I walked into the bar for my weekly beer to end a stressful week at work. Dealing with assholes is never easy and it drains more out of you than you think. So I got my usual when I realized the main bouncer that was there was staring at me, and I mean literally at me. His dark eyes were focused on me, sizing me up and down. I'm not sure why. I knew it was a Fetish bar, but I always dressed the same every Friday; Blue jeans, sleeveless white t-shirt and black cowboy boots. I mean it's true I look a little younger than I am, but I'm as far away from a twink you'll ever see. For one, I don't have blond hair, mine is jet black and sort of wavy. I got sideburns that don't really help my rugged look I tried to attain. I'm short (5'5") and well average and a little hairy, but not really. So all in all, I don't really find myself all that handsome. But the bouncer still just stared at me, like he remembers me but can't remember where he's seen me. About an hour later I left the bar and was going to walk home. I only lived about five blocks down the street. But then I remembered I had to stop at the Mini Mart on my way home. It stayed open 24 hours a day so it was really no big deal. I walked inside and grabbed a three liter Coke and a pack of smokes. I reached for my wallet which was in my back pocket, Instead I felt a ragin hard bulge from the man behind me. I turned and I swore I could've just drop dead from embarassment. It was the bouncer who'd been eyeing me all evening. Up close he looked meaner in the harsh ceiling lights compared to the blacklights of the bar. He looked like a biker fused with a construction worker. He grunted and just stared at me with those steel grey eyes. Finding my wallet, I just threw $10 on the counter, grabbed my stuff and was heading for the door. Then the bouncer followed me. I was really beginning to panic. I mean, if he spoke that would have been different. But he just stared and grunted with a blank face that appeared to be pissed off. "Hey!" He shouted, which sounded more closer to a muffled grunt. I ran, he jogged. I was sure I was going to get away until I tripped and fell into a ditch. Before I went unconscious I swore I heard the sound of a rattling chain.

I woke a couple of hours later, groaning. I was laying in a bed shirtless. This wasn't my room! This wasn't my house! How did I get here?! I heard a door open and close and a light turned on. I gasped. It was the bouncer that had followed me I was expecting maybe a gun to my face. Or a knife slashing my throat. But to my surprise, he sat down beside me and asked in a deep nearly quiet voice. "You ok?" I managed to nod my head yes. "What were you running for?" he asked. I shrugged. I didn't know why I ran now. Now that he was closer, I could see that he had a rugged face, but not as menacing as I first thought. He wore a silver chain around his neck. He was barechested with only black jeans. "I'm Darrius." he said, introducing himself. "I'm Hal." I said, starting to feel at ease. "What are you doing at the Fetish bar, Hal?" Darrius asked. "I see you every week but you never talk except to get your beer."

"I guess because I don't talk a lot. I just ramble after a while." I told him. I watched his face carefully his eyes were as blank as his face. When he moved toward me I again heard like chains jingling, except not from his neck. "Why did you help me?" I asked. Darrius sort of shrugged. My eyes were on his chain again. I thought of Toby Keith's song "Pull My Chain" for some strange reason. Maybe because I wanted to pull it. I don't really know. He saw my face and he reached behind him and pulled something from his back pocket. It was a pair of police handcuffs. I stared at Darrius, confused and a little scared. I remembered seeing them while at the bar a couple times, but I didn't think he really used them. He saw me eyeing them and asked. "Do you want to play with my chains?" I was beyond puzzled at this point. I had only the foggiest idea of what was happening. But he kissedme and my fears slowly melted and I kissed him back. "Well?" He asked again. I had to be imagining it, but he sounded kind of eager. If I had been sane, I would have said no. I should have said no. I wanted to say no. But my cock was haredening now, preventing me to think clearly. I tried to say no but instead I said. "Sure." Then I cursed myself. Why in the FUCKING HELL did I say yes for?! Now he'll cuff me and kill me for damn sure! He got my jeans off of me, leaving me in my blue boxers. Then he reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out another set of cuffs. I was getting horny and confused at the same time. It didn't seem real until I heard the metallic clicks of handcuffing me to the headboard of my left hand, then my right. Now I couldn't move my hands no further then maybe three inches in any direction. I stared at Darrius. I think he smiled, but with a rugged face like his, it was almost impossible to tell. His hands was exploring my slightly hairy chest. I moaned everytime his fingers would just graze past my nipples.

