I have been going to Frankie's to get my hair done since it opened. The price is right and they do a great job there. There is also the entertainment factor there as well. Frankie's employs some of the most most outrageously flamboyant men you have ever met, and the owner, Frankie is at the front of the line. The stylists there are very funny and make it entertaining to go there. That being said they were not my thing.

I generally go to get a trim every 3 or 4 weeks. So I have come to know the staff at Frankie's very well. I have been out with them for drinks and even considered fooling around with one of the stylists at one point but he moved on before we could act on it. He was really the only one there who was even remotely masculine, and I think he felt out of place there.

I generally see Frankie himself during my visits. For some reason it just worked out that way. It has been about 2 years now and we have become friendly. Friends would be a stretch but since I actually do see him more often then some of my friends we have gotten to know each other.

As I said he is VERY flamboyant. I have seen him out at bars and he is always the center of attention. He is very succesful and always seemed to have a string of very hunky young guys hanging around him. I had always assumed that he was bringing these strapping young hunks home for them to bang the ass off of him. Some of them certainly looked like they were capable of it. I actually said something to a guy from the salon once. I stated that Frankie certainly liked to have a good time with his young hunks. My friend looked at me with surprise. 'What,' I said.

'You have it all wrong', he said. He then told me that Frankie is the one doing the fucking. Those young guys were hanging around him because he has a cock like a horse, and he loved to use it on butch guys. He loved having macho types begging for him to give them his cock, and then begging for him to go easy on them.

Well that did not jibe with anything I had ever seen in Frankie's behavior. As I said before he is a queen. He acts the part, and he plays the part to a T. I looked across the bar to where he was standing with a hunky guy about my age. He was looking right at me and gave me a little wave.

Frankie is around 35 years old. He stands around 6'3' tall and if he weighs 160 lbs it is alot. He is a very attractive man with brown hair that he keeps crew cut short and brown eyes. He tends to dress in jeans and polo shirts. His favors Lacostes in very bright colors. I am 26, 5'8' tall and weigh 175 lbs. I was a hockey player in college, and I still play regularly so I am in good shape. I am considered good looking but my best feature is definitely my ass. It is round and hard from all of the skating I have done in my life, and I like nothing better then to have someone shove their cock into me and fuck me till I can't talk straight. I have had 2 occasions where that happened(sort of) and both times the guy had a big cock and was in complete charge. Now I find out that the biggest queen in town might be exactly what I am looking for.

I made my regular appointment about a week ago. I like to go to the salon in the evening after work. Usually I am one of the last appointments of the night. I arrived my usual 10 minutes early for a 7:30 appointment. I am often greeted by a very cute boy in the lobby. Tonight there was no one there. I sat on a couch for a couple of minutes then had to use the rest room. As I walked to the back of the shop I heard talking coming from Frankie's office. I knocked lightly to let him know I was there and then opened the door slightly. What I saw took my breath away. Frankie was standing over the guy from the lobby shoving his huge cock into his mouth. I mean it when I say it was huge,and I mean when I say he was shoving it into that guy's mouth. He was standing there with his hands on his hips asking the cock sucker if he liked that as he rammed into his mouth. Looking at it there was no way he could breath with it in his mouth. Then Frankie pulled out and the guy gasped for air. His cock looked to be about 11' long and 6' around and the head was the size of a pool ball. The guy on the floor turned his face away from the cock so Frankie smacked him in the face with it. I actually heard the sound of it. At that point the door creaked a bit and Frankie looked up and caught me spying on them. Instead of panic on his face I saw a smirk as he hefted that huge dick in his hand. I quietly closed the door but Frankie had never taken his eyes from mine.

I went into the bathroom to take my piss and was not at all surprised by the hardon that greeted me when I dropped my pants. That was the hottest cock I had ever seen in my life, and so was the 1 minute of action I had witnessed. I managed to get soft enough to piss and went back out to the waiting area. Five minutes or so later the greeter came out of the back. He looked like he had been working out a the gym, his hair was messy, his eyes were red rimmed and he was sweaty. He quickly exited the store then I heard Frankie call out to me in his high voice, 'John, I am ready for you'.

