hours later after we we're strongly buzzing from about 10 beers a piece, Johnny, Casey, and Chris decided to lay down and pass out in the living room floor for the night. Me and Cameron both had high tolerance for alcohol as we would spend most of our days at bars drinking instead of picking up women. 

We decided to leave the three in the living room and hang out in Cameron's bedroom. I looked on as he walked ahead of me and strangely got excited. It could have been the beer but even my balls started to tingle at the thought of being alone in his bedroom for the first time since we were teenagers. When we finally reached his bedroom I looked on at his clean room. I couldn't help but imagine his underwear thrown on the bedpost as his dick was laying out in the open for me. The thought brought my dick to life and I had to sit down quick. 

Before he could see my growing bulge, I crossed my legs as I sat on his bed. He sat down beside me and we started to make conversation about our friends. Our conversation quickly changed when we started to discuss our man crushes just for fun. He started to describe how much he liked Jae Landen. I had no idea who he was talking about at the time but I later looked him up and found out he was a gorgeous gay porn star with an amazing cock. I asked him to describe him to me and he just said, "he looks like you." He then put his hand on my leg and leaned in to kiss me on the cheek. I was shocked but I didn't pull away.

Something took over me and I grabbed his face. I kissed his lips and then pushed him back. He landed back on his bed and I saw the bulge in his pants had grown as much as mine. I ripped his shirt down the middle and tore open his pants. His button from his jeans flew off into the air and I pulled them off as fast as I could. I saw his cock throbbing and precum had soaked the tip of his boxers. He moaned at the aggressive attitude that had taken over me and I couldn't stop myself any longer. I completely ripped open his boxers and saw his massive, hard, throbbing cock flop out and I grabbed it in my hands. I squeezed and saw a big drop of precum slide out onto his stomach. I leaned in and licked it from his stomach for the very first time. It tasted sweet and it was perfection on my tongue. 

I licked the tip of his dick and put it into my mouth. I had never sucked a cock before but it felt natural. I pushed his cock deep into my mouth and it hit the end of my throat. What amazed me was that he still had 4 inches or more that wasn't in my mouth as I pushed it down my throat. He glazed my throat with more precum as it leaked out and I wanted more. I grabbed his balls and squeezed them. More precum filled my mouth and throat until I felt like I was drinking his dick dry. Another feeling of aggression took over me and I slide my hands to his ass. I slowly put my finger into his ass and felt his body tremble. He started to moan louder and I could tell he wanted it deeper. I pushed my finger in deeper and started sucking his cock faster. 

He started to yell but I didn't care. As he became out of breathe, he said, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum...where do you want it?" I didn't think or speak, as I sucked his dick more, I looked him in the eyes and pointed at my mouth. I wanted it in my mouth. I wanted his cum down my throat. I had waited 5 years for this dick and the cum he owed me and I was destined to taste his cum now and forever. I pulled my finger out of his ass and started to jerk him harder as I sucked deeper. His back started to arch and he finally released. His cum filled my mouth to the brim and some even dripped down onto my chest. It tasted warm and sweet, like something I could drink all day long. I swallowed it and kissed him. He didn't even mind the cum left on my lips either and he actually seemed to enjoy tasting his own cum. It was a night like no other and I'll always remember it. 


Michael J. Benson


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