When I sleep, I really sleep. I will sleep through the end of the

world, and miss all the fun. I was sleeping through my mother's

insistent voice, sounding like it was coming from the bottom of a rain

barrel. 'Billy. Listen to me. Mr. Graddick the man who is hanging our

new drapes is coming this morning. Blink your eyes if you hear me'

I blinked. 'Hey Mom, it's Saturday.' When your eighteen, Saturday is

better than any day of the week. I can sleep until noon if no one

bothers me. Even having to take a leak makes me more drugged and asleep.

I knew my Mom had to work this Saturday. She's an operating room

nurse....makes good money. There's only me and Mom; ol' Dad flew the

coop years ago. Good riddance.

She leaned over and kissed then headed out the door. I could hear the

car start and I was alone. I got up, naked of course--that's how I

sleep. I peed and admired myself in the mirror over the john. Nice dick

I though, nice abs beginning to develop on my smooth fair-skinned chest.

'You're a hottie!' I said to myself. I examined my good looking face (no

pimples...that's good but no whiskers...that's bad.) I headed into the

kitchen having first donned a pair of nylon basketball shorts. I heated

up a pop tart and swallowed it with a Pepsi. (I'm not into health food,

thank you.)

I layed out my free weights. I was just beginning to do squats when the

doorbell rang. I figured it must be old Mr. Graddick, here to hang the

drapes. I opened the front door. There stood a kid about my age. He

was fabulous looking. blond hair, tall, killer smile of amusement and he

guessed my stupid staring.

'My Dad couldn't come. I'm going to do the job.' I could swear he

smiled wickedly at me. Suddenly I knew who he was. He was Shawn, our

high school's top tennis player. That explained his rounded, muscled

arms and that great tan. He was dressed in bell bottom jeans (no

kidding) I found out later that his father had brought back a dozen from

his stint in the navy...he was in ship's stores. They clung to Shawn's

powerful thighs.

Shawn brought in a ladder, then bundles of the new drapes.

'Do you thing,' I said, 'I'll just continue my workout.

I finished the squats and began chinning. I could see him climbing up

and down the ladder. Suddenly there was the sound of a soft thud and a

loud curse. 'You OK I called.'

'It's there bell bottoms. I keep tripping going up and down. When is

your Mom coming back?

'In about five hours. Why?'

'Well with just two guys here, I slip out of the jeans.'

I told him it was OK. I really wanted to ask him if I could help him

get them off.

Anyway, off they came, exposing Shawn's strong legs. Tennis guys have

the best legs. His were tanned and had a little curly blond hair on his

shins. He was wearing white briefs. A nice puffy crotch too.

He went back to his job and I began to workout again. Suddenly he

called. 'Hey Billy. This ladder is shaking. Can you steady it for me,

I'm going to climb higher?'

'Sure,' I said, delighted to get closer to the dream guy in his

underwear. I stood next to the ladder. 'How should I do this.' (I

meant 'do you')/

'Come around the front and hold the side of the ladder. I came around

and put my hands on the frame. He climbed and the ladder began swaying

wildly. Instinctively I grabbed his waist to keep him from falling.

Both my hand were on his bare body. He looked down at me and smiled a

wicked smile. 'That feels good. I guess I a little horny.'

I gulped. 'Me too. I guess it is the early hour. I may just excuse

myself and have a little hand action.'

'Don't go. Lean into me. Take a sniff. I think you want to. You know

I heard about you at school. I planned this meeting by taking Dad's

place. I've been wanting to get it on with you. Slip my briefs down.'

I was gasping in excitement. I pulled then down. The area under his

briefs was pale white, not like his legs and chest which I saw a little

later. A bit blond-hairy and very fine. His meaty cock lay comfortably

in the hollow formed by his low hanging balls. I leaned in. The smell

was great: a mix of funky and spicy. As I examined his cock, it began

to lengthen. The pink head began to emerge. It was shiny and red and

already a drop of fluid rested at the slit.

'Come on baby, Don't be shy. Lick and kiss me. Get it hard. I haven't

come in four days, I'm bursting.'

I leaned in. As I got closer his cock reared up to meet my lips. I

licked the tip. He was already shaking a moaning. 'Come on. Get you

hot mouth around it. I'm so hot for you, I'm almost ready to cum now.'

I began allowing his cock to enter my mouth. I moved my tongue around.

He was going crazy. Shouting at me: 'Come on, suck hard, get me off you


Then I felt myself really getting into it. I was groaning around his

dick, sucking in and out, flicking my tongue around the head.

Suddly he froze and spoke through gritting teeth. 'That's it. Don't

move. Swallow my cum-m-m-m-m-m' He then started to fuck my mouth,

speaking gibberish and then he came in great gushes of sweet and salty


When he finished. He go shakily down the ladder. He fell on the floor

near his pants. He was on all four, his ass up in the air. He reached

for a rubber and handed it to me. 'It's not over until my ass sings.

Put this on and get to work, don't be a weenie.'

His ass was the finest in the Western Hemisphere, elegant, dimpled and

slightly blond fuzzy, the hole surrounded by tuffs of slightly darker

hair. I have never fucked someone before but I was up for it. I moved

forward and put the head of my dick at his opening. 'Go! Go! I got to

feel that big meat inside me.'

I pushed forward and slowly my cock entered him. He was drooling over

the floor and speaking nonsense. I felt so good to enter him. This is

what I have been wanting but didn't know it. I started a slow in and

out. My whole body felt like it was fucking. I reached under. He was

hard again and dripping. I flecked him and jerked his cock in the same

rhythm. Suddenly,. to my surprise, he came again, crying out: 'Come you

fucker....now! And cum I did, I shot at least five large wad.

We rolled over, still panting. Finally Shawn said. 'Is that clock

right? I'll never be able to finish. I have to be at tennis practice in

fifteen minutes.

I looked at him and smiled: 'I guess you'll have to finish them up next




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