I walked into the back and towards his chair. He was dressed as he usually did. Green polo shirt, and very tight white jeans. Only this time I could see his cock and balls clearly outlined in front. 'Sit, sit, sit', he said. 'Do you mind if I have a cigarette'?

I shook my head no. He took a cigarette out and went through the motions of lighting it. He took a deep drag and walked over to my chair. He blew the smoke up at the ceiling while he gently brushed my hair with his free hand. 'I am sorry you walked in on that,' he said. ' I never do that at work but he had been begging me all day to suck my cock, and I got so horny, but still that is no excuse'.

'I am sorry I interrupted you,' I said with an uncomfortable laugh.

He took another drag on his cigarette and this time he blew the smoke right into my face. 'Are you? I heard you open the door about 2 minutes before I looked up, and when I did you were enjoying the show.'

Again I laughed quietly not sure what to say. 'It was tough not to watch,' I said.

'Why is that'? he asked and he blew smoke into my face again.

' I have never seen a cock that big before, it looked like you were choking him with it.'

'Oh, I was. He had been begging me all day and I fucked his mouth like that to teach him a lesson. Next time he will really have some fun.'

I actually think I gulped at that point. He told me it was time to get my hair done. I got up and he took me by the hand and led me to the sink to get a shampoo. He had never done that before and it felt incredibly intimate. He put the smock on me and leaned me back into the sink. I generally close my eyes and relax when I get the shampoo done but not this time. My eyes were wide open and they were glued to Frankie's crotch which was closer to my face then I thought it should be. I looked up and made eye contact with Frankie. 'What?'he asked me.

'Nothing,' I said. He laughed and rinsed the shampoo from my hair. Next came the conditioner. After he waited the one minute after it was applied he started to rinse. I blurted out that the water had gotten cold. Frankie again looked me right in the eye. Then he leaned directly across me to adjust the water temp. This brought his over stuffed pants a mere inch from my face. I leaned in and rubbed my nose on the front of his pants. He pushed his crotch into my face at that point. 'That's it,'he said. Tell me you want it'.

I mumbled somthing as he finished rinsing my hair and sat me up straight. He stood directly in front of me and gently toweled off my haid as I leaned in and licked the front of his jeans. He said,' I've wanted a piece of your ass for a long time John,' and he moaned lightly.He took a step back and told be to open his pants. I rubbed him through the pants and undid the belt and opened the button fly. I was staring at the root of the biggest cock I had ever seen.

' So do you like big cocks?' he asked me.

'Yes, I do.'

