'Elijah' he breathed in my ear.

'Brian' I turned around to face my friend of two years.

' Heard you where going to move, what are you doing here?' He asked with a serious tone.

I rolled my eyes like hell would I let my parents drag me back to New york .I've lived in L.A for about ten years and didn't want to go back to New york to shop or to see a Broadway Show but no other reason. I thought to myself as I turned my attention back to my locker .

' I go to school here moron thats why am here' I said taking out a text book than closed my locker with a slam.

I turned around to face Brian and he was now talking to a Eli my counter half but white with blonde hair. We were like twins but not really related. We were both tall and skinny and into surfing, tennis, volleyball,the key club, and the drama club.We had our differences alot of them but I rather not get into detail.

'Were going to be late Eli' I grabbed her hand and dragged her away from the hottest guy in school.

It was a shame that Brian was straight and I had no chance with him. I've had a horrible crush on him as long as Eli has had one on him. I found out I was not like other guys. I was gay and had yet to come out to anyone. Not even Eli but as long as I've know her I had a sense that she knew and didn't care. I loved her more than anything in the world so much in fact that if I was straight. I would fight Brian over her and smash his good looking face into the pavement.

I had those thoughts go threw my mind as I held her hand. She was next to me now, talking about Brian and how he was sweet and unlike no other guy. I had the sudden urge to stop walking right there and then and kiss her. Kiss her intill she forgot about Brian.

'Excuse Me' a deep voice said with a odd air to it.

I was snapped out of my ongoing fantasy.Infront of me stood a 6ft and some inches tall guy with long black hair. He wore from head to toe all black. His side lip and eyebrows piercings stood out the most, highlight green. My mouth was wide open with no sound coming out.

I almost took a shit in my pants what was this guy pumping in his system organic steroids.

His eyes moved pass me to Eli that stood next to me.

'Is he death or something?' the gothic guy asked Eli.

' No, and thats very rude' Eli said with a tight voice coming to my defense.

'Eli it's fine' I said finally finding my voice.

'Am in this school for twenty seconds..and I get greeted by the welcoming committee death and dum and his right hand chick can I get any blonder'he said with the same deep voice but with harsh tone.

He looked at me, shot Eli a wink and walked away.

'Jerk!' Eli screamed the hallway now empty.

I found out within the past week that his last name was Cole. That and how he moved here from New york.

I didn't care much after finding out the little bit of information. He was a jerk and that was it.

In two weeks Brian was having his annual beach party. Everyone was going and it was the party of the year.

The two weeks flew by fast and it was now a day away.

The busy Hallways made it hella hard for me to find Eli. I spotted her sitting next to Brian and his swimmer buddies under the big oak tree.

I didn't want to bother her she looked as if she was having fun. I found a shaded place to sit and eat on a bench.

'Do you mind getting off of my notebook'

I turned to a guy dressed in all black. My disdain for him must have show on my face because he laughed and sat next to me.I threw his notebook on the floor and bit into my apple.

'You can keep it' he said not looking at me.

I looked at him keeping my eyes on him and than he looked at me threw a curtain of black hair.

'Can I help you?' he said as he turned to me and smiled.

'What?'I asked confused

'Your looking at me as if you need something from me'he said with a light tone.

I looked at his face and noticed for the first time that he was beautiful. Not handsome but purly beautiful.

He leaned over close to me. I gulped and choked on my apple. He stood up and wrapped his arms around my stomach and squezzed. I spit out the bit of apple.

He was still holding me.I felt his chest on my back among other things.

I didn't want him to let me go and then he did.

'That would have cruel on my part if your wondering why I didn't let you choke' he said smoothly.

'Uh...'I said and sat next to him

The night of the party I was at Brian grand beach house. Bondfires lit up the whole beach like huge I closed the passenger door of the Eli jeep. 'This is going to be a great party' Eli said than looked at Elijah.

'Yeah'I said looking at Eli taking her hand I dragged her down the steps down the high cliff like walkway. I found the perfect place and sat down and Eli followed suit.

Eli warm hand took mines, looking at her the sunset mad her blonde hair flare . The tips of her hair orange with some red. She wore a two piece swim suit and jean shorts. I had that werid feeling bubble in my throat. When Eli smiled at me.I bit the bottom of my carmel lip and leaned over. 'Eli' I said than another faced popped in my head him again.

'You made it' Brian stood behind both Elijah and Eli and towered over them. 'Hey' Eli said than smiled that warm smile and Brian said hey and returned the smile.

I stood up and walked away ignoring Eli's voice calling for me. He was happy that Brian had stopped Elijah from making a big mistake. Why did he of all people pop in his head all of a sudden.

I bumped into someone, there he stood wearing black shorts his hair up in a ponytail. I took in him fully when I backed up.

I bit my lip as my eyes traveled down his body to the place in which there was a nice big bluge.



He said it first and I couldn't help but melt under his gaze as he looked at me.

I wore shorts and and no t-shirt.

'I saw what happen you really like her don't you' he said looking out.

'I do but not like the way you think' I said than looked him.

'Whatever you say dude' he said than laughed at the look on my face.

'I guess my first impression was a little to much, what can I say you and blondy caught me at my worst' he said taking my hand and holding me

'Oh' was all I could manage to say

'Let's start over it's Alec by the way'he said with the same deep voice.

His smile drawing me in to only meet his lips with mines.


The bondfire started we made it to the house that had little to no people. He followed behind me upstairs. Throwing him on the bed and we begin to rub our bodies together kissing and touching his well defined body hot against mines. I could feel his boner.I knew he could feel how hard I was too.

I moaned as he opened my legs and layed inbetween them. I arched my back as we begin to grind against each others bodies. My hand went down his back in his pants. I squezzed his firm ass the feeling made me start to drip precum. He went down and kissed me above my shorts than took them off along with my underwear.

I went down his beautiful body and reached his cock that was bigger than I have ever seen. It was huge and 9 inches long. A juicy monstor that made my mouth water.I held the shaft as I begin to work the large head. I watched him as I wrapped my tongue around it and I wrapped my tongue around his cock. He moaned slightly.

I wanted to taste more I took in his whole cock and started to deep throat it . I gagged but I didn't want to stop sucking his warm, juicy, hard, long cock. I made it go deeper, he grabbed my head and thrusted into my mouth over and over again. I felt my cock spew more precum when his head hit the back of my wet throat over and over with more force. He grinded my face and made love to it harder and deeper. The heat sliding in and out of my throat. It felt amazing he tasted more than amazing. He shoved in deeper and I started to stroke myself and came within seconds.

I stood cum going down my leg and sat on mis lap his large cock inside of me. It felt so good I slowly started. Facing him he smiled and he begin thrusting on me over and over hitting my sweetspot with his large head.

Screaming as he went deeper I loved how he moaned, he continued to pound my ass. Orgasms filled my body and I came once again.Still moving in and out of me shots of hot cum filled my ass.

'God' I said looking at Alec

'What is it now' Alec said with that smile that stopped my heart.

'That was a amazing' I said and laughed a little

The End




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