"You like that?" he whispered in a voice I could barely hear him. "Umhmmmm....." I mumbled. "How about if I..." He reached for my right nipple. "Tweak your nipple just a little bit like this...?" I felt a surge of pleasure at that feeling. I closed my eyes and murmured something indistinctly. He leaned forward and kissed me and we tongue wrestled for a little while. Then I asked, "Is there more to this?" Darrius actually laughed. "Oh-ho! I think you're starting to like this." "I guess I am." I admitted. He smirked and asked, "Want me to take it a little further?"

"I.. I think so." I stammered. "Please..."

"Ok." He then reached for a necktie. I wondered why he needed one. I never pictured Darrius as a suit-and-tie kind of person. He then blindfolded me and proceeded to tie my feet to the posts as well. I struggled to get away with no success. I heard Darrius moaning himself. I think he was jerking off at my futile struggles to escape. My hardon was straining to burst out my boxers. Darrius snickered again. He lay on top of me this time and we kissed some more. I could feel he was naked this time. Naked and raging hard.

"Tell me..." he muttered after we finally broke the kiss. "Have you ever been fucked?"

"Meaning a cock in my ass? No." I said.

"Do you want to?"

"I really don't know."

"Hal, you're fuckin' hard. You like this even if you don't want to fully admit it. I can tell you're horny and maybe a little scared. That's completely normal. I was scared my first time too."

"When was that, 20 years ago?" I asked sarcastically.

"Hal, here's a surprise. I'm only 27, three years older than you are."

"You're just 27?!"

"Yep. I know. Surprise, Surprise." He leaned forward and whispered. "Now what do you say to that fucking?"

"I've never been fucked."

"Do you want me to be your first?"

Again he seemed eager, like a dog hinting at wanting to be petted. I would know, I have like five of them. Yeah If you haven't figured out yet, my mind wanders a lot. "I really don't know, Darrius."

He grunted, not sure it was from anger, disappointment or just flat out confusion. But it is true I'm a virgin and I don't catch onto things that easily sometimes. I have been blown one other time and it was a little emabrassing to tell. The short of it was I came pretty quick. Ever since then, I practically put a lock and key on my sexual urges. Darrius laid beside me and I felt a hand in my boxers, playing with my hard cock. It isn't really large or small, but it's kind of thick. I wondered if Darrius noticed. With one hand slowly jerking my cock, the other was playing with my npples. If I wasn't trying to hold back, I think I would have came on the spot.

"Oh.... please don't no, please..." I begged him to stop. In which he did stop.

"What's wrong, Hal?" he asked.

"I think I was beginning to like it." I said. then added "A little too much."


"I don't know, I guess I was afraid I'd get addicted."

"Even if you did, I don't mind." Heresumed stroking my cock and I started leaking.

"No, fuck no, please stop, Darrius. Let me go!" I cried out.

"What now?" he asked flatly.

"I can't do this. Please uncuff me and take me home."

"Hal, calm down. Nothing's really happened yet." He resumed stroking my cock, this time a little more faster. I tried to protest again but a moan came out my mouth instead. I then felt his pinky finger just on the outside of my hole. But for some reason I didn't care anymore.

"Darrius..." I started.

"Hmm?" His pinky finger mrubbing just outside my asshole. "What is it?"

"Is it possible that maybe...."

"Yeah?"His hand was motionless on my shaft.

"Could you fuck me but be caredul, since this is my first time?" I asked hopefully.

"I think I've broken you boy." I think he smiled. "Hold that thought." He got up and I heard drawers opening and closing. He then untied my feet but not uncuff my hands. How was I going to get fucked if I'm still restrained to the bed? I wondered. He pushed my legs until they were sort of over my head, his tongue was in my asshole, licking it. I'm telling you, it felt good yet kind of strange at the same time. I couldn't tell whether to tell him to stop or keep going.