'Well you are going to love mine'. He reach in and pulled out a flaccid 8' cock that he allowed to flop on to his huge balls. I personally think the second hottest thing in the world is a flaccid cock. Either before sex or after I love to touch rub and suck flaccid cocks. I say second thing because a rock hard cock is the single hottest thing on the planet. He pulled my face in and I reached out my hand and hefted the huge snake in front of me. There was a drop of something coming out of the tip. 'I did not come when you interrupted us before so thats for you.' I reached out my tongue and allowed the string of precum to hang from his slit onto my tongue. He clucked appreciatively at that. He took his cock out of my hand and fed that huge soft monster into my mouth. I groaned at this, the soft size of it crammed into my face, and the musky smell of it was was fantastic. He was quickly growing as I worked him over with my mouth. I knew I would have to do something before to long. He pulled out and told me to stand up. I did as directed. He had his pants around his knees and he pulled me in and kissed me. His kiss was hot, it was deep and probing and powerful. It was not a kiss I ever would have expected from Frankie if I was not there. It was a butch kiss. He took my hand and sat down in the shampoo chair. Undress me he said. He was wearing a pair slip on shoes as I pulled them off he pushed his foot into my face. I am not into feet per say but this was different. He placed his toes near my mouth and I stuck out my tongue and licked them. He lit another cigarette and watched me as I looked into his eyes and cleaned his feet with my mouth. He pulled his foot away and sat up for me to help pull his jeans off. They were tight and required him to wiggle them off. Once I had them off he lowered himself back onto the chair. I was on my knees in front of him and I looked into his crotch. His huge cock was semi-hard and was laying on top of his balls. This was the first unobstructed view I had of his balls. They were so long and so big that they were laying on the soft leather of the chair. I wanted to take them into my mouth then and there but Frankie told me to take off his shirt. I pulled it over his head and he pushed my face onto his nipples. He was covered with a very light coating of hair on his chest as I gently nibbled his right nipple. 'Bite it', he said. I started working over his nipples as he took his cock in his hand and slowly started to jerk it. He obviously liked nipple play as he was growing larger and larger. He was a sight to behold, massive cock, massive balls on this fem queen. He took once last drag on his cigarette and pulled me up for a kiss. The smoke from his drag worked it's way into my mouth along with his thick tongue. The tastes coming from him were intoxicating. 'Undress', he said.

I stood directly in front of him. I kicked off my shoes. Then removed my shirt. He reached out and gave my nipple a very hard twist which drew a gasp from me. He smiled thinly and did it again. I like nipple play but this was different. I was experiencing pain but at the same time it was pleasurable. He knew this and continued his assault for a little longer. When he stopped it felt like my nipples were on fire. He leaned in and undid my pants. He rubbed my cock and balls through my draws and told me to take them off. I balanced carefully and removed them. He was stroking himself slowly and seemed to be enjoying the show. 'Stand here,' he said.

I stood in front him with my face forward. He again pulled me in for one of his hot kisses then told me to turn around. When I did he immediately slapped my hard ass cheeks with both hands. I yelped in surprise and pain. He roughly massaged them and again slapped them hard. I turned a bit and could already see the welts where his hands had made contact. 'Grab your ankles.'he said. I did as told and I felt him lightly blowing on my ass. His hands pulled my cheeks apart and his tongue started at the bottom of my crack and started to work its way up. He reached through my legs and gently slapped at my rock hard cock a couple of times. Then his tongue hit my asshole and I moaned> I love to be rimmed out,and he was better then anyone I had ever had back there before. I was in heaven as he continued to stick his tongue into my ass, while he gently slapped my cheeks. He again reached through my legs and pulled on my ball sack. My balls are very sensitive so this was a bit scary. He tugged down until it started to hurt. I made a sound to that effect and he let up slightly while going at my ass with continued gusto.

My ass crack was soaked with his spit at this point. I felt a push against my ass as he inserted one of his long thin fingers. He was gentle and slowly worked his whole finger into my ass. I was so relaxed at that point he got it in with little resistance. He spit onto his hand and quickly got 2 more digits into my ass. I was starting to notice their presence when he asked me what the biggest cock I had ever fucked before was. Then it hit me. He was going to fuck me with that cock. I told him that it was no where near his size. He said he knew that with a laugh. He asked me if I had ever considered fisting before. I told him no and asked why. He turned me around and showed me the fact that his fist was just a little bigger then his cock head. No fisting I said.

'Suck my cock, he demanded. I dropped to my knees and tried to do as told. He was just about hard at that point. I pushed the shaft out of the way and worked his balls over like a maniac. They were huge, their leathery sack stuffed with 2 plum sized orbs. He grabbed my hair and pushed my face onto the head of his cock. I tried everything I could but could only get the first 2 or 3 inches into my mouth he was just to big. This was not what he had in mind. I was told to stand up. He stood next to me. He was 5 or 6 inches taller then me and he leaned in and again kissed me. His kisses made my knees weak. He again started toying with my ass. He took me over and bent me over the sink with my knees on the chair. He now had a direct shot at my ass. He walked over to his station and came back with a huge tube of lube and a piece of paper. 'Look at this,' he said. I did, it was aslip from a lab saying he was clear of any and all STD's. I am going to fuck you bareback. I looked up at him and told him to go slow.

