As I passed the overheated truck on the side of the road, I looked at the outside temperature on my truck which read 101 degrees. I had seen the truck before parked at the local bar, it was part of a crew re-wiring our town for Digital Cable T-V. A couple of blocks later I saw him walking, wet hair, sweat rolling down his face and not a dry thread on his body.

Although I didn't know the guy, I had seen him before, but for some reason he was always alone. I had only had my new truck for a couple of months, but it did have leather interior, so I stopped and offered him a ride. He thanked me, but told me that he was too nasty and stunk too bad to get in my new truck. He said he would appreciate a ride but thought he should climb into the bed. I reached over and opened the door and said "fuck that, if the truck's too good for you to ride in, then I don't need it" and with that, he got in.

Within a matter of seconds I knew he had not lied. He did stink. He apologized and said he knew he had body odor because he couldn't wear deodorant. Working in the hot sun all day made him sweat bad. I introduced myself as Tom and he said his name was Mack. I suggested we stop by the bar for a cold one before I took him to his Motel. He said

"Man, it's up to you, you know what I smell like, and I only got about

$5.00 on me." I told him I was not embarrassed to be with him and I would gladly buy him a few beers, after all, he was the one with the broke down truck. He said the piece of shit was a company truck and he had already called his boss and told him it got hot and melted down. The boss was going to send a wrecker after it. That wasn't his problem! I told him "Good" but I wanted him to drink beer with me for a little while, and he said O.K.

As we were nearing the bar, I told him I could smell some other odor besides from the sweat and asked him if he knew what it was. He lowered his head, and almost sounding ashamed, said "Yea, PISS!" Then he explained that he has a small bladder and was always in trouble with the boss for taking too many bathroom breaks, especially when they had to stop and drive to a public restroom. They were about to fire him and he decided just to stay on the ladder or pole, and piss in his jeans. He was shocked when I replied "Cool" maybe you can do that for me at the bar!

When we got inside, none of his co-workers were there. There weren't many people there at all, so we sat in the far back corner, very dimly lit, probably where couples would normally go. We talked a lot, at least for him. He told me he was not "gay" and had never pissed in a public place like this before. The well worn out jeans he had on were faded to a light blue, at best. With my hand on his leg, he could'nt piss. That was when he told me he had never been with a man before. He had been married for 20 years and had just figured out that his 2 red headed sons, looked just like the red headed mechanic that lived 4 houses down from them. Rumor had it that he had 16 kids, and only 1 by his wife. Mack said he figured he had raised 2 of them. He did tell me he and his wife had not had sex in 5 or 6 years.

While he told me that story, his light blue jeans turned dark blue as they filled with his piss. He made sure nobody was watching when he put my hand on his hot, wet, crotch. You should have seen the look on his face when I took my hand and sucked each finger dry. He told me again that he had never been with a man, but he was getting horny! I told him, lets drink one more, then we can slip out the back door so nobody can see the wet jeans.

We left the bar after 5 beers, and I took him to his motel. It was Wednesday night and on the way to his motel, he told me that he had worn the clothes he had on and had not had a shower for 3 days. He would come to his room, drink beer until he passed out, then start the next day in the same clothes. By now, I am horny as hell!

We get to his room I got on my knees and started sucking the piss out of his jeans. He said that there was more where that came from and started filling them up again. As I sucked his hot piss through the dirty jeans with days of dried piss, I knew that I was one dirty piss pig. He suggested taking a shower, but I told him not to, because I wanted to give him a bath with my tongue. With that, he smiled and I started taking his shirt off. He was kind of short and stocky but not a bad looking guy. I had seen the nappy, curly hair on his head, but was pleasantly surprised to find curly black ringlets all over his chest. He also had a lot of hair on his back, but it was not curly like his chest. I started licking his nipples and he began to respond nicely. As I was licking his chest and neck, I backed him over to lay down on the bed. He had a mustache but also had not shaved in a few days either. As I licked his neck, tounged him in the ear, licked the sweat off his forehead, then tongued him in the other ear, he was really getting turned on. Next I licked his nose and started on his mustache.

I licked his unshaven face and chin, then to his mouth. I expected him to stop me there, but to my surprise, he opened his mouth and offered me his tongue. For the next 10 minutes, we french kissed like long time lovers. He stopped it when he told me he had to go piss again. I told him No Problem, just don't get up.

I loosened his belt and unfastened his jeans and got to see his dick for the first time. It was fat but short, probably not 6". It also was hard as I took it in my mouth telling him it was OK to piss now. I swallowed every drop of his hot piss. His really tasted GOOD!

When he finished, I climbed back in bed. I figured he would refuse, but again he fooled me when I brought my lips to his and he opened his mouth to taste the piss he had just given me. He acted quite surprised and said it did not taste anything like he thought it would. Not bad!

I eased off the bed and pulled his jeans off. I had him in a position where when I pulled them off his legs were in the air, exposing his extra hairy ass hole. I stuck my nose almost in it and took a deep whiff, Nice I said. I also got to see his big pair of balls, at least big compared to the size of his dick. They were "yellowed" from the dry piss for 3 days. I immediately took them in my mouth, one at a time and licked them clean. I went back and started sucking his dick and it was not long before he told me he was going to cum and if I did not want him to cum in my mouth I had better get off. I kept sucking!!!! When he shot, it was lots, load after load. His cum had a strong taste to it but I enjoyed it too. After he shot, we got up and drank some more beer.

He said that although he had never been with another man before, he had enjoyed himself and hoped he would see me again. I asked him how he was going to get to work the next day since his truck was broke down. He said he did not know, he guessed he would have to walk. I told him I did not have any plans and if it was OK with him, I would take him the next morning after we got up, but under one condition, he could not take a shower. He said OK! We did not get a lot of sleep that night. He must have woke me up 8 times to suck piss out of his dick. That is one night I will never forget! He was cold natured, so we slept under a lot of cover. I had not gotten off myself, and the heat from our bodies lying together along with the smell was driving me crazy. I turned over and felt my dick rub against his hairy ass hole and that did it. I shot loads of cum on his ass, thinking he was asleep, but he softly told me to

"Wash it Off". It took me a minute, but right there, under the covers, in bed, I aimed my now softening dick toward his ass hole and turned loose a large amount of hot piss. When I finished, the bed was soaked.

I knew I had to get up early the next morning because he would need another bath from my tongue.

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