"Um... keep going." I mumbled. Darrius snickered and then he kissed now lubed, peckered hole. "I think we're all set here." he said. I didn't know what he meant but I felt something hard and hot just outside my hole. I was beginning to shake when my tight hole refused entry.

"It's okay." Darrius said. "Just take all the new sensations as they come to you." He was grunting in slight frustration.

Then I felt that hard hot prick enter me finally. I let out a sharp gasp of surprise. Darrius didn't move from that position.

"You ok? Does it hurt?" he asked.

"Mmmph." I muttered. To tell you the truth, I really couldn't tell if it hurt really. It felt odd and red hot though that's for damn sure. He withdrew out of my ass and asked again. "You ok, buddy?"

"I'm all right. That was just... I can't even explain it!" I stammered out hoarsely

"Well, once you get used to it, it's a great feeling." He rubbed my face with his beard. "Let me know when you're ready."

"I'm as ready as i'll ever be." I said. Slowly he reinserted his dick into me. This time it didn't feel quite as awkward but still it was hard and hot. Then while he was fucking me, and stealing my virginity, almost as if knew me forever, he kissed me passionately, in a way that it was reserved for true lovers. I think that night blindfolded and handcuffed to his bed and him making love to me, I fell in love with Darrius. He leaned forward and nibbled on my ear lobe, which was my other sentive spots on me that I get a charge out of it. Then he resumed to sticking his tongue deep in my mouth. But man, with his tongue in my mouth, his cock deep in my ass, I was ready to blow. He took off my blindfolded and despite there only being light from the streetlight just ouside the window, I could see everthing. Darrius' intense face and he was breathing hard. Then again, so was I. But then he stopped and pulled out of me, the feeling of complete was now gone. I struggled against the cuffs that STILL restrained me.

"Why'd you stop?" I demanded, still sruggling.

"I was just going to jack it off in the toilet, like I was always do." he replied.

"NO! Darrius, please I want you to cum in me, or all over me. Even in my mouth, but I want to feel you cum, so I know that you're complete."

"I've never came on anyone before." he admitted, staring at me like I've lost my mind. In a way, I might have. I mean, I don't even like the smell of cum all that much, not even my own. It had to have been a lust moment. It had to be. But for the first time, he looked at me with a lot of confusion and concern in his eyes. "Are you sure?" he asked in a strange voice that didn't really sound like himself.

"I'm sure, Darrius."

He jerked off in front of me and a minute later, he sprayed all over my chest and legs. The strangest thing of all was I didn't smell anything different. Darrius was breathing hard, his chest heaving. "I've never done that before." he gasped for breath.

"Um, Darrius?" I struggled to get his attention." Did you plan to release me anytime soon?"

"Yeah, when you came and I can see you didn't." He made a face of an expression I couldn't interpret. I looked down and saw my balls seemed slightly larger than usual and I was leaking like hell."Darrius..." I probably sounded desperate maybe panicked a little. Buthe forced a smile and sat in front of the bed, nose in my nuts.

"You want to come don't you?" he asked.

"Yes! Fucking damnit YES! I demand you finish me off damnit!" I literally shouted.

He sucked my cock and fingered my asshole. It didn't take long for my load to come. I sprayed his face, I think it's called a facial but not sure. Afterwards I felt energy drained and kind of sleepy. I fell asleep without realizing it.

I woke several hours later. I wasn't cum sprayed anymore and I wasn't handcuffed either. Darrius lay there beside me, snoring but not really loud. He reminded me of a bulldog. In fact...

"Bulldog." I said aloud. He stirred a little and muttered. "Huh, what is it?"

"That'll be your new handle, Bulldog." I said.

Darrius groaned and just said, "Whatever you say, Pungent. Wahtever you say." Then he and I both fell back asleep in each other's arms, like the lovers i think we we're beginning to become.



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