He squeezed half the tube of lube onto my ass. I was terrified, his cock was the biggest one I had ever seen never mind invited to fuck me. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my ass crack. He then squeezed the rest of tube all over his massive cock. Him standing there tall, and rail thin with that monster in front of him was amazizing. It was to big to stay upright but was hard as steel. He came in behind me and reached around and started to lightly jerk my cock. It was the first time he had touched and it was a relief to finally get some attention. Even though I knew it was not about me. His attention to my dick was interrupted by him starting to push into me.

'I will go slow, but this is going to fucking hurt.'

'Once we get going I am going to fuck you till you cant walk'.

Again he started to push. The pressure was already hurting and he was not even close to getting the head in. Then boom, with a push the head was in. I screamed, he was still stroking my cock and he leaned in and nibbled my ear lobe. I begged him to stop, please stop. He was killing me.

'He laughed we haven't even gotten started'. 'Relax you will get used to it'. After about 5 minutes he started to push more in. I again begged for him to stop. He squeezed more lube onto his cock and my ass and said I was tight, so fucking tight.

Not for long I thought. After about 20 minutes of just slowly pushing into me he started to pick up his efforts. I was still in amazing pain, and was trying to get out from under him but that was starting to change. I was amazed at his discipline it had taken a half hour to get where we were and he was still going slow.

At last the pain started to subside. I even started to push back against him for the first time. 'Ahhh, you staring to like this?'

'Yes, I am but please go easy.'

He started to pick up his pace as I started to feel his cock stretch me wide open. I was amazed when I felt the lightest brushing of his hips against my ass cheeks, this meant he had more cock in me then I could have ever imagined. He started to really go at it then. His thrusts were powerful and deep, I knew he was all the way in when his huge balls started bouncing off my ass. He was now pulling almost all the way out except the huge head then plunging all the way back in. I was holding onto the chair for dear life when all of a sudden I started cumming, I shot and shot and shot. I felt like I was tripping. He was fucking the hell out of me, I had just had the most intense orgasm in my life without anyone touching my dick and it was still going. He was really slamming into me at this point, i felt like I could barely squeeze my hole he had stretched it out so much. Then he yelled he was going to cum. If anything he went even harder at my poor asshole. Finally he buried himself in my ass and I felt it....spurt after spurt of his cum, it was hot and was plentiful and it felt like it was gallons. It was the first bare back fuck of my life and I loved every thrust of it. He continued to shove all of his cock into me. We were both drenched in sweat.

I felt his cock finally starting to soften up when he pulled out with a very noticiabe pop when the huge head cleared my hole. I could actually feel a rush of air go into my wide open ass. He rubbed his cock up and down the crack a few time then turned me around. I sat on the chair and he told me to clean him up. I licked the whole of his softening cock, while being sure to milk the last of his cum out the tip. I could feel his seed positively flowing out of my ass onto the chair.

'Hand me my cigarettes.' I did and sparked the lighter for him. He leaned in and lit up. He gave me a kiss, and took me by the hand again. We went to the bathroom where he told me to hold his cock while he pissed. I did as he told me, amazed at the size and force of the stream as it splashed into the bowl. After about 1 1/2 mintes he finished and told me to lick the piss off of the tip. I did and liked the salty tang on the few drops on the tip. He smoked his cigarette and handed me a wash cloth and I cleaned him up.

We went into the salon and dressed while still touching. I was definitely feeling sore and was wondering what tomorrow would feel like.

We finished dressing and he was again the very fem guy till he leaned in and said come by tomorrow and I will really make it hard to walk out of here, and he did that with a very smokey kiss.



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