Living in a country town can be a blessing or a curse. Long before I met my husband there was a hot man that I was chatting with on a regular basis here on a gay chat site.

Through various chats and of course video conferences we are always horny to meet up and the opportunity doesn't always present itself. Even after my husband and I where married Jack and I kept in touch, it didn't feel at the time like cheating as it was always a mutual jack off session via Skype or the video chat on Squirt.

Finally a couple of years later we finally cemented our contact and he has become a semi-regular fuck buddy, and we have one of the most hottest fuck sessions. Both being in a relationship our times to meet are infrequent and many times short notice but it is worth it. Because of the distance between us it is over an hour to drive to his ranch but trust me the effort it is worth it we have amazing animal raw sex in every position imaginable.

Jack of course knows most of my kinks as I know most of his.

After I arrived we didn't delay but moved upstairs to his open planned upstairs, (Jack has a well redesigned open plan farmhouse that he has been working on for years, trust me it is a gay mans dream and a porn studios wet dream).

So as usual we ended upstairs his office is located upstairs and in the corner he has a double mattress for naps and of course other activities, trust me guys we have fucked all over upstairs and on the balcony watching the cows.

Jack is your typical rancher except in modern times no horses good looking and a great ass, a mustache that is great with a little spackle of gray in his hair. But his eyes are an amazing feature including his crooked smile. A gentle dark green not quite hazel but expressively deep.

So we arrived upstairs and as usual down to business we moved in with an expressive kiss tongues battling for conquest of each others mouths. Whilst our mouths where exchanging some serious saliva we both reached downed to caress each others cocks through our respective jeans. Although Jack is normally a top he always bottoms for me and lately I have been thinking about the concept of bottoming for him however for now when I finally peeled back his jeans after seeing what was underneath the concept of being fucked by him was furthest from my mind.

Jack as I said knows me to well as I peeled open the front of jeans what greeted me was the sight of a jock strap, stepped back and took my breath in.

"Fuck Jack! You know how much a jock strap turns me on?"

"Yeah I know why do you think I wore it?"

I stepped forward and pulled his jeans down on instruction he turned around so I could examine ass with the straps framing his perfect ass. I knew I could not resist. Quickly we stripped off but Jack kept the jock strap on and I made him get on his hands and knees with his ass in the air to take in the glory of his ripe round ass on display, not taking a moment I leaned forward and spread his cheeks and took a moment to inhale his muskiness leaning forward my tongue came out and stoked across his hole which quivered at my touch. He knew what was coming and pushed his ass up into the air further taking advantage of the moment I spread his cheeks further with my hands and buried my face into his sweet ass.

As my tongue rasped over his ring all I could hear was his intake of air and his verbal ministrations to bury my tongue in his ass, yes Jack is very verbal. I buried my tongue in his ass and he took a bottle of poppers that he got from his recent trip to the US and inhaled deeply (For our southern neighbors who may not know poppers are illegal in Canada now) as he arched his back I tried to force my tongue deeper into him and his appreciative moans and verbal dialogue meant I knew he was hot for more.

As my tongue was burying deep in my per-phial vision I saw this large naturalized flesh colored dildo the last time we had played with a dildo with Jack it was a black one this one was new with a suction cup on the end. With my tongue working in Jacks ass I fumbled across and reached for the dildo and then the silicon lube. Taking my lips and tongue from Jacks hole I ordered him to flip over and lift his legs.

I teased his ass with the dildo head and looked into his eyes he grunted and requested I take him. With the one hand I was using the dildo with the other I was lubing up my cock, as he gasped with the intrusion of the dildo into his ass, he gazed up at me and stressed although the dildo felt good my raw cock would feel better.

Twisting the dildo and listening to him grunt I knew I was taking a little too much pressure with the dildo finally I gently eased it out as soon it was out his asshole gasped for air briefly but for it had the chance I rammed my cock in deep. Thrusting hard I hit rock bottom quickly and grasped the top of his strap and I plunged deep.

Jack grunted and begged for my raw cock to service him deeply I reached around and pulled his hard uncut cock loose from his strap from its confines. Hi pre-cum was slippery on his head and I played with it and alternated with playing with the head of his cock and running my hand down his shaft.

As I deep dicked Jack I couldn't help but think I wanted more, I pulled out briefly as Jack flipped over on his back and my cock re-entered his ass hole, as I thrusted in he looked deep into my eyes, and as always I looked back. Fucking a man that you have a connection with is hard you know it is a fuck buddy but as you deep dicking him raw in the missionary position to look into his eyes it almost takes your breath away.

As I thrusted it was met with Jacks verbal attacks of "Yeah give me your hot raw cock" and "Yeah your heating my hot spot!"

How do I describe it a fuck buddy is hard you almost love him and he feels it as well what draws you back as you thrust deeper into him and he looks into your eyes he begs for you to thrust harder, by now I was well oiled machine and thrusting deeper into him we held eye contact, his look of absolute enjoyment as mine hit a moment of pure connection. The connection made me feel powerful as I thrusted his brown green eyes where centered on mine as we connected with each thrust. Finally I pulled out and asked him to swap.

I layed back on the bed and he sat down on my cock, with his hard cock released from the confines of the jock strap, no one can ride my cock like Jack he makes me feel connected yet somewhat disconnected, he rode my cock and as always our eyes where locked, I reached out and stroked the mirrored uncut cock except for the little birthmark at the head of his cock.

Finally I pushed up and told him to get off, I asked him to move over to the desk and lean over and brutally shoved my cock into his ass he grunted yet he verbally asked me to fuck deeper and per his request I obeyed and took it as hard as I could and he accepted it.

Finally he told me to turn my deep dicking back but I was far gone and without letting up I pummeled his ass, finally he grunted and without touching his cock moved his hand in front his cock and starting blowing a load. I pulled out and blew a load quickly on his jock strapped framed ass, without missing a beat I dropped down and took his throbbing cock into my mouth and let him finish in my mouth.

As breathed our last breathes over release it was back to normal coffee and general talk, there is still something in me that kinds of wants us to be more then fuck buddies but you never know the part time fuck proves right. We enjoy our hot raw times together, but go back and save it for another load later.



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