I booked a flight To Beijing 30 days prior to a planed business trip. I'd gotten a great deal on the flight; although it had one stop between LAX and Beijing International. The Thursday evening before my flight I jumped into the shower, and as I was rinsing my hair; my watch said that I had to get to the airport within an hour. I jumped out, toweled off, and slipped on a pair of blue jeans. I hastily grabbed a shirt from my chest of drawers. Fortunately my luggage was next to the door otherwise I would've forgotten it as I rushed to LAX! Great I thought my flight was on time, so I boarded the 777. I reclined my seat which was in the business class.

I'm not sure if the following was real or a dream, but it sure felt intense! As the jet descended I awoke in time to see the beautiful skyline of Hong Kong. Hopefully my connecting flight to Beijing was on time. I grabbed my duffel bag, and disembarked a plane. I had just turned 21, so I investigated the air Port; I had time for a drink; possibly some shopping even? I saw an arrow pointing right to a shopping mall the airport was beautiful marble floors throughout, and a really beautiful brunette man about my age was standing by the entrance to the mall. At first I thought he was straight possibly waiting for his wife? But as I walked closer I distinctly got the feeling that he was checking my body out. I'm fairly attractive short blonde hair green eyes with an athletic body. I worked up the nerve to introduce myself to him I smiled, and said 'hello I'm James are you waiting for your wife?'

He had devilishly handsome brown eyes, he smiled saying 'hey dude I'm Jake, and I'm single'

'Would you like to go out for a drink?' I asked.

Jake said 'naw, it's kind of crowded here at this time that day, but why don't we order in from my suite?'

I sneered 'you're mistaken I'm not just a cheap blond!'

Jake asserted 'follow me you bitch' he briskly walked west to the Hyatt, which was a very expensive hotel in Hong Kong. I'm well endowed, and I tried not to show. The evidence was clear that his behind was really turning me on. I realized that this guy was very rich when he took me to the penthouse! While he was grabbing a beer I was admiring the view of the lights in Hong Kong below. I thought I was scared, but I was just so excited that I jumped when he grabbed my nipples from behind.

He said 'you love getting your tits played hard don't you!'

'Yeah play with my tits harder!'

We were like two hungry wolves as we tore off each other's clothes. Both after the same thing (the best fuck ever)

I felt so alive going for it on the sofa behind the glass wall. As I pulled Jake's briefs off the evidence is clear that he was wanting it too, he had a10 inch throbbing cock. He was going to take my ass that night, but I pushed him away. I was in control now, so I ordered him 'bend over asshole it's my turn!'

Jake got down on all fours; Lord was he surprised when I spread his crack wide open, so I could rim his sweet shaved hole. He moaned, but I couldn't wait any longer for him to penetrate my boy hole. He surprised the Hell out of me when he forcefully flipped my body over onto the sofa; next Jake squeezed some tanning oil into my ass. The look in his eyes told me everything; words were not necessary; I tried not to scream out as he forcefully put the first few inches of his rod inside my hole soon I was moaning and begging him 'stop teasing, give it to me you jerk!' My back was sinking into the soft cushion; I reached behind him and spread his ass with my fingers. His seed was hot as he erupted inside my ass. Letting out a hoarse 'I'm Cumming you whore!'

As if my ass wasn't raw enough, Jake invited me to an 'Out party' that was being held in the Gay district of Hong Kong.

I spiritedly said 'sure as long if you don't tell everyone what we just did here'

He could have gotten me to jump off a bridge with his irresistible French accent. Plus I was still under the effect of the very strong joint we'd shared. The Pot had made me Hornier than hell! We took Jake's rental car, one of those small hybrids through what seemed an endless maze of glass skyscrapers. I have no idea where we ended up; all the buildings looked the same to me. We entered an elevator, and took it to the 10th floor. We exited into a hallway decorated with flashing lights everywhere I could hear men groaning and flesh smacking against flesh. Obviously we had walked into a full-blown orgy Jake grabbed my arm, and led me into a room full of men performing bizarre sex acts beyond anything I had ever seen! Drugs were everywhere cocaine, pot, and jars full of pills. Jake popped a couple of big red pills. I saw a gorgeous blonde, and suggested 'Jake want to get blown by two blondes at the same time?'

Jake shrugged 'what the hell sure.' I didn't see any available beds, so we found an area on the rubber mat that didn't have any cum on it. A few men ogled Jake's Trojan sized cock, but that just turned us on even more than we already were. Hong Kong was not under Chinese laws, so apparently this kinky sex was legal. The guy we were having a three way with turned out to be a jerk. He abruptly left, and I sighed 'what's his problem?'

Jake told me 'it's Cake time.' I couldn't think of anything sweeter than cock, and was dumbfounded. I followed Jake to the Main corridor naked; I needed some air anyways after all that fucking. I knew the whole level had been reserved, so it was kind of fun running around naked. I'd already missed my connecting flight, so I decided to concentrate on my insatiable appetite for cock! Everybody watched as a male dancer, naked except for a dragon mask rang A big bronze gong. Then I followed the rest of the men into a large banquet room which had a large pink cake, and several large mattresses. We were plunged into darkness except for a rapidly flashing gold strobe light; I grabbed a twink who happened to have a great ass. We both only had one thing on our minds I leaned him forward, and started tonguing his balls like a madman. I couldn't get enough, so I spread his ass wide open to enjoy his entire crack. Desperately he groaned 'fuck me, please Fuck me!' I snorted a line of coke off of Jake's finger, and to wham! I was ready to get my sacks off again. There wasn't any lube, so I spit on my cock, and inserted it into the groaning twink. I grabbed his short dark hair, and soon both of us were lost in a deep rhythmic fuck. I can't blame what happened on the drugs; it was something more primal, and Savage.



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